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  1. Well, she’s not really a lord to begin with, so Micaiah is the first Staff using lord. Well, if Elincia counts, then she’s still not first, as that honor goes to Leif and maybe Deirdre/Julia.
  2. 27 and still waiting, the only thing that changed was my perception of time. Time starts to go so fast once you hit 20. I’m 27 but I swear I was 22 yesterday! I swear!
  3. Actually it’s not really fake. The image was directly ripped from the Pokemon Go app.
  4. Since I placed spoilers in the title, I don’t think this thread will need spoiler tags, anyway looks like someone messed up at Niantic messed up and the new Pokemon was leaked: Look like it might be the new cute Legendary and it seems to be at least a Steel type.
  5. How long you've been playing Heroes?

    Since lauch day, and man how the game changed! I still remember how you couldn’t swap unit positions at the start of battle, how the stamina cost for the Training Tower was really expensive, how the max stamina was 50, how GHB and BHB costed stamina, how Staff Units were considered bad, how Camus never returned, how Takumi was feared, how you couldn’t turn off the enemy music... The game changed so much in so little time!
  6. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    So Torna was meant to be in the game? That explains how it was released so fast. As I said before, I wish they held it back it’s release at peast a year more, for Torna to have more content.
  7. If Lilian dies...

    You mean Lilina? It’s neither of these, she dies for good actually.
  8. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    I think they wanted to release ot while there was still hype for the game, but wouldn’t mind waiting a year or two for a longer Torna. They already have the resources, and creating resources is what usually makes game development take so long.
  9. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    Do you mean as too long or not long enough? To be fair, it’s impressive that they created this much content in less than a year. Make me wish this expansion was released in 2019 because it could be even longer!
  10. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    I was just watching the Torna cutscenes, and I first was disappointed that it was only 2 hours and a half worth of cutscenes, but when I looked back that original Xenoblade 2 cutscenes I realized that about 70% percent of the cutscenes were tutorials, world building and needlessly dragging out arcs.
  11. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    I’ve heard reviews that this expansion is only 17 hours long, sidequests included. For those who played it, is that accurate?
  12. Isabelle seems like she will be the Luigi to Villager’s Mario. And I’m fine with that! I think she’ll far more agile than Villager too!
  13. New Nintendo Direct at 9/13/2018 3pm PT: New date

    I love the fact that despite ot being an expansion, we treat it as a new whole game. Just shows the amount of content it will have!
  14. Voting Gauntlet: The Chosen Ones!

    Actually there’s a lot of people who never played a FE game before Heroes, and I actually think they outnumber FE veteran fans. Why do you think the original characters did so well in CYL?
  15. New Nintendo Direct at 9/13/2018 3pm PT: New date

    I love how Nintendo Directs come out of nowhere, barely giving you time. I think it will mostly focus on Super Mario Party as it will be released soon.