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  1. Your dream/joke crossovers and all-stars?

    I second the F-Zero/Starfox crossover mentioned earlier and would like to add Metroid to that, as well. I would also like to see an FE fighter in the future, especially done by ArcSys, but only if it isn't just Fateswakening Featuring Marth and Lyn. Speaking of fighters, I would love to see more Nintendo-franchise-specific fighting games, like Mario or Kirby no I'm not biased, or even a Nintendo vs. Capcom, but those seem less likely to happen.
  2. AGDQ 2018

    I'll probably watch some of the Youtube VODs when I get the chance. What was the total amount raised this time?
  3. AGDQ 2018

    Impressed to see that BotW is already in an AGDQ and that they're doing something longer than "rush immediately to Ganon." Also nice to see more Fire Emblem and the LttP Randomizer.
  4. Nintendo Direct Leaked for January

    Not too terribly surprising, as Nintendo has shown off Directs in January the past few years, but nice to have confirmation that it's coming.
  5. Awakening/Fates hate?

    For me, it's less hatred and more...irritation?, at how much attention they get. I give Awakening the benefit that it did what it had to in order to either salvage the sales of the series or send it off with bang. It also helps that I enjoyed playing the game - heck, it's probably my most-played game on the 3DS. I was also initially excited to play the Fates games, but that quickly fell off for me. That being said, I'm not really sure if it was the games themselves or just being burnt out at the time, but regardless, I haven't sat down and played them since, instead going back to an older title and playing that through from start to finish. My issue, then, is how much these two titles garner so much focus and attention in any media involving Fire Emblem. It's not because I hate them or think they're overrated, but rather that this amount of focus feels like there's an ignoring or eclipsing of the older titles, as if they don't exist or don't need to be acknowledged. Fortunately, there's been some effort in recent months to celebrate the entire series instead of a fraction of it. I also don't like the increased focus on fanservice and self-inserts and the baggage read: waifus that comes with it, but for a different reason than most: it's starting to eclipse the core gameplay of the series. Like, if someone didn't know better, then back when many people were griping about the localization of Fates, said individual could be forgiven for thinking the game was a visual novel. I also noticed some people throwing "elitism" around as a reason, which I don't doubt is some people's reason, but it runs both ways; I've seen a number of people, both here and elsewhere, that won't give the other games in the series the time of day or even outright trash them because they aren't Awakening/Fates.
  6. The Royal Sprite Topic of Myself

    More Inklings. I tweaked the orange one a bit, then used that to make the green and Futaba variations.
  7. The Royal Sprite Topic of Myself

    Thank you! And I can see what you mean with the nose. I have a habit of cluttering smaller sprites like that. That being said, here's a tweaked version that I made before seeing your post: And here's a companion piece The Inkling sprite is more a base for other ideas I have, so I want to make sure it looks correct before going ahead.
  8. The Royal Sprite Topic of Myself

    So, I've been playing a decent amount of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe recently, and I really like the design of the female Villager. So I whipped this up real quick when I didn't have access to the internet.
  9. Yoshi Switch!

    The game looks both fun and interesting. I like the pseudo-3D levels and the flipping perspective. Definitely on the radar for me.
  10. Nintendo E3 2017

    Pleasantly surprised with this E3. New Kirby game looks amazing with two of my favorite mechanics in the entire series returning, enjoying what's been shown of FE Warriors, incredibly hyped for Metroid Prime 4, glad to hear of a Metroid 2 remake (if only to rub it in people's faces after the past year's tantrums), and Super Mario Odyssey looks like it'll be fun.
  11. The Royal Sprite Topic of Myself

    Thank you! And the new guy was my attempt at a kinda chibi style, plus I wanted to exaggerate some of the features to practice making a full animation rather than just the single sprite. Thank you as well! And I have done a few more sprites with that style. I actually really like that set in particular, as I (someday) want to try and use it for an actual game. The second style was my attempt at a style similar to the handheld Castlevania titles. Both the perspective and the designs were rather different to what I usually do, so I'm glad to hear that people like it.
  12. The Royal Sprite Topic of Myself

    A little sprite I made that I want to use as a base to practice spriting animations.
  13. Quick questions involving Nintendo accounts. Are they the same thing as the Nintendo Network IDs or something completely different? Is there a way to merge the two together? These may have been answered somewhere earlier in the thread but whatever. For the record, I haven't made a Nintendo account yet, and I feel there's no point in making one if I can just use the network ID.
  14. Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    Well, while we're on the subject of shrines: I'm down to the last few (I want to say 5?) shrines in the game, but I'm getting frustrated at finding them. Can anybody point me in the direction of a walkthrough or a map of all the shrine locations?
  15. Macaiah Easter Egg Teaser?

    I mean, Micaiah shares a name with a male prophet from the Bible, so a bit of logic-stretching can lead to Sanaki having an older brother.