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  1. Official Pull Topic

    @mampfoid @Landmaster @daisy jane FREAKING FINALLY, YOU GUYS! IT ONLY TOOK ALMOST THE ENTIRE LENGTH OF THE BANNER BUT WE ARE HERE! She is +Def now and all is good in the world. ;-; Too bad about Hinoka, but at least I can finally save orbs again. On the flipside, about 5 minutes later I dropped my phone and now the screen is all cracked up.. It’s still functional and repairing it costs an arm and a leg... I’ll just have to deal. It's fine, so long as I can still identify my units through the cracks... Life giveth and life taketh away.
  2. I am not sure if they edited that in the English version, but in Japanese she is literally wearing a thong and you can see her asscheeks.
  3. I'm not really fond of the idea, although I suppose if they have to have more alts, they might as well go with canon outfits. That being said, I'd hate to see the Corrin's, (and not just because I dislike them as a character) since Female Nohrian Noble almost makes Camilla's getup look conservative. It's one of the worst cases of objectifying discrepancies between male and female outfit versions. That says a lot when talking about Fates.
  4. Chinatsu Kurahana is Three Houses New Artist

    You clearly haven't spent much time around female fans of the series. I have seen loads fangirls gush about him. He isn't personally my type (those would be Sylvain and Dorothea), but I can see how people of any gender would find him attractive. He is pretty well designed. Also you may want to rethink your posting style, it makes you come across as incredibly arrogant.
  5. New Heroes: Kitsune and Wolfskin

    Her attacking and damaged art look painful to me. Not undoable or even that straining when done quickly, but since she is frozen like that I can't help but wince. For the fanservice I guess.
  6. Hardest chain challenge?

    The next chapter released will feature the Fates beasts, as was shown in the trailer.
  7. Grand Hero Battle: Jamke

    So here we are again in the deep, dark woods. wooo also sorry for not replying more in the last thread eee I kinda did a fullish Takusquad clear of this before, but I wasn't entirely happy with it (Nyakumi did literally nothing), so I didn't record that. It's great fun to see how my team improved though, so I decided to tackle it again. Probably won't do this for the GHBs from Garon onwards.. (don't make me remember Gharnef please) @mampfoid @Landmaster @mcsilas @kirauza343 @ruruo @Zeo @Sasori @daisy jane @Azuris Music: The Mandragora - The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine This one was fun to think out. I probably made it harder on myself by insisting on staying up close to the enemy, but I didn't want this to be just another hit and run. Some mild SI was necessary for this, but nothing too backbreaking. The accessory Skadikumi is wearing won't be permanent I promise. haha Also I turned on the asset/flaw display and found that it doesn't bother me too much (as long as I avoid specific units), so I might just keep it on. Hope you enjoyed! I'll see about getting the other clears up too at some point soon.
  8. @daisy jane Congrats on your Abyssal clear! It's great to see how far your and your fliers have come. Really nice to see you be so careful with positioning and making sure everyone was unhurt. Everyone put in a lot of work and you can be rightfull proud of them.
  9. New Heroes: Kitsune and Wolfskin

    Eh, I think it's pretty confusing for a lot of gamers who associate Keaton with the Zelda Mask Fox (as you could see with the one I quoted). I personally prefer Flannel. Also lengthening Velours name felt unnecessary. But this isn't the topic for that, so I'll stop here. I wonder if we'll ever get Yarne. He is one of the least popular Awakening kids, but his class may still get him in at some point.
  10. New Heroes: Kitsune and Wolfskin

    His Japanese name is Flannel, which follows the theme of 3DS beasts being named after textiles. (Kaden is Nishiki in Japanese by the way. I always thought it was weird they gave the Hoshidan-alligned kitsune the whitest name ever in the localization) It think Keaton and Kaden also vaguely follow the theme naming, but it's so obscure almost nobody playing the game actually realizes it. (unlike with Panne and Yarne) Anyway, I am glad it's fates beast, since I never got too attached to any of them, so I won't feel bad about not being able to pull. Kaden is the only one who has any real personality to him. Keaton acts like a human dog, Velouria likes garbage, and Selkie is just a collection of every fox girl trope in existence. I hope Kaden demotes at some point, but I wouldn't hate it being Velouria. Maybe we'll get lucky and they'll demote them both. I am glad to see Panne as the free unit though. Dependjng on her art, I might just use her. (Though when it comes to grail projects she'll have to get in line behind Skadikumi and Naesala.
  11. Official Pull Topic

    @Landmaster Thanks. Yeah it's so frustrating. I've had bad experiences in the past. (like when I got pity broken by Jaffar after spending 250+ orbs on the WoF banner), but I haven't seen a pity rate go this high twice in a row. I suppose there's always a first time. Really I just want the whole thing behind me, so I can gain back my orbs stash..
  12. Some quick thoughts: Eagles: Edelgard is still nice. Ferdinand has good hair, but he doesn't seem like the type of character I would be very invested in. Bernadetta is cute and looks interesting. Petra is cool, athlough I'm not fond of her name. Dorothea is very very pretty and my favourite so far, although I wish they'd given her another hat. Linhardt feels like a meme looks weird. Not much to see with Caspar, but he seems okay, if not exciting. Weird black haired guy doesn't exactly draw me. 5/8 Lions: Dimitri has grown on me, though I still want to drag a comb through his hair. Ashe is a cutie pie. Mercedes is very pretty. Annette is also incredibly cute. Sylvain seems like the type of guy I'd like (I love red hair). Blonde girl is pretty. Blue haired dude is ehh, but we've only got that blurry picture. Last dude is the Caspar of the Lions for me. 6/8 Deers: Claude is very handsome and good. Hilda looks sweet, and also gives me Serra vibes, which isn't bad for me. Raphael is.. not my type. Leonie should do something with her hair. Purple dude is meh. Blond girl(?) with glasses seems nice. 3/6 Although not all have been revealed yet, so far I feel mostly drawn to the Lions, but the Eagles could sway me and we haven't seen everyone from the Deers yet. I also need at least some snippets of general personality from people other than the house leaders before deciding. Finally, although I wouldn't call it terrible, I'll echo the sentiment that the artstyle feels liveless. Only a few really stick out. Compared to Kozaki and Hidari this leaves much to be desired. It's especially noticeable with the models. Everyone looks like they are plastic dolls. I think Claude, Edelgard and M!Byleth are the only ones whose models actually have life to them.
  13. Official Pull Topic

