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  1. I wouldn't let Alm of the hook in this argument that easily. It's more than him acciddentally insulting Celica's father and family, his side of the argument dows have significant flaws as well. We are working with the magic of hindsight and knowledge of the genre conventions after all. (Note: I don't know how exactly things work out yet, except that they do and some general ending details) Alm being all "we'll just throw out the Empire", when said Empire is a lot more powerful military wise than Zofia does come across as somewhat naive as well. He doesn't seem to grasp the full picture on what the war might entail for Zofia yet. And "We'll drive them back, no more."? Also rests on he assumption that A) Rigel will just stay put after such a humiliating defeat and B) that his own soldiers will just be satisfied with that as well and won't demand vengeance or want to cripple Rigel more effectively after that. And at that point in time, neither Alm nor Celica can be sure a diplomatic solution is utterly impossible (besides this being a game about war). With Zofia castle, the Deliverance now has an actual platform they can open negotiations on. By convincing Rigel that a continued invasion would be way more trouble than it's worth, they might convince them to turn back in return for a list of concessions. That ain't noble of course, but certainly better than hinging everything on an uncertain war with a militarily superior foe. Looking at it from a historical perspective, that really wouldn't be an unlikely outcome. (Except of course *blah blah* video game *blah blah* story conventions) Alm overall comes across as pretty single mindedly focused on the war as the solution to all of Zofia's problems. When there is a pretty serious famine and terrors problem that doesn't (appear to) have a connection to the war with Rigel. Celica isn't just going to see what happened to Santa Claus. She is trying to find out what happened to their *existing* patron goddess, the provider of Zofia's plenty. Is her belief that Mila will fix everything naive? Yes. But Alm is ignorant that this is actually a pretty serious issue. And finally, Celica's "You don't know what it's like to be royalty." isn't just hurt feelings or insulting his position as a commoner. Alm literally doesn't know what being a king entails. It's more than just leading armies and holding speeches. He has no experience with that, so it's fair to call him out when he's just throwing out assumptions. Plus his belief that the succession crisis will just work itself out perfectly is pretty damn naive as well. His hopes rest on the supposed survival of a princess, who is of course completely ready and set on taking the throne over him. While the princess did indeed survive, he had nothing but rumours to go on at that point. And the latter assumption was also pretty shaky, since Celica didn't really want to go back in that moment. Which is why I can somewhat understand why she wanted to keep quiet on that. Tl;dr Both Alm's and Celica's arguments have some serious holes in them. What the game does with it afterwards is a different matter entirely (one I need to actually look at first) but the core matter has both of them being right about certain things and wrong about others.
  2. You'd be surprised how many people have made that mistake.
  3. Forrest is male and you can't S-rank him with M!Corrin like you can with Niles.
  4. Spearmaster!Takumi (Fujin Yumi may remain in the inventory)
  5. It's an evaluation based on stats, supports and hair colour for me.
  6. Birthright is my favourite, because I loved the characters, didn't mind the story and still got osme fun out of the gameplay. It felt like a nice and refreshing, if not very challenging, experience. Revelations is eh. The maps are annyoing with their gimmicks and the story doesn't invest a thing. But it has all the characters and I liked many of their supports. Conquest is my least favourite. The gameplay is very good admittedly, but not really enjoyable for me in the long term. As someone who prefers story over gameplay, Conquest is just a torture to get through. I skip all the cutscenes whenever I play it again. Only very few of the characters stuck with me.
  7. Literal translations of Japanese tend to sound politer than the original, because of how indirect and polite the language is on a general level. Looking at that dialogue, I'd say the translation is spot on, which is.. yeah. Putting Faye on "Nice Girl" alert.
  8. If you are coming from Conquest you likely won't feel as invested in the characters. Not because they are bad, with few exceptions at least, but I on the flip-side could not bring myself to really like any of the Conquest cast members except like three of them (five if you count the Awakening kids). You get too attached to one side, and can't bring yourself to feel the same emotions for the other side. It's a phenomenon I have seen a lot on this forum. The story is nothing to get excited for, but if Conquest didn't make you bash your head against the wall, you won't find anything to complain about. Gameplay wise, it depends on what you like really. Personally, i found Birthright's gameplay to be enjoyable, since I was able to really fool around and experiment with it a lot. But if all you want is a good challenge, then Birthright isn't the game for you. Overall it's up to you really. Birthright is the best Fates game in my opinion, because I did like it's fresh and experimental feeling, and also because I often value story over gameplay (and Conquest just tanked on that one). So really, it's all up to your personal taste.
  9. I find your way of using this fact as some sort of support statement for Elise and Azura being related to be ridiculous, which is what I was trying to point out to you. It's a ridiculously small factoid that could apply to virtually any other "Oh look these guys are related" theory, so I just don't get why you bring it up and present it as if it's incredibly important for your headcanon to be valid. F!Corrin can't marry her female step-/adoptive siblings either, not just Azura. Anyway, I'll stop here since it's dragging off topic and also literally going nowhere.
