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  1. Season 2 DLC Wishlist (If It Happens)

    I guess it would depend on whether they do other games, or stick to the current ones. If they stick to the current ones, I would probably want: Fates Charlotte (new moveset, because I find Lissa's moveset really unsatisfying with the use of magic and such) Keaton/Velouria (need more stone users and I like the wolves better than the foxes) Some sort of mounted archer (Reina, or maybe somebody in the Mechanist/Bow Knight class?) That said, I doubt they would put out a Fates pack that wasn't "1 character from each side and 1 neutral character". Shadow Dragon/New Mystery Camus (lance, mounted. SIrius costume. A lance user on a horse would be nice and there aren't any male lance users at the moment which is kind of annoying for levels that require male units) Draug (or maybe Dolph with a Macellan costume) Merric would be nice but I'm not keen on putting clones in this wishlist and I can't come up with a unique moveset for him. Awakening Panne Virion (bow knight) Aversa I can't see them pulling from older games for DLC in this one, but it would be nice if they did. Something like this would be nice: Elibe Hector/Wallace/Rath (new movesets) Tellius Ike/Elincia/Ashnard (new movesets. Maybe get Ranulf or Tibarn in there instead of one of them) Magvel Ephraim/Lyon (moveset based around summoning monsters for heavy attacks and such)/Eirika (probably a clone)
  2. FE:W Update Sneaks in 3/8/2018

    Same. I guess this gives me more time to actually do the SD stuff since I was distracted by Radiant Historia for the last month or so
  3. That would have been interesting too. It bugs me more than it should, only having Tiki use stones.
  4. Panne would have been nice. All these stones and only one character who uses them.
  5. Features to Improve A Potential FE Warriors 2

    I want an easier way to save between missions. Maybe a faster event feed thing in battles. Mine is consistently do far behind that it's worthless. Would also be nice if you could dodge out of more moves to cancel them. Hyrule Warriors seems to have a lot more dodge cancellable moves than FE:W does.
  6. Actually, is there a generally accepted "meta" for weapon skills? I usually just go with Rainstorm, a couple Strong skills, and then 2 slayer skills, depending on the character (on their personal weapon, of course).
  7. If I combined topsy-turvy with statflip on a melee character, I would be hitting from my resistance into their resistance, right? I'm thinking of using that combo on Caeda since her resistance is so much higher than her strength.
  8. Shadow Dragon DLC images surface

    Don't be silly, they can't be the same person. Sirius wears a mask.
  9. Ideas for costumes

    I'd like to see Minerva in her brother's outfit. Will never happen since she's already a DLC character, but I would use that outfit. Maybe a Celica costume based on her Gaiden outfit.
  10. Shadow Dragon DLC images surface

    I hope the next game has Sirius in it. I don't really see why everybody wants Camus. He died in the only game he was even in. I want more of Sirius. Who is he? Why is he so strong? How does he know Nyna? They could even give him Gradivus and maybe a costume of Camus since they look kind of alike.
  11. What character is your main?

    Mostly Oboro. There aren't any characters in the game (or planned as DLC) who fit the type of character I wanted to play. But I like Oboro's moveset. Will probably switch to Minerva when she comes out (unless she's a Camilla clone).
  12. Lukas and Fernand yelling at each other. Fernand: I'll rip that traitorous tongue from your throat! Lukas: Then you'll finally have the truth in your grasp! Loved that little exchange.
  13. Warriors: Fates DLC set for the 21st

    So did they actually add in that thing they talked about, where you could have AI auto-heal people or something? It seems like it could be handy but I can't figure out how to get them to do it.
  14. Warriors: Fates DLC set for the 21st

    Effective against certain weapon types