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  1. Trailer Song Lyrics

    Whelp, I'll just link what I posted on Reddit about the lyrics: I definitely couldn't decipher the middle well, but I'm confident in the beginning and end.
  2. The game looks to be really good.

    Oh yeah, frankly this error is incredibly small and it feels like a lot of people are complaining about it because they don't like the box art but don't know what to critique exactly. There are real aesthetic issues with the box art IMO (such as the use of all three, bright primary colors without any sort of efforts to tone down the intensity and add a more cohesive feel to the piece, making it feel like someone slapped it together in 15 minutes on MS Paint), but the issue with the bow( and just getting mad about the box art in general) is hardly something to be up-in-arms over.
  3. The game looks to be really good.

    It's entirely possible that's the case, but the issue is that the art is still depicted in a way that makes it appear as an error. It should've still been drawn in a different way to avoid this mistake, such as altering Claude's position to make the bow's bend not be obscured the shine or maybe dimming the shine. It's like Elise's official artwork in Fates. She's obviously hiding her right pinky behind her ring finger (as I refuse to believe a professional artist can somehow miss drawing only 4-FINGERED HAND on a blank background), but the way it's drawn still makes it look like she's missing a finger if you're not really paying close attention.
  4. Fodlan World Map with Transcribed Locations

    Oh, I see what you're talking about. You mean these, right? It's interesting how the emblem of Leicester emphasizes these crests in particular, it really suggests that the country only has 4 crests, as it would be strange for it to have more but also have them not represented. EDIT: Also, the rightmost circled crest has been seen before during the two times magic was cast in the trailer - first the healing magic by Linhardt and then the offensive fire spell cast by the Western Church soldier. Unless it was just a placeholder crest for trailer purposes (which part of me really doubts) I guess crests that appear during magic spells cannot be tied to the house of the caster.
  5. Black Eagles Pros: Edelgard is both a lady and an axe lord Has Petra, Caspar, Dorothea, and Linhardt - the perfect meme team Though we don't know his name yet, the older, edgy looking dude looks really interesting to me. Really want to learn more about him (I initially thought he was another teacher in the first trailer!) Cons: Literally everyone and their mother is choosing this team Dorothea is a meme and she does look nice, both positives, I'll admit that the hat bothers me for feeling a bit out of place and badly photoshoped on her head. Blue Lions Pros: I love literally everyone we've seen in this house so far, no complaint about any of them! It's the underdog team based on popularity, and I like siding with these kind of teams Dimitri is a lance lord Outside of his in-game portrait, Dimitri looks fine... Cons: But in his in-game portrait, Dimitri's hair looks like a pathetic pile of wet noodles. I don't understand how his hair can look so much better in 3D cutscenes but look like hot garbage in a more detailed still image Golden Deers Pros: Claude is 100/10 BOW LORD Raphael is literally a blonde Arden and I love it Cons: I don't really like anyone we've seen so far outside of Claude, Raphael, and Hilda. And I'm only really okay with Hilda because she reminds me of Serra and I thought Serra was hilarious. Everyone else is a big fat pile of meeeeehhhhh
  6. Fodlan World Map with Transcribed Locations

    Nice! It'll be interesting if the pattern does end up with crests being grouped by country. Also for future reference, I've grouped each house by country in the two spoilers below for easy allegiance identification: Visual representation Text representation:
  7. Fodlan World Map with Transcribed Locations

