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  1. I voted for Kempf. He’ll most likely take the rest of my votes if I change my mind on FE6 Eliwood and Faye.
  2. Well...Camus DOES lose Gradivus between the events of Shadow Dragon and SoV so they could give him a different weapon. There’s also the possibility of Hardin using Gradivus as well so that’s a possible scenario of 4 units with Gradivus.
  3. Sirius or even Zeke. The man has 2 chances to powercreep himself if we stick to canon.
  4. Nice. I’m looking forward to see who gets meme’d this time.
  5. Well, he’s known as “gorilla Ike” in Japan for a reason... Anyway, taking that into account, RDIke is less likely to get the Japanese to vote for him than this younger self if he’s the only Ike people can vote for.
  6. Tch, so much for that idea. Kempf, Faye and FE6 Eliwood will get my votes then.
  7. If anything, I hope the winners from last year’s CYL won’t be eligible and that it includes characters from TMS #FE. Most of my votes will go to Kempf if there’s no TMS representation.
  8. @Othin How about a banner with L ‘Arachel, Dozla and Rennac? Anyway, theme? It doesn’t really “need” to.
  9. GHB Lyon will most likely be pre-possession. As for SoV Rudolf, his design is a reference to his long, long descendant Walhart.
  10. @Zeo Garm...well, it depends on the weapon GHB Lyon uses. If he ends up with Gleipnir then Vigarde will most likely have Garm.
  11. I hope so because I can see people trying to make them into repeat winners for the sake of trolling. RDIke could still sneak in, though.
  12. It’s more like IS advertised the NY banner as a Hoshidan thing and they shoehorned a Nohrian there while having only one true Hoshidan. M!Corrin and Azura are Vallite. Ryoma, Hinoka and Sakura were left in the dust. Well, at least Sakura had a Halloween alt.
  13. @Ice DragonWe’ll have to wait and see. I’m still waiting on a refinement for Zephiel’s Eckesachs that’s more true to its effect in FE6. @silveraura25 Reinhardt certainly has gotten more popular in Japan. As for other recent characters like Camilla, if the New Year’s banner is any indication, they’re pretty tired of Fates/Awakening seasonals.
  14. Celica is rather disliked in Japan from what I’ve seen. Her clone status in FE Warriors didn’t do her any favors. Delthea and Luthier, however, are pretty popular. Tobin could also get meme’d so he can get a better alt.
  15. Do you mean CYL2? It’s hard to tell at this point. Celica & Eirika: No. I can see Delthea getting more votes. Hector: Only if RDIke isn’t there. Sigurd: The Japanese like him a lot so he could end up in the top 20.