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  1. Sounds great so far. As I have no experience with Gaiden I can't really comment on it, but I can say that I'd like to see Genealogy and Sacred Stones remakes in the future.
  2. Australia and NZ: Limited edition.
  3. Yeah, when I watch a little bit of the Japanese livestream I'll be looking out for all the little things.
  4. Hoping it'll come to Australia. I'm also hoping that my local store, when I call up, will have some left over from the people that deposited $50. If they do I'll take some time to go there against the three 60% assignments I have and pre-order it.
  5. I know these are small details, but I really enjoyed: The scaling of the maps compared with the characters. Everything seems to be scaled nicely - even the scaling of the horses against the people as well. The click you can hear when Celica summons the flame to guide her through the dungeon. The arch of the arrow when an archer unit fires. The cat when you get the dried shieldfish item. Also speaking of that ... did Alm (presumably) just pick up something that the cat was eating??? Saber's post battle animation. The waves beneath the overworld boat. It's all these little details that I cherish. It makes me feel like so much care and attention has gone into the game.
  6. Pillars of modern warfare, shitty villains with no development or human motive, have no place in Valentia (Please let the villains get some decent development this time .... please ........)
  7. I have not played it yet but am hoping to after I finish Sacred Stones. I am very excited for Echoes though and have enjoyed some of the other old games that I have partially played through. I did try to play Gaiden before, however, I was hooked more into some of the other games like Path of Radiance and Genealogy of the Holy War and never thought to return to it.
  8. I think that supports have become integral to adding additional "flesh" the characters of the series and I am excited to see them here in Echoes. However, I hope that they bring more depth to the supports rather than some of the silly tropes. Personally, after some of the supports from Awakening and Fates, I hope that there are some more serious conversations, perhaps even some darker ones. Upon saying this, I know not all of the supports in Fates and Awakening were "silly", but for me there were not many conversations that were inherently dark, mysterious, challenging or intriguing either.
  9. I look forward to the rest of this series, I feel like it'll be a nice way to whet interests in the characters.
  10. I literally just got back from a massive holiday overseas so hopefully, EB Games will be nice enough to have some room for a special/limited edition order. If not I might ask my local store to set one aside for me if nobody buys it.
  11. I think that there will definitely be people interested in buying the game for a variety of reasons. I'm unsure and can't form any opinions on how well it will sell. However, with the recent mobile game, as well as Awakening/Fates, doing well, I think that Echoes will attract new people to the series out of curiosity. I know a few people who have little to no fire emblem exposure past the mobile game that are interested in picking up a copy of Echoes. As a side question, does anybody think that the gameplay style and mechanics of Echoes may deter people that bounced in on Awakening and Fates? I myself have had very little exposure to Gaiden and am curious as to what people who have played it think.
  12. So far I'm really liking the combat screens on the touch screen, character portraits and the animations (especially the horse one for some reason). However, I'm still on the fence about the full voice acting, I did enjoy it (especially Saber's VA) but I feel like I'll need to see some more of it before I have a better opinion.
  13. I have not played Gaiden before but am looking forward to giving it a shot before Echoes comes out. However, I feel like it would be appropriate if some significant supports ended in immediate marriage. The others I would like to think would end in a relationship of perhaps engagement that would result in marriage in the credit/"where are they now" sequence. Of course, I hope that the marriages do not end with child units with a cheap cop-out gimmick so that they can turn up.