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  1. DLC characters announced

    Not too extatic about having to pay for content already in the game. With the "they took out character X for Lyn/Celica" theories floating around, it looks like they ripped out nearly finished characters just to put them back in as dlc. Also there don't seem to be enough costumes for all the playable characters... I wonder how they'll choose who receives one. If they take cues from Heroes and just give the Nohrians and Corn their summer outifts from the Summer banner (+Easter Camilla), I'll be very pissed.
  2. FE Warriors - All ENG Localized Supports

    Oh, I'll just keep posting them here I think. Wasn't sure if there was any interest here, is all. Thanks for asking. :) As for the supports I got done in the meantime: Sakura/Tiki Cordelia/Sakura Hinoka/Frederick Hinoka/Caeda Lucina/Elise
  3. Already have the game, but still putting in a formal request for Takumi and Sakura. I'd like to have a handy video of their moveset.
  4. Western Launch Trailer + DLC info

    I hope so too..Leo and Takumi only have 4 supports each, while the current max is 9. I know they'll likely support their retainers, but that still leaves room for more.
  5. FE9/10 Like: Micaiah, although her reputation has thankfully improved over the years. Dislike: Eh no one in particular (besides those others also dislike). FE13 Like: Laurent, I have seen most people either not care or dislike him. He is pretty sympathetic to me though. Severa: People don't like her tsundere personality, but I didn't mind it too much. I liked her backstory and the moments where she showed genuine kindness. Dislike: Lucina, well "dislike" may be too strong a word, but I am just pretty tired of seeing her everywhere. F!Morgan, I know people adore her, but she often came across as mean-spirited and uncaring to me unlike her male counterpart. FE14 Like: Takumi, I know he is actually pretty popular overall, but his hatedom is still sizeable and vocal enough, that I feel he should count. He is my favourite character across all the FE games I have played. No one will ever convince me otherwise. Hinata, he isn't hated per se, but of Team Takumi he is the least popular member and often gets dropped or sidelined as unimportant. I think he is very loveable and sweet, and Team Takumi wouldn't be complete without him. Orochi, Least popular female character in the Fates poll. I think she is overall misunderstood to be malicious or people don't like that she teases at all. I feel she is more sympathetoc than thst and often genuinely apologizes for crossing certain borders. Plus her relationship with Kagerou is very sweet and gay. Hoshidan characters in general get a lot of flack, and are considered bland and uninteresting. Except in a few cases (*cough* Setsuna *cough*) I can't agree with this at all. They are just a bit more subdued than the Nohrian ones. Dislike: Corrin, while there are many people on this site who dislike them too, overall they are just way too freaking popular for such a soulless shell of a protagonist. At least half the games plot issues can be directly traced back to them. Soleil, harassment and assault are suddenly a-okay when a female is doing it to a female apparently. Although I do like some of them seperately, I've grown annoyed with the Nohr royals as a group simply because everyone and their mother seems head over heels for them and Intsys keeps promoting them in Heroes to a ridiculous degree. Echoes Like: Delthea, Sure, she might be a bit snobbish at times, but overall she's very enjoyable. Her relationship with her brother is one of the most realistic sibling dynamics in FE too. Dislike: Alm, It's less his inmediate character and more being completely static. Plus how the game portrais him in contrast to Celica. Berkut, God's gift to villains or something. while I do appreciate Intsys attempt at a more creative villain again, his "sympathetic" point was utterly undermined by how lacking in chemistry his relationship with Rinea actually was. His sacrificie of her being portrayed as romantic was the nail in the coffin for me.
  6. Opinions on Rowan? (Discussion)

    As someone who has already played through the story (and gotten most of it) I have mixed feelings on Rowan. Neither pf the twins actually does much outside of gameplay. The early parts of it are the only ones they directly impact and... Rowan did not make a good impression here. He was basically shounen boy displaying all the requisite traits of an idiot hero (I know many people like "dorks" but I find them incredibly annoying). In retrospect it probably wasn't all that bad, but it's how I felt at the time. Didn't help when they That certainly didn't endear him to me. With all that said, the few supports I've read with him weren't all that bad. He was a lot less annoying for one. Another thing I liked was that he cried at all (or at least most) of the same story beats that Lianna did. It's probably going to earn him mockery from the "tuff" western fanbase for not being "a real man" but whatever. I thought it was refreshing that the female character wasn't the only one to be emotional and affected by dramatic events. Speaking of Lianna, I actually ended up liking her a lot. The story didn't really give her time to shine, but her supports showed her as very considerate and struggling with insecurities (something which I easily relate to). I can understand people wanting more variety from female characters, but I still ended up liking her.
  7. Favorite Characters from Fates

    Takumi for male characters. Sakura for female characters. Takumi overall.
  8. Voting Gauntlet: The Blood of Dragons!

    Fff why do Ninian's multipliers always happen at such inconvenient times?? At this rate, I am never going to be able to spent my feathers effectively. I'll still chug them out ofc even if I have to do it during Corn's multiplier.
  9. Voting Gauntlet: The Blood of Dragons!

    You can say the same about the Corns though. :P I don't get how they have fans either, but complaining about it is probably not going to get us far. Anyway, I haven't played Ninian's game, but my motivating factor is that I really like her design and the "vibe" she gives, while also representing the hope of not seeing my least favourite character win yet another gauntlet. That's my reason, take it or leave it.
  10. Voting Gauntlet: The Blood of Dragons!

    *growns at the Corns* Joining Ninian to save us from a finale featuring the same bland entity in a slightly different package.
  11. Glad I got the Japanese version now. Not because I think the English voices are garbage, but since I played all other games with Fates characters (Fates amd Heroes) in Japanese, those VAs just are the characters to me. Still find it weird that they didn't include it. There are no songs to license this time, so I assume it has something to do with the huge amount of voice files in this game.
  12. Ah, okay thanks, I'll try that. Strange, since I definitely thought I had a high enough count...
  13. I am having trouble getting the Anna scroll on Takumi's focus map. I didn't get it on my first clear (since I was too busy beating Takumi and Oboro fast.), but when I try doing it again in Free mode, she just doesn't show up again. I haven't finished Story mode yet, so this is all just about the first scroll. What do I need to do for her to show up again?
  14. The Class You Love The Most

    I am one of the odd folk who loves snipers and archers in general. They always fill a vital role on my team. Other than that, I really like dancer, healer and Pegasus Knights.
  15. Fire emblem warriors

    From what I have seen, yes. No, but you can pause them by switching between dialogue modes with X (one mode has dialogue continue freely and the other waits until you press A before it continues). Then just wait until the chapter is loaded.