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  1. I’ll probably pull for green on my free pull. This banner is really boring to me and we’ll get that OC lady for free so I’ll just wait for Shiro instead.
  2. New Heroes: Children of Fate

    The Japanese version of the schedule refers to it as “Children of White and Children of Black” or something along those lines. It’s more of a direct reference to Hoshido and Nohr.
  3. Just the day before. It still counts as “late” due to it going through most of November. Christmas banner will most likely do the same. This a gacha game so skipping what would be the biggest chance to get money from the players would be asinine. This is the Halloween banner all over again.
  4. It doesn’t need to make sense. They already did the whole late seasonal banner thing with their Halloween banner. Last time I remember, they kept stuff hidden from the schedule the last time they did one. The SS banner was not in the schedule map thing; only the Valter GHB was there. Besides, this is a gacha game; they will not skip Christmas. They like to tease when it comes with seasonal banners. Christmas won’t be any different.
  5. They’ll probably do what they did with the Halloween banner again: Bring up the Christmas banner late in December and just showing silhouettes of 2 characters like they’ve done with previous seasonal banners. Christmas is too big for them to just...miss out on.
  6. Honestly, I never cared about her so she’s a pass for me. Probably another blue mage in a sea of blue mages dominated by our lord and savior, Reinhardt? @Interdimensional ObserverProbably. If it has the likes of Ophelia and some other random children not named Midori, this will be an easy pass just like most of the Legendary Hero banner thing.
  7. Those characters seem to be the most logical choices for two 3-character Fates banners.
  8. Once on the Performance Arts banner where my freebie pull was PA!Azura. Next summoning session gave me PA!Inigo with the only green orb.
  9. They’re just there so people fight to get the orbs. If you want a “challenge”, try the battles with the “low tier units” such as Odin, Fir, Virion and Raigh at 3* with their vanilla kits. IS should keep the Valter-esque difficulties far, far away.
  10. Official Pull Topic

    Well, I went and spent a bit to see if I could get a unit for the upcoming TT and after having my pity rate broken by a second Ike (Heavy Blade fodder, I guess), I got a Dorcas.
  11. I do happen to have a shortage on Blue Great Badges in particular. I don’t grind in the Training Tower much anymore and even if I do, I end up getting the regular badges most of the time instead.
  12. Getting Great Blue Badges has been a pain in the rear for me. The day those are awarded happen to be on a work day and I end up too tired to do anything. As for the banner itself: Red: Nothing there interests me Blue: We’ll get that OC lady for free Green: Maybe S!Camilla or Hector. Maybe Colorless: I have 3 Gennys and a Bride Cordelia already so...meh.
  13. I really don’t mind losing Durandal’s Death Blow 2 effect since I mostly use Eliwood as mage bait. Blazing Durandal would be much better for my DC Eliwood build anyway. As for the Legendary Hero banner...meh. Nothing there really interests me. Either I already have the unit or I simply don’t care about the ones I don’t have. I just want one or two Dorcas for Fierce Stance fodder.
  14. Yes. Blazing Durandal Eliwood can actually be a reality.
  15. He’ll most likely come with a Ragnell variant to make him stand out from his younger counterpart.