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  1. So... ahem. All I can say is... "Nice!" It would appear he's voiced by Liam O'Brien known for the voice of Gaara.
  2. I still to this day take issue with Ursula not doing her job in capturing Ninian and Nils and not suffering the Fang's code early in the game and she never brings up what was so important she had to neglect her duty.
  3. Speaking of villains or more specifically antagonists this all the more reason why Sacred Stones is my favorite game because you have antagonists that are sympathetic Lyon (even in Ephraim's path where he is in more control or so he thinks), Selena, Orson and even Carlyle despite his short role and then those that you just want to end them like Valter, Caellach and yes even the Demon King as he has shown himself to be a good puppeteer in knowing how to pull Lyon's strings in knowing just how to hurt the Renais twins (Eirika giving the stone to Lyon is understandable and it's not out of left field if people bothered paying attention to how it's been from her perspective in seeing the kind Lyon she knows as opposed to how Ephraim has come across somebody entirely different and keep in mind it's not even pulling from no where because the stones are able to save lives as Lyon in a flashback was able to save a little girl's life who was on the brink of death from a fire which not only saved her but got rid of the wounds on her body and that was only a sliver of the stone's power as he said so it does fall within reason for her doing so.) and put them in a forlorn state in knowing and now having to accept their friend is gone. He's whole lot smarter than Grima who just remains in the sky allowing the good guys to perform the awakening for Chrom's Falchion, which granted was probably typical arrogance but that doesn't excuse him. I enjoy seeing antags that are foils to the protags. I really like how Lyon is a foil to Eirika and Ephraim (especially for him) in each of their paths giving us different aspects of his character. Even Orson and Carlyle follow as foils to Seth given his own love for Eirika if he ever went astray with his feelings. Another thing is that Valter and Caellach despite how despicable human beings they are they have actually did used to have humanity in them but turned even further astray letting out the demon within them like Valter when he grabs Dussel's cursed family lance or just how Caellach kills his old friend Aias as he doesn't want to be chained to the past and only wants to look to his future and what he can achieve reaching his ambitions and he even has a casual conversation with Joshua on Ephraim's path with their being no hostility between them as opposed to the other path which is such a shift in showing us another side of him (he's with most certainty Hans but done right). I actually think Berkut is a good foil to Alm and hope to see more foils in the future but I really just did not care for the Duma faithful at all and view them to be just as bad as the Fates villains.
  4. Those new banners. Honestly, I'm skipping Alm's party banner because I would get Mathilda but because she shares the same color as Delthea who I hate I do not want to take the chance of getting that annoying ungrateful magic wielding loli. Also Gray is another red sword like I need any more and he'll likely be available as a 4 star anyways. Celica's party banner I want all three of them but... I'll probably just pull for Sonya because she looks like she'll only be available as a 5 star where as the other 2 as 4 stars.
  5. Definitely one of the hardest games that actually has good progression balance that I can enjoy planning my moves unlike bs modes such as Awakening's Lunatic or Radiant Dawn's Hard (though actually was Maniac but localization screwed up). I take it the overall hardest game is Thracia? I heard it was pretty hard.
  6. Niles is so underrated. He's a great mage killer (having the highest res of the bow characters) and even then he can take out characters like Takumi as long as it's player phase with the build I have for him. The only bow character who has higher res than him when he has LnD is Faye, but she suffers from having the lowest spd with Gordin.
  7. "Godly Strategist Robin" Same thing, but yeah they changed it to Grandmaster Tactician Robin for localization from Treehouse.
  8. That in itself says why he would be because he is more sociable and likable in having the time and wanting to know about others is precisely why he would win in a actual army vs army war. Soren could probably win against Robin in a game of say chess similar to that of Virion, however the issue would be that people are not chess pieces they will not execute your plans just because you say them or even if they do agree to your plan they can end up not following through with it like @omegaxis1 suggested with Skrimir in which Soren isn't or rather cannot think ahead of what his soldiers will do or even sacrifice themselves for it to prevail. The reason why Soren's plans are obeyed and are trustworthy is because they come from Ike giving him the benefit of the doubt that his plans will succeed with everyone else following his lead. The advantage that Robin has that would ultimately allow him to prevail in a battle of tactics and strategy is his foresight in knowing the state of mind and details of his soldiers to thus see ahead knowing that his soldiers will do what they were ordered to do when he informs them of their job. Just in my personal opinion while Soren is a good written character considering his back story and how he is now if Ike had not existed he would have been dead a long time ago and to live one has to either change or in luckily his case find someone, that one person to console in that's worth living and fighting for, however that in itself could be one method of Robin winning if he manages to corner Ike and take him hostage (while certainly would be hard he's still human). Robin is character who has changed, who has grown to live and become stronger. I'll point out this here what two people brought up before about him: "Robin has some serious issues when it comes to self esteem and self worth: due to his amnesia he really doesn't feel like he has a strong identity. This comes across in his supports, where he often gets shut down or talked after and in general not being all that assertive. The thing is Robin actively tries to hide these issues and appear outwardly confidant. He had to look like he is completely sure of himself if he's to get people to look to him for guidance. He is actively hiding his depth, but it is still there. You see it at a few moments of doubt in the story, in his supports, and a few maps like the Wellspring of truth." "The way he acts between the first gen supports and the second gen supports show him becoming more confidant and in control. Then the finale too shows growth, where it's honestly the one moment in the game where Robin really seems to embrace his role and become the hero of the story. He manages to resist and overpower Grima, and you really get the sense that he actually genuinely feels sure of himself (after the power of friendship pep talk)." Overall because Soren is stagnant as a person where as Robin is able to change, to progress as a person this means there's more possibilities stretched out for him. Possibilities that give him the name deserving of the High Deliver and especially God Tactician. (if that was translated correctly).
  9. My sentiments exactly.
  10. Except you have to remember that Warriors was before Heroes was even announced I would say in production as it was known about first and even if it wasn't Heroes poll isn't really a good indicator when you stop and think about how you're able to vote for the same character every day. They're more to likely look at the Japanese polls (Awakening and Fates had) and not a worldwide poll like Heroes where anyone could vote for in.
  11. Exactly, I want to see that happen for real this time. XD
  12. Niles and Oboro are the most popular retainers from Conquest and Birthright respectively and Jakob is more popular than Felicia according to the Fates poll and because they picked Female Corrin it makes since that they would choose Jakob and have there be a dagger unit (not to mention having Jakob fight Frederick would be cool to see the battle of the butlers lol). Kaze and Felicia were 10th place for males and females (though Felicia is actually 11th if you count Nina who is 10th but a Fates child).
  13. I think it may have something to do with her union? Because keep in mind for whatever reason in Heroes her name isn't even listed there and they had to get someone else for the new Lucina versions which just raised my eyebrows at that.
  14. So we got 5 Awakening characters from this trailer. If there's going to be theme like Warriors' blank then I think we can expect 5 from each. Chrom, Robin, Lucina, Lissa and Frederick Marth, Tiki, Caeda, Minerva and Camus Fates might be tricky if they decide to do Birthright/Conquest for trailers which means... Ryoma, Takumi, Saizo, Oboro and ??? Xander, Leo, Laslow, Niles and ??? Though I guess maybe just 4 from each with Corrin with Jakob/Kaze adding up to 10 Fates characters. But anyway back to the trailer I really felt a smile on face seeing the Awakening characters. Awakening will always have a special place in my heart for getting my back into the franchise because Shadow Dragon just did not leave a good impression on me at all when I got finished playing it.