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  1. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    I think the fact that the spiked helmet and fur is common to every footsoldier we see in the "blue" army, and the one guy you brought up being stopped by a knight that's relatively clearly part of the "red" army imply that the red tartan probably just happens to be some red sign of rank. In any case, the prominence of the blue color on the axe wielding soldier uniforms could imply they're from Dimitri's nation, Fergus. Their flag is blue, and so is Dimitri's cape, while Edelgard wears red for Adraetea, and Claude yellow for Leicester. And more importantly, the church of Seiros most likely has its base of operations in Adraetea(as well as the school, their emblem is visible at the entrance), yet Edelgard opposing it seems to be a pretty major plot point. In other words, the enemy nation could be our very own, assuming she is indeed the main character out of the three lords + Byleth. Those barbarian guys could be a neutral faction I suppose, but beyond the color, it's not that logical for bandits-types to go toe to toe with an entire army, and they do wear sophisticated armor, or even use swords for that guy up there.
  2. Nah, I'd rather it be new characters only, with maybe one surprise thrown in. Even in the case of Anna, I think the novelty of having her playable has worn thin by now. As far as npcs go though, especially miscellaneous ones, I'm pretty much fine with anything as long as it doesn't get ridiculous. Nods are more than welcome(if anything I feel the series could use more of those), but yeah, beyond that, eh. Can't say I'd welcome the Cipher characters either honestly, sorry everyone.
  3. What makes me second guess that we'll be staying there for the entire game is the soldiers that we got to see, whom wear the same armor as those that act as the enemy in a half of the battles we've been shown(you can tell because of the very specific helmets). And looking at the cg, they're affiliated with the church, which makes sense. There's the possibility that we'll drive them away at some point, but it feels more likely we'll leave quietly, to me anyway.
  4. One of the main parts of the Three Houses trailer was that we'll get to roam freely in a fully-fleshed environment, namely a castle of pretty decent size, with a cathedral, classrooms and quite a few other buildings scattered around. This place shows a level of detail very rarely seen in Fire Emblem games when it comes to environments, and has students and soldiers roaming about, as well as, potentially, members of your army. The fact that they put so much effort into it begs the question: will it function as a non-customizable mycastle from Fates, or will we leave it behind as we move out in the world? What do you think, and why?
  5. I love Thracia 776

    Not at allyesitwas! Though the data has been lost to time, unfortunately. How very tragic. But hey, we're out there enlightening the unknowing, so naught is lost.
  6. Anything I should know?

    Well, kinda late to the party, but about the turnwheel, beyond allowing you to fix mistakes, it also allows to reroll many things pertaining to the rng. This most notably includes: - Crits - Witch behavior - The amount of enemies a cantor summons, or illusions for your own units & their positioning - The amount of terrors the Expel spell instant kills - Enemy behavior in general As a result and since the game gives you a ton of charges, what looks like a purely defensive tool can actually be used offensively as well.
  7. I love Thracia 776

    This has indeed been documented extensively over the years. Even I couldn't believe it at first, but what can you do, rules of the universe and stuff. It doesn't affect their resistance though, and Leaf's sword deals magic damage from afar, same for Evayle's fire sword. Beyond that, crits multiply raw attack instead of damage just like in Genealogy, meaning they can beat high defense with ease. Admittedly, the game tells you none of that.
  8. Yeah, that sounds very plausible. Guess they got busier with Heroes than they expected to, which would make some sense, considering how massively succesful it was, and still is... IS is a decently big studio though, and Heroes isn't the kind of games that should require that big a team to work on it. Anyway, I also think January makes a lot of sense, unfortunately.
  9. To me it really feels like #2 and 4 are wearing religious garbs, not coats like Claude's. I think him and Hilda are the only actual archers of the bunch, as we know them anyway. Same for Mercedes. Her using a sword really isn't enough for me to believe she's a myrmidon. If anything, she's only evasive enough with an iron sword to lower Ed's accuracy by 4, and that just seems too low. Good point about the second gen still though, there is a bit of redundance already if we're eventually recruiting all of these people.
  10. New Nintendo Direct at 9/13/2018 3pm PT: New date

    Please have more Three Houses info tho!
  11. Also their two sons will be expies of Donnel and Danved.
  12. Weapons/Game mechanics speculation thread

    Honestly this felt like earlygame footage, so I doubt the problem comes primarily from Edelgard. I'd suspect the steel axe is at fault here(60 to 65 accuracy wouldn't be especially low for that weapon type), and the accuracy formula requires high amounts of accuracy to compensate for that. Though that would be a surprising design choice. Yeah, my thoughts exactly. Being too enemy phase focused has been a balance problem of the series for pretty much its entire existence. Though there's also the possibility of a skill that negates wtd, and as you said, Byleth vs Hilda could have no trace of the triangle because bows are outside of it once more. You're completely right, at this point we can only speculate. We don't even know if any of this is final either. I agree that squads and formations have potential, though I wonder if they'll really affect that much since they didn't seem to influence much of anything in combat or statistically. The only concrete thing we see them do seems to be activation based, with Dimitri's charge and Claude's arrow barrage(which I do believe is the same since both include a closeup, then the leader giving a signal and their squad doing the rest). I faintly recall someone bringing that up in the past and having a pretty good theory as to what that could be... but I can't remember what it was. And outside of that, my guess would be the same as yours, except with a return of Fates' dual strike specifically and no pair up.
  13. Weapons/Game mechanics speculation thread

    But Edelgard had only 71% displayed hit on her stat screen. And Mercedes doubles her, implying she has some amount of AS, so there's no way that 4 points difference is due to the weapon triangle. If anything, what this tells us is that skill will probably factor in very little when it comes to hit, and luck may not at all, while on the other side well, the same goes for avoid. And yes, that makes the hit rates in Dimitri's fight all the more surprising. Maybe it's a formation thing? A skill? Perhaps the weapon triangle is now exclusively a bonus and only activates for the unit that initiated when applicable(so exhibit 1, Edelgard initiated, she isn't at an advantage, nothing happens, exhibit 2, Dimitri initiated and is at an advantage, he gets a bonus to hit and avoid)? About squad size, main characters/leaders seem to have bigger ones. Are those permanent, what does that mean, I don't know, but: - Byleth team pretty clearly has 15 people - Same for Edelgard - Your third unit on the right on the other hand clearly has 10 - On the enemy side, the older magician guy has 15, which implies he's their leader/teacher(would make sense, the other three are very young in comparison) - The other two should have one soldier behind them(everyone else visibly does), making their total 10 - The final one's squad was too small on this screenshot, but you can see it better later on and he also has 10.
  14. The cynical part of me saw it as the first hint of Byleth potentially being yet another victim of avatar worship. The tone of her voice in particular was almost romantic... but her choice of words would imply that it's either one-way, or that she tries really hard to hide her feelings. It's a pretty weird thing to end the trailer on. Throughout the whole thing, it goes: At 00:32 "Here's our new main character, named Edelgard." 01:05 "Actually you take control of this Byleth guy." 01:39 "It is very much Edelgard's quest though." 01:55 "... or is it?" Not sure what they were trying to convey here if I'm being honest.
  15. Enemy Crit Percentages

    They should be. The echoes one is pretty clever since most enemies have 0 luck, allowing the player to have higher crit without facing trash rates, and making luck more important and focused at the same time. I kinda like it. Also that definitely sounds correct from what I remember.