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  1. omg kitties. happy pulling everyone
  2. It barely sends a message. I feel bad for them to receive the dislikes, but it doesn’t seem like they respond to the dislikes. The company responds to money.
  3. They should do a “flash” banner in the middle of the month that only features Gen 1 5*’s along with a curated focus of Gen 1 5*’s.
  4. I think people aren’t getting this point...
  5. The removal from the pool basically means hold onto your orbs and wait for a banner that has them. At the very least, it means overall, less 5*’s would disturb your chance of getting your desired unit. Barely ANYONE would try to directly pull for a 5* unit that is not featured on the banner, so it makes sense.
  6. Hope they do something special for the series’ anniversary. In any case, any news for the game is always welcome.
  7. @Alexmender Nice work! I honestly should consider using a teammate with a link skill. I actually did have a +Atk Eirika, but I merged over it with +Def. She has so much bulk already with buffs, it’s the attack she needs most for more consistent damage output. I’m assuming your Kaden has Spd/Res Link. That boosts her speed up to 60. Is there a reason why you’re using Quick Riposte here?
  8. Urban dictionary is your best friend. - Python and Forysth?
  9. I cleared all difficulties with Celica. It took a bit to clear Abyssal because of that one staff unit though.
  10. Predictions for April 10th banner

    I'm saving for the rerun last year's summer banner, but I can't deny the reality that an Echoes banner or a Sacred Stones banner will come much sooner than I expected.
  11. What would your dream banner be?

    Any banner with Python or Cormag, tbh...
  12. Is there any specific tricks for surviving Lunatic?

    You can try getting the items you gain by MyCastle Visits. Those items could be useful, and you can obtain stat bonuses. If you have the other two routes, you can get the Ebon Wing and Dread Scroll. I don't particularly remember how I passed but I didn't use DLC or items but I got up to that one chapter with the volcano(?), and it wasn't that much of a challenge for me. You could try maybe restarting and using a different boon/bane combination. Try + STR / - LUK? Make good use of Oboro and Hinoka. Those are one of your tankier melee units (surprisingly for the latter).
  13. Not sure if you're into 80s type music, but 'Beautiful' (remixed) by Stella Jang and 'I Can't Stop The Listening Loneliness' by Anri are good. Any song from Carly Rae Jepsen's EP 'Emotion' for modern 80s type music.
  14. I feel like I’m just speaking into air or something, Anyways, everyone’s cute. Bruno is questionable, but I wish he has half the good looks Spring Xander has.
  15. Oh, right, I missed this detail. I really do hope that there will be outside characters however.