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  1. i mean sure i'm not saying you have to like it just that calling that the "worst mist ever" seems waaay too harsh
  2. it's supposed to be a more realistic face different style from usual but i don't see anything wrong with that, a lot of the art from that set is realistic but i think a lot of it looks really good the same artist drew clarine and i think she looked nice too yeah it's jarring seeing them in such a different style but i wouldn't call that mist bad by any means and i certainly prefer it over her heroes art ??? neither of those are by pikomaro
  3. the nino one is bad but please explain what's wrong with that mist i think she looks really nice
  4. look i could tell without even scrolling up that you guys meant linde please don't post the linde, just look it up yourself if anyone's that curious edit: god damn it
  5. i thought it was really good the only voices that i kinda disliked were genny (the overall acting was alright but that voice gets pretty grating) and valbar (a little too exaggerated for me most of the time), although I wasn't a fan of catria's either due to how dull she tended to sound (i think the voice fits though it's fine in heroes) generally I think almost all the voices were good, but as interesting as it is to hear people's sexual feelings about lukas's voice, the one that stood out to me the most was definitely fernand in the main story he's a pretty lame villain who doesn't really have many exciting moments, but I did still enjoy some of his lines like "And now, you take for your future king, a boy you don't know FROM A GUTTER RAT". his death scene was pretty well done too, although I think he stood out the most in the DLC. outside of map 4 where he's just a total dick again, you get to see fernand in a much better light that makes him a decently enjoyable character completely separate from how he is in the main story, and his voice acting adds a lot to that, especially in the memory prisms. his map and battle lines are really good, like "Who among you will face me?" and "This fight is MINE!", but what stood out the most to me was his memory with mathilda. the one with clair is funny too (the way he says "I am going to find your brother and bury him in a very deep hole" is great), but I think that scene had the absolute best performance in the game. the dialogue alone makes fernand's feelings for mathilda pretty obvious, but his voice actor does an amazing job of making him seem really emotionally conflicted about it, and transitions perfectly from sounding cold at the beginning, to concerned when mathilda doesn't understand why he won't talk to her, to much warmer and kinder when he starts telling mathilda about clive. the way he says "Well, I'd be happy to take you. And I'm not just saying that." is incredibly well delivered so yeah ray chase did pretty damn great but i was fine with almost all the voices, kamui probably having my second favorite
  6. as much as i'd love to have noire in heroes, I doubt she'll make it in any time soon still, i'm sure they'll make it in eventually just not for a while
  7. My first 5 star was camilla my second 5 star was also camilla in the same summon as my second 5 star camilla, i also got a 5 star camilla i sent all 3 home but also i got lyn after that so that was cool and i still have her and use her sometimes
  8. ok checking a list of every mega man to see which i've finished i own all of mega man 1-10 and have beaten 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 10 i also have all 5 gameboy games, but i've only finished 2-5 since the first one is super hard i have the mega man x collection which has x1-6 plus some weird mega man racing game, and i've finished 1-5 on that i've played mega man zero from the collection of those on the ds, but i've never managed to finish zero 2 (that ranking system is the dumbest shit) despite having beaten 17 megamans, i havent played one in like 3 years
  9. why would i hurt megaman like that
  10. i can see a vague chance for some characters I like to be in, maybe as dlc or in a sequel, like tobin or soren or mist or gray the one character i'd want to play as the most who has absolutely 0 chance whatsoever though would be kamui he has 0 real importance in his game in addition to not seeming to be particularly popular and there's basically nothing they could do to actually make him special, but I just think it'd be really funny to play as him in this kind of game, even though i'm not entirely sure why
  11. sonic chronicles: the dark brotherhood
  12. i'm aware of that, in fact I was gonna mention in my post that it's not really comparable to the others but the level of detail on the black knight is honestly pretty incredible it's one case where i'd honestly say it's far better than his original artwork
  13. gray's by far the one I want the most but I would also like to get ike (the regular kind, I got brave ike a few days back), minerva, mist, alm, saber (partly for slaying edge but i'd also like to have one to use), mae, soren, and clair
  14. lloyd is bottom tier in all seriousness i think the black knight's might be the best one yet
  15. this is a bad trend