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  1. The Last To Post Wins!

    are you saying LEAGUE OF LEGENDS DEATH is not a statement, but an action
  2. Why is the Ike x Lethe ship so rare?

    Because Ike likes guys or cause ike says this in their support and holy shit ike why would you fucking say that ever
  3. confession

    is that alicia
  4. depends but generally no i don't like having "me" in a story but if it's the kind of game where you have to make the choices for your character, then yeah i can enjoy that, especially if it's the kind that lets you customize your character a lot if it's like, the persona 3 kinda self insert where you just have some pre-made character with 0 personality who all the other characters inexplicably love, then i kinda really hate it. i don't like having "myself" in the story and it just makes it feel like everyone has some weird imaginary friend
  5. The Last To Post Wins!

    that was actually pretty great
  6. this from a cover album or what edit: this is from that album they announced in january cool
  7. The Last To Post Wins!

    everyone i know who's played persona 4 wants to kill yosuke
  8. confession

    TWO!!!! thanks chen!!!!! this is awesome im gonna bust my nut
  9. confession

    why people gotta post their dumb shit in this thread i literally only check sf for it can't you let me and like the other 2 people who still follow it enjoy the pictures of the days in peace
  10. confession

    the fuck
  11. this collection's existence is hilarious to me cause the way they split it is... x5 wasn't awful I guess? but man is there next to no reason to play it over 4 6 on the other hand is pretty awful and from what i've heard 7 is even worse 8 seems fine and since they're not getting released separately i'm gonna be buying it so i can finally play that (and i guess 7 for the hell of it), but man is it gonna feel lame as hell spending 20 bucks to buy 1 thoroughly mediocre game that i hate, one i hear is awful, one i know is awful, and one i actually want to play really great, 2's one of my favorite games, but it's not really like mega man at all beyond the character designs and enemy behaviors
  12. The Last To Post Wins!

    i missed the post between these for a second
  13. confession

    nice video games
  14. how damn hard is it to 1. google 2. just ignore questions you obviously can't answer although idk why that dude bothers with this thread at all i remember once the question was "do you like chen" or something like that and he was the only person who was like "no i hate her"
  15. confession

    i remember this character!!!! cute!!!!!!!!!!