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  1. I really like all of Ephraim’s lines. You can tell he really enjoys fighting, something we really didn’t see in Sacred Stones.
  2. I didn’t expect the games to be harder than the original Sun and Moon. I was expecting a lot of the bosses to be same as Sun and Moon, with same Pokemon and moveset, but they changed it a lot to make it harder. In particular, some of the strategies that Totem Pokemon are brilliantly cruel. They knew what pissed off and cranked it up.
  3. Just fought it. Just when you think they can’t make Totem Lurantis harder, they give it a new friend.
  4. I’m already at the second trial, and I wasn’t expecting a new water Totem Pokemon...and it’s evil. So very evil.
  5. Ah, so it is definitely Fates kids. I wonder if there will be two banners.
  6. Say, what’s the japanse name of the Children of Fate banner? Because it might provide more clues, but I don’t think it is Fates children characters, neither Awakening children. I think it’s going to be Geneology children that will appear, considering the recent banner.
  7. BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle!?

    The 3 news characters are Yukiko, Gordeau and Azreal. Yukiko and Gordeau were expect, but Azreal was a suprising choice. I was expecting the new Blazblue character to be either Tsubaki or Hakumen.
  8. Actually, Amelia and Tana might not be so random, considering they always join in the same chapter in both Eirika ans Ephraim’s routes and Amelia was going to be a Princess of Frelia and a flying trainee unit.
  9. Just one day left! And dammit, I got spoiled on the Champion! Damn you youtube!
  10. I forgot about the World of Radiance one. So yeah, I guess the Halloween one will last 3 weeks as well. They probably want to reveal the new banner on the FEH channel.
  11. The arena season is ending tomorrow, but no new banner announced. I asked this some days ago, but will the Halloween units be bonus units again? Perhaps I am being to impatient, but this is kinda weird. Did this already happen before? Having 3 arena seasons with the same bonus units?
  12. I wonder if they would introduce a new playable lawyer, I mean, there’s already 3 main playable lawyers, but with Apollo leaving the agency, I wouldn’t be suprised if they introduced a new one.