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  1. The Last To Post Wins!

    i'm Karl Marx Shrine
  2. guys my uncle who works at nintendo told me that if you subscribe to my youtube channel they'll send out everyone a copy of the new hero, generic enemy maid
  3. confession

    i went through this whole thread again and its honestly so sad cause most of the images arent even there anymore
  4. the only important pokemon character
  5. there's a decent chance that persona 3 was the only game i played for the first time in 2017 it wasn't, i realized while i was typing this, but i don't feel like remembering whatever else i played so im just gonna say that, since i finally almost finished it
  6. The Last To Post Wins!

    "They'll be at the mercy of porn companies." is one hell of a sentence
  7. holy shit how the hell did i forget bayonetta i finished it less than a month back i literally put a game by the same company i'm a fucking failure
  8. The worst voice lines

    for a long time i thought the worst line was either "MAY YOUR BLOOD CRUST MY BLADE" because of how fucking edgy it is or "Divine radiance, heed me!", both from heroes thing is I never got kagero so i never heard her lines until i fought her in the arena with animations on one day "absolute annihilation" is the worst fire emblem line its like something a 12 year old would say thinking it sounds cool although if youre just talking bad sounding, i think THE QUEEN'S MEN ARE ATTACKING is the worst
  9. will you do this for every letter, will you teach us about b next
  10. hey guy you never answered my question
  11. what does that have to do with anything
  12. alright gonna try to answer this question for real streets of rage is the best genesis game after that i got a gba so uhhh.... either fire emblem or mario and luigi? leaning more to mario and luigi but i havent played it in a long time then i had a gamecube and the best gamecube game is monkey ball but it might be monkey ball 2 i never played it after that i got a ds i have no answer for what the best ds game is. the best ds game is sonic chronicles i have a ps3 but idk what i'd say the best ps3 game is. i'll just go with metal gear rising cause its funny i also have a ps4 and i'm fairly sure i havent finished a single game that ive bought for it. i bought gravity rush last week and its been really fun so far so im gonna go with that the best 3ds game is Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia i also beat gunvolt 2 a few days back and i probably like that more than fe echoes since the first gunvolt was pretty much my favorite 3ds game for a long time and i liked it way more than the first one my favorite game is vvvvvv and i first played the 3ds version but that's not a 3ds game i think that's every system i've had no it isn't, i have a wii that doesnt work anymore. smash bros idk
  13. the first game system i ever had was a genesis and the best genesis game is streets of rage
  14. what the fuck, someone already wrote monkey ball. my post is meaningless