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  1. Also, if we're speaking in a more broad sense - Ephraim, Eirika, Valter, Iago, Ganz.
  2. Charlotte. I also would have liked to see some beast units like Panne, Velouria and Nishiki as a bit of a balance to weapons. It would be pretty fun to run around and fight as a beast unit, in my opinion.
  3. Keep those of us who can't watch it posted please. :D
  4. What's been shown so far? I can't get access to the stream.
  5. Not upset or anything X"D Just wondering why, especially when they were adamant it about it being Fates, Awakening and Shadow Dragon???
  6. Don't understand why they would chuck Lyn and Celica in at launch when there was that whole thing about it being Fateswakening and SD. My money is on fake.
  7. Not gonna lie, from FE Fates I'd love to see an Iago/Hans double boss battle. But I'm not getting my hopes up, haha. ^^'
  8. Hahaha, I see what you did there. That was beautiful. ;)
  9. Fuckkkk, I really wanted to see Gangrel. Fuck knows I'm not going to see Iago so ...
  10. Any images of male corrin or?
  11. Yeah, the friendship element made me cringe so hard.
  12. Were Hinoka and Camilla's VA's changed?
  13. Speaking of that, I would like to note that I will buy the Iago and Hans cards (un-promoted or promoted depending on what is available) off of somebody when the set is released if they're willing to sell to me.
  14. Thank you! I have waited for an Iago card for so long.