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  1. Triangle Adept banner NOW.
  2. I want to start working on my 5* +Atk -HP Nowi, and I have Fury already learned, but I need to 5* a Sully for Swordbreaker or pull a 4* Abel... tfw no Triangle Adept fodder
  3. Reinhardt does not fear you.
  4. I think it's just a maid cap.
  5. I've beaten a lot, but they beat me half the time too...
  6. Once I beat a guy called "whale btw". Can I feel good about myself?
  7. I did Merc Gray, Mage Tobin and Cav Kliff. Cav Kliff wasn't always that useful unfortunately. The levels my Python got were like... HP... and Def or something. UGH. Last Bastion was definitely a map that hurt with no Archer. Fear Mountain is probably the biggest offender though. I actually went and dug up some Python supports and stuff, and I think 8-4 made his lines a lot wittier for the localization. JP!Python is a lot more boring.
  8. I ended with 368 on my Hard/Classic Blitzkrieg, but I had no Archer on Alm side at all (if I did I could have gone down to the 350s for sure). I didn't make Kliff into an Archer and tried to bank on Python, but not only was getting EXP for him rather difficult, his first two levels were garbage (I reset twice for him with no dice and couldn't be assed to do it more since I had good levels for everyone else). Those are basically his problems: when playing fast(er), Archers lose many sources of EXP because they can't ORKO well early game, and Python's first one or two levels need to be god levels for him to even have a chance. Granted, with enough work, he can still just be carried by Killer Bow + promotion into Sniper, but if he doesn't get those early god levels the work isn't worth it imo.
  9. no U TA goes without saying, but Swordbreaker and Bowbreaker are the Bs he wants, depending on your needs. The two mage Robins actually perform quite poorly against same-color mages, so the only things they usually bait are Colorless, the most dangerous ones being Bows, hence Bowbreaker. Not much mileage out of QR imo.
  10. Is Clair's even a helmet? It just looks like goggles to me lol.
  11. Tried for Delthea again... She's -Atk +Def... Thanks @Rezzy. Maybe she'll become Cancel Affinity fodder someday, but for now I'll keep her since I like her. @Vaximillian Another waifu hoarded.
  12. Eh, I don't think she's particularly overrated or underrated as a unit. She has very good growths, and enemies in SS are quite weak, so she has a very easy time outpacing them despite her bases. And unlike Bishops, she has access to a horse with Mage Knight (we all know about GBA and horses). And as a Mage Knight, increased Con with Excalibur (a broken tome lmao) means her late game is quite on par with the Bishops you get.
  13. @Topaz Light I think overall, less "manly" characters are just less well-received in the West. Hayato etc. are mostly liked by the Japanese fandom, and Eliwood actually beat Hector in a Japanese only poll way back. Though I still dislike Ricken.
  14. I think he's alright, he is just unfortunate enough to be in the same game as Hector and Lyn lol, which probably makes him look worse than he actually is. Also he isn't outstanding gameplay wise either. I think I can sort of relate to her perfectionist attitude and insecurities (though of course I'm hardly talented at much).