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  1. FINALLY oh gosh
  2. kct

  3. kct

    hi! welcome to the thread bc she got snatched fvebgrhntbgrvf
  4. kct

  5. kct

    yeah im gonna do it tbh, ty
  6. kct

    idk what to do
  7. kct

    ohh yeah
  8. kct

    that's my fav opening
  9. kct

    Hbd Luna also I want to play the Sims 4 again with kpop idols
  10. kct

    SHES SO GREAT np, she is tbh,also I might I still have to watch other shows I've been procrastinating HISTORY BIASES I want to see it later also that sounds fun to go to
  11. kct

    tysm, also if you update your list make sure to post it here
  12. kct

    im not over the iconic hyungwon coffee/tea gif getting popular again even mx official twitter rted it from the guy
  13. kct

    dw I like reading it all
  14. kct

    dw about it everyone here loves you no matter whats posted also now I kind of want to get back into hitman reborn ty, (I stole 99% of the setup from a friend grbhtbgrfefvgr) joshua will be proud of you too
  15. kct

    ty also for the moment I sorted out kpop things im into + biases