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  1. Micaiah Character Analysis

    Wow, what a post! As someone else who loves Micaiah dearly, it was wonderful to see someone analyse her so deeply and refute all the hate she gets. Thank you so much! I also completely forgot the part of her conversation with Naesala where she directly compares his feelings for Leanne with her own for Sothe (which is funny because I remember reacting to that when I played the game); it helps to show that their marriage at the end isn't out of the blue as many say. And looking at just the script for the Endgame conversation highlights how Ike basically ruined their one romantic moment in the entire saga, complete with a "...oh yeah, that's why we're talking in the first place!" from both parties at the end, so thanks for that too xD
  2. What a weird choice for a GHB...but I'm glad to get him since his mother is the only Corrin I regularly use :P
  3. Kaze! Finally! And he looks to be free too, so I'm happy. I figured the next banner would be Fates, but while the new Hinoka has amazing art, skills and an improved voice, I'm not sure if I want to pull for her or any of the others. Also, I think Shigure's the likelier drop since Kana's breath has Bracing Stance built in. Hopefully we don't get another Fallen Heroes situation. And I agree that next month's Legendary Hero will probably be a colored bow Takumi. Besides, the update that adds these Heroes will probably have a new arena listing to go with them, right? Hopefully IS hasn't learned from last month!
  4. I hope this game is influenced a lot by FE Heroes

    While accuracy does spice the gameplay up, I hope stat gains work like in Heroes: I'd rather have "good" and "bad" Level Ups and know everything will work out in the end than get RNG-screwed and know that character will never be as good as they could be (my FE7 Lyn kept getting screwed something dreadful...) As for skills, if SoV's "HP Cost" system isn't coming back, I'd love to see them on a cooldown instead of leaving them up to chance.
  5. Agreed. I've been through Gamepress' datamine page but have we gotten anything about the new Legendary Hero as we did with Robin last month?
  6. Another FEH Channel Confirmed on Monday (for most)

    ~4.5hrs to go! It'd be hilarious if we get random FE16 news or a tease here for some reason.
  7. Another FEH Channel Confirmed on Monday (for most)

    I'm assuming getting one of these (except No Sumia) would be an instant Full House for you.
  8. A green Toad as a JP exclusive character rumor

    Fair, but the word in question has /always/ been a slur, so I hope it gets taken out soon!
  9. Who Should Be a Future Legendary?

    Yes, please!! Assuming we never get actual Legends, I'd like to see Eirika, Micaiah, Hector or Eliwood get Legendaries. If we DO get actual Legendaries I think it'd be neat if IS threw a curveball and gave us one we've never actually seen before, like the rest of Elibe's Eight Legends or Nada Kuya (it'd be both hilarious and neat if she was just an old-fashioned Eirika :P)
  10. March's Legendary Hero (DATAMINE/SPOILER)

    So, the trailer is coming out in ~5 hours. Any final thoughts on Legendary F!Robin? Do you think it's happening?
  11. March's Legendary Hero (DATAMINE/SPOILER)

    Isn't it usually the day before the banner releases? Then again, we got the Spring Heroes trailer a day early and I certainly wouldn't mind a repeat of that!
  12. Who Should Be a Future Legendary?

    I'm so sorry! I'll tag it right away!
  13. March's Legendary Hero (DATAMINE/SPOILER)

    A F!Robin who learned to harness her dragon powers for good is an interesting premise for me, but I hope she isn't armored so I can use her with the rest of my Dragon team. That said, I don't know if I want to pull for her. I'll just wait for the trailer, I suppose: I'll be tempted if she has an interesting kit or the other colorless units are interesting.
  14. Who Should Be a Future Legendary?

    @Thane, what other thread? Back on topic, I imagine she'd come with Goad Dragons. All Legendaries thus far have had a Prf Weapon and an exclusive Skill (including Ice Mirror and Radiant Aether) so I'm wondering what she'll have. Extinction as a Breath seems safe, since it works wonders for M!Grima, so what else? Also, which of her skills is the one to swap out ASAP, since everyone else has one of those as well (maybe not Fjorm)? Finally, what Blessing would she have? I think she'd fit anything that isn't Water or Speed.
  15. Who Should Be a Future Legendary? According to this, part of the Japanese datamine lists as one of the bonus arena units. This is most likely our colorless dragon. Datamine image here: Thoughts?