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  1. Well...FEH sure has shown plenty of love to FE7 and it could happen again with this banner.
  2. Hmm, it could be Linde on the left side. I hope the other one is either Ninian or Faye. Also, the weapon on the second bride looks like a giant spoon.
  3. The hair being some sort of red herring for those Lyn fans? I can see thta happening. Besides, Lyn will be getting a CYL variant. Leave the spotlight for someone else. As for that bride...it could be Ephraim with hair extensions for all we know. It could very well be Tana, Ishtar, Fir, or even...Sheena.
  4. People seem to be expecting Lyn. I hope it's someone else entirely.
  5. If the brides are Lyn and Lucina, super mega easy pass. It'll depend on who's getting a variant that isn't Lucina.
  6. I know. Having a playable Brendan would be really nice to have. Out of those I mentioned, I'd like Uhai the most. Darin himself would be fun with a Priscilla harem as a team, though.
  7. Yeah...Caellach too. Speaking of Caellach, he came with the Hoplon Shield. Any chance of that becoming a skill to negate specials or better protect infantry units from stuff like Kagero's Poison Dagger? @JSND: I'm aware of that. They could always go with that weapon or...give him Brendan's Basilikos if they don't plan on adding Brendan himself. That would leave us with...Darin with Rex Hasta, Uhai with Rienfleche and...Kenneth with Luce if they're going to bring those bosses as GHBs.
  8. Exclusive to Linus? How about Murdock? He uses it too. That or making it exclusive to those two.
  9. Well, Olivia could benefit from his Ruby Sword+. Yeah, the lack of quests make it kinda redundant. It's basically a filler banner until we get the Wedding Banner or whatever they have in mind for next month.
  10. The banner has its uses. More chances to get Azura, free Ruby Sword+ for Olivia and Fury fodder, more fuel for Horse Emblem and...Titania who also benefits from Horse Emblem. She's also valuable for her Emerald Axe+.
  11. Well, it gives people more chances to get Azura. Hinata himself is pretty good SI fodder.
  12. Too early to tell at the moment. Sure, armor-killing weapons don't really have much power on their own but we'll see. Maybe the complaints from Horse Emblem being a bit too powerful would encourage them to make those weapons strong enough to crush even Xander. Actually, all this crap about Horse Emblem being too powerful discourages me from even continuing to set up a cav team due to how cookie-cutter and predictable it has become. Anyway, countermeasures are probably being cooked up. If anything, I'd like a character whose skill can negate or even reverse buffs in combat. Heck, a character that could negate WTA/WTD in combat would be nice to have.
  13. I've already sent my feedback regarding TMS content. A Mamori drawn by Amagaitaro would be most welcome. @DraceEmpressa: Just remember not to go too crazy since Nintendo won't accept "unsolicited" ideas. Just asking for TMS content should be enough.
  14. Last night I thought of a crazy idea: Bride Faye with axe or daggers and Groom Alm. Also, Groom Eliwood to use daggers with him throwing wedding knives from his horse.
  15. Her and new units with skills that either negate or punish buffed units. Ridersbane, Zanbato and Poleax/Halberds would be quite welcome too.