  10. That's not a valid argument at all, since there is no S-support between any two females besides F!Corrin and Rhajat. And even if there was, the fact that Elise is too young and looks at Azura as a sister (regardless of blood) is enough to explain it. With that argument every female in the game could be related to each other. Furthermore, Elise asumption that Azura is her blood sister, is coming from her supposed relation to Garon not a common link with Arete. Elise is very much aware that her mother was a concubine, which is explained outside of Revelations, so the argument that it only existed for that is void. Also Azura likely spend more than a few years in Nohr, since she has a lot of clear memories of the bullying that happened to her. Azura isn't really in need of a "true" connection to Nohr, since it's a heavy point for her that she feels isolated in every place she has ever been in. Furthermore, Elise being Arete's child would necessitate a rewrite of the exact circumstances of Azura's life in Nohr, since she lost her mother during it which then led to an increase in bullying. Arete's death was also the time Garon went bonkers, yet it's very important for the relationship of Elise and Azura that the former was only born after Azura's kidnapping, so they never got to meet each other. You'd basically have to invent entirely new circumstances of the story of both characters just to make that tiny thing work. Again, Nohr and Conquest run on the theme of "loyalty" and how you don't have to share blood to be family. You still haven't addressed this. While it's understandable that you would feel this way, Elise actually has more development with her canon mom than the rest of her siblings. The fact that she was present when she died and realized that she never loved her is something important to her character and her siblings' desire to shield her from the cruelties of court. Changing all that should not leave us with the exact same Elise. You would have to do a lot of rewriting for something like this. It's nice to have headcanons, but you need to be aware of their implications when trying to incorporate them into the actual story.
  11. ust because a connection is easy to make doesn't mean the game or it's story would benefit from it in any way. It's just a random tacked on fact that does nothing but damage the central theme of the game in the exact same way we have already been complaining about. Also, I really don't understand what you mean by "no-avaiable S-support" Elise and Corrin can very much S-support in game. If you want to take that out, the explanation that she is too young/their adopted sibling is perfectly valid and requires no follow up. Just because something could make sense, doesn't mean it should be added if there are zero benefits.
  12. With how Takumi is explicitly younger than Corrin, who was brought to Hoshido as a baby, he would need to be Mikoto's kid too. Unless Sumeragi had two spouses for a time. (which I wouldn't put past him, since this is Feudal Japan we are talking about). Also why would Elise need to be Arete's child just for that? While a blood connection to Hoshido would have certainly helped, Nohr doesn't need any of that. It would just require further elaboration and plotting to work out. That would be trying to fix "(fake)blood versus loyalty" by making it "blood versus blood". As for the main topic: Conquest never really worked for me, but I still had some slight hope for a servicable story before chapter 15 ruined it all. You don't set up all these potential allies for Corrin against Garon, tell them how to do good behind daddy's eyes, and then just have them sit on their hands while letting Garon massacre the Hoshidans. Birthright is mostly stable if bland. One thing that got me though was Ryouma, who up to this point was a walking enyclopedia on Nohr, was shocked that Nohrians were actually poor and starving.. Really now? Revelations was flimsy to begin with, but after reaching Valla it fell apart entirely. The Anthony arc that went nowhere just sealed the deal.
  13. Like I said, they probably didn't really think that deeply into it. Adding darker skin to the character is unlikely to have their "personalities" (as much as they had before anyway) change at all, or even be addressed in any shape or form. A lot of times in anime (FE is pretty much anime the game) a character will be darker skinned but not interpreted as a different ethnicity at all. Just look at Niles and Azama, who aren't coded any different than their fellow countrymen despite being darker skinned.If you want an exampel of a character who was explicitly coded as (stereotypically) black ethnicity (from a a Japanese perspective) you need look no further than.. Devdan.
  14. You are right, it shouldn't be a neccessity. But with the amount of whitewashing still going on (You mention Death Note which engages in it far more than the opposite, not that L was white to begin with anyway, he was half-Japanese), and the huge resistance against hiring poc as main actors, diversity is still a neccessary statement. Also again, you can't equate Japan with America. The views are just not the same. The implications are not the same from their point of view. Surprise other countries have different cultural views and issues than America, stop copy-pasting that shit. Unless you were sitting in the meeting room when they decided on the designs you don't have any more "proof" than I do. Japan has a mostly homogenous population completely unlike America's melting pot of cultures. Issues of representation do not come up on a regular basis, and certainly not like they do in the US. The notion that they would "force diversity" when such a thing is rarely ever addressed in their day-to-day lifes, is ludicrous. Why does it seem like such a radical norion to you that a game developed by Japanese people for Japanese people might not think to adhere to the cultural expectations of America? As someone who lives in a European country, I can tell you that our debates and reasonings around diversity are not the same as American ones, so why would you expect that from Japan?
  15. Oookay 1. The outcry over whitewashing a character is just not the same as when it happes the other way around. There are usually at least 10 white characters for every single black/asian/latino/ etc. character in any given piece of western medium. Changing two or three characters to have a darker skin colour does not affect the overall whiteness of the rest of the cast, while changing one character to be white means lost representation (since they are often the only members of their groups present) and lost job opportunities for people who likely don't get many of them anyway. 2) You can't translate American racial issues to Japan 1:1. The rules are very different in a country with as little diversity as there. The choice to make certain characters darker skinned was almost certainly a purely aesthetic one. Because they thought it would fit the character and make them look better. For a game series that still sells the vast majority of their copies in Japan, the reasoning was almost certainly not "Oh, we need to address the current racial debates in North America."