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  1. Special Heroes: Summer Banner #2 Video Posted!

    I'm hoping the one on the right is Eirika and I'll be incredibly salty if it's Camilla. Oh well, we'll know in a day, at least!
  2. Bound Hero Battle: Matthew and Hector

    Incredible as ever!
  3. Probably the only dragon who WOULDN'T make his life a nightmare xD
  4. This is wonderful! I guess all those memes about M!Grima need to be transposed to Lon'qu now...
  5. Grand Hero Battle: Lyon

    This is too fitting for words. Thanks again!
  6. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    Wait, is Cup of Tea Productions localising the full game or just the song? Greg Chun (who directed the song) only confirmed the latter.
  7. This is adorable. Goddammit Corrin xD And I have to wonder if this is an intentional self-jab at the facepetting in Fates... P.S. I just realised that this is likely a NOHRIAN tradition, and Hawkeye just got confused by Corrin's backstory :P
  8. Uh...why is Noire wearing a loincloth? And why is her spine more broken than Catria's? Like mother like daughter, I suppose... I like everyone else though: Innes is more muscular than I thought an archer could be and the frills on Cordelia's swimsuit make it more cutesy than anything else. Tana's skills are very interesting, but I really want to save up my Orbs...
  9. Please don't be Ephraim and Eirika...if it is I'd probablt explode since I spent 300 Orbs trying to get Bridal Ninian...
  10. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    Treehouse is doing this? Groan...8-4 went above and beyond for SoV, so I feel terrible now...
  11. I picked option one out of skepticism about IS' current writers' ability to do anything more varied. Harsh, I know, and I look forward to being proven wrong!
  12. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    Huh...I wasn't thinking about it before but I think I just found the name I'll be going with when I get my hands on this game!
  13. E3 Trailer Analysis

    That's an awesome find, thank you!! Cue the theories xD
  14. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    Also, I suspect the announcement was done just to reassure us that "FEH and remakes" wasn't the future for FE moving forward, not because Three Houses was anywhere near a 2018 release, which explains the radio silence and delay to 2019...and also why we aren't seeing it on Treehouse: the trailer's probably just here because we'd riot if it wasn't.
  15. Is "Teacher" the avatar?

    Exactly what I'm looking forward to, especially the stuff in bold. I always wished Mark had more of a presence in FE7 beyond being spoken to in maybe three cutscenes, so this seems to speak to me (assuming this assumption is correct).