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  1. Wasn't it said somewhere that she wouldn't be playable in story mode? I still think she is just a clone with some slight modifications.
  2. Glad to see someone else enjoying Birthright more than Conquest. I can definitly see why people enjoy a good challenge, but personally it just feels very frustrating a lot of the time. Birthright is the game I play when I just want to have a good time after a stressful day. Conquest is like visting the dentist.
  3. I have been so damned unlucky. The last 5 star unit I got was Sakura in freaking June. Granted, I haven't been summoning as much as others here.. but it's getting incredibly frustrating when I have pull after pull full of 3* s with one or two 4* s sprinkled in as charity.. I have also given up on ever getting another focus unit from a banner. Those percentages are lies.
  4. Amelia is actually very popular in Japan. As most of S-Stones fanbase is Japanese, Intsys probably based their choices on the favourites of the Eastern side of the fandom. (so Lute has excellent chances!!) Personally I'll be trying for Innes and Tana. I am almost hoping I get two Innes somehow, so I can ritually sacrifice one of them to my Takumi. With my luck though, it'll probably just end in a big waste of orbs.
  5. Megidoladying has deleted her tumblr blog. Not sure if anyone has saved her translations or has any way of contacting her, so these translations are probably gone for good. I might consider redoing some of them myself (already translated some of the standard supports she did before), but that's going to take time (which I don't have too much of right now) (Is this considered necro? Don't see how making a new thead on this would be good for anything, but I'm not sure.)
  6. Nope, it's always been in Germany. And I know Ryouma is in the game. I simply meant that he, by himself, isn't enough incentive for me to buy the game.
  7. Don't forget that Germany is one hour ahead of the UK so it's actually a six hour difference. Personally I do hope for more reveals (of characters that I am actually a fan of. I like Ryouma.. but I need more than him to invest cash). Plus, I would also like to see some gameplay with fliers in action. Gotta see how balanced they are.
  8. You can argue with me all day that the current system has flaws and I'll even agree with you to an extent. Maybe overall number of supporters should play a factor too. Who knows, but really you cannot tell me that one-sided cheap victories would be better. )I'd argue how "deserved" they'd be anyway, since that really just comes down to "who has more supporters?" and well... just look at the popularity poll for that. There was nothing as frustrating as looking at a gauntlet and already knowing who would win, and supporting any besides the Olympus mons of the gauntlet was just a waste of your time. Everyone jumped on the most popular character and that was it. Nothing gained. They should sooner just not have gauntlets anymore than go back to that pointless system. Also, really how much difference is there in the current system overall. Corrin was predicted to win and she is all but guaranteed too. The multiplie didn't really help F!Robin any, and we know she wasn't the more popular one.
  9. I actually enjoy the multiplier because it means gauntlets are actually exciting for once. The one-sided stomp battles from before were utterly boring. Maybe a few tweaks are needed but the overall system works. Also can't understand people crying over Leo being "punished" with those gauntlets. Intsys clearly likes giving him attention and promoting him. To claim the losses are somehow targeted against him (which I have seen some people claim on other sites) is ridiculous. Leo won the Fates poll, but Takumi won the Famitsu and Nintendo Dream polls and finished ahead of Leo in the Heroes poll. And he has gotten nothing so far. So don't worry guys, I am sure Leo will be put into even more gauntlets/ get more costumes in the future. Intsys clearly likes him a lot. As for the next battle.. Corrin is almost guaranteed to win but I am glad Gaius at least stands a small chance.
  10. Again, Leo isn't female. It said female mounted unit. That said I am praying with all my might that they'll reveal Takumi. After how much Hoshido has been sidelined in favour of Nohr in Heroes, they deserve to get some quality treatment. I would love for the mounted female to be Hinoka, but I am not kidding myself. There is no way they will leave Camilla out, and no way they'd announce Hinoka before her.
