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  1. Screw Me Over PMU!! (Conquest)

    If you do marry Nyx to Laslow, try out Sorcerer or Witch Nyx!Soleil, maybe? She gets off to a shaky start, but I've actually used Nyx!Soleil as a Sorc/Dark Knight/Witch before, and she was pretty good after a Spirit Dust or two.
  2. FE: Awakening Same-Sex Marriages (and More)

    Hi! I don't tend to post a lot on the forums proper, but I had a quick question abt this hack. Once I'm completely done installing it (I'm currently in the midst of dumping the game onto my SSD card), would I have to open Homebrew every time in order to access the modified version of FEA, or will I be able to just play the hack straight from the SD card, as I would with the vanilla game? I only ask because I don't have regular access to the internet on my 3DS due to the way the wifi works where i live, so I just want to be certain I can play this version of the game offline. Thank you for taking all the time and effort for making this hack, tho! I'm looking forward to seeing how the added supports will go, especially for pairs like Lucina and Severa, who really should have had at least a C-A line from the get-go.