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  1. Yeah, the twins' designs are growing on me, or at the very least Lianna's. I think the only thing I'd change would be to not make their hair quite so...vibrant? Bright?
  2. I'm going to stay updated. I don't have a Switch, and I most likely won't for quite some time. So I want to see what this game is like without having to wait months.
  3. My guess is because--at least with Rhajat--at one point during the S support, she said she wished she was a man. To Treehouse, that might have come across as homophobic, but...they could have removed only that part, and everything would have been fine. Getting rid of the entire Support was...pretty unnecessary.
  4. Oh, here's another one. Fates spoilers.
  5. Does anyone have Savage Blow/Death Blow on Velouria?
  6. Ah. I have it, actually: https://pastebin.com/e5fpH6m6 I will admit that the C and B parts still may be....off-putting, but the A and S parts are really good. Honestly I'm probably making it a bigger deal than it is, so I apologize if that's the case.
  7. Might I suggest the Japanese version of F!Corrin x Rhajat? That one handled Rhajat's character a lot better I feel. Even if she did still start out kind of creepy, she was not like that for the entire Support, and it's what probably made me like her better than Tharja.
  8. copying the post I made on reddit I feel like Xander gets way too much hate-- I think he's one of the better written characters in Fates. ...and as a whole, I prefer the Nohr siblings much more over the Hoshido siblings. I disliked Conquest's story the least. Obviously apart from how she treats Noire and Robin, I don't find Tharja to be that bad of a character(in fact, she's one of my favorites of the Awakening cast). Also, I rather like Rhajat and she is one of my favorite Fates kids. Really, my problem with her is that Treehouse completely got rid of her unique Support with F!Corrin, which I thought was really good and cute. TMS#FE is a fun, enjoyable game. I prefer Awakening and Fates over Echoes. While I have my complaints with how Treehouse handled the localization (as one was previously mentioned), as a whole I do not consider it to be the worst thing ever, and I find people are much too harsh towards it. I do not have a problem with Celica wanting to give up her soul out of a desire to protect Alm and to free Mila, given her love for the former and her reliance on the Gods due to her upbringing. What I do have a problem with is that it eventually causes her to become a damsel in distress later, however. I liked Lyn's story. ^ also, this. I'm sure, out of all unpopular opinions here, mine are the most unpopular
  9. You two are definitely correct. Honestly, all of the games on my PS3 are low priority, Star Ocean actually being one of the lowest. I suppose they're always there if I want to play them, but you're right. Who knows when--or if ever--I'll ever finish them?
  10. My backlog is...quite large. Uh. Here you go: ...and this isn't even counting the games I'm still planning on buying (I recently picked up the two Trails of Cold Steel games, for instance). Needless to say, I think I'll be busy for a long while.
  11. While I'd LIKE to see F!Robin, I imagine we'll be getting M!Robin, since F!Robin honestly doesn't get a whole lot of representation (no amiibo, for instance). But I suppose this time I'm okay with it, since we're getting F!Corrin.
  12. Good to see Europe will be getting these games. I'm happy for them. Obviously it's nice NA is getting these games, too. Personally I never really doubted we'd be getting EOV, it was only a matter of time when. I think I'm definitely going to buy that one, but Strange Journey REDUX and the Radiant Historia remaster I probably won't get, especially since I already have the latter which I STILL haven't finished...
  13. I see. Thank you! Perhaps I will give them a go, then...some time next year, perhaps. I've been spending quite a bit of money this year....
  14. Ah, I see. Yeah, I'm actually interested in the Sky games, too. They're on Steam now, right? Although I'm not sure if my computer will be strong enough to run them, even though they do not have the most advanced graphics...
  15. While I haven't played any of the Trails games yet, I bought Cold Steel I and II. They should hopefully be coming in the mail fairly soon. I've heard the Trails games in general have really good characters and world building, which I'm looking forward to experiencing.