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  1. Do we have the numbers on Owain's skill yet? What the damage boost is at equal Strength/Magic and how fast it falls off? I've been wondering what the cutoff is on how close the stats have to be for it to be worthwhile.
  2. DLC Pack 3 Discussion Topic

    Any word yet on what the damage boost from Owain's skill is, at least for him (with equal str and mag)?
  3. DLC Pack 3 Discussion Topic

    Ryoma has a good moveset and one of the best skills in the game. Owain is a decent option because he can be set up to hit into resistance, because his magic and strength are the same.
  4. DLC Pack 3 Discussion Topic

    I feel like his awakening finisher has a really long animation. I can see that being a bit of an issue with the one type of timed mission, since the animation had to actually finish in time for the kills to count. (I could swear it would count the kills in the release version though)
  5. DLC Pack 3 Discussion Topic

    Olivia's moveset is interesting. Not sure how much use I'll get out of the other two though. Would've been kind of nice to get an option to use the broken armor models as costumes, just to have it.
  6. Awakening DLC Japanese + English Site Info [Topic Split]

    She only abuses her daughter because she knows Noire has a better body (and personality) than her.
  7. Awakening DLC Japanese + English Site Info [Topic Split]

    I'm wondering if strike rate+ will stack with astra. Some characters are already ridiculously fast with just the latter.
  8. Awakening DLC Famitsu Scans

    Who knows? Could be anything. I just don't think the magazine scans being leaked has anything to do with it. I hope it is this week, though.
  9. Awakening DLC Famitsu Scans

    Maybe their editor isn't very good at math?
  10. Awakening DLC Famitsu Scans

    I don't see why that would matter. The scan doesn't say "this week". It refers to the release date as 3 22.
  11. Season 2 DLC Wishlist (If It Happens)

    I guess it would depend on whether they do other games, or stick to the current ones. If they stick to the current ones, I would probably want: Fates Charlotte (new moveset, because I find Lissa's moveset really unsatisfying with the use of magic and such) Keaton/Velouria (need more stone users and I like the wolves better than the foxes) Some sort of mounted archer (Reina, or maybe somebody in the Mechanist/Bow Knight class?) That said, I doubt they would put out a Fates pack that wasn't "1 character from each side and 1 neutral character". Shadow Dragon/New Mystery Camus (lance, mounted. SIrius costume. A lance user on a horse would be nice and there aren't any male lance users at the moment which is kind of annoying for levels that require male units) Draug (or maybe Dolph with a Macellan costume) Merric would be nice but I'm not keen on putting clones in this wishlist and I can't come up with a unique moveset for him. Awakening Panne Virion (bow knight) Aversa I can't see them pulling from older games for DLC in this one, but it would be nice if they did. Something like this would be nice: Elibe Hector/Wallace/Rath (new movesets) Tellius Ike/Elincia/Ashnard (new movesets. Maybe get Ranulf or Tibarn in there instead of one of them) Magvel Ephraim/Lyon (moveset based around summoning monsters for heavy attacks and such)/Eirika (probably a clone)
  12. FE:W Update Sneaks in 3/8/2018

    Same. I guess this gives me more time to actually do the SD stuff since I was distracted by Radiant Historia for the last month or so
  13. That would have been interesting too. It bugs me more than it should, only having Tiki use stones.
  14. Panne would have been nice. All these stones and only one character who uses them.
  15. Features to Improve A Potential FE Warriors 2

    I want an easier way to save between missions. Maybe a faster event feed thing in battles. Mine is consistently do far behind that it's worthless. Would also be nice if you could dodge out of more moves to cancel them. Hyrule Warriors seems to have a lot more dodge cancellable moves than FE:W does.