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  1. I'm gonna use my 20k on a Gordin so I can get Lyn Brave Bow+ tomorrow.
  2. I'm fully aware that in most FE games, the effects of the triangle are not significant enough that your best units will get hampered by a disadvantage, especially the later in the game. Despite that, in my tiny world of self-created rules, I still play according to the triangle lol.
  3. Watching Tiki's transformation gameplay, perhaps they had realized that Young Link was too strong in Hyrule Warriors...
  4. So, is it just me, or is Caeda's Musou extremely underwhelming? I know I complained about Musous being too long, but damn, this one is just suddenly inconsistent.
  5. I guess the generics getting killed in two hits are those classes.
  6. Well, from what I'm gathering by watching the VOD, today was mostly just Hikaru Midorikawa (Marth's voice actor) trying out the two new characters, and not much other stuff is being brought up. Still not done with the entire stream though.
  7. Is that so? Hope the Wing Spear is in the game then.
  8. First Lyn, now this. Now this game is unplayable for me
  9. Whoops, did I miss the stream?
  10. Doesn't Caeda's spear look kinda familiar? It's not too different from Cordelia's Luna, if you ask me...
  11. I'm not a bandit, I'm a professional! Not enough people know this, the other being that Adult Tiki is Pikachu. It's so good. It's insanely funny and ironic that those jiggles were given to her in the localization.
  12. Is Lyn really that moe? I find her tame.
  13. Guess I'll hoard her instead
  14. Why not both tho?
  15. Hey, the moment you hesitate (or get baited by the cute voice) is the moment you get cut and die. It works.