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  1. OH BOY, I WONDER WHO COULD POSSIBLY WIN i fucking love minerva she's easily my favorite flier in the series so i'll definitely try to summon her here but fuck i want those feathers so i think i'm just gonna pick camilla
  2. i don't like any of the characters in this focus but i wanted some new characters so I tried summoning two characters got olivia and awakening tiki, both 3 stars maybe i should wait for a focus with characters i actually like but on the other hand i'm getting really bored of having almost none i actually like
  3. that's uh not what irony is and it was probably done on purpose considering minerva was in the michalis banner except you know being the first recruitable sword user ever as well as appearing in almost every piece of media related to the archanea games regardless of his importance to the game he's undoubtedly a popular character
  4. the only axe user you can get from a hero battle is gunter, though i'm sure it's possible to do it with him there's also michalis and narshen though if you got them when you could
  5. so i realized that it was pretty much impossible for me to finish the cavalier quest before the focus ends, and thus, I tried one more summon on this focus to try for ninian before the next focus started three grays and two greens. i was pretty disappointed that I had no chance to get ninian, and I've usually been doing red whenever there are no blues since I've wanted eliwood, so I tried gray since my favorite fe character happens to be a gray, despite not being a focus unit.
  6. yeah my point was more that it can actually be pretty useful if you lose a lot of characters since the game's cast isn't too big
  7. actually I think the total you could revive was like, 11 or something
  8. literally one person in this thread mentioned that they were all 3ds characters but even then i don't see anything wrong with not being satisfied with that, not everyone likes those games i think if you're gonna do something fun like this you might as well try to appeal to as many people as possible
  9. i think it was around this point that I realized I was not enjoying this game
  10. that's a very good lance, I like the colors used a lot
  11. i think the idea is funny but I don't actually like any of these characters and i'm not sure why they only chose characters from two games either they could've made it like, lucina, xander, ryoma, and marth or something like that to have slightly more variety just seems kinda boring to have it just be awakening and conquest
  12. alm's maps only have two songs, the regular one and the one when you've almost won, which is basically just the regular one in a different key that song is probably an original one
  13. like from spider man? hm yeah I can kind of see that