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  1. Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 3AM EDT. We also got one on a Sunday, once. Also note that none of that is guaranteed, it's just been that way for the past three weeks. But no official schedule exists or anything afaik.
  2. Okay, this has little to do with it, but i'm reassured to hear that the school bgm will not be as repetitive as I was led to believe.
  3. I don't know if the game is ready, but I can't quite move to the Philippines at the moment...
  4. What is that D rank at the left of the screen, by the way?
  5. Alright, it is pretty clear when demonstrated like that, for sure. My bad. Weird that it's not a clean cut though(or rather, not one in the middle, it's definitely pretty clean). The way this is looking... the crest may be divided into three, really? The lower left, that he has right now, the upper right, and then the middle part? Maybe?
  6. It looks distorted rather than halved, to me. I assumed it was some fancy visual effect? Also I initially thought it might be an art because of the name appearing above the attacker's, just like it is for combat arts, but I guess that doesn't really prove anything. Yup, that's how it seems. Also I said Felix's was giving him +5, but looking at it again, it could be +40% rounded up, or something like that. Otherwise his crest might lose value over time.
  7. Okay, the sentence I'm getting at the side of the image is: 紋章を持つ者がバトルに参加するとまれにカが発動しヽ さまざまな効果を与えてくれる The first part seems to imply that crest activation happens randomly in battle, as opposed to being a combat skill or something. I don't think that was known information, my bad if it was
  8. Just a heads up, if there's a reveal tomorrow chances are I wont be able to add it in before sunday. Sorry about that.
  9. I don't think so, we're still missing a majority of them though, and others like Linhardt are looking very much outdated at this point, as two to three D ranks seem to now be the norm. There's also the issue of there being no guarantee that these are their base ranks we're looking at(outside of straight E ranks, granted), it's just very likely.
  10. Here's Hilda, though I guess everyone here knows her by now.
  11. Has the bottom part of this been looked at? The image isn't on the site and while I can find the text on the top in the web article(most of it anyway), the text on its side doesn't seem to be in there. Also shows that Felix's damage goes from 12 to 17 with the crest, so a basic +5 damage might be it's main/sole effect? It shouldn't be from Felix's personal skill(+5 damage when you don't have troops), since... well he does have troops.
  12. Confirmation that Jeralt has a shield.
  13. True, but there's no reason to think such a restriction exists at the moment. Cavalry is in a weird spot right now, since it requires a focus(which should represent a considerably more significant commitment than... well ever, really), but also gets broken canto. And then one can only imagine how armor knights could possibly not be horrible as a result, since they face that same focus problem. They'd have to be just as good as canto cavalry. Good luck with that. - As for the tutoring, nothing much I uncovered, but I'll write down what we have still in case someone can figure it out. So here are our examples(Also spoilering the whole thing, too big): So in conclusion... it all seems very inconsistent at the moment. More importantly, the praising itself may or may not be random; it refills the entirety of the lost gauge, after all. At the same time, that consumed part seems to remain behind as a red portion that probably cannot exceed the full bar, implying there'd be limits. Moreover, praising might modify the student's mood for the worse(as seen in Dedue and Hubert's examples), assuming "Pink XO" is worse than "Orange ;D".
  14. Just got done reading it, great stuff. I'm gonna see if I can figure something out when it comes to the seemingly random tutoring results, but thus far, my conclusion was the same as yours. Also, all the known crests are minor, uh. I missed that. Interesting.
  15. They're massive. Proceed at your own risk. There's a bit of everything, I'd say. As for credibility, I'm trying to determine that myself. At first I thought them believable, but now I have pretty big doubts.