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  1. The tune of the final map theme actually shows up in a lot of places, including the opening theme, Heritors of Arcadia, What Lies at the End (Alm Map 2), Revelations, The Afterglow Fades, Reminiscences (Mila's Turnwheel) and Sea Winds and Travelers (theme of some harbors). There might even be some that I missed. Anyway, you get my point. I actually really liked Lost In Thoughts All Alone, and the fact that it showed up a lot.
  2. Apparently, the artist said he tried to add some Sacaen influences to the dress.
  3. I wish they would stop announcing banners almost a day before they come out. They should do it on the day it's coming out so I don't have to contain myself for so long.
  4. My best guess is that they have some sort of algorithm that generates multiple Warp spots relative to your army's position, then randomly pick one of said locations. I have no actual clue though, maybe someone will break the game down and analyze this.
  5. I'm gonna focus pull Colorless and somehow end up with three Karels
  6. You don't count
  7. With Cordelia and Lyn, who needs Caeda lol!
  8. He means Fortify Def, the Fortify Res seal, and the new Rally combined. Eirika and Ephraim could already do this though.
  9. You need to pay attention even if Bride Catria didn't make it in
  10. But you can stack that with Gravity, and then suddenly it's a 4v3!
  11. Echoes has the best title screen theme in the series. Fight me.
  12. My mind's eye The Bride class wasn't fair and balanced anyway
  13. For me it's always limited units > focus units. Anyway, since I'm pulling Colorless, I might have a shot at Faye or Genny anyway.
  14. mine I'm focus pulling Colorless and I'll steal all your 5*s Charlotte's face in her attacking art though... That's weird as hell.