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  1. i think 2 daily with quests and maps giving more at times was good for a lot of reasons obviously there's the fact that it gives them at a steady, reliable rate, but it also gives me more reason to play the game. i currently have over 40000 feathers and 7 orbs. the reason I have so many feathers is because a good amount of them were saved during the path of radiance banner since I really like soren and i wanted to still make him a 5 star if he ended up moved down to 3 or 4 star and i didn't get him when he was a focus unit. and I kept playing because I knew i'd be able to keep trying to get soren every few days now that that focus is over and he's a 4 star, i've still been trying to get him. but I had much more desire to keep playing when I had daily orbs because I knew i'd be able to get another shot soon. the reason I have so few orbs at this point is because I'm not sure when we'll get more. if we still had daily orbs, i probably wouldn't have even tried summoning with 12 orbs. but since i might have to wait until sunday to get another orb, i tried anyway. now i have 7 orbs and i'm tempted to try again, but if i knew i'd be getting two tomorrow, i wouldn't bother wasting them now it's just a lot more fun and gives me a lot more reason to play if I know i'm gonna be able to get more orbs than if I just assume I'll get 4 per week. otherwise there's not much to look forward to, especially if you're the type that only does full summons
  2. oh yeah this was a big one for me the way he says stuff like "WHY CAN'T I BEAT HIM?" and "SILENCE, WOMAN!" and "AT THE HANDS OF PEASANTS!" is just so funny his voice actor did such a good job I love him even if his actual story and character were pretty lame his voice just made up for it to the point that he became one of my favorites it's especially fitting since a lot of fan translations had his name as "Force"
  3. same
  4. yes also I think more people liked peri cause she had at least a little backstory and had a few decent supports, like her one with laslow faye just doesn't really have anything to her aside from being obsessed with alm, and doesn't really get any supports to explain why or give her more backstory or personality maybe if she was in a different game she'd be better but there's really not much to her here, and as a result, not much to like about her
  5. i'm... not sure if you're joking or not, but I haven't heard anyone describe faye with any of those words in fact, she has been mentioned negatively 19 times in this thread! i've seen a few people say "she's not that bad" but i haven't seen a single person claim she's a deep or complex character
  6. meg will protect you from bad threads!
  7. i've heard them, I mentioned in my post two of the ones that you can't hear it's just weird that they're in the game but aren't actually used
  8. oh yeah soren's voice is absolutely perfect it's weird, because when I first heard him, my immediate thought was that it was nothing like what I imagined. but at the same time, I thought it was pretty fitting but after I heard more of his lines, I thought it was great. it wasn't what I imagined, but somehow I felt it fit even better. his line delivery is all just so perfectly fitting for soren. he's one of my favorite characters and I'm glad they did such a good job with his voice. a lot of the map start quotes are actually skill quotes, but for healers you can never hear them outside of that because they can't learn special skills i hope that they add some way for healers to learn special skills eventually because otherwise there are some lines that will never be used ever
  9. something really cute that's completely impossible to hear in the game, two of maria's are "Just like Michalis!" and "Just like Minerva!" i really like the one they used for titania in the video where they announced that focus. "Don't MAKE me angry!" right when I heard that I knew they got the perfect voice actress for her aside from those I can't name many off the top of my head that I really like. I do like the way eliwood says "Now, take this!" though
  10. the real best fire emblem game, gaiden
  11. there are many words I would use to describe chen, but "awesome" is not one of them
  12. hey so I know I said "you have a good name" or something in your intro thread but I actually wanted to ask

    is your name from an inside joke or something or did tibarn actually have a lisp

    normally I wouldn't bother asking something like this but when people talk about the cutscenes in radiant dawn I always think about the scene where zelgius and ranulf fight and they both have lisps for some reason and it sounds silly

    1. Tibarn's Distracting Lisp

      Tibarn's Distracting Lisp

       HAHAHA C': I just pick on Tibarn because I like him, but almost everyone who talked in RD had a pretty bad lisp. (Rolf has to have the worst one though, yikes.)

  13. i think it was actually planned for sothe to be more important in the sequel, since the reason sothe joins you in the first place was something along the lines of how he was going to daein to meet someone and in radiant dawn you find out that the person he wanted to meet was micaiah but yeah either way it really doesn't work and I didn't like it it sort of ruined my opinions of both characters to an extent, but I at least kind of liked micaiah afterwards compared to sothe who I kinda just separate from his FE9 version now since I disliked him in FE10 that much (i sort of do the same for ike but I at least liked him a little in RD)
  14. oh I don't really dislike her, in fact, I remember liking her to some extent, but I played radiant dawn quite a while back so it's hard for me to remember, and I also do remember disliking her on a few occasions as well but if there's one thing I can definitely say I dislike about her it's her relationship with sothe it felt like the worst, pointless, and most forced relationship out of the entire series. they don't seem like lovers or even friends most of the time, sothe is like micaiah's bodyguard and micaiah is like sothe's annoying mom. their interactions are so boring and I don't think I ever cared about anything they said to each other. i'm not sure how well known this is, but one thing I really like about radiant dawn is that the game overs actually change for each chapter, and the main character of that chapter will say something different depending on which one you're in. every single one of micaiah's mentions sothe. radiant dawn sothe is honestly a contender for my least favorite. he's probably my least favorite out of the characters from the games I actually like, anyway. it's a shame cause I really liked him in path of radiance so yeah I like micaiah at times but I hate sothe and I hate micaiah when she's with sothe. i don't remember much of her character but the... romance? between her and sothe was so bad that I did remember it. that is my current thoughts on micaiah! fuck sothe