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  1. KPOP THREAD II: The New Covenant

    Pristin and wanna one and kard won the rookie award at the AAAs im so happyyyyyy
  2. Focus: Farfetched Heroes!

    Lute's voice is very fitting imo I like it And Joshua is the free unit?? Sign me up
  3. I like all of Tobin's but I like the way he says "have some of this" I like it a lot
  4. KPOP THREAD II: The New Covenant

    My favorite thing abt exid's comeback is that nobody can figure out what solji's actual parts are in the song so it's a mad rush trying to figure out what parts she sings and which ones she doesn't hyerin & junghwa cover her part well in live tho both versions are good
  5. KPOP THREAD II: The New Covenant

    I've watched a total of two kdramas and one of them turned out to be a sponsored thing for sf9 and the other one had infinite members, which i did not know but that guy is very eyes emoji i agree
  6. KPOP THREAD II: The New Covenant

    I j realized i always skip boom boom whenever it comes up on my playlist and its weird?? I like that song. There's nothing wrong w/that song it's seventeen. Hm
  7. hell yeah you go shanna i dumped like 200 flags in at the last minute
  8. KPOP THREAD II: The New Covenant

    yesung and leeteuk's voices are godly, hello super junior where have you been all my life
  9. Hello, Hi, Hey: I'm $$$ richh

    Me: wow 16k words in total, yay :) Writing friend: 44k words me: how the fuck (i am not kidding and it's literally been ten days since we started)
  10. Hello, Hi, Hey: I'm $$$ richh

    YEAH ITS NOT FUN the whole year has been going by fast but nanowrimo makes november move at a snail's pace no wonder monsta x and seventeen get along if they baked something together that'd be something awful
  11. Hello, Hi, Hey: I'm $$$ richh

    Nanowrimo makes me wanna cry