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  1. Official Pull Topic

    Yeah, it really doesn't matter too much. I suppose Fortress Def/Res is even better, but that's very premium. So unless you find yourself with an expendable Kliff or two, that's not in the cards. Still, it's nice to imagine just how cancerous she would be. I was glad to see her too, considering she was in the last orb before I would have called it quits anyway (or was supposed to at least).
  2. Official Pull Topic

    Congrats on also getting something from the impulse summoning session! Even with a def bane, Eirika is pretty sturdy for a healer so it shouldn't be a problem. Since her main role is buffing others you might also want to consider Fortress Defense for her.
  3. Official Pull Topic

    Despite initially planning to skip out on Christmas banners entirely, I dropped about 40 orbs on the new one. I guess it was all the disappointing free-pulls lately, since they spoiled me in Summer and my head decided I was due for something shiny again. Got a Winter!Eirika out of it though. +Def -Res, which mostly just evens out her defenses a bit more. Definitely moving on now though.
  4. Tempest Trial+ : Life is But Fleeting (Dec 18th)

    Bond Skills are pretty great though. Especially when on a unit that's almost always going to be next to allies. Def Ploy has some fun uses as well. No broken armour skills for her, but then I didn't expect them to give one to her.
  5. Least Favorite FE Character?

    Least favourite character would be Corrin, but they've been mentioned in this topic a lot already, so I am going to mention Soleil instead. Her behavious is absolutely reprehensible, yet the game insists it's actually cute and funny because she is a girl. She harasses Ophelia, Forrest (in the Japanese version) and really any random girl that catches her fancy. The writing for her is a complete mess in the localization. Plus the fact that she is originally based on ye olde stereotype of girls loving girls being just immature and they'll get into "normal" het relationships once they grow up. Really the only reason she isn't dead last is that Corrin's influence permeates the main plot, while I can thankfully ignore Soleil's entire existence.
  6. Tempest Trial+ : Life is But Fleeting (Dec 18th)

    I am happy about the Bonus units, since it means I can use this cutie again: She probably needs some kind of Healer or Eir to sustain the boots though. Once her HM hits the max, I'll switch over to Cecilia, who does indeed look lovely. I am interested in what kind of dagger she'll be wielding though.~ (Nyakumi and Sakunyan could always use that) Fierce Stance can probably be very useful, but I am hyped for Drive Res. There have been so many situations on challenge maps where I could have used that.
  7. Special Heroes (Gifts of Winter)

    So it really was Ephraim after all. I am beyond glad really. I use armours so rarely, and then only when they can stand on their own feet like H!Myrrh. Fae is adorable and I'd like to complete the set of dragon trainees at some point but she is no big priority. I do like Ephraim but seeing him as an armour yet again is boring and doesn't make me want to pull. Eirika is very interesting as an armour healer, but again I'd rarely use her. Her staff looks neat, but I can bear waiting for a better opportunity to pull for her. I am interested to see what Cecilia is like and glad that we get at least one seasonal for free. So yeah, my orbs are save until at least the New Year. Thank god.
  8. Bound Hero Battle: Ike & Soren

