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  1. i mean yeah you can abuse warp but that's less "doing something the remake didn't" and more just something stupid that the remake fixed you could literally kill rudolf in one turn in the nes version hell, if you grinded/were lucky enough you could kill duma by just warping alm next to him too i guess you could use it to make low move units more useful but I don't think it's really a big deal that they made it more balanced
  2. the original doesn't do anything that the remake doesn't literally the only thing i acknowledge about the nes version is that the act 4 music is kinda different
  3. this is so cute! do you have a source for it, or did you draw it yourself? i wanted to share it with a few friends
  4. here is the shanna used by a friend of mine (different from the friend i mentioned before) who wanted me to post her shanna. i got to use this shanna a lot, she was very helpful to me! we were both on team soren at first, and very few people on my friend list were also there, so I got her really often. she was really fun to use!
  5. a friend of mine really likes shanna and its her birthday today, so she was really happy when shanna won. i was really happy when shanna won too, both because of that and because i really like shanna!!! my friends and i had a lot of fun in this gauntlet, this one discord group i'm in likes to stick on the same team for gauntlets so we can all share each others units and almost all of us there really love shanna (shoutout to integrity he made us appreciate her a lot) so in the last round we all picked team shanna and we shared units and we had a great time and we were all so happy when we saw shanna win. it was really fun! i hope they do another gauntlet soon!
  6. thinking emoji same??? same i think something positive about it is that it's fun also it's the only mode where you get to use your friend's units and that owns, along with the units you're randomly given
  7. what do you mean "ran out of ideas", this was the most creative one yet
  8. "This is how it's done" is pretty much my favorite voiced fire emblem line ever aside from one other that I really like, so that one. the way he says it is so cocky I love it
  9. Why do people like collectathons?

    thing is, you're basically saying "these games are bad because some of them are bad" unless you give an example, the only real answer is some of them are good, too
  10. confession

  11. Hello, Hi, Hey: I'm $$$ richh

    alternatively: vote for me cause being #150 is cool
  12. Hello, Hi, Hey: I'm $$$ richh

    i was gonna vote for nightmare again
  13. confession

    realizing that gaiden is the best kills you instantly
  14. Hello, Hi, Hey: I'm $$$ richh

    im mike truk