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  1. i can already see the essay posts on why people hate ike fernand I guess, that's about it sothe does not do anything of significance
  2. i didn't watch the whole thing but robin sounds like he says I'VE HAVE A PLAN when he uses his big special power thing
  3. does Asahd count
  4. i think you may have misread that a bit by "everyone praises" they probably meant the characters in the game who always talk about how great corrin is
  5. sonic is fun when he's not serious a "more mature" story could definitely "work" if it was done well enough, but there's really not much reason for it. the characters are much better suited to fun, light stuff than serious things. i know I sure as hell wouldn't be able to take sonic seriously
  6. let people like things
  7. what although if they're "small tributes to older characters", I don't think that necessarily makes them archetypes. stuff like jagen and the red and green knights are distinct enough to be considered archetypes, but others are just kinda references or homages
  8. that brings another problem with this whole idea of "archetypes", they're so loosely defined people don't even agree on what they constitute there's really no point in trying to categorize characters like this, there are patterns and stuff like that but it really doesn't go any further than that thats not an archetype that's just a description of a bad unit
  9. what does Japanimation have to do with anything? this is a thread about how anime is bad
  10. i'd definitely pick ninian for brides, i think she'd look really pretty. although that might just be because of this really nice fan art i saw for spring, I think i'd go with mist. not for any specific reason, but I like mist and I think she'd look cute for summer... python, because he'd probably enjoy getting to hang out on the beach more than anyone else
  11. the idea of "archetypes" is really exaggerated to the point that it doesn't even matter there's like, 2
  12. anime is bad bad decent true, but only because dwayne "the rock" johnson was on it good but not anime