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  1. Kliff and Sumia, and I'm very greatful for both
  2. New Voting Gauntlet: Nifl Vs. Nifl!

    I'm torn between Helbindi and the Muspel sisters. I'll go with Lavatien, since she seems to get the least amount of love out of the three, and if she loses, I'll go with whichever one is left
  3. What DLC is worth getting for Awakening?

    I'm found of the Future Past pack and the Scramble pack for how they help further flesh out the characters
  4. Do You Prefer Animations On or Off?

    I always leave animations on, even though I often skip them if the game will let me, especially if I'm impatient
  5. My favorite cast of characters is Awakening. I loved meeting everyone playing the game for the first time. Sure games like Path of Radiance may have some more three dimensional characters, but they also have some zero dimensional characters too. To me, everyone in the Awakening cast is memorable, and so far it's the only game I can say that about. My least favorite cast so far is Shadow Dragon. It has mostly zero dimensional characters with a handful of memorable ones
  6. Formulaic but pretty solid, much like Legend of Zelda and, as of Platinum, Pokemon
  7. How would you rank the FE lords?

    My Ranking is: 14. You 13. Can't 12. Rank 11. Them 10. They 9. Are 8.All 7. Different 6. With 5. Different 4. Strengths 3. And 2. Weaknesses 1. Alm
  8. In Path of Radiance chapter 6, when the group is running to Greil, Gatrie is lagging behind. Also, Ike’s Aniken Skywalker acting, especially when Greil dies
  9. Who was your first S support?

    It was Orochi in Birthright, Nyx in Conquest and Azura in Revelation
  10. Favourite Heroes OC

    I love the Muspel sisters, and can't wait to summon them and Helbindi
  11. Alm is my favorite Lord so far. I loved seeing him go from farm boy to war hero to reluctant prince to legend
  12. I just beat Blazing Blade. Athos gave the trio legendary weapons to defeat Nergal...and then he was the one to kill Nergal anyway. And then he killed the dragon. Not much use in giving teenagers legendary weapons to save the world if you're just going to do the job yourself.
  13. But Fates did have an outsourced writer
  14. And Azura withholds information in order to not have the same fate as her mother. From what I can recall, Azura interacts with the other lords about as much as Ninian interacts with Lyn and Hector, in Eliwood's story at least. I personally like Azura more, but I don't want to argue.
  15. She was the Ninian to Corrin’s Eliwood. Maybe even the Robin to Corrin’s Chrom.