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  1. IS is too scared of mad shippers to actually pull that off. Staff Roy is more likely than Dragonstone Roy. Speaking of Dragonstone users, we need more of them. Jahn, Bantu, Nah, Myrrh, Garon, Idenn and the ones from Tellius.
  2. I'm taking the "Ylissean Summer" part into account. As I said before, we'll know for sure in about a week.
  3. It depends on whether they'd make the CYL banner last the whole month and having it share the month with Warriors or not. Still, I see CYL coming in August. Well, we'll know for sure in about a week. @phineas81707: They can always pull a Faye and have the twins or Darius use other weapon types.
  4. So, September for CYL? FE Warriors releases in Japan later that month. They could always split the month between the eventual Warriors banner and CYL but I can see CYL being on August and lasting the entire month so people have enough time to pull the LE units. ...the banners that end on the 28th? Ylissean Summer is still running after that. They can always add some filler banners like "Heroes with Desperation", "Heroes with Quick Riposte" or something along those lines.
  5. Just give us Shiro and Midori, Koei.
  6. Too many brain farts this year for me. Well, skipping that too. TT burned me out. I'll probably be more active with the game when we get Clive.
  7. That must be made into an amiibo.
  8. My bad then. Chain Challenge? I'll pass. It's not like I'm desperate for a second HP+3 seal hidden behind super inflated enemy units.
  9. Boots: For armored units only.
  10. I'd prefer Valflame to have that ability. @Othin: Smash Roy fans and normal Roy fans would roll for him regardless of what he uses so it doesn't really matter. If he's red tome then he should be on a horse, armored or flying.
  11. The Binding Blade sprite? The developers could do much better than that. The problem here would be that the current red tome user roster is...kinda flooded at the moment and we got excellent red tome users in the form of Katarina, Celica, Tharja and, to a slightly lesser extent, Sanaki and Lilina. However...if he's mounted, armored or is a flying unit, that's a completely different scenario. Remember, CYL is just another non-canon seasonal banner so the developers can give the variants whatever they want; they're not restricted to canon.
  12. The "fire attacks" came solely from the Binding Blade itself, though. An alternate Binding Blade? Very unlikely. We have yet to see Falchions with alternate effects much less we'd see an alternate Binding Blade. What you're asking for is basically a red Naga tome.
  13. Nah. Completely non-canon. - Bow, Lance or Staff Ike - Axe or Dagger Roy - Tome or Dagger Lyn - Axe or Staff Lucina RD Ike is most like going to cover the "Axe Ike" part and we already have "Tome Lucina" thanks to the Spring banner. Stuff like Bow Lyn could be a thing but that's better for another FE7 banner alongside Lance Eliwood and Sword Hector.
  14. She needs the cav buffs to become said "monster". I'd rather wait for a different character to fill that niche.
  15. It has to be PoR Ike because that's the version that won. It's already going away from canon with the CYL outfits. PoR Ike was sword-locked and we already have the canon version in FEH and CYL is just a glorified seasonal banner. They're coming with entirely different weapon types from canon. Expect craziness and salt. @Rezzy: Dark Flier Ike could actually become a thing.