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  1. It would be if everyone wasn't exclusively focused on sales to players and sales to players only. As I said somewhere else, if we're to rejoice specifically when the game sells one million units(which is silly but actually how things tend to work), this hasn't happened yet. Had Xenoblade 2 "only" shipped 1 million instead of selling that number, it wouldn't have appeared on Nintendo's million seller resume and a lot of us would assume it hasn't sold all that well in the end. It matters because our very system makes it so.
  2. Eh. I mostly meant that VGchartz is wrong to be honest. That being said, even though they've built a reputation of being wrong(somehow), I don't really have proof.
  3. ~9:01: Pretty sure the alleged thief is wielding a lance. Not 100%, but I'm seeing something at high quality. ~10:30: Edelgard goes from 71 hit to 67 against an unit that's faster than her(thus has AS). So the opposite of what was said is true, that screen implies that the weapon triangle is not back, or at least not at low weapon skill levels perhaps? ~12:30: The enemy would have to counterattack before Dimitri gets a second hit in, so the movement we see can't be him attacking again. ~13:35: That's clearly not Claude. Wasn't mindblowing and a few gratuitous assumptions here and there, but it'll inform many more people than most of us(even Vincent probably) could, so it's more than good enough.
  4. They're not wrong though. That's some impressive good will from the resellers(which isn't a thing) at play if both of those numbers are real.
  5. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    You can thank Heroes for that. The amount of fanart has been multiplied by at least five since its release, and I'm not even kidding.
  6. They said shipped a million. That means that for all intents and purposes, nintendo did sell that amount to resellers, but not that 1 million people bought the game. Which is typically what "sales" are referring to.
  7. The generic render is probably due to the game not being finished yet. Hilda sports one as well, and if you look at map models of your characters that aren't Byleth or Edelgard, they look like generics too. Also, we're talking about a Valkyrie with 13 HP and seemingly low stats accross the board. Honestly, I just think clerics use bows or swords to defend themselves in this game. Bows as well because we can spot a few units dressed in robes using bows. That or they're in a new, different class entirely. Nobody thought you were stupid, don't worry.
  8. I mean there's obviously something at play. There's no way most of her stats hang around the 6 to 8 mark, yet her speed is somehow zero. In any case, the steel axe is definitely very heavy here, at least at around 16 or so. I liked neither of con or strength acting as con(just made good units even better and bad ones even worse, ultimately), so I'm not too thrilled. Hopefully it's something different.
  9. What the story is about...

    Well, assuming the crests are weapons I guess it's very unlikely we'll be destroying them when they could act as legendaries instead. I agree, that makes a worrying amount of sense.
  10. Honestly, this game seems to have bow and sword wielding clerics, so I'm really not too sure what to expect from there. As said above Griffons are probably back, and we see cavaliers, pegasi and barbarians in cg. Also more conventional sword, lance, bow and magic users in gameplay. All I can say is that it feels like a lot of classes will be missing from Fates. The iron maiden thing makes me think maybe mechanist will be back in some form, and also perhaps ballistitian because advance wars nods? I'd like to see ninjas again normally, but they probably wouldn't fit. Onis would be cool, but them plus barbarians is overkill(assuming those really were barbarians).
  11. What the story is about...

    Yes, that's a fair point. If I'm correct I kinda wish they go for something else this time around as well.
  12. What the story is about...

    I'm wondering if the "harsh, irrational world" line might have more weight than I originally thought. Since we get a large-scale battle in the background at this point in the trailer, I initially shrugged it off as a relatively generic line about how war sucks and the church is making everything terrible..., but I'm not so sure anymore. That being said, outside of that iron maiden thing, we saw no signs of monsters or natural catastrophes whatsoever, so it's hard to say for sure. It does seem likely that we're going to oppose the church for potentially the whole game, but the reason might not simply be that they're ruthless. And we could also be running around collecting/destroying the crests in an attempt to restore a lost balance of some kind, not opposing the church directly but ultimately having to fight them anyway. I'm just really hopeful that line actually means something.
  13. Awakening is an amazing game

    That's fair. In my case, it's just complicated really, that's ultimately the reason why I use that term even though it might not be 100% accurate. It's a game I don't really like that I somehow enjoy playing. I don't think much of its characters, but no way I'm letting any of them die on me. I think it's relatively poorly designed but dived deep into its mechanics, learned every formula, went out of my way to optimize every kid, bought apotheosis and struggled to beat it on my already completed lunatic playthrough with no other dlc... I greatly dislike the route they took with supports but still unlocked around 80% of them before I messed up and decided to stop... Anyway, yeah, I don't think peer pressure has much of anything to do with it.
  14. Awakening is an amazing game

    I don't think so. I've played like, 300 hours of this game? More than enough to form my own opinion. There are some things it did well, some very well even, and it's not a bad game at heart. There are also things I legitimately dislike about it, and even though it's one of my most played FE game, I don't think of it as one of my favorites.