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  1. Would you like to see a enforced classic mode?

    I meant there is two modes Classic with turnwheel Super hard core Ironman resetless mode
  2. What if, In classic, when the game detects that someone is going to die (or just at the end of the turn) , the game saves over their death, and if your lord dies the entire play though is deleted. Causal mode would just be the Echoes's classic mode without the saving from above but with the turn wheel. Do you think this is a good idea?
  3. Favorite + Least Favorite FE meme?

    Favorite CLERMIT Least Favorite T H O T S
  4. 3DS Rewrite competition.

    1.Anything’s fine. 2. No 3. Keep all the characters( Corrin doesn’t get a fatal disease in chapter 1) you can add some. Keep it as a SRPG and I am fine. Then keep it here.
  5. 3DS Rewrite competition.

    Let's face it the 3 3ds stories all have had debatable quality. Awakening was bland and had as much plot holes as Swiss cheese. Fates is a mess at best with MORE plot holes than Swiss cheese. Celica was dumb and Rudolf's plan is insane. So... What if they didn't turn out like this, what if YOU wrote the story? What would change what would remain the same? I am also putting up all answers on a poll to decide what rewrite is the best. Good luck! No you don't get a prize. I'll make a rewrite later. EDIT: Is this a creative thread?
  6. How about a story whose lords are an established couple?

    Chrom and Sumia are canon not them.
  7. Lyn Confirmed

    1. You forgot Tiki but I get your point 2. chill
  8. Lyn Confirmed

    So the fan base doesn't have to kill each other? YET
  9. Considering the last 2 main series games was released at far different times after the announcement, when do you think this game will release?
  10. I just want a Lord who has fought battles before the game proper...(Chrom, Ephraim, Kinda Alm, Marth, and Celica)
  11. New Mechanic Ideas Thread

    Have a 5 item limit but keep the weapon weight system from Echoes, but the weight is always there even if it is not equipped. Doubling should take 3 more speed. Mages have a spell list and cast from higher amounts of hp but with no WT. Tomes would have high wt but no hp would be cast. They would also allow mages to use other spells. Keep archers the same from Echoes. Keep cantors but make them have low hp and cast from a lot higher amount of hp for spells. Keep Awakening's promotion system. Have arts replace skills learned with your class rather than weapon. For example, Lethality would cost 10 hp, be tied to assassins, has a horrid hit rate (20%) but will OHKO.
  12. Is my new profile picture genius or a sin against humanity?

    It's in settings not profile.
  13. We all know how controversial it is on the story sense, but it adds to the overall strategy of the game, making you think in the long term over the course of the game rather than just in one battle. Seriously look at all the paring forms in the 3ds games. They talk about every detail to achieve maximum stats and bonuses. So in that sense, was it really that bad? It sucks in almost every way in story though.
  14. Is my new profile picture genius or a sin against humanity?

    Now is THIS a sin?
  15. Is my new profile picture genius or a sin against humanity?

    I made it anyways here Crit. It didn't turn out perfectly but the finer details won't show up in a profile pick so I hope you like it anyways.