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  1. It’s weird feeling when a internet celebrity dies. They seem immortal for some reason. Perhaps because to many, they’re usually just disembodied voice, but one that actually can interact with you, so they give this feeling of “close, yet far”. My deepest condolences to the family. I know what’s to lose a family member to cancer, and one you thought they’re surprassed. Seeing it come back is a horrible feeling, even worse than finding out for the first time. I do wish his would just shut up. To me, one of the most disgusting things a person can do is mocking the dead. They aren’t here to defend themselves, and you won’t ever have to interact with them again, so why mock them?
  2. Instead of big bosses, they could have Lu Bu type of characters, that is terrifying force on the field, and appears invincible. And there are plenty of characters in FE that could take Lu Bu’s role of invincible warriors. There’s Camus, Mathilda, Ishtar, Reinhardt, Seth, Jaffar, Ike, Black Knight, Grima-possed Robin, Ryoma and Xander. All these characters could be considered the Lu Bu of their games, hell, there’s a map in Warriors where Ryoma and Xander pretty act like Lu Bu and you have to avoid them.
  3. Possible new Pokemon games leaked?

    Interesting you mention that because aside from Orre, Kanto is arguably the most corrupt region in the Pokemon World. It’s where Team Rocket started, which is still the only evil team in the main series that is actually a criminal group. Every other evil team in the main series isn’t really a full fledged criminal organization, instead they are more like cults, and Team Skull is just a buch of thugs. And Team Rocket actually had a lot of power in Kanto, with the boss being a Gym Leader and Team Rocket controls the Game Corner(Which makes you wonder where those Pokemon given as prizes there came from). And there’s also things like the story of Marowak’s ghost, the possessed Channelers, Blaine and Mr. Fuji’s dark past and connection to Mewtwo and the Pokemon Mansion, Celadon’s water being polluted and full of Grimers, the Power Plant being originally destroyed, a house in Cerulean being attack by a burglar, the Nugget Bridge challenge being controlled by Team Rocket, the Hypno trying to kidnap a girl in FRLG, the poaching of the Ice type Pokemon also in FRLG, Team Rocket’s attack on Silph and the fact that some Silph employees actually helped Team Rocket and defected to them and the Biker trainer class in Kanto being outright criminals. Considering all of that, Kanto is actually a pretty dark region in terms of story and not really a pleasant place to have a Pokemon journey.
  4. Yeah, so things can get really disturbing, even the monster designs. I imagine you saw Mara? And there’s Alice’s backstory...and her sidequests in many games. And funny you mention cannibalism because it’s the main gameplay mechanics if a spinoff off series, no joke. The game gives you the option to eat monsters(somw which are transformed people), and eating them is the only way to learn new skills and level up if I’m not mistaken. @Interdimensional ObserverPerhaps I’ve exaggerated when I called SMT anti-religious, but Law is seen in a much more negative light than Chaos, plus the Christian God is the main villain. Besides, while Lucifer is not gentle soul, he at least gives you humanity a chance. He even says that while he really doesn’t love humanity, he won’t abandon them either.
  5. Possible new Pokemon games leaked?

    That’s sounds pretty amazing, and thinking about it, in the original G/S/C games, in order to justify Kanto being smaller, a lot “bad things” happened to the region. Such as Cinnabar being destroyed, Viridian Forest being cut down, Cerulan Cave collapsing, Safari Zone closing, Undergound Passages being closed off, Pokemon Tower being replaced and so on. So Kanto being destroyed by a catastrophe is actually pretty fitting. The region is actually damn unlucky. But yeah, because it sounds so awesome, it’s probably fake.
  6. Cordelia Less Obsessed w/Chrom in Japanese Version?

    Arguably, Cordelia has a lot more issues in the japanese version, because alongside her obsession with Chrom, I’ve heard that japanese Cordelia is incredibly paranoid about her breast size and mentions it a lot.
  7. Persona 4 reboot? You mean the “Persona 4 is not over” line? That was actually a mistranslation. They simply meant that Persona 4’s legacy will remain. Why do people keep spreading this without actually doing research? And about the milking of the Persona series, I don’t really see a problem with it. It’s not like Atlus didn’t try to give attention to the main series, SMTIV and Apocalypse are good examples of that, but unfortunately they didn’t become as popular as Persona. Plus, the main SMT series is not for everyone. The difficulty scares a lot of people off and the themes of the main games can a put off some people. I know a lot of people who doesn’t play the main series because the anti-religious theme of the game makes them uncomfortable. Is it really suprising that the more approachable Persona series is more popular?
  8. Regarding the Sanaki controversy.

    I admit that at first, I really didn’t like the idea if putting a child in a bridal outfit, but after reading Bridal Sanaki’s Lv.40 conversation, my opinion changed. It’s actually quite sad...
  9. Possible new Pokemon games leaked?

    Here’s the link: http://boards.4chan.org/vp/thread/35614124
  10. Ares, Black Knight

    Well, if Ares is running Fury, the plus HP isn’t all that bad. Sometime a single extra hit point can save you.
  11. Possible new Pokemon games leaked?

    I kept thinking, and I came up with reasons as to why it would be only the original 151. -It would like Go, and would eventually add more generations later(unlikely) -They completely revamped the battle system and perhaps more than 151 is to much for the game(very unlikely) -Pokemon from other generations appeared in ORAS before postgame, specifically Victory Road, and from what I remember, a lot of people reacted really negatively to it, so Game Freak may be under the impression that people don’t want Pokemon from future generations in remakes(likely) I’m still very doubtful of this leak though.
  12. Possible new Pokemon games leaked?

    Apparently there are rumors that only the original 151 will appear. I find that unlikely for 3 reasons: -Previous remakes had Pokemon introduced in later Generations. -The leak is from 4chan -More Pokemon means more merchandise to sell.
  13. Julius and Ishtar, creepy or sweet?

    I think it’s both. Ishtar in a way is dependent on Julius. By the end of the game, she lost her father, mother, brother, her bodyguard. Julius is all she has left.
  14. Ares, Black Knight

    Might if add a suggestion? I think Vantage is a good option for the “Full Offensive Tilt”, specially if you’re using Aether. Aether+Fury+Vantage work really well together. Admittedly, it helps that my Ares is +HP, but it’s still pretty good synergy. A +Spd Seal also helps has good synergy with this combination.
  15. Tempest Trials: Loki’s Flames!

    To think we would see that the day where a Staff user would be a terrifying boss...I love it! If people saw before the Staff buff, they would laugh! And damn, with that weapon and Drive Atk, Groom Marth is perfect for Horse Emblem that have a Blade tome user.