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  1. Gonna echo most thoughts here: I liked the trailer, but I'm unsure of whether I'll actually like the game. Any mechanic or story always has the potential of being good, what matters is how it's put into practice. For example, Awakening's version of pair-up and Fates's story all sound promising when just covering the generic premise, but the former is a broken mess that trivializes the game while the latter is just.... garbage. Obviously I'm still going to buy the game because I'm a sheep, but I just want to approach the game's release with caution. I got a bit too into the Fates hype train and while I still love the game, I would be lying if I said I wasn't heavily burned by the reality.
  2. Which free unit do you want to merge up?

    Michalis first, for sure. Dude already has DC and is part of my arena core, might as well go all the way, no? Afterwards, it's a tossup between Finn, Lyon, and Joshua. Might do all three simultaneously because I really cannot choose between those three. Arvis will be next if I (somehow) manage to get those 3 to +10 and there's no one else I want to merge.
  3. I think I saw some people on Reddit suggesting King Gustav, which I guess could be possible, and explain that look of utter despair on Sharena's face. Also it's an excuse to not give us another free unit :P
  4. Feh Channel on the 7th 7:30pm PT

    Oh, that's understandable. Those things are still quite concerning, especially since IS hasn't shown any signs of wanting to address them.
  5. Feh Channel on the 7th 7:30pm PT

    Aether Raids looking like Arena 2.0 is kinda upsetting, but I'll deal with it. The fact that I can finally +10 Michalis, Lyon, Joshua, and Finn is more than enough good news for me! Wow, Japan really didn't like it? Is it because of Aether Raids and all the new currencies it brought in?
  6. Are you worried about Three Houses?

    Just a little bit concerned. It's just that many of the choices that IS has made of late in Fates and Heroes has been... questionable. Now it's entirely possible that my fears are misguided, that all the bad decisions will somehow miraculously only be in Heroes, and IS will fix all the problems from the previous games, but so many factors in TH right now can go either way. Take the avatar being the teacher for the 3 lords for example. It would be amazing to have your avatar make choices in their education of the 3 lordlings that might influence their character and decisions later on in the game. It also is a good reason to make your avatar involved in the plot and central conflict while not taking up the main spotlight, instead serving as a support for the 3 lords can grow and learn from. But it's also entirely possible for IS to take a different route and make his position as a teacher an excuse for the lords idolizing the avatar 24/7, pull a Kris situation and go "he was the hero all along!!!!," and fulfill that creepy student x teacher fetish. I really wish I didn't have these concerns, but after my unbridled hype for Fates and the resulting crash-and-burn, I'd rather remain cautious, just in case.
  7. New Heroes Appear: Adrift (November 9 ~)

    Great. More Fates alts. WHY CAMILLA AGAIN AGGGHHHHH The only thing I care about this banner is Mikoto, and even then, not by much. EZ-skip. At least Flash+ is nice fodder for Natasha when she finally gets released, and I don't have to sac a Bride!Lyn for it. M!Corrin in a dress is pretty cool though. Strange, but cool.
  8. While it was nice to see how Inigo/Laslow, Owain/Odin, and Severa/Selena matured between Awakening and Fates, I'd rather not have any characters return. Only exceptions include Anna, Jake, and the Cipher characters (if they show up again), because they're known for showing up in multiple universes.
  9. Ah yes, supports. Back when I only played Awakening, these were my absolute favorite part of the franchise. I tend to value gameplay more now, but supports still hold a special place in my heart! 1.) Honestly, I put "yes" but I really don't care whether it's in or not - not much is going to change TBH, but it might make building stupid builds like 100% crit builds easier, which is always a plus in my book. 2.) Yes, but with an alteration: S-rank =/= marriage. Well, it could mean marriage, but what I want is the S-rank to signify a paired ending, whether it be between boy-boy, boy-girl, girl-girl, platonic, romantic, etc., etc., etc. It would be nice to see people with a good dynamic not have to end up boning each other and to show how two different people end up being best buds for life in an ending. Besides, even if it doesn't end in marriage, fanfic exists for a reason. However, NO. CHILDREN. PLEASE. Children worked great in FE4, sort of good in FE13, and were an absolute flop in FE14. Unless this game pulls an FE4 and has a multi-generational conflict, please don't. And even if this game does pull an FE4, try something different and don't just copy-paste the main twist, that would ruin it too. 3.) As hilarious as it was to see stuff like Forde sleeping/painting in the middle of the final battle, let's keep the supports limited to the base/off-time. 4.) Absolutely yes! The VA adds something else to the support conversations IMO, can't explain what though. Regardless, I really enjoyed them in SoV. And as an added bonus, it'll limit the number of supports in the game too - which is something I've had a gripe with in FE13 and FE14. It makes it less likely for our support lists to be filled with filler conversations that exist because a support between characters A and B MUST exist. Granted, it wouldn't necessarily guarantee an increase in quality (*cough* FAYE *cough*), it would make it at least easier to sift through the throwaway supports to find the real gems. 5.) No. That is all. But seriously, this is what I hate most about the GBA support system. And if affinity bonuses are the main concern, simple: just impose a limit on the bonuses you can obtain from supports (like only being able to obtain +30 hit and +15 crit from affinity bonuses). There really is no reason for us to return to his system IMO.
  10. Second half was utterly disappointing. Forging Bonds doesn't interest me the slightest except for the pope hat accessory and the new Arena scoring system only solidifies my hate for it. The only thing that interested me was extra feathers from GC rank and moar free orbs. First half was an entirely different story, however. We finally got Sumia AND Maribelle! And Walhart to boot? And a ton of more free orbs? I'm game. Also even though the TA refine for Alphonse is pretty crap, at least he now has access to brazen attack/defense, which will really help him shine more. Also 3 Klein banners and 15 free summons. That sounds like heaven to me. All I need now is another Julia banner.
  11. Special Heroes: Summer Banner #2 Video Posted!

