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  1. Enemy Crit Percentages

    They should be. The echoes one is pretty clever since most enemies have 0 luck, allowing the player to have higher crit without facing trash rates, and making luck more important and focused at the same time. I kinda like it. Also that definitely sounds correct from what I remember.
  2. Enemy Crit Percentages

    I agree, that seemed really weird to me as well. I kinda meant to post a formulas thread about a month ago, but scrapped it because there was too much extrapolation. The thing is, Fates made it so that anything <6 skill didn't contribute to crit precisely to avoid the trash crit issue. This formula without that fix would make the earlygame very player unfriendly. Echoes' formula([User's Skl + User's Lck - Target's Lck]/2) is a possibility as well. Actually looking at other values, specifically accuracy and evade, it's looking very similar to how things worked there. We'd need a little more to tell for sure though.
  3. Depends on what the pronounciation ultimately is in english, and how often that gets pushed into our thick skulls. If it starts with the sound E(like the letter, which the katakana contradicts, but seems to be the original german pronunciation), the meme could drop within a month. It could also be replaced by an official nickname, if it's relevant enough. Like Lyn for Lyndis, though that's a bit of a different case and nicknames are otherwise pretty rare throughout this series.
  4. I really haven't played that many to completion, I guess. FE10 hard, Awakening Lunatic, and all three Fates Lunatic. I'd give my seal of favoritism to Conquest Lunatic. Some map gimmicks made it a bit ridiculous, but overall I enjoyed it a lot. And of course, the worst one out of these would be Awakening Lunatic +, that, yes, I haven't completed(didn't even try, the first chapter told me all I needed to know), but is obviously regular Lunatic with randomized game breaking skills on the enemies. And things like random counter on same turn warrior reinforcements among a pretty large amount of other things had already bothered me enough that there was no way I'd have wasted my time on that mode. May have been the first time I felt like the devs didn't put in any effort whatsoever.
  5. Why Is Jakob Useless as A Dark Flier?

    Yup, that's how it works. I just checked.
  6. Why Is Jakob Useless as A Dark Flier?

    He should be able to get to level 60 from there? I think?
  7. The official Bartre is gud thread

    He used to be lowkey great in the pre skill inheritance, pre arena changes heroes meta. Because smite was quite useful(and he was one of the few units with fury) and he hard countered both Effie and Hector, which was a big deal back then since they could put teams in checkmate and were everywhere in high level arena due to high bst.
  8. Put a music you like as your alarm clock. Something calm, but not too calm, if you see what I mean. I use this: Also I put it around 50 centimeters away from my head, I found it worked best at that distance(closer and I tend to instinctively shut it down, farther and I tend not to hear). As for habits, I unfortunately can't help you because nothing ever worked for me, except aging. Also finding pleasure in what you're going to do is pretty darn important. Duty is nice and all when you're awake, but the "sleeping" you probably doesn't care about your future and potential consequences quite as much as you do, and there's not much you can do about that. Note that naps are also an option if you can't balance time any other way, assuming you come back home early enough.
  9. Octopath Traveler

    Started with Therion, which I'm kinda questioning in hindsight, doesn't seem all that flexible in combat, but hey, we'll see.
  10. How Can Roy Be Made Better?

    Both better bases(though +3 to everything sounds like overkill) and better promo time. Also give the rapier its FE7 mt of 7 rather than 5. He'll never be excellent by FE6 standart without cavalry move but I feel that's a bit drastic of a change. The above should be enough for him to be okay the whole way through... like most lords.
  11. Quite a few heroes exclusive skills are neat, even though only fury is coming to mind at the moment(it's been a while, over a year in fact). Growths being random at first but ultimately reliable is an interesting compromise as well. Agreed that Luna and co being random isn't too great, though I don't really like Heroes' approach either. Not all that fond of fire beating axes also, or wind beating lances, just gets over the edge of where it's nonsensical enough to bother me. And unlike with Fates, it would also not be all that relevant unless we get way more magic users than usual in mainline games, I feel.
  12. About Byleth aka "the teacher"...!

    Tell me about it... and SFIII ends on a cliffhanger, just like Golden Sun Dark Dawn... as someone who enjoys both a lot, I'll let you imagine how frustrating that is(^_^') At least there's always some hope for the Golden Sun series, but the universe of Shining Force III and its predecessor, Shining the Holy Ark, is 100% never getting touched again. As you said, the Shining series has changed a ton since then, and so has Sega really. I mean, a few years back, Sega manually deleted 90% of youtube videos covering the aforementioned STHA so that they wouldn't interfere with the promotion of the newest entry at the time, Shining Ark(the name similarity being a coincidence, the games essentially have nothing in common afaik). Kinda tells you everything you need to know about how much they care. Ah well... I've honestly been wondering if that trailer wasn't supposed to be shown in the april direct, ultimately gerring pushed to E3 because they needed more new games to show there, and they already knew it wasn't coming this year by that point anyway(that's another maybe, but I think that one's reasonable). Not that it would change much, but it would make a little more logical sense. I'm the same, I don't mind the graphics all that much. I just know that the backlash will be significant if the game looks bad and would like that to be avoided.
  13. About Byleth aka "the teacher"...!

    Ah, no, I was referring to her model, since it's visible for a while at that part. Same for Byleth's as he runs around, too, and Mercedes' eyes stay wide open as she gets hit by Edelgard(you get a pretty good view of that around 00:42) And yes, that's kinda worrying/incomprehensible for me as well, but it's right in front of us all the same... I think that's just how Camelot does rpgs. That's not even the worst example of theirs, though; in Shining Force III which is divided in three games(they're a continuation of the same story though, unlike Fates), there are three main characters, one per game ; Synbios, Medion and Julian. Well in part 1 Synbios is the lead, and he's a mute, but interracts quite a bit with both Julian and Medion, that both speak normally. Part 2, which covers the events of part 1 but from Medion and his army's perspective, has him going through the exact same scenes where he would normally interract with Synbios, but this time Synbios talks and Medion is the mute. You need to play both games to get the full dialogue(and good memory, these games aren't short). And yeah, part 3 makes Julian a mute instead as you've guessed while both of the others speak normally. Yeah, it's pretty bizarre but you get used to it. And frankly, Synbios is a good example of a character that is arguably more likeable as a mute, as it turns out.
  14. About Byleth aka "the teacher"...!

    I'd like a silent avatar I think, that being said even Edelgard never opens her mouth or blink a single time throughout the trailer(it's the most obvious during the weapon training part), so facial animations could simply not be done yet.
  15. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    I don't see how that couldn't work in Fire Emblem though, most of its countries only existed to be defeated:p Honestly I feel like we've been represented more then enough. Not us specifically maybe, but, yeah.