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  1. Official Pull Topic

    I got Both Morgans and Cavalier Chrom! I've never gotten every character on a banner before!
  2. Can Fates Work with a Golden Ending?

    Why? Corrin is a beloved member of both families, and didn't really do anything worth being killed for. That's like saying killing off Marth or Eirika or Celica would imporve the story.
  3. Supports that should have happened

    I was hoping for Minerva/Lucina, so Lucina could talk about Gerome. She's the only character who's met the Wyvern Minerva. Oh, well.
  4. According to Fire Emblem Sorter, it's Validar. I think that could be cool. Maintaining an evil cult and manipulating events to fulfill destiny and bring about doomsday. Maybe they could showcase more of the Grimleal's belief structure, and explain who his wife was (although seeing how Robin is a customizable character, giving their mother a canon appearance might raise too many questions). The sorter also says that my least favorite playable character is Jesse. I also think that has potential. You could found a nation of Mercenaries, and Kamui, Jesse, Saber and Silque could be involved in the story.
  5. Fire emblem switch ideas?

    If they do Avatars again, I kind of hope they do the Pokemon thing where the opposite gender version is a character in the story. I'd also like if they did the Sacred Stones and Warriors method of a brother/sister duo, where you pick which one is the main Lord. This might not be a popular opinion on this website, but I do think the Lord should be able to at least A support with everyone in the army. Maybe these uncustomizable lords could S support anyone, so that they people who hate Avatars can get be rid of them, and the people who like romancing characters still can. Plus if full voice acting is the direction the series wants to take, it would make things much easier if there isn't a character with any name possible.
  6. Testing Patience: I admit that although it's super obvious the Masked Knight is Celica's long lost brother, part of me thought it'd turn out to be Saber, mainly because of that line.
  7. Favorite and Least favorite Lords

    My favorite so far is Alm. I like his "farm boy to war hero to king" arc, and his voice acting makes him very endearing. I don't like lord bashing, so I refuse to pick a least favorite.
  8. Birthright. The story is emotional, Corrin and Takumi get solid arcs, and fantasy Japan is a nice change of pace from the Fantasy Europe setting of most JRPGs.
  9. I downloaded the Awakening demo, loved it, and got the game at a Walmart.
  10. Any character(s) that have grown on you?

    Cherche and Genny, particularly because of Heroes i grew really attached to the protagonists of Heroes and Warriors over time as well
  11. What Next?

    Warriors is a spin-off crossover game, so it's a horse of a different color. Both Echoes and Awakening should have elements you are familiar with from playing Fates, but they're both pretty different, so it's difficult to say which game to play first. Echoes does have a post game segment that ties into Awakening, although it takes place 2,000 years before Awakening.
  12. Robin, Alm, Say'ri, Kent, Orochi, Nyx and Kliff
  13. My favorite character is Robin. I like their design, and although they might be a bit of an everyman, they do have more personality than just a self-insert (of course, I feel that way about Corrin too, although I've never played New Mystery so I don't know about Kris.) I love seeing their strategic minds, and how close they grow to everyone in the cast. They go out of their way to make sure everyone lives, which makes up with the player's attitude as well. I also really like the idea of a chosen villain, especially in a series with a lot of chosen heroes.
  14. Do you want an avatar & S-rank supports? (Poll)

    I think it's because people who like Avatars don't feel the need to voice their opinon, and won't be too upset if they're not included. While the people who hate avatars feel as if they are ruining the series, and are very vocal about it.
  15. Awakening Birthday Thread!

    It is Say'ri's birthday. She's so underrated.