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  1. Ok, please message me if you do, I would be highly interested. Thanks for getting back to me. :)
  2. Damn it, now I can't take a shot for every time the word "Nani" is used...
  3. It's soooooo good seeing him in HD. Yassssss.
  4. I don't know if this is the case for anyone else but in my view (mostly of myself) it's favouritism. I have always adored Iago, since the very first time I saw him - and I also believe for things like books and games it is natural to have a favourite character or set of characters. I was intrigued and now, a couple years on, I still adore him to the point where he's my favourite. His inclusion in the game (not even as a playable character) was enough to be the deciding factor for my (eventual) purchase.
  5. Treasure Box Unboxing

    EDIT: Don't worry - it has been a long day for me, should have seen the video and stuff first ^^'.
  6. Hey guys, Does anyone have the special edition art books and is able to make scans? I am very interested in seeing the designs for the armour and any characters - particularly Iago if available.
  7. The current roster (Spoilers!)

    YASSSS X'D Omfg, this thread continuing to make a good day better.
  8. The current roster (Spoilers!)

    I suppose I am now as well, I've been rather on and off about this game but I can not resist me some HD Iago. Yeah XD I think somebody mentioned above just then that it could have been ease of producing characters since they're all sorcerers. Yeah, that's ok. I image I'll probably be one of the few people excited about this. Although I must agree, I think Garon would have made far more sense and seeing that the baddies are (so far?) all sorcerers in this game it's a little disappointing that there seems to be a lack of variety. Nevertheless, I got the character I wanted now which means I'm obliged to get myself a switch and the game.
  9. The current roster (Spoilers!)

    Somebody make a mod, please.
  10. The current roster (Spoilers!)

    It is baffling but fuck yeah I'll take that shit. Iago in glorious HD!
  11. The current roster (Spoilers!)

    Haha, sorry! Hype got ahead of me. This just made a good start to the day even better. I hope this good streak carries through the entire day! Literally, thank you so much. Thank you! :D How are things going? :)
  12. The current roster (Spoilers!)

    I still do? XD Haha, long time no see. Know where I can see any leaked images perchance? :D
  13. The current roster (Spoilers!)

    HOLY SHIT! IS IAGO REALLLLL???? If so that just sold the game to me.
  14. Team Leo complete? (spoilers)

    Agreed, am actually surprisingly really happy to see Owain.