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  1. Sweet, can't wait to try it out later.
  2. Still praying for Iago and Hans.
  3. Finally! I've been looking forward to sacred stones so much!
  4. Eckkkk ... why no SS though? Literally, the only two cards I could give a shit about in the fates deck are Iago and Hans. But I bet we'll just get more class change orientated cards for the kids ... :/
  5. Fuckkkkk, Slayde's voice is so hottttt. Like damn, I rarely have such a strong liking for a voice. All the voice acting sounds amazing. I will say, at first I had my doubts when it was first announced, but hearing it in practice now solidifies its value. I much prefer this to the partial dialogue in Awakening and Fates. I love Mycen as well, his blunt tongue is fitting.
  6. Rip. Some of the comments on YouTube could give me all manner of vile diseases, I swear. At least everyone here is respectful and level headed as well as open to differing opinions. That's one of the things I love about Serenes the most.
  7. Honestly, hearing this is a massive relief for me, especially because I revel in the story of a game above all other aspects. So far it looks good and even though I was initially unsure about the full voice acting it seems to have brought things together well. I can't wait to get my hands on my copy next month!
  8. Yeah, I really shouldn't be spending so much money but I justify it by saying that In the future I'll have a shit tonne of collectors editions in a collection. Because honestly, I've mostly grown out of anime and games, but I am absolutely smitten with this series. I love it and it's important to me and out of everything recreational that I have loved this has been the only thing that has lasted.
  9. Damn, that's a really good idea. I wish that I had thought of that. Yeah, in Australia the limited edition is $100 (~70€). Pretty much I'm getting it because I love the art books but also I collect pins ... so the cute pins had me needing it. Currently, my Canadian friend is playing the Japanese version of the game and has loved it so I'm sure it'll be worth it in terms of the game. I'm just hoping that the art book (my major draw in) will also be equally as good. Guess I'll find out on the day.
  10. I know, I loved the way Clive spoke in a more formal and old-fashioned way. I felt that it was a small touch that added to the medieval fantasy of the world. Whereas, Fates' writing didn't really have that tiny detail. I feel, for myself anyway, that it makes a big difference.
  11. (Forgive me if none of this makes sense, just getting out of a massive assignment write up and have the worst headache smh). Hmm... what aspects would I introduce into Sacred Stones (for example and because of bias). Spoiler tags just because it's long. There's probably more to think of in terms of mechanics and how they might be retained or improved, however, I'm pretty much asleep at the keyboard right now so I'll leave it here. If anyone else can think of anything I'd love to hear it.
  12. To be honest, I would love to see more remakes, especially Genealogy and Sacred Stones (Sacred Stones for dat Valter though). But I suppose that the potential to get remakes depends on how well SoV does.