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  1. Should I make Atlas a Mercenary or Archer? If it helps any, I'm not going to get Deen.
  2. So I've read that the characters have food preferences, like some might like sweet food. Is there any way to tell what kind of food the characters like in-game without experimenting?
  3. Yup, I got mine! Everything looks really cool. The pins especially are pretty cute. I totally forgot to ask about the poster, though. Which is a shame I guess, but I'd really have nowhere to put it anyway. Can't wait to play the game!
  4. I think I asked this previously but didn't get an answer, so I'd like to do so again if you don't mind: Does Casual Mode have permanent battle saves like Awakening/Fates' Casual Mode?

    For my third playthrough, I was thinking of these: Chrom x (+Mag/-Luck or Def) Avatar (this one I'm most definitely going to do, which would be the better flaw to go with?) Sumia x Henry Panne x Frederick Sully x Donnel Tharja x Gauis Maribelle x Virion Cherche x Stahl Nowi x Vaike Cordelia x Lon'qu Miriel x Gregor Lissa x Ricken Olivia x Libra
  6. I think I'm going to get the late game grinding packs. Not too sure about the early game grinding ones. I may also get the prologue DLC, because story. I'll probably get the Class DLC for at least Alm and Celica. The other ones...I'll see. I think they all look REALLY good, though.

    I'm going with Gregor!Laurent this playthrough, but I have one question: What skill should I have Gregor pass down?
  8. While the map design in Echoes is definitely a step down from Conquest and I would have liked it if they could re-make them to be not so bland, if the quality of them is on par with Awakening's maps, I think I'll be good. That game also had rather unexciting maps and I still had fun with it. And it seems like everything else about this game is rather good.
  9. Okay, thanks. The high chance for critical hits does sound good. Nice to see Kagero is actually good for Takumi, so I think I will go with these pairings after all.
  10. Is Rinkah!Shiro much worse than Kagero!Shiro? The latter seems much stronger, but I like Kagero's Support with Takumi more than I do Rinkah's and want to marry her to him.
  11. Honestly? Lately, I haven't. I think the last one I beat was either Bravely Default or Revelation, and that was back in January/December. I usually play at least some way through a game before I put my attention on another. And then I keep buying more games even though I have many left unbeaten. I suppose I'm just interested in a whole lot of them. But I do intend to beat them at some point, which is why I never sell any game unless it's one I'm REALLY not interested in after all. At least all of these games will keep me busy for a long time.
  12. I'm on my second playthrough of Conquest right now. While still fun, I think I'm enjoying it significantly less than I did with my first playthrough. I suppose it's because the hype has long since worn off.
  13. Favorite route is most definitely Conquest. The maps are a lot more fun, and it has more characters I care about. And while its story is pretty infuriating, it's actually the one I dislike the least. Least favorite is...ehhh, I don't know. Probably Revelation, I guess. Maps aren't the greatest here, and some characters are rather awful upon joining (such as Odin). Birthright's story may be my least favorite, but Revelation's existence pretty much ruins the entire point of Fates. But at least cross-nation pairings are nice, I think.
  14. I always play as female Corrin. Perhaps it has to do with being female myself, but I also think she just has a much nicer design with better customization options. And. Yeah. This way, I can also have her marry a male character. But really, if given the choice in any game, I'm more than likely to pick female.