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  1. Hmm, History Mode seems to be pretty short. If that is it, it pales in comparison to HW's Adventure Mode maps. Twilight of the Gids remix was cool. Anyway, tomorrow seems to be the big day and I'll have to miss out on the stream due to work. The Wrys spam was fun.
  2. The maps are great for training tanky units and healers. Let them choke points and have fun watching the generics suicide on your walls. They're also great for Ally Support. Zephiel and Amelia are MVPs here.
  3. That could happen as well. Marth with Sieglinde, Celica with Alm's Falchion, Lucina wih Tyrfing, Robin with Valflame, Takumi with Parthia, Hinoka with Gradivus... We're so close to the Japanese release of the game and yet we know so little about the game outside characters.
  4. The salt would be glorious. Well, Ike still has Urvan. Xander with Binding Blade, Cordelia with Siegmund, Camilla with Armads...
  5. - Chrom: TMS Lord, TMS Great Lord, TMS Conqueror, Spring Chrom - Marth: Pantsless - Sakura: Yukata, Halloween costume of Halloween Sakura is a thing - Takumi: His summer swim trunks, Sumeragi's armor - M!Robin: Christmas Robin - Cordelia: Bride dress
  6. Pretty much this. The way they've been handling this game has been terrible. I find it hard to believe that these are the same developers that worked on Hyrule Warriors. SD cast should have been revealed right after they were done with the Fates cast. ...they should've made Hyrule Warriors 2 instead. Their PR with this game has been...well...I'll quote Berkut for this one: Nothing but lies, lies, lies, lies, LIES! If they're going to stick with something, they should stick with it. They did that with the vanilla content of HW just fine.
  7. I'd rather have them take their time and make a quality roster instead of rushing to the microwave oven so often.
  8. @Saint_StahnProbably they didn't care as long as she was in. Quality being thrown out the window for the sake of padding. Personally, I find such practice to be quite disgusting. This is so unlike Hyrule Warriors' roster that now I question if these same people actually worked on Hyrule Warriors. It's such a stark contrast.
  9. Like Lucina before her? Yes. What made you think otherwise?
  10. Yes. It's probably safe to assume that SoV and Blazing Blade will get DLC packs within a year. Anyway, with Celica being confirmed, people will definitely want Alm. This also means that Eliwood was also spared from becoming either a Marth clone or a Xander clone so a Blazing Blade pack could have him, Hector and...probably Nino. SoV will most likely have Alm, Faye and maybe Berkut.
  11. It was a terrible coverup on KT's part. If they REALLY wanted Celica, she was probably better off as DLC with proper development time rather than rushing to the microwave oven. She deserved better. If anything, this pretty much spared Alm from getting a cloned moveset and it opens the possibility of a SoV DLC pack with Alm and most likely Faye as playable characters.
  12. I'm just being honest. I'm aware that a fan's opinion matters very little to developers. The people who like clones? Sorry but I have a very negative view and opinion on them. I'm sick of this hollow attempt at padding a roster for the sake of padding. It's a disservice to the characters and to the fans as well. One clone is already too much.
  13. @Truthblade To me it is. Quite bad, actually. To me, it's a disservice to the character that became the "clone". Basically a microwaved character when the original had proper development time.
  14. So, you are a "Quantity over quality" person...? I don't care about the bond conversations at this point. You people are the reason crap like Falcondorf is still a thing in Smash. Anyway... From what I've seen so far, FE Warriors is a huge step down from Hyrule Warriors. HW had a smaller roster but each character was unique and had his/her own unique charm. This...this just feels wrong.
  15. Warriors!Celica is basically a Marth clone with some magic and wings sprinkled in for her specials. I hope we actually get Shadow Dragon characters that aren't just Marth.