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  1. Ah so it's Farfetched 2.0 after all. Suprised by Loki, though not really in such a bad way. Part of me is tempted to pull for her, just so I can put my Firesweep Tak-Tak into arena. Duel skills are still terrible, but you gotta play the cards you are given. Kliff, I was hoping to see as a green mage who would later get dropped, so I could put him on my +10 team. Alas that won't be happening now. Srill glad to see he got in the game, and with that great art. Owain is in the game now. Again technically. Don't really mind his presence, but also not exactly excited for him. Aversa as a free Tome Flier, wow. That is incredibly generous of Intsys. I already have H!Nowi, but depending on how she turns out, I might give her a shot.
  2. Bound Hero Battle: Ephraim and Myrrh

    Definitely not! Again, great job with taking out both archer and mage at the beginning. The finished product usually makes clears look easy, so it's interesting to hear how much it took to pull off. It was also great to see Stahl double the unfortunate Myrrh. Congrats!
  3. So there's three maps to the Blessed Gardens now. Managed to do it without too much trouble, but building three diverse teams for all elements is a bit tricky when I've previously gone with what I thought fit the character. (so I don't have many red water heroes for example) I guess this wouldn't be too much of a problem if they also increased the rewards for beating it at least as far as blessings went, but I guess that's not happening.
  4. Things you regret doing the most?

    Sacrificed my only Sigurd for Close Defense on Lene. I was convinced it was necessary to complete my Abyssal run of the Tiki LHB. Not only did it turn out to be unnecessary, but when I looked into my barracks afterwards, I noticed that I still had a Joshua left. That was a bad feeling...
  5. Bound Hero Battle: Ephraim and Myrrh

    @mampfoid Nice! That was quite a risky maneouver with Celica tanking and revenge-killing both the archer and mage (something H!Sakura with her 11 defense really couldn't handle). Of course she wouldn't have a problem taking out Ephraim after that. Her refinement really is something. Fallen!Celica tanking Bonfire on her own is also nothing to sneeze at. Congtrats!
  6. How many 5 star units do you have?

    Two and a half months since my last update, so here I go:
  7. Bound Hero Battle: Ephraim and Myrrh

    Yeah, Flying Archers are just too good, even without Firesweep. And those Sakura's are definitely beautiful and I am really happy to have them both. Looing forward to the day my OG!Sakura becomes +10 (have the merges ready, just need feathers) Definitely! A mix of player phase and enemy phase is going to be needed for every situation. Ooh that'd be nice! I'm still waiting for her Kinshi alt, so she can soar with her siblings in the sky. Would prefer her not to be another archer though (staff/tome maybe). If she's fortunate enough to get a fourth alt it could be her wearing a Western Nohrian style dress for another year's PA/"H"S equivalent! Also I just remembered that I haven't commented on your clear yet. It was awesome as always! Myrrh's breath couldn't save her from Cherche's wrath. The takedown was brutal. And your girls really don't give a damn about the weapon triangle. xD
  8. Bound Hero Battle: Ephraim and Myrrh

    It is extremely fun! Mobility may not be meta defining atm, but it sure is invaluable on these challenge maps. Especially when your team is made of ranged units that almost all die in 1-2 hits tops. Living on the edge and all that. I live to please: Music: Fight between the Wind and the blinking Sky - Tales of Zestiria (yes, I just really enjoy the music in that game) @mcsilas @kirauza343 Decided not to include the Takus again, and just let the girls have some fun. It's technically still a colourless clear since Airzura never attacks anything. I sadly don't yet have the resources and SP to give Sakunyan the tools she needs to really shine here. She couldn't take both the mage and archer without boosts that made the team lack attack power for the rest of the fight. And when only engaging the mage, he preferred going after Kinoka instead (not that it saved him). Still, I found some things for Sakunyan to do in this fight, and I hope she'll get a more prominent role in future clears. Also my OG!Sakura with Gravity was huge boon, and I am extremely happy to use her in these clears again. Maybe someday, if they release more alts of her, she'll get a gig of her very own
  9. Bound Hero Battle: Ephraim and Myrrh

    Thanks, it was a lot of fun actually! Your clear was great as well. Micaiah just tore through the mage and cavalry. Nice positioning work too!
  10. Bound Hero Battle: Ephraim and Myrrh

    @mampfoid @mcsilas @kirauza343 Managed to record this one early. Pretty easy yet again, but I like BHBs for being fun maps to experiement on anyway. Not everything has to be a nail-biting challenge. Music is New Power Awakens from Tales of Zestiria. I finally managed to make good use of the Fuujin's refinement in this one. My first clear actually had me circling the whole map in a deadlier version of ring-around-the-rosie, but then I had to switch some seals for TT and when I came back I didn't remember who had which seal. That's how this particular clear came to be, which is much more efficent, but sadly less fun to watch. Once I finally get around to building up Sakunyan completely, I'll post another clear with her.~
  11. No problem. I myself took my sweet time posting it. Yeah I loved how it all just worked out perfectly. Sunkumi is truly the MVP of the team, although the others are no slouches. I don't think I'll ever take Skadi off of P!Takumi either. Still, I wish I could actually use the Fuujin's refinement at some point, but it hasn't been necessary/possible. If Kana had been able to counterattack, I would have needed the combined might of a Brave Bow and Firesweep to take him down. haha;;
  12. Parents: A lot of the characters just seem too young for being parents. Pretty much the reason why some parent-child relations in Fates seem messed up when we are meant to swallow a teenager/someone their early twenties has a child almost the same age as them. (Awakening saves itself from this via time travel) So when putting those aside, I think Titania would make a very good mom. She is pretty much a combo of this and big sister to Ike and Mist already. I love her calm and reasonable support of them both, and I would think she'd be a great mom to any child. Siblings: I have no idea as far as older siblings are concerned, probably because I don't have any in real life and no one ever filled that kind of role for me. As for younger siblings (which I also do not have, but my cousin was basically a younger brother to me when we were kids), I would say Sakura, for she is sweet and kind but shares the same shyness with me, so I could relate and maybe try to help her with it. I'd include Takumi as a younger brother, but with how similar we are, I'm not sure we'd get along. Children: None, because I don't even want kids in real life.
  13. A lot of people are suggesting another Nohr banner before we even get an actual Hoshidan one... Really? Hoshidan banner with Orochi, Rinka, Mozume, Mitama. Mikoto as GHB would be interesting, though potentially heartbreaking. As for Nohr, Forrest is the only one left that I care about. Rest can be whatever, so long as the banner appears after we get more Hoshidan units first.
  14. Hmm let's see. Laguz: My dream first banner for them would be Reyson, Tibarn, Ranulf and Nailah.(I say dream, but it would also be a nightmare because I'd need to pull them all) I also want Skrimir and the rest of the herons, but they can wait. I'm sure Naesala will be a GHB at some point. As for non-Laguz, the ones left that I want are Marcia, Jill, Haar, Calill and Pelleas. I think Jill, Haar and Pelleas could be on the same banner (or Pelleas as a GHB). Not sure how to arrange the other two.
  15. Yeah Kana is a tenacious little bugger, even without the defensive tile. It does show where archers current weakness lies, but so long as it's possible to work around my Takus are fine. It was fun exploiting the map designs weakness, when it is normally intended to screw with you instead. It was fun to have them all line up like at a shooting range. Thanks!