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  1. Is Eirika good?

    I wouldn’t call her good, but she’s not bad unit by any means. The best way to describe Eirika is that she is a solid unit.
  2. I wouldn’t call it double standards really. The last Ike alt we got was Legendary Ike and L!Ike was released a year ago. So there isn’t an Ike fatigue, as opposed to Camilla, Lucina and Lyn fatigue.
  3. I’m saying it’s almost canon, not that it is. But it’s getting pretty close to that. Also a fun tidbit is that after the support system was announced, Ike x Soren was #10 on the most supported pairs. The rest of the pairs were "optimal" pairs like with Brave Lyn and Hector. Ike/Elincia is not even close to the titan that is Ike/Soren.
  4. I love the Ike/Soren vibes in this banner. I mean, it’s practically canon by now since IS noticed it was massively popular. Man, they really went for the unexpected in this banner, and it’s really cool.
  5. Fate/Grand Order General

    I wish I had more Casters, though I am satisfied with Hans. And yet again, I didn’t pull a single female character. I don’t particularly mind if, but it strange how I never got one. And this game has a weird obsession in giving me Assasins and Berserkers. I’m kinda tired of them now.
  6. Kingdom Hearts III-Released!

    Do you want me show you the moments where it happens?
  7. Kingdom Hearts III-Released!

    Pretty much. To be fair party members needed a buff. They were borderline useless in KH1 and KH2. Now they can kill a lot of heartless on their own. And interestingly enough, Donald and Goofy also got a buff in storywise. They don’t feel just there anymore, they are a lot more balsy towards the villains and it shows that their bond with Sora is just as strong as his bond with Riku and Kairi, if not stronger. And Donald gets an incredibly badass moment in the game and I really wish I could show it, but it’s spoiler stuff. Another recurring Disney character that usually doesn’t do much as get a very badass moment, but again spoiler stuff.
  8. Kingdom Hearts III-Released!

    Make sure to give your opinions when play it! And let me give you a good hint: Party members are actually pretty good in this game, especially Donald. He now heals when you need it! All you need to do is get close to him while you’re on critical health and Donald will heal you instantly! Remember getting close to him is important as it is what triggers his Cure spell. Also, when you’re in critical health Donald tends to stop everything he is doing and go in your direction to heal you to trigger the Cure spell, but only when he has HP.
  9. So in other words it’s the typical ruckus over something stupid.
  10. Some people are saying that Chrom is terrible now because they removed Aethercide. While is a big loss, is it really the only thing that made him good? Everyone is going RIP Chrom and so on.
  11. Kingdom Hearts III-Released!

    Finally cleared the game and honestly those years of waiting were worth it! The game is amazing! And man, from the moment you enter the Keyblade Graveyard world it’s “holy shit!”, “WHAT?” “Awesome!” and “What the fuck is happening?!” moments without stop. Until the very end it’s very tense! And there’s a part that is even more mindfucking that Dream Drop Distance.
  12. Kingdom Hearts III-Released!

    I’m at the final boss and let me say one thing: Donald and Goofy are very reliable in battle. Donald actually heals you when you’re at low health! Seriously the party members in this game are much better. Donald is actually being the MVP in the final battle, healing me when I need so I don’t waste magic healing myself.
  13. Kingdom Hearts III-Released!

    I’m in the Frozen world, and man this world you gotta be creative when exploring. Then again, it is a snowy mountain, they’re not exactly easy to navigate. It’s interesting how the worlds seem to defined in styles, as in some worlds are in the KH1 style with focus on exploring, where other worlds are in the KH2 style with focus on battles and you mostly follow a straight line. It actually helps things stay interesting and fresh.
  14. Kingdom Hearts III-Released!

    Damn the worlds in KH3 are massive! It was a mistake trying to do Toy Box in one go. Still loving the game though!