  11. I see this is the old "Hoshidan bias" topic.. While I certainly agree that Hoshido and Nohr were conceptualized from an Japanese point of view, I have two things to say to this. A) I know Americans aren't really used to it. But I have seen this over hundred times more often in Western games where "West" = good and Other = bad, or just less good. Not saying that the opposite is much better, but I don't really see this as a big reason to get put off when it's essentially harmless compared to other stuff I have seen. And B) Was this honestly to Hoshidos benefit? Certainly Conquest is a train-wreck writing wise, but the cast and country got a lot more development out of it. Hoshido is "the standard" and was basically left as "Feudal Japan with Pegasi and giant birds". Most of the characters didn't have much attention given to them. Meanwhile, everything interesting happens in Nohr and it's cast and siblings had more attention given to them. The resulting popularity has certainly gotten rid of any Hoshidan bias Intsys might have had. It's all Nohrians everywhere now when you look at Heroes. That depends on tastes I guess. I found Hinata (it's a gender neutral name, with the west just seeing more females with it) to be incredibly endearing with his undying loyalty to Takumi and endless admiration for someone who doesn't really fit into the traditional warrior values of Hoshido. Team Takumi has some really good chemistry between them honestly (mostly seen in the drama Cd), although I admit it wasn't really that visible in-game. He may not be the most memorable to you, but I liked him well enough. Again, personal taste. Rats. I mostly liked Griffon's for their concept and design. They are useable enough in Normal and Hard, which is all I ever played in Awakeing. Guess I'd just like to have some variety in flying mounts (or mounts in general I guess).
  12. Personal opinion, and this getting kinda off-topic: I'll give you Setsuna, but I actually thought most Hoshidan characters had endearing personalities. The localization cut down on a lot of nuance, but I found myself able to engage with them better on the whole. They are a little more subtle, and I do admit the supports left more to the imagination (ie. the writers wanted us to do their job for them), but in contrast a great many Nohrians were just too over the top for me. No, I don't just mean Peri and Localized!Effie, but there were very few I could accept as actual people and not comic figures. I don't really count the Awakening trio btw since they already came pre-developed (with some more depth added at least). Back on topic: I wonder if we will get any other fliers besides Pegasi and (probably) wyverns. Would be nice to fly on a Kinshi or Griffin, but those aren't really signature classes for anyone, so I doubt it.
  13. Both Corrin's have the exact same character (aside from some incredibly minor differences), but M!Corrin is perceived as a wimp while F!Corrin is a plucky girl. My guess it's because of gender standards. There is also his design not being being terribly eye-catching while F!Corrin is very popular in that regard (plus her use as a shipping vehicle). As for the topic: there still isn't a character in this game I really care about. At least not enough to drop ~60€ on (only Maribelle is a stand-out fave in Awakening). They probably should have promoted another game's cast instead of just piling on all the Awakening characters in one go. This way, the other games will have to squish themselves into a couple weeks. I know they said one game was going to be focused on more, but you'd think they'd have at least a little variety.
  14. If anyone talks about Hoshidan bias ever again, I'll laugh in their face. This just feels line massive slap in the face to anyone who dares to like Hoshido and wants at least some attention for them. Like, I wouldn't even be mad, if there was just a slightly larger amount of Nohrians, but Hoshido getting nothing?? Way to treat a significant part of your fanbase like crap. It's not a matter of Nohr being more popular. Hoshido isn't //unpopular// so by utterly ignoring them you are just trampeling over those who enjoy them. Sorry for the rant, but this got me while in a bad place. We can hope for like an early autumn banner in September maybe.. but given the track record, I seriously doubt it. Silver lining: Don't need to worry about wasting my orbs at least!
  15. If you really think the kids should be the best they can be then consider that Mitama's special selling point is her amazing strength cap (which runs so counter to her starting class) Bringing that down with Setsuna just seems like a waste. She'll still have a +3 Speed cap with Hinoka (Effie is even better here of course, but she is tied up with Percy. Although you could also give him Peri and have Dwyer get Selena, since Soleil seems to be a filler unit for you anyway), which for a Swordmaster is still enough to double most everything. We might have different priorities, but really speed ceases to matter when you are at a point you can double most things at. On the other hand, every single point in Strength will always count for something.