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  1. Who was your first S support?

    It was Orochi in Birthright, Nyx in Conquest and Azura in Revelation
  2. Favourite Heroes OC

    I love the Muspel sisters, and can't wait to summon them and Helbindi
  3. Alm is my favorite Lord so far. I loved seeing him go from farm boy to war hero to reluctant prince to legend
  4. I just beat Blazing Blade. Athos gave the trio legendary weapons to defeat Nergal...and then he was the one to kill Nergal anyway. And then he killed the dragon. Not much use in giving teenagers legendary weapons to save the world if you're just going to do the job yourself.
  5. But Fates did have an outsourced writer
  6. And Azura withholds information in order to not have the same fate as her mother. From what I can recall, Azura interacts with the other lords about as much as Ninian interacts with Lyn and Hector, in Eliwood's story at least. I personally like Azura more, but I don't want to argue.
  7. She was the Ninian to Corrin’s Eliwood. Maybe even the Robin to Corrin’s Chrom.
  8. Anna. Undo this game's status as the one game she's not in
  9. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    Similar issues of focusing too much on the positives of the old and too much on the negative of the new, they run inside jokes to the ground, and people with avatars and/or reddit flairs with those character often come off as more belligerent, and sometimes a bit elitist.
  10. Judging from the information on This post, I'm assuming Claude will be associated with the moon and autumn. I'm guessing he'll be cool headed or something Dmitri will be associated with Snow and Winter. I guess he'll be cold. Edelgard will be associated with Flowers and Spring. That might mean she's a fairly feminine character, with is frequent among female lords Which leaves Byleth with summer and wind. I assume they'll be traveling to all three kingdoms as an audience surrogate, and like all player characters, will be able to form relationships with everyone
  11. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    Personally, I've had the worst experiences with Tellius and Jugdral fanboys
  12. A game with Heroes mechanics as a re-remake or Shadow Dragon? Sure. I’d also like to see Alphonse and Sharena in a larger scale game.
  13. FE:W Art thread.

    Maybe he could be the protagonist of the sequel. Traveling from world to world of characters not in the first game, trying to atone for what he did and find his way back home
  14. From Conquest to Awakening

    It was, but not among the Serenes Forest crowd. The more casual game design was not well received among this group, but the game in general was VERY well received among 3DS and Nintendo fans in general.
  15. Although It probably would be a lot shorter then Crown of Nibelung, seeing how Takumi joins Corrin much sooner then Leo