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  1. The Fuujin Yumi upgrade was pretty meh overall. Brave Bow is still just better. But I suppose we should focus on units who haven't got anything yet. Giving Soren the green equivalent of Dire Thunder would be sure to mix things up for him!I think we should make the Brave effect on tomes more accessible, although that might lead to breaking the game. Which is why they are probably holding off on that. Making Ivaldi better would do all kinds of awesome things for L'Arachel. She deserves to be a top unit in this game! Also, my girl Oboro needs to get herself a netter spear!
  2. Managed it with Takumi, two 4* Olivias, and Xander. Just had Xander shove an Olivia over to Takumi on the second turn. Had him deal with the Green flier, then focused on baiting the rest over to the other side. Biggest hurdle was having Takumi tank the archer and one Olivia tanking the blue mage, but did it after a couple tries. Ironically, Lunatic was more difficult for me than infernal, because of both the archer and the blue mage being able to reach me on the same turn thanks to Azura.
  3. Shadow Dragon DLC images surface

    Huh, funny how the most popular family members of each side have the least amount of supports among them. Considering who they gave costumes, I thought Intsys would be more dedicated towards these two. The decision process on who receives supports in this game seems to be entirely random to me. That or maybe certain developers like specific characters and want to write supports with them. I mean supports aren't exactly advertised as a selling point of the dlc, so they might have more freedom with them.
  4. Shadow Dragon DLC images surface

    I'm really pissed that Takumi didn't gain any new supports, when he already was one with the lowest counts (I know Linde is a new lowest count which is just baffling). Yet Leo, the one he was tied with perfectly earlier, does get one. Leo better get none in the Awakening dlc. Or Takumi get two, if they really want that "retainer" support between Tomato Lord and Owain. Otherwise it's just plain unfair.
  5. Official Pull Topic

    I had the weirdest luck on my free pull yesterday: After so much time waiting for her, she arrives just in time for the Tempest Trial. I'm pretty stoked! +Hp -Def. So basically neutral, and helps with runnig an Infantry Pulse build.
  6. Next Grand hero Battle: Xander

    Okay so I did actually beat it now. That was quite the ride... I used my Brave Bow Takumi, Brave Ike, Tailtiu and a 4* Olivia. Had to adjust a few things because Tailtiu or B!Ike needed to tank the green mage, but I solved that with seals. First turn: Bringing everyone in position around Olivia, who is three steps below the dividing wall. Second turn: Tailtiu deletes the red sword and then dance+repositions out of there with Olivia. Third turn, Takumi takes out the green mage cav, B!Ike repositions him out, Oliva dances for B!Ike, he attacks the blue lance, Tailtiu finishes it off from behind B!Ike. During enemy phase Tailtiu tanked the green mage and Olivia tanked Xander. Fourth turn: Takumi attacks Xander, Tailtiu finishes him off, Olivia dances for Takumi who proceeds to kill the green mage, B!Ike attacks the healer and keeps it walled off from the rest of the team. Fifth turn: B!Ike finishes off the healer. Victory. @Javi Blizz I see then. My bad. I thought we only had this one chance to clear it before it goes back into obscurity. That's a much better deal indeed!
  7. Next Grand hero Battle: Xander

    This is so frustrating. I can't fucking beat it because something about the position always gets thrown off and ruins it. I hate that they only gave us a day to figure this out and then it's bye bye forever (1+ year at least). I know I can clear it eventually, but I just don't have the time for it today. This is a really shitty move from Intsys disguised as a "special event".
  8. Official Pull Topic

    So I didn't actually want to pull on this banner, but with how many orbs we are getting I figured I'd give it a shot. Didn't get any of the Elibe peeps, but I am still pretty pleased since I managed to pull this:
  9. A Hero Rises. Who should we vote for?

    I'm surprised and amused that Takumi is actually at 12 overall. Is this just because of his fanbase or do people just really want more Close Counter fodder? Probably a combination. xD
  10. Seasonal banner: Love Abounds

    Then we are in full agreement. My post referred to people who got up in arms over Camilla potentially getting a fourth version from CYL (because it's "too much"), but now don't mind or even celebrate Lyn getting a fourth one.
  11. Seasonal banner: Love Abounds

    Intsys is making stuff for what they believe sells best. Which is why they are going for Fates. Even including some of it's B and C cast like Charlotte and Shigure, since those are still well remembered by a bunch of people who are more than fine with pulling for them. How many people do you think would pull for, say, Pent and Louise (as I saw suggested on twitter)? Some, but not nearly enough for Intsys to consider it as an investment. I do get the complaint about Camilla on the Hoshidan banner, believe me I do. I have complained long and loudly about it myself. But there was salt for her way before then. Some of the comments were downright disgusting. I don't think I need to remind you what happened in the CYL voting gauntlet when she dared beat Lyn. Face it, Intsys is making these decision based on what they belive will bring in the most cash, and you and I won't always agree on these decision, but bashing and demonizing a particular character, or set of characters, and it's fans for getting "more" attention, while celebrating the same thing with your own favourites is very very hypocritical of the community. And so would have been Camilla's had she won in CYL 2. Again, no difference between her and Lyn.
  12. Seasonal banner: Love Abounds

    I find the disparity in reactions between the prospect of Camilla getting a fourth version and Lyn actually getting one to be more than a little hypocritical. Not to mention Roy getting his third version (with Hector 's already in the works), which other characters have been much more maligned for. But anything to get a dig in on that shitty Fateswakening and it's kiddy otaku fans, right? Intsys business model hasn't changed in the slightest for this banner. They still follow the promise of most money, and Roy, Hector and Lyn all promise a maximum amount of cash. It's telling that they went straight for the most popular characters from those games in order to support their venture. Don't get me wrong, Camilla is no favourite of mine, but I don't see how Lyn the fourth is so much better than Camilla the fourth.. Anyway, I haven't played any of the Elibe games, so no particular draw for me to pull on this on. I can finally save my orbs...
  13. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    You see, I personally don't feel like giving the writer's any slack for Conquest, because this isn't a 14 year old's first fanfic. They are professionals and this isn't their first FE game. And for all the "new things" (RD had a very similar set up and did it better) it tried, it couldn't actually commit to any of them. It retreated back to well-known paths and made sure to keep things as inoffensive for the self-insert as possible. Birthright may be nothing special, but Conquest's main problem literally was the writer's trying to appeal to the base too hard. Don't see how that makes it better.
  14. Legendary Hero Banner (Ft. Vanguard Ike)

    The rate improvement compared to a normal banner is only 2%. Plus unless you don't care about which 5* you get out of a certain colour, the chance to be pity broken is actually very high (Normally there's only one focus unit, with other 5* having less chances of showing up). The game goads you with a seemingly perfect opportunity, but it's not actually that great of a deal.
  15. Legendary Hero Banner (Ft. Vanguard Ike)

    Sitting in the same boat here. 11%. All my TT and Anniversary orbs went into this. For nothing. It will take ages to work my way up from 0 orbs again. I don't ever want to remember this banner again. This may even cause me to avoid all Legendary banners in the future, seeing as they are pure traps.