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  1. Hm, maybe I can actually try the Hard Mode version of F!Robin's map now that I have better units to counter mages. Now I'm pretty curious on the what the next banner would be.
  2. It's fun to watch, though. Reinhardt makes the map very easy.
  3. It was pretty easy. My team was Faye, Nino, Reinhardt and Ninian. Reinhardt did most of the work and ORKO'd Zephiel first then Nino dragged him back to safety. The rest was easy.
  4. I'm tempted to add Threaten Res to Reinhardt to further fry Zephiel.
  5. I'm expecting Roy and Oboro on the new banner. Cecilia is possible but she's been given for free several times already...
  6. A port is never going to happen unless people ask for it enough. The game itself is great and it's one if the Wii U's few gems. If anything, there's goodwill/interest from the developers to make a sequel and the game itself has earned itself some awards, the concert did great and the characters have made an appearance in the Fire Emblem Cipher card game.
  7. Wow, great stuff regarding the Valentian Falchion. Now that makes me wonder what happened to it after Alm became king. Was it lost in time or...does Walhart have it in storage somewhere in Valm...? (Or post-Awakening Walhart takes it with him to the Outrealms) If this Falchion is anything like the Archanean/Ylissean Falchion, its blade should be intact or...Walhart smashed that thing until it was somewhat usable as an axe. As for the remaining chapters, there's the possibility of those becoming available via Spotpass or DLC. @ Fomortiis: They can always go the Grima route and say that some of that crazy research Forneus did manage to find its way to early Magvel and some crazy alchemist there attempted to do the same but ended up creating Fomortiis and the demons instead.
  8. They are going to run out of shuriken/dagger users fast so I'd say all thieves/ninja/Yukimura will make it in. Anyway, on to the ones I wouldn't see appearing in FEH: Shadow Dragon/Mystery of the Emblem: Boah, Samson, Darros. Binding Blade: Yodel, Trec, Merlinus Blazing Blade: Vaida, Renault, Dorcas (His "popularity" was made by memes unless they make the Hand Axe his niche.) Sacred Stones: King Fado, Syrene, Garcia Awakening: Flavia, Libra, Laurent Fates: Nina, Hisame, Izana
  9. Camilla will win this for sure but you can join the other armies for some easy high rank feathers. IS should stop putting the incredibly popular characters for the gauntlet. Those would always win by a landslide against other characters that aren't the super popular/meme-powered ones.
  10. Sounds more like they haven't given the idea a proper thought until it was asked. If we can have the likes of Xander with a carrot "lance" and Camilla, Chrom and Lucina with special "weapons" and a weird storyline attacked to it, #FE stuff wouldn't be too far fetched. It's a Paralogue gold mine as well as a variant gold mine if thye want to implement "idol" versions of other characters in addition to the TMS #FE cast.
  11. I like it and the fact that it has Sakura makes it even better. Keep it as an option.
  12. For Chrom who I happened to pull. I'll probably try to get Lucina for inheritance fodder.
  13. Camilla will steamroll this so...I think I'll stick with her. As for other new characters like Ike, he'll have to wait; Valentians are coming.
  14. @Birdy: That's nice to know. I'll probably try to pull Xander or Lucina next week.
  15. I just pulled Spring Chrom which is the only one I really wanted. So...how terrible is he?