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  1. Artwork and Sketches of the Book II Characters

    The FEH world builds itself from that! Can't wait to see how the story adapts this!
  2. Artwork and Sketches of the Book II Characters

    Genius! I'm all in for that, even if Niflheim sounds like a villain's world. So Leiptr is another Ice Wave (like "Fjorm" itself)?
  3. Theory on the icons that Fjorm has.

    Huh...the interesting thing is that the hexagons are also present near her sprite (on the Legendary Banner promo image released after the stream). If what you say is true, what if her weapon is already forged when you get her? And what if the refinement is randomised between pulls? Her stats are pretty neutral so any buff will be valuable. Otherwise, what if the free copy you get for completing Book 1 comes with a Speed refinement and the ones you pull from the banner have regular Leiptrs? Feh said we'll learn about her soon - maybe this is one of the things we'll learn. The update is in ten days (everything seems to have been delayed by one day for some reason), so - assuming she's treated like other new units - we'll get a trailer explaining her in nine. That's not too long to wait...right?
  4. Artwork and Sketches of the Book II Characters

    When announcing the Legendary banner, Feh says Fjorm comes from a kingdom "spoken of in Askran legend" and in the Paralogues Loki is looking for items in the different worlds to build a Rainbow Bridge to bring her King to Zenith. From that we can surmise that the ice and fire kingdoms are in another world that used to be connected to Zenith but no longer is (hence eventually becoming myths). Fjorm is probably drawn to Askr by accident due to Veronica siding with Surtr and they stick together because "the enemy of my enemy" and all that (and because they're the obvious good guys in both realms). You know, now that I think about it Sharena and Fjorm probably will end up as friends and that could be pretty funny and adorable, especially if the connection between their realms stays once Book 2 ends and/ or Fjorm stays with them. After all, if we get Fjorm for free - to represent her allying with the Order of Heroes - a further justification for her sticking around in your army afterwards would be nice.
  5. Do You See IS Moving Forward With Fates's Weapon Triangle

    What if they went the Heroes route of putting a weapon and a magic type in one category instead of a weapon and a ranged weapon? It wasn't until I read this that I realised how weird it was that 5/6 weapon types targeted Def.
  6. New Heroes: Children of Fate

    The only child I'm interested in from Fates is Soleil, so part of me hopes she isn't here so I can save my Orbs. That said, hopefully this opens the door to Awakening children in the future: Morgan would be wonderful!
  7. Tempest Trials: Less than Heroic!

    I would have assumed B!Ike on the header was another Julia incident were it not for his cameo on the Legendary Banner image. Maybe someone at IS put him on the wrong preview? On topic, I assumed the TT would be SS-themed for Joshua's sake, but one for all 8 CYL Heroes could be interesting... Were it not for the possibility of seeing inflated CYL Heroes as enemies on higher difficulties. shudders
  8. I was expecting an RD banner but I'm happy with CYL 2 (especially since I got another Blue Mage in Lute). I was also hoping for a Summoning Pool fix and a Dagger overhaul in the vein of the healers, but maybe the refinery will give them what they need (or enough to tide us over until the next update). Finally, I'm still surprised and upset that we don't have a roadmap. We got dates in the livestream, but roadmaps would also include the log-in rewards we can expect to get. All that said, I'm surprised at what we did get, particularly the 8% banner with no pity breakers, the cooldown changes and weapon forge: I didn't expect IS to tweak any numbers in the game, especially that much!
  9. Those are exactly what I meant, thank you! And thanks again for explaining that you're waiting for an official reveal; I thought you only needed to confirm the effects you already had. My bad!
  10. Theory on the icons that Fjorm has.

    I agree that the person symbol is probably related to Speed - maybe she comes with Hone Speed as a fourth skill? As for the second, it looks like a drop of Divine Dew; maybe she gets you Divine Dew at the end of every map she's in a la Live for Honor/ Bounty? Otherwise the water traversal sounds really interesting! I think something worth mentioning is that in the promo picture for the Legendary Banner (the one featuring sprites of all the focus units) the icons even show up next to Fjorm's sprite, just as they do with her picture. You know, I thought it was perhaps a bit premature for Feh to announce we'd learn more about Fjorm's abilities "soon", but now I see that we're in for a treat when the time comes - I imagine we'll get a trailer for Book 2 on the 26th, just as we do the paralogues and new chapters: maybe that's when we learn what she can do? P.S. 11 days to go! I'm amazed that I'm so excited I'm counting down already, but I am! Edit: What if the second pic is a locked sign as @LoneStar stated. What if it represents a second Special she can use in addition to Ice Mirror, namely the Ice Beam and/ or barrage of icicles she uses in the trailer (heck, maybe it represents both: Ice Beam damages anyone in one cardinal direction but if you keep charging it you can use Icicles instead). If this is the case I imagine Surtr (and possibly Loki) will be the only other unit with such a locked skill, representing his sun toss (also, it would be interesting if he also has a "Level 1" secret skill that Fjorm is immune to as he is to her Level 1 skill).
  11. Focus: Farfetched Heroes!

    I wanted Lute. Not only did I rarely ever get Blue Orbs (how do you read my mind, IS?!) but 200 Orbs later I was pity broken by Cordelia. I went to sleep and woke up to spend my remaining Orbs. Still unable to find Blue Orbs I got a Dorcas (+HP/-Def), a B!Lucina (who I fed to my first) and with less than 20 Orbs I resorted to a yolo pull. No Blues so I pulled a Green. I tried again and out of nowhere came a Lute, -HP/+Res. I'm relieved, but now I need to save up for the Legendary Banner! I'm so glad Joshua and Fjorm are freebies. Now to decide if it's better to pull Reds or Colorless there (I already have B!Lyn)... Back on topic, I love the idea of these secondary CYL Banners and can't wait for the next (sorry, Feh). Maybe then we'll get Micaiah, if we don't get a RD banner beforehand.
  12. Create a CYL Hero!

    These are insane, thank you!! I'm pretty sure these are absolutely overpowered, but I don't care - thank you for putting so much care into them!
  13. Artwork and Sketches of the Book II Characters

    Maybe Anna is Mission Command in that sequence, and/ or preoccupied with Bruno? By the way, thanks for the translations, @VincentASM! Do the design notes mention anything else?
  14. Thank you, @whase! Now, do we have confirmed effects for Myrrh and the mid-evolution twins?
  15. Artwork and Sketches of the Book II Characters

    With how readily she assumed forms of both genders I assumed Loki was non-human/ genderless (like the Norse Loki who switched both genders and forms). While I'm glad we finally see her, I really wish IS hadn't somehow made Camilla seem modest by comparison. Other than that, I love the designs, especially Lævateinn's! But it does amuse me that Fjorm's cape seems made to protect her modesty as much as it makes her more imposing :P Anyway, thank you for sharing these with us - they look great and I can't wait for Book 2! (I assume it's coming on the 27th? Feh said it'd be available "right away", but there's no sign of it right now. I assume "right away" meant "as soon as the update happens"...)