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  1. Weeeeelp. Condolences, everyone. ... Dang it.
  2. I'm a bit surprised at the amount of people saying they don't know these characters since they "didn't play Thracia", btw. I mean, it's no secret that many haven't played that game, I just thought the fact that they're also in Genealogy was common knowledge, especially in Fin's case.
  3. The Branded King (New Heroes Banner)

    Well, my turn to not really care, but be genuinely glad for those that requested Morgan for so long. Plus that's not entirely true, I do like Morgan Edit: Gerome is a pretty surprising choice, btw. Didn't expect him in Heroes anytime soon. Aaaand I do have to admit I could have been a little bit less serene today had they not revealed Thracia yesterday. So I guess their strategy is working, on me anyway.
  4. FE16 "leaks"

    As much as I'd hate to disappoint everyone(myself included) once more... I'm pretty much positive that we will.
  5. FE16 "leaks" Finally...
  6. I understand the demand for a staff user, but if they're doing things well, Nanna should use swords. She's not a prominent staff user in Thracia, since she starts at E-rank(and that's a big deal in that game unless you arena abuse), with no personal staff to her name. The Earth sword, on the other hand, is among the best weapons in FE5, and only she can use it. Also as someone mentioned, she's one of the four units that can use the Blaggi sword, which, for all intents and purposes, is the Falchion of that game. So yeah. ... oh also yay Thracia's hereWHERE'S MAREETA.
  7. FE16 "leaks"

    I mean, to be fair I can't say for sure how much this community would be accepting of more mature visuals. Perhaps you're right, and it would work out just fine. That being said, I'm pretty sure most people wanted skinship in out of principle, rather than because they thought it was a good feature. Beyond the creepy factor, and though we did lose quite a bit of characterization through its removal, it was also pretty redundant after a few times. I'd know, I imported BR We really might. I pretty much hang out in places where people complain the most, for... some reason. Also I was referring to the gameplay, though I've seen the plot being criticized quite a bit as well.
  8. FE16 "leaks"

    >Dreamyboi I could do without yet another ~one year long session of community drama, that I won't deny. So really I'm with you there. Not going to lie, I don't even know how to tackle your first retort here. To me, yes, there is a huge difference between writing about war and combat animations showing people bleeding to death or getting beheaded. Can you imagine cutting Laslow in half in Birthright? Can you really tell me it's comparable? Gonna have to agree to disagree if that's the case. Similarly, if skinship took things too far for certain people(among other reasons one could dislike that feature for), I'm not sure I buy that nudity and sex would work just fine. I actually don't think Fates worked because they tried to appeal to everyone. Past its release, rarely have I seen people praising it for giving them a choice. As for SoV, many were actually disappointed at how simplistic it was, so saying that it is what the hardcore fans want would seem inaccurate, too. And, there's a difference between making one three-part game(that you're actually planning on selling to everyone in its entirety), and two completely distinct ones. The resources needed are not the same. Not to mention, that would mean essentially waiting twice as long as normal before getting a new game, since half the time what's coming out won't be "your version". Beyond that, can they afford it, probably. But it doesn't sound like something they'd do. I think you're completely mistaken if you think the hardcore fanbase would be fine with only getting remakes, by the way. Why would a new generation be more depraved than the last? Same here, what are you thinking of when you're saying they'd get worse? --- Anyway, I agree that we should all stop setting ourselves up for disappointment almost every single day, though that's kind of the point of this thread I suppose. I can't deny that I would certainly appreciate being thrown a bone, even a very small one. Then again, we're the FE community, we're used to waiting by now, right?
  9. FE16 "leaks"

