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  1. I guess Aversa's Night could also be cool. But some people say it's just Raudhrserpent.
  2. Goetia or sleep, to be honest.
  3. Bound Hero Battle: Ephraim and Myrrh

    Do you have Masked Marth? If you slap Renewal onto her, she has fairly good sustain to deal with the Axe Cav, Myrrh and even the Swordbreaker Pegasus, who doesn't actually do that much damage. A Blue mage or an archer can seal the deal against the Bow Knight and Red Mage.
  4. It is quite nonsense. Poor dagger units.
  5. Bound Hero Battle: Ephraim and Myrrh

    @LordFrigid Myrrh: I'm a dragon! Caeda: Ya! At least she was nice before killing her. Also, poor lonely Roy. @Alexmender That final Ephraim duel was close. Flame Siegmund is a bitch. @Zeo @mampfoid @mcsilas @Fei Mao @JSND Alter Dragon Boner I had to use Airzura, so I decided to limit myself a bit on the rest of my units. So here's base kit Bow Honk with Draw Back and Res Tactic S, base kit horse Chrom and no passives/seal Merric. I could have taken the Specials and Draw Back on Chrom off too since none of those mattered, but I forgot lol.
  6. I guess Matthew's "eat hits and then make things die" tactic does make him more applicable in more Hero Battles compared to Kagero, who is just an assassin. And whose Vantage no longer does anything in Abyssal...
  7. Huh, really. I guess you've spent a lot of inheritance on those four, huh?
  8. @Zeo One thing I kinda admire is how you go to such lengths to just use the same team for every Hero Battle. I just tend to switch my stuff around and play with options instead...
  9. Map Hard & Lunatic Infernal Infernal Enemy Stats Ephraim Myrrh Red Mage Sword Pegasus Knight Axe Cavalier Bow Knight
  10. [Headcanon/Discussion] A headcanon I have for book 3.

    13 chapters sounds about right.
  11. [Headcanon/Discussion] A headcanon I have for book 3.

    We will gather the seven Emblem Balls to save Fjorm in Book 3.
  12. Serenes Forest 5★ Lv.40+10 Compendium Thread

    Oh man, Duel Infantry on Soren too... Are you thinking of maybe getting him another Chill for his B, or is WoM what you wanted? That's a fast Est.
  13. Grand Hero Battle: Narcian - Now with Abyssal

    Same here, no fun to be had.