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  1. Exactly, but that's the reason FE Heroes makes it a lot more easier for Smash fans even want to pick up because it's free and rather casual and as I said the Heroes voting was really exploitable out of the mere fact you can vote for the same character everday hence why you see such ludicrous characters like Dorcas and Donnel so high. Here's the Famitsu poll.
  2. The Heroes poll yes was a reason for why she got in the game but even then she has continuously done good in always getting in the top 5 in other various polls where as Roy is more of a oddity when he's not even making top 10 in other polls outside his game.
  3. Yeah I can agree that using the Heroes poll is good indicator but I wouldn't consider it a actual poll result for making decisions due to the fact during the voting you could vote for a character continuously hence a Smash Roy fan could just voted for him over and over again and just out of the mere fact it's a mobile game thus more accessible to those that aren't even just FE fans. I mean Roy wasn't even in the top 10 for Famitsu's poll. Keep in mind even Ephraim defeated Chrom yet it was so close and that was before the multiplier became ridiculous.
  4. Cordelia is up ahead by 1 slot of Azura with them being 7 and 8 respectively.
  5. Hmm... I actually want to see a main lord that has a mixture of sorts backstory to that of Joshua and Zephiel. Like say that the main lord has a abusive father (Zephiel's dad or can just be like how Marth's dad was in the ova towards him when he was young), but a loving mother (Joshua's mom) and the father doesn't see them ever being able to ascend the throne because of how weak they they are in being such a disgrace. The main lord leaves no longer being able to take the abuse and decides they want to see the world and come out of it strong on their own and prove to their father that they were wrong about them (so essentially as Joshua thinks that he was rebelling against his mother which wasn't really the case I actually want to see it it done for this lord towards their father) and if say the main lord has a younger sibling they could have it against their sibling for leaving and not realizing the kind of actions their selfish choice had done to the people around them (especially if the mother dies of a broken heart) and even possibly their own country turning to turmoil.
  6. I hate to say it but probably Ephraim even though it's still maybe possible seeing as he defeated Chrom in the Heroes Voting Gauntlet before the multiplier became ridiculous and taking into consideration we haven't got a lance infantry yet which would have to be him unless Azura gets confirmed. What's really making me doubt it is just for the simple fact Sacred Stones is seen as the black sheep of the gba games sadly enough.
  7. Ah, I see thank you for pointing out. He's so forgettable. Edit: Oh and even Castor too is available in the same chapter as a enemy unit that can be recruited.
  8. I agree with @Motendra I always figured the same, especially given Navarre is the character if last I checked (my memory of Shadow Dragon is bad) was the first enemy character that could be recruited in the series.
  9. Or you know complain about there being another sword character.
  10. Well there's actually something of a conversation about that, but instead it's when they're enemies and here's the two battle conversations. Minvera I am Minerva of Macedon. Face me at your peril. Cherche But...my wyvern is Minerva! It will be a shame to batter her namesake. Cherche Minerva of Macedon, was it? Here is a fateful battle if ever I have fought one—isn't that right, Minerva? Minerva Why do you look at your wyvern when you address me? Is this some kind of insult?! However yeah that would be cool.
  11. My summoner support character is Ephraim. Ally supports are: Niles and Soren - Life sucks, we're assholes who tell is like it is. We're also gay for the main character in our respective games. Note: Not to mention Niles would have a idea that Soren had a sh** life) Minerva and Olwen: Having to battle our own brothers to the death! Ephraim and Chrom: We had the best Heroes Gauntlet battle for the ages and thus out of it the best bromance in Heroes. Eirika and Nino: We're BFFs and support one another greatly on the battlefield. We can both be rather naive and also had to battle close companions. *looks at Lyon and Lloyd* Sharena and Katrina: Prologue 7 story reasons.
  12. Yes, that it is. I just need 2 more Ephraim (waiting for him to be in a banner again) and then I'll have my +10 team. Ephraim, Julia, Ike and Brave Lyn all filling a color.
  13. Yeah I'm surprised people don't know that. Her popularity makes sense what with her backstory and her supports with Duessel and Franz.
  14. I need all of them in my life you have no idea how hyped I am right now. A little disappointing that Seth uses a sword, but it does actually make sense when getting down to it because the game has a lot of lance cav already (especially since the ones in Echoes can only use lances) and not to mention it can be seen as a reference to his fight with Valter at the beginning of the game where he has the disadvantage and Glen is likely going to be following suit as the sword wyvern unit in the game.
  15. I'm going to have to respectfully challenge that about Valter because while true there is more to it than that. However first of all to get it out of the way Sacred Stones overall antagonists cast has a lot more character that stands out because I think it says something when even a minor antagonist like Carlyle can leave a impression and as mentioned Orson too with how he's written in displaying how despair can shape men who have lost what they loved and essentially even fought for. Sacred Stones easily has more good villains/antagonists than any other FE game in my eyes of the localized games. A large reason I like the Grado generals is that they to act as foils off each other and here are the pairs that are foils: Glen/Valter Selena/Caellach - Both are the least extreme of their own general triad (Selena had doubts about Grado but remained loyal, unlike Duessel and Glen; Caellach is a bastard, but Valter and Riev are both monsters). Selena is extremely loyal to Vigarde, while Caellach is The Starscream and mocks him whenever he can get away with it. Duessel/Riev - Both are loyal to their lords (Vigarde and Lyon) as long as they agree with their Lord's ideals (Lyon simply hides his true nature in Ephraim's route, while Vigarde doesn't), both abandon their homeland (Grado and Rausten) to fight for the opposite side against each other. Now then in regards to Valter. The reason why he's one of my favorite villains in the series is because sure he's evil, but there is depth to his madness in how he's a example of men in war and just how it can shape them to be at their worse. In quoting Riev "Ah, Valter... You're a beast. You're bound to no country. You care nothing for friend or foe. Kill a man, claim a woman... You live for nothing more, you wretched beast. That's your strength. That's what makes you stronger than any man alive. A beast acts without remorse. Man's morality cannot win. It's nature's way..." Riev is saying that Valter had to become or rather adapt to what he has become in order to survive. Valter from the beginning was no gentle lamb as Duessel puts it, but at the very least still human in having some kind of morality. From the very moment Valter picked up Duessel's family Cursed Lance was the moment the darkness within him was brought to light letting go of what held him back and to let loose into the madness that he succumbed to his bloodlust. The thing about it is that Valter probably had no choice in the matter as they were in a battle and seeing as how his lance broke he needed a nearby one as soon as possible to fight with so he may live. Valter is so steeped in madness that he over the course of the game tries to make it so the war continues as long as it can with no end not wanting any peace to happen to ruin his thrill for mayhem and this is what makes him a unsettling villain. He allows for Eirika to escape at the first encounter and he does in fact allow Ephraim to escape during his castle raid, he isn't bluffing when he mentions it when they both fight and it would certainly all the more explain how Ephraim managed to escape unscathed when he should have been captured. He tricks Selena to return to Grado and kills Glen because it would to be far too quick and easy to have the game end “Heh heh… Stupid woman. If Grado wins too easily, there’ll be no more bloodshed. We must do what we can to extend the fun… I believe it’s time for me to return to my darling Eirika. It wouldn't do for Glen to arrive before me, would it?” and finally just his downright obsession with Eirika was disturbing not as disturbing with Orson with his deceased wife, but unsettling nonetheless. Overall this is why Valter the Dark Moonstone is one of my favorite FE villains in the series in making him stand out.