    Oh dear, more swimsuits. I know it was already previously confirmed to be another seasonal banner, but still, seeing the silhouettes makes me a bit upset. It's been quite a while since an interesting banner IMO, but at least I can safely skip this and focus on hoarding more orbs. I'll echo the others in that I think Linde is on the left, but the right is weird. The bracelet and drink scream Camilla, but the body doesn't seem to match, and the hair looks straight to me. Palla? Caeda? Micaiah? IDK man.
  12. Voting Gauntlet: Fated Battles!

    That 11 billion jump by Lyon is just insane. Got 992,959 this round, around 3.4 million overall, that's a new record! Was #13,783 this round and #1,540 overall. Shoutouts to @AbsoluteZer0Nova, @Rezzy, and @Rafiel's Aria's units for helping out this gauntlet. I couldn't be happier for my boy! Went in expecting to lose round 1 and and leave the champions of the gauntlet, this is great! GG Team Hardin, it was a fun fight
  13. Voting Gauntlet: Fated Battles!

    Oh. My. God. 8.9 billion. What was that bonus?! Hardin is almost guaranteed to get 2 bonuses given how strangely poor he's been scoring this entire round during his bonuses. Unless Team Hardin's been hoarding a ton of flags this entire round (which I kinda doubt due to how rampant same hell has been this round), Lyon might have this in the bag.
  14. About Byleth aka "the teacher"...!

    It's probably not half, but hate towards the avatar characters does exist, and those that do absolutely despise avatars are pretty vocal about it. Robin is still somewhat divisive with people hating how they were handled during the Valm/Grima arcs in Awakening. Kris isn't talked about much due to not many people playing FE12, but those that did generally have a very, very negative opinion about Kris. And regarding Corrin, M!Corrin has one of the largest hatedoms I've ever seen in the FE fandom regarding a single character, literally rivaling Peri, Camilla, and Tharja. F!Corrin mostly gets a pass because she's considered "a cute waifu" and a some believe Corrin's personality better fits F!Corrin than M!Corrin and hate her less because of that. The only avatar I don't see significant hate for is Mark, but even Mark is still frequently criticized for being so inconsequential that people forget that they exist when playing. Even then, I'm pretty sure that many people who claim to not want/hate avatars don't actually hate them, period. They probably just lack faith in IS's capabilites of producing a good avatar considering their previous shoddy track record.
  15. Voting Gauntlet: Fated Battles!

    Oof, not that good of a round for me so far. I missed the Lyon multipliers this morning forcing me to use flags on non-multiplier hours and now the predictor is predicting a Hardin win? Only hope Lyon has now is breaking out of the ping pong by causing a same or forcing Hardin into a double multiplier. The latter is unlikely though considering how close Lyon and Hardin are in team size.