    Blood and gore would already be a huge departure from what Fire Emblem has always been, let alone actual nudity and potentially sex. Not that we know for a fact that it wouldn't work better for them in the end, but that is a pretty good example of probably not being worth the risk. Changing an established game series that much generally doesn't work, unless you're niche enough that you don't have all that much to lose. As for a bigger focus on fanservice, as I said, it feels like it's typically not worth it in the long run. It gets people talking for a while, and then an astounding majority moves on to something else. Not to mention it turning off a lot of players. Aknowledging that rift with Fates, and acting upon it brought nothing good. Did they do it wrong? Who knows. But making two games for two halves of your audience is a huge waste of resources, and keeps the series on this narrow path that leads nowhere. What if the general fanbase ends up divided on the version catering to them at some point? Do you make a third version, then a fourth? Or should they just stop at two because it's "enough"? Well, arguably one game is enough for reasons very close to the ones you were probably thinking of. Besides, from a business standpoint Fates was more of an attempt to cash-in than to fix things, since you were very much encouraged to buy all three versions. Maybe they'll do that again, who knows, but my point is... I'm pretty sure they don't really care. Not enough to go that route anyway. What we saw as a problem, they treated as an opportunity. That's pretty telling. You're giving too litte thought to things in the long run here though. Yes teenagers grow up, but others take their place, whom you can get to buy your games relatively easily with advertising without changing the formula. Very rarely does a series age along with its audience. By the way, we're acting like things could get worse for this community, but really, could they? Sometimes it feels like the next step would be us physically harming one another, and whatever they do would likely kill the series long before we even get close to that happening. Plus I like to think that most are slowly getting very tired of the conflict, to the point where more and more people will move on from annoyed silence to speaking up in order to make it stop. That's what I'm hoping for, anyway.
  10. FE16 "leaks"

    That sounds like a very complicated way to fix an issue that doesn't necessarily affect them that much. Besides, few series can survive on fanservice for long. It's (really) good to make a quick buck, but in order to keep that kind of audience around, you have to take it up a notch with every iteration, which you can only do so many times before you're making 18+ games. I believe that at this point their best course of action is to "simply" make an all-around excellent game. With a solid story, with good visuals, and with balanced, varied gameplay. If you think about it, Fates' marketing was very manipulative and full of empty promises, and while I liked that game, many didn't, and as such I really don't think that's a healthy thing to do. Heroes and the Switch "drought" are giving them all the spotlight they could currently ask for, so if they can deliver and create an entry that will be remembered for the right reasons, it would be huge for the franchise's future. Sure it's a risk, but they may not get such a chance again for years, decades even.
  11. So the second Eirika really was foreshadowing something. Makes sense, although I wonder if Ephraim would have won, had people known. A bit of a shame that he's on his own. To me it feels like they're done with Sacred stones for a while as a result.
  12. Voting Gauntlet: Shadow in the Mirror!

    It is Zelgius in the BK armor we're talking about though. Probably not, but I just ranted about spoilers, so I figured...
  13. Voting Gauntlet: Shadow in the Mirror!

    I can agree that it's arguable outside of that though. If we were to consider the two as different entities, then the Black knight would probably have to be the executant, with Zelgius being the decision maker, or something. And since as far as I know, it's difficult to consider Zelgius as the good guy. Then again, he seemed to be a decent person in the past, before taking on the black knight mantle. Also, until the moment we learn about his secret identity, he appears as a heroic and respectable general. It's complicated really.
  14. Voting Gauntlet: Shadow in the Mirror!

    I mean, all of these are way less direct(except Ninian), or not necessarily problematic(Hector dying is foreshadowed in FE7 and happens very early in 6), but more importantly I didn't mean to imply that it was a first. Mainly that I'm not all that fond of it. I know about the sales, but I'm pretty sure the Jugdral games as well as potentially FE6 have been played less in the west for fairly obvious reasons. Most importantly, sure it makes absolute sense as a business decision, but it's not all that respectful to the series heritage, and a behavior the likes of which IS has definitively caught heat for in the past.
  15. Voting Gauntlet: Shadow in the Mirror!

    Well, he is in PoR. Not exactly the most memorable character there, but still. And Seliph and Julia being related is comparable, in that it doesn't reveal anything to someone who hasn't played the game, because they don't have the context that goes along with it. To be fair, Lucina is even less of a spoiler than Sheik at this point. Can't really fault Heroes on that one.