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  1. Black Shadow it is then and even that one is a longshot.
  2. Official Pull Topic

    I managed to pull a -spd +res Noire. Far from ideal but serviceable. Fury and Summoner support can get her to have mixed defenses...kinda but her + res bulk means that she won’t disintegrate like Bride Cordelia. Also, a 4* Legault decided to drop by.
  3. Bringing in every previous fighter...quite ambitious. Not really impressed by most of the stuff except maybe Daisy, Ganondorf and Zelda’s “new” designs. It’s nice to see PoR Ike again and Marth finally has his English voice actor. As for Echo Fighters, yes, I can see Chrom as Ike’s Echo Fighter and...Eliwood as Roy’s Echo Fighter. Either Blood Falcon or Black Shadow could work as Cpt. Falcon Echo Fighters. I’m more interested in the new music remixes than any newcomer that isn’t Lana.
  4. Yes. Anything goes for the prince now. Red bow would be ideal but I wouldn’t mind sword or dagger.
  5. Maybe we haven’t gotten close enough to the conclusion of this arc and simply...Fjorm wasn’t completely informed and needed something more than just the Rite of Frost to crush Surtr and even with that, he’ll most likely have a monster dragon form to use as a last resort to screw them over. The stuff with Bruno and Embla is still on but that took a pause in favor of the whole Múspell thing. They still don’t know anything about the prince’s status. Only the gyaru sisters know. For the Askr people + Fjorm group, gathering information about the Rite of Fire and finding the prince should be their priority as well as getting rid of Loki’s surveillance if they ever figure out that Loki is watching them.
  6. Tempest Trials: Feud of the Fangs!

    Poor Canas was done dirty but...that statline is...true to his source material kinda like Micaiah. Hmm, I guess I’ll run a mix of my 2 previous TT teams and bring in Linus once I get him.
  7. @Zangetsu: Dragging? Strange, I never felt the story was dragging at all. I mean, it really hasn’t been that long since Book 2 started. Besides, IS doesn’t really benefit from finishing the “story” quickly. They WILL drag this as long as they possibly can for maximum profits. The profits, you ask? The “New Heroes” banners, of course. The “story”, as subpar as it is, is the one part keeping everything together and it’s the main reason Kiran was even brought in and do his summoning thing. Anyway, it looks like the Askr group + Fjorm will have to find the prince first before trying to find a way to undo Surtr’s jutsu. Maybe the prince can provide us with a lead since he fought Surtr before us.
  8. Meh. It was expected. Surtr dying for good so early was going to be anticlimactic. They just need to find a way to undo Surtr’s Rite of Fire jutsu.
  9. Official Pull Topic

    After doing some story missions I forgot to do, I got enough orbs to do some summoning and...after some fodder (Barst, Frederick, Leon and Sothe were the most notable ones), I got a +def -res Flying Nino. ...crap. I seem to be cursed with crappy IVs for my 5* units lately. Well, at least Flying Nino isn’t limited so she’s bound to spook me in the future.
  10. Voting Gauntlet: Heroes and Legends!

    Ryoma lost, eh? Can’t say I’m surprised but I’m still disappointed. I don’t really care about the winners so that’s it for me. I’m out of this mode.
  11. Voting Gauntlet: Heroes and Legends!

    M!Grima is still classified as a M!Robin variant, same with F!Grima classified as a F!Robin variant.
  12. Voting Gauntlet: Heroes and Legends!

    It’s the way they did it: Show of V!Ike as the next Legendary Hero and immediately after that show the unit voting thing with him being basically the poster boy for it. @Anacybele...The two Ikes are literally the same person with less than 5 years of difference between each other. This isn’t the case of the avatar characters like Robin and Corrin that each gender is different enough for them to get treated as different characters.
  13. Voting Gauntlet: Heroes and Legends!

    That was M!Grima. F!Grima is being treated as a different character even if that rubs quite a few people the wrong way. As for the salt V!Ike generated back then, yes, W!Tharja was quite desirable to to a few factors: rare unit type, seasonal, great stat spread and great skills for fodder. V!Ike only has Warding Breath as fodder material and his unit type is the most common unit type in the game.
  14. Voting Gauntlet: Heroes and Legends!

    Team F!Grima is outperforming Team Ike? Hm, waifu preferences aside, maybe some people don’t want him to win because he won a previous VG already. Anyway, I’m on Team Ryoma with F!Kana as my current lead. I think I’ll go change her for Amelia or Hardin.
  15. Fate/Grand Order General

    I went to roll on the banner for the CEs and I ended up with NP2 Li Shuwen in addition to some of the event CEs.