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  1. it'd probably be better to post videos of these that aren't 30 minutes long so it's easier to tell when it ends that was pretty alright though i remember there were a lot of comments on one of the songs from echoes that I uploaded about how similar this was to it but I never really listened to it until now so that was interesting to hear (although I didn't really hear the similarities much) 7 someone probably already posted this but it's probably my favorite from an FE game
  2. alright so I love nyna a lot she's one of my favorite characters but the thing is, regardless of how good or healthy of a relationship camus and tatiana's is, nyna and camus' relationship was an extremely unhealthy one for nyna and i think that they absolutely should not have ended up together while shadow dragon added a lot of characterization for nyna, most of her backstory comes from the archanea saga chapters, and in the first one, you can see her at her absolute lowest. it's essentially the same situation that marth's in at the beginning of shadow dragon, her family's dead, she's lost her kingdom, and she's forced to leave on her own. the difference is, nyna doesn't just feel bad for leaving her family behind, she genuinely sees no point in living anymore for a moment it's right then that she meets camus, who she's initially really angry at, but he starts to explain to her how much her life does matter to her kingdom, and how awful of a king her father was. it's because of his words that she realizes why she has to keep living, and she says that one day, she'll take back archanea from the empire. again, it parallels the prologue of shadow dragon, with jagen and marth. this might be a translation thing, but they even both use the same word, "assuredly". now this might seem like a good start but in the other chapter involving them, taking place 2 years later, nyna's had no one but camus to rely on, and things have clearly not been going well for her. when camus chooses to disobey medeus and take her to aurelis, they have this exchange even though she seems to have grown a lot throughout that time, and has been continuing to work towards her goal of stopping dolhr, the years that have passed have clearly not been kind to her, and camus seems to once again be the only thing that's keeping her alive. although i'm sure they were very much in love, nyna's attachment to camus definitely became something unhealthy, and I think it was necessary for her to lose him to gain the strength to eventually help marth and his army get archanea back. and when they come back to the palace, nyna shows that she's learned a lot about what really does matter, and that she can't mourn forever. and even though she's still, naturally, very sad if camus dies, if he lives, she does accept that they'll never be together, and hopes only that he lives. nyna doesn't really talk much after that until the end of the game, but there, whether or not caeda's still alive, you can see that she's learned a lot after all that's happened to her, although you can particularly see that in the ending where caeda's dead she's accepted that they both had to lose their loves to win in the end. although she was sad to lose camus, she knows that their own happiness isn't as important as that of their whole kingdom, and you can see that again when nyna gets married to hardin despite not truly being in love with him. she learns to put aside her own happiness for the sake of archanea, and while it was thanks to him that she was able to get her kingdom back, I don't think her relationship with camus was one that had any chance to end well, even if they could've reunited with each other. she still does get totally screwed over in fe3, and i'm not happy with that, especially since they had the chance to change that in fe12 (they did make a lot of changes to the endings in echoes, so I do think they could've done that for fe12 too), but I don't think it was camus' fault, at least not entirely (he definitely could've done more under his whole "sirius" persona than just cryptically apologize to her). so as much as I love nyna and wish she got a better ending, I don't think that it was wrong of camus to return to tatiana. they were definitely in love with each other, and both of them did a lot for each other. while camus might've still cared for nyna, the way he mentions his one memory of her shows that he loves tatiana to the point that he doesn't care about what he might've felt in the past. so basically I don't really blame camus for going back to tatiana since even if she could've gotten over him for someone else, I do think she deserved to be with him, but I do blame him for wasting his last chance to talk to nyna and just leaving her without any kind of explanation or anything. i'm sure if he at least explained a little of what happened to him, nyna could've accepted losing him, but instead he just leaves and we get nyna's awful ending where she presumably wastes her life trying to find him
  3. baby tobin still says "never count tobin out" amazing
  4. 10/10 because I uploaded it in all seriousness it's pretty good 8/10 this is one of my favorites
  5. i'm pretty sure ephraim having a heavy spear is supposed to be a reference to reginlief since ephraim always comes as a 5 star, it's less of an upgrade from it and more of another option
  6. while wing spear could've been a little too good, I don't get why they chose armorslayer over heavy spear, since that would've at least been closer to the wing spear
  7. i think part of the reason this is there is actually because of the first battle if you fight any of the brigands near the village, you can see the inside
  8. while it could've been communicated a lot better, I think we should take actual numbers given over vague guesses that can be made off of unspecifying dialogue
  9. 6/10 it's ok lyrics could be better now for the true best fire emblem song
  10. oh yeah I don't know if I actually need the skills for that but I do plan on using katarina since she seems to be better than lilina and sanaki but i have nowhere near enough SP on her to get all her skills before she reaches level 40 so it'll probably take a long time to get all of those
  11. yeah I was pretty happy when I got her she was the only focus unit I wanted out of these hopefully you can get her too! i leveled her up pretty quickly but I also had like 9000 red crystals and more than 20000 regular ones so I'll probably have her at 40 pretty soon i think she's level 30 now
  12. i got to 62k today from my arena rewards i was actually considering making camus a 5 to have a bonus unit but I got katarina this morning so I don't even need to do that i think I might actually end up with 80k if I don't get someone I want to promote soon