    Ooo, nice. How detailed this map is really gives the feeling that Fodlan is a real, developed place. Infinitely better than what we got with Fates and its no-name continent. Hopefully we can finally get an official name for Fateslandia when the artbook drops? I'm not counting on it unfortunately. So, some quick analysis here. We currently know 4 full names of the characters in this game: Edelgard von Hresvelgr, Dimitri Alexander Blaiddyd, Claude von Riegan, and Sylvain Jose Gautier. Ignoring spelling differences, all 4 have their surnames as locations on the map, meaning they likely indicate the different noble territories within Fodlan. For now, I'll operate under the assumption that every single noble house shares their surname with their noble territory. So, ignoring map names that obviously describe geographic locations (Fodlan's Fangs, Brionac Plateau, etc.) or institutions (Western Church, Eastern Church), we can probably figure out the names of all the noble houses in Fodlan: Assuming that all these names I picked out actually are noble territories and not single-word geographic locations or other such places, that's 42 noble houses total. We also know from the mural with the goddess we saw in the first trailer, there are only 21 crests. With all this information, we can make two assumptions: Not every house will have a crest. This could be for multiple reasons, such as some noble houses emerging recently or perhaps not ever being associated with a crest to begin with. This could be an interesting plot detail, with crest-bearing houses potentially having greater control or power? This could serve as a source of internal conflict within each country too. Assuming every noble house has at least one child that attends the Officer Academy, there will be at least of 42 students in the monastery. Obviously, there could be more through siblings and such, and there's always the possibility that some noble houses won't have any children of age to attend the academy, but if there really is 42 students in the academy, it's entirely possible to have a decent-sized FE roster that consists of only students and maybe some teachers if we really are able to recruit the students from the other houses at some point.
  8. Romance honestly feels inevitable with how common this trope is in Japanese media. Admittedly the lack of a large age gap makes everything more palatable, but the power dynamic is still an issue. Unless we can romance the other teachers or any non-students that get added, I'm definitely going to avoid S-ranks. Or if there's any point in time where the students graduate and they don't refer to us at "teacher" or "professor" anymore. Still a bit squicky but infinitely more tolerable. Babies are a huge no-no though, and I have faith that IS is really going to avoid doing a Gen 2 unless necessary considering the backlash from Fates.
  9. While the trailer seems to emphasize you training your class and your class alone, class size seems pretty small right now. Accounting for students we might not have seen yet, ~10 at most for each house. Unless there happens to be like 20 or more students hiding in the woodwork that will be part of our army, I really can't imagine a scenario where our class alone comprises the majority of the roster. And frankly, I really hope it's not only our class, as that'd be a bit boring. I'd like to have some more unique perspectives in the army, not just a bunch of noble teenagers/young adults. As for the recruiting the other houses? It's really hard to say without more story details. We don't even know if our houses will actually all fight in opposite factions or not in the inevitable war. While it would be cool to have your choice absolutely matter and lock you out of the other students, I really doubt that we're not going to recruit the other 2 house leaders and maybe a few others that are willing to defect to our house if we do end up fighting each other. But because they'll likely be added to our roster long after the initial peaceful classroom days are over, I can't see 100% full customization being a thing. We'll definitely be able to customize them after recruitment, but there will be certain things set in stone I believe.
  10. Wow, okay, coming back to this after a night I do agree my reaction was a bit extreme. But to be honest, I really do think that F!Byleth's design is worse than Camilla's. Obviously, in a vacuum, Camilla's design is faaaaar more sexualized and egregious than F!Byleth's, but the issue is not that she happens to be sexualized, but the context that she's sexualized in. As much as I love Fates, I'd be lying if I didn't say there was a ton of sexualization of characters. Look at Charlotte, the generic brigand, the entire dark mage line, the pantless leotards of cavaliers and dark knights, etc., sexualization was everywhere. And as terrible as Camilla's design is, it's par for the course. Place her next to the other Fates characters and she fits in perfectly. Same logic applies to F!Corrin and all her horrid designs. However, the same doesn't really apply to F!Byleth. Every character we've seen so far is generally covered up, and those that do have a lot of skin showing (Petra, the female mage teacher with the bob cut) feel natural and tasteful. Are their designs, sexualized? Yeah, but it still manages to fit the setting. It's not done in the way that feels like someone took scissors to them and cut random holes in their outfits like how it worked in Fates. F!Byleth, meanwhile, feels like she follows that scissors-style. The belly button hole and patterned pantyhose don't feel natural at all and if you were to compare F!Byleth to any of the female designs shown in the game so far, it feels out of place and incredibly bizarre. And compounded by the fact that she's meant to be a teacher in a prestigious military academy meant for only the most elite of the continent? I'm sorry, it just feels 10x more wrong than Camilla's or Corrin's designs will ever be. But hey, that's just my opinion on the matter, you're free to disagree with me on this.
  11. Blue Lions because Dimitri seems to be the least liked and I like siding with those kinds of characters for some reason. Also based on predictions so far, I like how all of the students in that House look. Unfortunately it means abandoning fisty-boi Casper whose in the Black Eagles... :(
  12. AS is (ikely) attack speed.
  13. Yeah, you only had to have it in your inventory, but it was dead weight and made you only have 4 slots to work with instead of 5. It limited your options for not wanting to be in a sword using class. I have no doubt the sword is probably going to be one of the game's major relics (if not the major relic), espeically with how devastating it was in the first trailer. Makes you wonder how a sword so powerful and potentially central to the church landed in the hands of Byleth.
  14. Yes, but it took up inventory space, meaning you really only had 4 slots to work with instead of 5.
  15. One thing that could play a part in this is that each student appears to have a locked focus (what they improve their skill in), you can' only add on to that focus. It probably means that each student already has their own talents that they excel in, it's just up to you to either boost them even more or supplement them with other skills. Sorry, I'm just annoyed because I hated how you were pressured to keep Corrin in a sword-using class in Fates in order to play optimally because of the passive buffs the Yato carried. There's definitely some cool story implications though, especially because Byleth seems surrounded by darkness in that scene, and FE heroes normally don't get heavily associated with darkness.