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  1. To be honest, I think that they have made all of the characters we have seen so far look gorgeous. I've been really impressed with the slick feeling of it, particularly with characters such as Xander and Frederick (the later in particular). The anatomist in me really revels in their facial structure and masseter muscles, hngk.
  2. Yessss! Outside of the trio of games picked for this Warriors instalment I would have loved to have seen Valter and Nergal - Black Knight and Formortiis as well.
  3. Not really fussed ... but I can tell you what bad guys I want: Gharnef Medeus Validar Walhart Garon Iago and Hans - But only if it's similar to the Hyrule Warriors battle with both Zant and Girahim where they will both be on the map at the same time.
  4. Unless somebody is particularly grating, I'm more likely to stick to English so that I can understand what's being said by the characters.
  5. Maybe Owain/Odin and Severa/Selena and if we're realllllllyyyyyyy pushing it Inigo/Laslow, but apart from that no.
  6. Honestly, no surprises. Still, I'm glad to see Fred bear.
  7. Baddies please HNGKKKKK.
  8. If it counts for anything, I saw in Australia that the scheduled release date for Warriors is "Spring 2017". It's probably nothing too ground breaking or exciting but it's an update from my guess earlier on in this thread, I suppose.
  9. @Captain Karnage By the way, I just really want to say that I like your icon.
  10. Yeah, this one ends with Corrin whereas the other GameXplain videos end with Marth and Chrom, I believe (although I could be wrong).
  11. For those of who are interested in the combos and pair ups. I am unsure if this has been posted on another thread, but I thought perhaps it would be good to have its own. Please lock the thread if admins feel it is not applicable.
  12. Absolutely. Beautiful. I couldn't have put it better myself.
  13. It would be exciting if Lissa could use an axe. I'm not really surprised that either of them are in though, I think most people were expecting it.
  14. To be honest the addition of the co-op mode (for the first time ever in any game) has made this game a super appealing option for me. I've been on the fence about if I want to buy this or not and have been trying to do some research into other Dynasty Warriors games/Hyrule Warriors, and the addition of the co-op now seems to have pushed it over the edge as I can play it with my boyfriend and friends now as well.