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  1. Hey, I've just finished reading Chapter 11 of your A Minute Before Dawn, and I love how you give so much detail to the characters and the setting. It's very obvious that you've thought long and hard for this story.

    One question: Did/do you actually play chess, in regards the chess games between Teresa vs Gunter/Iago?

    1. Mox


      Hey, it means a lot that you've read my story (so far) actually!  Thank you so much for taking the time to read it and comment back to me here.  I am very glad that you enjoyed the detail I gave to the characters and the process is still ongoing for me even though I haven't posted anything in ages.  

      No, I have never played chess before, however I did use videos on YouTube of pro chess players to help guide me.  

      I'm still writing the story and planning it (actually I was just drawing some anatomy to base Teresa and Garon's body shapes when I saw this) however I have been so busy down with university I have not been able to continue sitting down and writing/editing chapters for a long time.  I'm really hoping to get some writing done soon so that I can either post the newest chapter (which has been written, it just needs editing) and continue toward finishing this arc in the story. :) 

      Once again, thanks so much for the comment!

      (Also apologies for any grammar or spelling errors in this, just got back from completing an essay exam).

  2. To be honest, I actually really liked the design of the maps on this. I don't mean map design (to which I feel indifferent), I mean like what we see on the screen, just to clarify. Thought the back flipping horse was a little ridiculous though.
  3. [video]
  4. You can close this one, somebody has already posted.
  5. I think that they might have a teaser sort of akin to what we first saw of Fates, maybe less so due to the length of the presentations others have mentioned above. Honestly, it'd be really nice to see something as I'm in no way hyped for Warriors ... anyway, I'd rather save the money spent on that and spend it on an actual switch or a potential FE switch/Switch bundle deal.
  6. I agree. In terms of Fates and Awakening the villains were incredibly poor, in my opinion anyway. To be honest, I really think the only cast member I would maybe pick the game up for is Iago, to be honest. Because honestly even though he was really poorly constructed I do harbour adoration for him. But the odds of Iago showing up at all in the game are worse than Mycen's chances of a perfect level up... However, upon saying this, I still want to see the game and what it has to offer. I'm trying not to be too critical off the bat but my hopes aren't exactly high. Like you, in terms of villains, I'd just hope for a good one unique to the Warriors universe.
  7. Inb4 1000 dlc costumes for Lucina and Camilla.
  8. Hahah yeah, I think I'll just buy select cards that I want for now, but maybe in the future after it's released I might pick up a box. :)
  9. God, Clive. Why are you so bad? Literally, the second I got Mathilda I benched him. Then I laughed when I read his end game story, if I were Alm I would not have regarded him so highly. In my run, Python and Clive were the worst units I had, but at least Python could contribute to whittling down the health of enemies. All Clive did was die and hold everyone back.
  10. Good Guys I like: Lukas: Smooth as fuck voice, and well balanced personality. I feel like he carried out the 'smooth unemotional' type just right (for lack of better words). Forsyth: I actually started off not linking him very much, however, as his use as a unit grew better for me I began to see him in better light. Eventually, I realised that I sort of shared a personality with him and he even became better than Lukas stat wise. Ended up absolutely adoring him. Mathilda: Fantastic unit and for me she carried out the strong female character type just right. She was definitely the leader of my team. Sonya: Loved her personality and her seductive nature, but also really enjoyed her supports with Genny. I didn't find her to be a spectacular unit or anything, but I enjoyed using her regardless. Gray: What everyone else is saying. Tobin: One of my best units and his banter with Gray/personality kept me invested in him the entire way through. Saber: Fucking loved him, he was just a total bad ass and was really the leader of the team on Celica's route. Between him and Kamui no enemy stood a chance. Just wished those two had some supports. Mae: Usually I'm really unsure of the ''hyper" types of girls, however, for a lot of the same reasons as Tobin and Gray, I became completely invested in her. I found that she was a glass cannon unit, however, she really was an important cornerstone to my teams and saved me from a few tight situations. Good Guys I don't like: Faye: Pretty much what everyone else has said. I put her in Peg Knight and although she was great at the start toward end game she was outdone by Clair. Delthea (personality): Whiny, bratty child who treated her brother like shit. I don't like the arrogant types either. However, I can't deny that she is a fantastic unit with a great array of uses in terms of my play style. Clive: Shit unit and boring personality who I should have let 'die'. Got benched constantly once Mathilda was on the team. Python: Only reason I used him was to give Forsyth bonuses until he was boss enough to stand on his own, or to chip away at enemies from a distance. Apart from those redeeming qualities he was a terrible unit. I do like his design and personality though and his interactions with Forsyth got me chuckling. Bad Guys I like: Daddy Desaix: To be honest, there's no particular reason why, I just liked him. Sure he was cartoon-y (something I criticised other characters in the past for ... looking at you Garon) but I feel like he was just ambitious enough to offset the cheesy levels, if that makes sense. Anyways, a really strange detail I liked about Desaix was actually what was inside his fortress, like how he had politics books and very luxurious food items for a medieval setting. I was so wrapped by this small detail I've been trying to think of a way I could incorporate it into my medieval history classes (a lesson about medieval food perhaps) in the future. I think some of his potential may have been squandered however I was pretty happy with him. Slayde: Seedy as fuck and I love it. Berkut: Amazingly well written and his VA stole the show for me. I think that his character had a lot of depth and having been raised with some high family expectations I could sympathise with him. I was slightly off-put by his tantrums however I see how this fits and adds to his character, so I think that my statement there is more directed by personal preferences. Nuibaba: Just awesome. Wish that we could have seen more of her. Bad Guys I don't like: Jedah: I just think that he was 'meh'. I feel like his whole character would have worked better if he (and his followers) had not looked so vampirc and evil. It would have been nice if Celica was subject to more deception. I remember reading somewhere (I think reddit) that if he had appeared a wise old sage it might have been easier to lure Celica to her final destination, which I agree with. I'm still trying to figure out that fading out thing in the cutscene, that had me quite bamboozled, actually.
  11. Thank you so much! This made my morning. :)
  12. Lute was freaking awesome! To be honest, there's just so many SS characters I love, I want them all.
  13. Thank you for getting back to me. I see, that (3D elements) definitely makes it harder. Just whilst I have the opportunity, I would like to thank you and the other data miners for your hard work providing top tier content and for your effort. If you would like to, you can lock this topic up and I'll just keep an eye on the mining thread. :)