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  1. Official Pull Topic

    That's pretty good! +Atk lets her use Warrior Princess a little bit better (admittedly, her performance with it in Arena is pretty shaky even with +Atk). Still good enough to run Firesweep too, if you ever get the chance. HP is pretty much the optimal bane since Def and Res are superbanes that drag her out of 150.
  2. I Don't Need Serenes Forest Mafia Mafia 5! - Day 5

    Footage of Makaze's entrance into this game
  3. I Don't Need Serenes Forest Mafia Mafia 5! - Day 5

    Mak and Evan tbh
  4. Voice actors [Wings of Fate complete]

    It's possible the voice actor forgot how to do the M!Kana voice...
  5. Voice actors [Wings of Fate complete]

    I liked it in Fates, haven't heard it yet in Heroes. Calling it a miscast would be interesting... The criticism makes sense, just that they have the male voice for Corrin also do M!Kana, and vice versa for F!Corrin and F!Kana, so they never really "casted" specifically for the Kanas. My comment was mostly referring to the lack of constant recasting that seems to be happening in English, though. A lot of people seem to be liking Xander Mobus a lot more, I hear.
  6. Official Pull Topic

    @Vaximillian @Arcanite @Rezzy @GuiltyLove Was going for Colorless and Green, didn't really matter if I got Hinoka or Kana... And here she is! +Atk -Def, which could be slightly better but not bad at all. At least it's not -Spd or something.
  7. Voice actors [Wings of Fate complete]

    They don't to me.
  8. Voice actors [Wings of Fate complete]

    The joys of Japanese audio.
  9. Well, Goad stacking is pretty much only used by fliers, since it's cheap and fliers are much more offensive than defensive. Dragons are comparable to Armors.
  10. Making Ward Dragons GHB-accessible is probably a terrible idea lmao. They don't need to get even stronger.
  11. With Nowi and Kana's mother being so common already, I doubt Kana is worth 5*ing... I wonder what kind of fodder he'll give.
  12. Voice actors [Wings of Fate complete]

    tfw Sumia is still not in the game even though Eden Rigel is in twice
  13. I Don't Need Serenes Forest Mafia Mafia 5! - Day 5

    For me, still Evan or Walrein.
  14. I Don't Need Serenes Forest Mafia Mafia 5! - Day 5

    Didn't I talk about it last night already? I haven't even finished reading whatever you coughed up in 10 hours. As for Snike, he says he thinks the scumteam was trying to pocket us so we would keep the tunnel on Athena alive while not casing the scumteam much, then if we get mislynched or something they could use that to get on Athena's case too. Both Athena being Town and Athena being scum getting bussed makes sense in this situation to Snike, but now he can't say for certain which Networker is more likely to be scum.