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  1. The Worst of the Best

    For me it's: HP: Elise (+Res -Def) at 30 HP Atk: Ninian (+HP -Def) at 38 Atk (24 unequipped) SPD: My 4* +5 merged Cherche (+Atk -Def) at 20 Def: There are three contenders actually. Lucius (+Res -HP), Soren (+Atk -Def), and Kinshi!Hinoka (+Spd -Def) all tie at 13 Defense. Res: Default Ike (+Hp -Res) at 14
  2. I've never pulled an Oscar though, but I agree that investing too much into suboptimal units only really makes sense for faves, which Cordelia isn't to me. Going with the cheapish option then.
  3. Pulled a +Def -Atk S!Cordelia on the new banner and am currently mulling over which build I should give her. With her normal lance, I'm thinking a player phase build with Deathblow and maaaybe Desperation might work out. +some horsebuff. On the other hand, with that defense, she could work on enemy phase with Fury (budget) and QR. Just need to think of another lance. OR I could break the feather bank and maybe invest in an expensive Firesweep build (including Deathblow). Thoughts?
  4. Official Pull Topic

    Despite not even wanting to pull much on this banner, I still went overboard and spent almost 100 orbs. Highlights: - M!Morgan (finally!!) at 4*, +Res -Def. - 2 Sonyas, one +HP -Def and the other +Atk -Res. - Summer!Cordelia, the one summer unit I had zero interest in. And she is -Atk too. Overall verdict: Eh.
  5. So when do updates normally drop?
  6. Rate the Unit, Day 54: Alm & Lukas

    Haven't used Karel before. Ninian: A dragon and a dancer! Two unit types that tend to make units great on their own. Ninian is both, but can she also deliver a dragons high attack and durability combined with dancer utility? Unfortunately the answer is not a resounding yes. Ninian makes for a great and very durable dancer, but her statline does not make her a terror like Nowi. She needs an attack boon and dragon buffs to do more than take out stragglers. Still, her dancing utitlity is still extremely valuable for those and mixed teams. Her durability offers very interesting potential for support skills that other dancers couldn't handle. For instance, my own Ninian has an HP boon and is great at running Infantry pulse, especially with TT buffs. Even if her draconic side is lacking, her uniquess as a dancer sets her apart: 7.5
  7. After weighing my options, I think I'm going with Safeguard and TA, since that seems the most cost-effective option too, and she can at least damage the green armours enough to help my Micaiah take them out. Thanks for the help!
  8. Thanks, I'll keep those in mind. My thought is to turn her into a support killer like my Airzura, who gets rid of most blues in a pinch. With that in mind a Ruby Sword build might be most desireable, but I wouldn't want her to take hits with her low bulk (moreso on account of her lowered Res). Would switching QR with Desperation be a good idea? (Along with a different seal ofc)
  9. Ao I just pulled a Lene on the Bridal Bloom banner. She's +Atk -Res and my Olivias are strictly for utility, so I thought I'd build her as more offensive support. Any recommended builds for that?
  10. Official Pull Topic

    Welp, no B!Tharja for me. Lene came out of nowhere to pity break me. I am not really mad, since it could have been much worse. In other news, I finally summoned a Shanna again. After months of painfully raising Maes in order to get Desperation on my units, I can finally do it easier again. One time that is, but still.
  11. I'll dip a little for Tana and Innes, but I don't really need them all that desperately. We'll see what the second summer banner holds. I'm assuming we'll get Camilla and maybe one Hoshidan unit if they decide to be generous.
  12. I'm torn on this and I don't know what to do exactly. On one hand, Tana is one of my favourite Sacred Stones characters, and I am pretty fond of both Innes and Noire. They are bound to be awesome units too, and have some nifty skills. On the other, there's something about Tana's art that bothers me, and it's not even the bellybutton. The swimsuit just looks weird to me. Not really a fan of the strings that make up Noire's bikini either. (And before someone says "You just hate fanservice.", I am still in love with B!Tharja's dress. This bikini just doesn't look appealing in any way.) As for unit types, I have all four of these slots filled already (even if my H!Nowi is -Spd. I don't think Tana is going to be very fast, she'll likely be bulky like her normal self). I'll wait until we see the actual trailer first, but for now it looks like I'd prefer trying to break my pity rate on the Bride banner while I can.
  13. Oh my god, this is so cute... Also shade at the facepatting is always welcome. I want to pet Ryouma's hair too
  14. It looks like Stahl and Cordelia to me. Another Ylissan summer?