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  1. You'll never catch me D1 "scumhunting" alive
  2. Favorite Dancer (refresher unit)

    Azura's role in the story of Fates doesn't make much sense, but the story makes no sense either so I don't really hold it against her. I really enjoy her aesthetic though, both in her costume and her animations, and I enjoyed her icy yet witty personality in supports (in Japanese, she's kinda more open in English so that part of her charm is gone to me).
  3. Maybe I should just be honest like Fable and say that I will probably never scumhunt the way you want me to on Day 1 in my entire life because of my playstyle and personality. I try to look at patterns over time instead, because frankly, I'm not fast enough to immediately catch mistakes. I can participate in discussions depending on how active I can be, which I guess is not very much at the moment. Also, I don't know if it's just me, but sometimes people seem to just talk to themselves when posting. I didn't say it was a good info lynch, I said it was a better lynch because it gives some info compared to Fable. The pocket theory involves more than just you, because Bart, Fenrir and RAD have also been weighing in on it. That same discussion can continue in a different direction the next day if it's brought up again, depending on what Xnad flips. As for Xnad himself, I think his posts are well thought-out and I think he responded to Bart very well (I don't really think Bart's push was good anyway), but that doesn't really tell me anything because scum appearing scummy on Day 1 is just throwing the game. The only scummy person that actually was scum on Day 1 in games I've played was a guy who misunderstood the rules in his first game. That's the main reason why I don't put any stock in reads on Day 1. Eh. There probably is scum intent in there somewhere since it's quick and easy to get someone who doesn't conform, and everyone will just blame the lynched guy for digging his own grave. I think both you and Junk have reasonable things to say, and RAD's vote was just a pressure vote with no real bite. That leaves Mack, who I guess you could call put a pressure vote on me, but was basically just hopping on board with what you, Xnad and one other guy keep telling me. If there's a vote with scum intent in there, I suppose it'd be Mack. I dismissed your lynch idea because I didn't think your gut lynch was really worth anything when Fable is basically just getting mad at you for pressing him without giving him reasons for doing so. All that lynching him would do is tell us whatever he flips, and then we possibly go down your list, at least until you either magically get all of scum team right or we stop trusting your gut. I'm basically not gonna be on board with gut lynches unless there's other dirt.
  4. I just like to be certain about whatever reads I have, and the ways people react to the gamestate actually changing usually is more telling to me than the fishing on Day 1.
  5. I don't actually scumread you. I'm pretty much null on everyone on Day 1s most of the time. I only voted you because we've had this conversation about dropping votes for no reason multiple times already, so I voted you tongue in cheek. I could have asked you any of those questions without that vote and not much would change other than perhaps your own perception. I'm not very invested in solving the game at Day 1, when reads will be mediocre and quickly subject to change. Now I guess I have to catch up on a few pages.
  6. I think they raised fair points on you, actually, aside from certain misunderstandings. I'm not too interested in his trains when they're gut or have no reasoning, but he's working his way I guess. Null. It would give the pocket theory a bit more credence if Xnad flipped Town, for one.
  7. To be honest I fried my own brain by running under the sun, so I can't think of anything.
  8. I missed it, sorry. Basically, I was going to say that a Fable lynch looks rather pointless, such that even lynching Makaze himself would be better for associatives, and that's not very productive either. ##Unvote ##Vote @athena_57 What do you think about Makaze not giving his reasons most of the time? Backup in case I don't find things to prod at, which sometimes happens. It's not like I have to be stubborn about some info lynch options.
  9. We're early in the game, but Xnad has already been the focus of discussion for four other players now. At this point, wouldn't you agree Xnad is a better option than Fable for a D1 info lynch if nothing else came up? I just found the Athena thing kinda funny, and apparently I didn't remember it 100% accurately. I haven't weighed in on the actual point of contention, because I kinda want to see what Bart has to say following up on the vote he made.
  10. Now that I think about it, this is the exact same development from SF Mafia Mafia 5... Athena votes for someone mildly inactive on Day 1, and stops the pressure in one back and forth. Then Bart comes in to weigh in on that same person, and Athena sheeps Bart. Then Athena gets called out for both backing off quickly and sheeping Bart. And Athena was scum that game. I don't really like using meta, and there's probably going to be much more compelling reasons for a D1 lynch later, but I'd be down to test this pattern lol.
  11. I was typing just as RAD voted me, since I had to erase a bunch of stuff after Makaze dropped his Fable train while I was typing.
  12. Not quite on board with a Fable lynch. I don't see the point when he's only interacted with Makaze and no one else. I'd rather lynch someone else like Xnad for D1, since that'll give us an idea about Athena, Bart and Fenrir.
  13. Care to explain why you're tunneling Evan so hard that Mack can get a townread just by asking one question?
  14. ##Vote: RADicate because he's not Myrm anymore
  15. I was actually Via's mentor the whole time.