    @mampfoid Tbf, I don't think Soren could have expected the enemies to decimate his army on the very first turn. haha Actually Kinoka needed some help from Sakura's Spur to get the kill, but I was still pleased to see her pull it off. Glad to see Hector got to swing his axe in another clear! @ruruo Yeah, Skadi may be more of a niche weapon, but it works wonders on maps like these. I am glad you enjoyed to princess clear too. Gravity is really amazing. Also congrats on the dagger clear. That's really a very interesting theme! Nyakumi worked more on the supportive side, but at least he took the hit so big bro could clear house. @Landmaster Yeah, Sakura was essential in setting up most of the kills, even if tactic skill prevented her from going on the offensive herself. @mcsilas 98 damage was pretty great, although it didn't really matter since Soren was dead anyway. haha I didn't really go in with that strategy, but when I noticed what I could do with Sakura, it felt pretty great to watch the fireworks. And yeah, Savage Blow is quite necessary when you are facing armours without a mage or armour effective weapon. Nice theme for your clear. It was interesting to see you simply allow the enemies to move in and get a few hits before striking back. Can't say it didn't pay off of course. Seeing the Brave!Ike made me realize just how long it's been since I've used mine. Poor guy is pretty overshadowed these days. @Zeo Yeah the set up felt very similar. Soren's strategy was pretty standard in PoR and worked unless there were any mages with long-ranged tomes or ballistae around. He may not be a ballistae, but Sunkumi still hit them like a nail bomb. It really felt great to coast through this clear with minimal difficulty. I am happy Sakunyan was able to take both mages, since otherwise her sustain is quite low. As for your clears: It was nice seeing Genny on the offensive with Matthew. Those two cleaved through the enemies like a hot knife through butter.~ Your second clear was more about Priscilla than Morgan this time, which was great to see. She really did a lot of work crippling the entire enemy army. One close call that she thankfully was able to live through thanks to Miracle, but overall it was outstanding. Wind clear was pretty amazing. Loved seeing so much green on screen, even if Soren stuck out a bit. I was curious to see how you would take down Ike, but it seem Lewyn had no problems whatsoever in that department.
  9. Special Heroes (Gifts of Winter)

    Then I'd have honest concerns about him breaking his back.
  10. Special Heroes (Gifts of Winter)

    Meanwhile, the silhouette on the right heavily reminds the heavily reminds me of this: Please let me wrong. I need my orbs for Tibarn... orz
  11. Special Heroes (Gifts of Winter)

    Please don't be Sakura, please don't be Sakura... >> @Anacybele If that's Ephraim, I'd like to ask him how he achieved such an amazing waistline.
  12. Eh, considering the Hoshidans have always, always shared their seasonal banners with Nohrians and others, while we also had a complete Nohrian Summer, that statement doesn't hold. Hoshidan Summer had exactly one unit actually from that place. It would be more accurate to say that Hoshido often serves as a background to seasonal banners that feature a variety of units. Since I don't see that happening for Christmas, I don't have high hopes for anything. Japan doesn't really have their own Christmas traditions. Maybe we will get a Sakura or Hinoka, but in that case Elise and/or Leo are all but guaranteed to appear as well.
  13. Bound Hero Battle: Ike & Soren

    @mampfoid Yeah, I was surprised how well things lined up for me. Looks like Soren had a bit of an off-day and decided to quit early. haha As for your one-turn clear: It was great seeing these three again. Lol at Hector basically leaning back to watch after punting Cordelia across the field. Aether really couldn't save Ike this time. Soren didn't even have time toblink before his strategy fell apart around him. @kirauza343 Thanks! It really was a boon against the armour and Ike. Your girls left no prisoners. Micaiah was particularly aggressive this time around. Poor Soren being left all alone at the end and having his own signature skill betray him. A very effective clear! @Landmaster I guess Ike was being a bit more shy than usual. haha Husbando clear was really lovely. The best clears always have people using their faves. Jeorge was certainly the mvp, but he wasn't the only one putting in work. He had about as much difficulty with the armour as my Taku, but his perseverence really payed off. Congrats! @mcsilas @Zeo @ruruo And here is the princesses clear: Music: 1. prologue 2. Time to raise the cross - both from Tales of the Abyss Intro music had to plkay a bit longer, since the actual track was a bit shorter than expected. Another easy clear. Sakura had a bit less offensive role than usual, since all the Tactic skills made it difficult for her to double and get enough damage in. Her presence was no less vital than usual however. Sakunyan was able to take out both the blue tome flier and Soren with minimal help, and afterwards it was a simple clean up job. I've been having fun with these easier clears, and feel kind of glad that I can enjoy the quiet until the next LHBs roll out.
  14. Official Pull Topic

    Congrats! I hope you have fun using him and his family.