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  1. It's not really a break, but rather Laura is getting big in the VA industry, which means she doesn't have the time for these jobs anymore. Kinda what happened with Troy Baker. It's highly unlikely that we will ever see Laura Bailey in a japanese game again.
  2. Frederick kept his original voice actor in Heroes. Only Lucina and Inigo changed for the Awakening characters.
  3. The reason most of the Fates' Voice Actors is a tad more complicated, and it's not really Treehouse's fault. Camilla's, Hinoka's and Takumi's original VA's are rather difficult to get and don't really usually do work with games and there's the whole union mess. It doesn't really suprise that they were replaced, in fact, I expected it.
  4. I cleared Infernal with Leo, Reinhardt, Hector and Bridal Lyn. Reinhardt barely did anything other than dealing with the Wo Dao Swordsman. Leo dealt with Hawkeye, but Hector did most of the work with Bridal Lyn healing him so he could tank the magic. Dear god, Hector is ridiculous strong, even Red Units fear dealing with him. Did anyone else felt that this map was easier than the other Bound Battles? Maybe because one of the bosses isn't exactly know for being a top tier unit.
  5. I wouldn't worry about the VA strike. It doesn't affect japanse games like FE, only western companies. Back on subject, the chances are low but did the review said something we didn't knew about the game?
  6. Noctis was a rather obvious choice, that being said, I'm actually quite glad he's in. His warp power is perfect for Dissidia's gameplay.
  7. One interesting thing I've noticed the mysterious figures is that there seems to be an older male, and older female and a child. Could they be a family? Sun and Moon does have human families as one of it's main themes.
  8. My first 5 star was a +Res-Hp Leo. Might be not the most optimal boon/bane for him, but he is my most used unit and I still use him as the leader of my Team 1. I spent a lot of time on him to make him even stronger. @libtard snowflake Takumi is still pretty good. Other than Bridal Cordelia and CYL Lyn, Takumi is still one of the best archers in the game, alongside Innes, Leon and Klein.
  9. My guess: Red: Elincia Blue: Tana/Linde(I'm suprised Linde wasn't a Hero Fest character before) Green: Sonya/CYL Ike(Or maybe they will repeat Hector, I mean there is demand for him) Coloress: Innes/CYL Lyn
  10. Itagaki Hako(Roderick, Gordin, Draug) Tobi(Klein, Clive) Teita(Innes) I wish any of these artists were the official one for the next FE.
  11. http://www.siliconera.com/2017/09/15/blazblue-cross-tag-battle-adds-yosuke-hanamura-jin-kisaragi-linne/ Yosuke and Linne were revealed today. Linne wasn't surprising, but Yosuke caught me off guard. I really didn't think he would be playable. I mean, he's popular, but not nearly as popular as some other Persona characters, like the ones I listed before.
  12. I wonder if they chose Oscar due to his popularity as a "strong" unit instead of being chosen for his popularity as a character. Kinda like how Reinhardt, a minor character in Tharcia, is popular in Heroes.
  13. It's very rare for a unit to want a neutral nature. The only one that comes to mind is Merric.
  14. But doesn't Nephenee usually tries to hide her rural accent? It did sound to me like she was trying to hide. Or maybe her rural accent is more subdued, like Rebecca, which is a really well done rural accent.
  15. What else did you expect when Solgaleo and Lunala appeared wearing Necrozma-like armor?