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  1. Serenes Forest 5★+10 Compendium Thread

    I would post my +10 Brave Heroes, but don't think it's worth it because they already have such good builds on their own. Anyway here are my other +10 characters. Ephraim here is best charismatic leader to any of my teams. Just gotta trust him and follow his lead. Chrom here has had amazing survivability even before the weapon refinery update which has made it even more tanky and now he can not get doubled more, especially when his daughter Brave Lucina is with him with her drives and I hope for a Drive Atk seal from her so then Chrom gets +6 Atk and Spd. Robin here has a ally S support with Chrom as his bond with him gives his husbando best friend strength! And then when you take into the Rally Def/Res and Spur Def/Res that gives +6 Def and Res just like B!Lucina. Taking all that into account with them right next to each other and Chrom's daughter nearby our blue haired shepherd gets a total of a whooping +12 Atk, Spd, Def and Res! (and that's not taking into account that Chrom can get Hone Atk +4 and Hone Spd +4 buffs from his voting gauntlet bro Ephraim) Ike here is +Def -Res and LnD works on him in giving him the spd needed while not hurting his def too much thanks to his boon to double opposing Ikes should they not have Fury or are +Spd or just to not be doubled by other certain foes. But with that boost in atk he gets atk equal to Chrom which I always felt fitted him, but anyways this means Ike can get Heavy Blade to work against the likes of+Atk B!Ike or +Atk VL!Ike who both have 59 atk as those two are most likely going to both have Steady Breath or just the latter one Warding Breath.
  2. SoV character rankings according to Heroes CYL2

    Apparently she's more popular than Celica over Japan from what I remember hearing. Also yeah that disappointed me, especially when his design is such an improvement over how he looked like before.
  3. SoV character rankings according to Heroes CYL2

    I can agree with you there that Niles does falter in that regard compared to Leon for far more sense as relatable gay representation and yeah we should probably not continue with this given the topic.
  4. SoV character rankings according to Heroes CYL2

    I don't know about comparing Leon to Niles. One is gay and the other is bisexual (or rather pansexual). They're not really alike because Leon has love for a man he has feelings towards where as Niles just has a strong sense of undying loyalty for a man who has become his lord due to the fact he was saved at his weakest point after being betrayed by the closest thing he ever had to a family. If anything Niles can be more so compared to Soren in that regard as they're broken people with dreadful pasts of not having at least one moment of happiness nor love in their lives up until meeting Leo and Ike respectively. The only thing that separates them is that they go about things differently after their past experiences such as how Soren keeps to himself and doesn't try to forge new relationships and if something were to happen Ike then he's all alone which is troubling and then there's Niles who instead of being the exact same as Soren still does interact (even if Leo were to die Niles seems more like he would be able to survive), but it's clear when he does the way he talks or even acts towards trying to bring even a little pain to those that are undeserving of their lavish lifestyles, especially those that take pleasure in gloating about it is a coping mechanism (in which case you know that Niles would have a field day with Oliver). It's of the mentality that if I can bring even a little bit of pain towards this person who doesn't know what true pain nor sadness or hell if they haven't even experienced it once in their lives then it will bring me some form of comfort in making my past not so troubling or at least as much in retrospect. I'm just going to have to disagree with your opinion on Leon being a better written character than Niles.
  5. SoV character rankings according to Heroes CYL2

    Ginger stud like Lukas? Check Is a masked figure like Lucina helping a main protagonist from the shadows? Check
  6. SoV character rankings according to Heroes CYL2

    It's nice to see him high up. I really wasn't expecting him to be above Leon.
  7. SoV character rankings according to Heroes CYL2

    I personally don't like him, but I would have him switch places with Deen. The fact he's the last merenary you get when you already have Saber and Kamui as options is what really hurts him. Same seems to be the case for Est as well but I feel like that it could because Est doesn't... well act like a Est archetype in the game which is baffling like her growths are not true to her character in the least.
  8. Okay, so if we're to go by the CYL2 character popularity poll than we can have a somewhat of an idea how a Shadows of Valentia official character popularity poll would have looked liked if Japan did one, but of course this is worldwide so there's that, but anyway here are the results if we're to go by just playable characters in the cast. Please note that the 4 Cipher OCs were not involved in the poll. Male/Female: 1st: Alm/Celica 2nd: Kliff/Delthea 3rd: Lukas/Faye 4th Conrad/Genny 5th: Python/Silque 6th: Luthier/Sonya 7th: Zeke/Mae 8th: Leon/Catria 9th: Forsyth/Clair 10th: Saber/Tatiana 11th: Valbar/Palla 12th: Gray/Mathilda 13th: Fernand/Est 14th: Boey 15th: Kamui 16th: Atlas 17th:Tobin 18th: Deen 19th: Mycen 20th: Clive 21th: Jesse 22th: Nomah Honorable Mention: Berkut/Rinea both taking 3rd place which I'm still trying to wrap my head around Berkut's fiancee being so high despite being for the most part non existent.
  9. I'm so very proud of Ephraim, he has come so far from last year. Out of all the top 10 characters counting last year and this year his moving up the ladder by 5 is the most impressive.
  10. Heroes ranked by how many times they've been tapped in the Castle

    Also speaking of the 2 banners we had at the start of the game Roy isn't anywhere to be found at all. He's the only one who isn't in the list.
  11. Heroes ranked by how many times they've been tapped in the Castle

    You have to remember he's available as 3 star out of all the 2 banners focus characters in the beginning of the game. Also he was a popular mu choice against Takumi who was a huge threat at the time.
  12. New FEH Channel livestream airing on 1/30 at 7:30 PST

    Same, I cannot feel confident enough in getting him right now, especially when Sanaki and Siegbert are in the way. So hopefully he ends up being our free hero when we vote.
  13. A Hero Rises. Who should we vote for?

    RD Ike no contest really. The legendary banner he's in has Sanaki and Sigbert who he has interfering in getting him if you just want him specifically. He also has if you want to give to other units to inherit Warding Breath and Radiant Aether which looks to be possible.
  14. We desperately need Moulder the Boulder.
  15. Grand Hero Battle: Lyon

    Same here.