    @daisy jane Thanks. Yeah, it simply sucks to have to deal with this. Sorry to hear about Mia. I'll get over it eventually, but it just leaves such a bad taste. Here's to hoping I can get at least something that doesn't suck before the end.
  14. Official Pull Topic

    @mampfoid @daisy jane @Landmaster I am done with this shit: To think it'd climb this high again... This is it. I am so done now. I'll now start pulling all colours in equal measure. Getting an Elise, another Ryouma or even some random bottom feeder like Luke is a WHOLE lot better than letting this banner get away with that kind of pity rate.To think I was happy when this banner was announced... It's been sitting over my head like a dark cloud whenever I opened the game. Two Tempest Trials went into this, as well as all the remaining challenge maps. I just want it to be over with. Oh and I won't be pulling from this next year either. It's clearly cursed. Hinoka can go screw herself and a very spiteful part of me feels like foddering my Senkura, since she's sarting to seem like a cheap knockoff from the dollar store. I won't, but I still have trouble feeling positive over her after this ordeal.
  15. Bound Hero Battle (Ablaze): Cherche & Virion

    Okay, sorry but replies are really taking up a lot of my time here, so they won't be super detailed. I'll try to answer everyone! @daisy jane Very impressive! Your Ophelia really stole the show and swept the bosses off the stage. Lewyn also contributed a lot. This really is the power of magic. Congrats! @Azuris Not sure if I'd say I get better, considering they haven't smacked us with a truly difficult challenge (outside of LHBs) since Gharnef. (ugh) But yeah, this felt especially easy, but still fun. The Skadi effect hitting most of them was a coincidence, but very welcome nontheless. Yeah, the red mage was the boss of this clear, but not as evil as he could have been. Thanks! @Landmaster Thanks, I am glad you enjoyed my clears! Woah, four clears. I'll try to say a little about each of them at least. haha;;; Interesting mix with Soren and Mia. Somebody's gotta make sure Soren gets out of his books I guess. Also great showcase of Valentine!Soren! That Cav!Archer sure was a nuisance, but it all worked out in the end. Interesting that you had to use a similar strategy to my usual one. Guess that just happens with Infantry units. Good job! Little sisters were great as usual. Nice to see I gave you some ideas for this map. The Elises did the killing here, but the Sakuras helped and supported them nontheless. I laughed at the part where the archer took Elise down to 1 health and Elise's only reply was "ouch.". haha Neat clear with the younger siblings. Leo benefits from his tankiness, even if he needed a few boosts. Sunkumi really trivilizes the map, doesn't he? Elise showed off a lot of her strengths as well, and Sakura was probably just happy to support the person she loves. :) Ooh Ike Emblem, how interesting! Especially impressive with three of them being red. I find that is a lot harder to deal with than just colourless units. Cherche did a lot of damage to poor Valentine!Ike, the poor guy really was dumped on in this fight. Not that he can't take it of course.~ @mampfoid Yeah, that seal is super useful. I thought about giving it to Maribelle once, before realizing she couldn't use it. :( Still very valuable as you proved. Don't even talk about that. haha;;;; It kinda was stacked in my favour really. (No, because I don't like being reminded of certain unfortunate banes... It still shows when clicking on it, so I haven't bothered making the display permanent, but I can turn it on for the next clears if you are interested.) She really was made for this. haha I hope you enjoy yourself then. :) @mcsilas Thanks for the compliments, it was fun time! Excellent theme here. If they ever add Dwyer, you can make butler emblem. Cherche getting to blow up Virion was very appropriate, and I loved seeing Flora deal with the Raven mage. Congrats! The closes we'll get to Minerva Emblem probably. :'D The wyverns really brought in the carnage, but seeing sweet little Maria active miracle at just the right time was the best part imo. Even with all the archers on this map, you didn't seem to have much trouble. The kids pulled this one off without issue as well. They hardly even got injured. Gerome even took out his mom, although that's probably a terrible thing to praise him for. haha;; He really did a lot of the damage in this clear, but the rest was fun to see as well! And now, we finally get to see some really shining stars again: @kirauza343 @Sasori @ruruo @Zeo Music: Amusement Park (Dynamic) from Nier Automata. I wanted to bring this song in at some point, and felt this was the best time to do it, what with the "french" feeling and where Virion and Cherche come from. This also didn't take too long to figure out, though it required a bit more set-up, since I really wanted to have Maribelle one-shot Virion. Afterwards, I had to make sure Sakunyan survived the lance cav (who was so super-determined in this clear that I decided to let him have the thumbnail when he randomly got it.), but things basically fell into place afterwards. Raven mage wasn't too big an issue this time around. Glad I got everyone to kill something again, and Sunkumi didn't completely steal the show this time around. Also funny that Reyson never once transformed in this clear. He probably feels a bit stifled in this team. haha Hope you enjoyed!