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  1. I would rather Byleth have a set personality than be an avatar but they should have just made Edelgard the main one! She could still be like Chrom, the front with avatar in back, instead of Azura, playing second fiddle
  2. Oh I’m sure Byleth can be female too but that doesn’t really count as a strong female lead.
  3. I need it hope to that Byleth it isn’t the same. Same reason I didn’t count Corrin...(though Corrin was so blank even she got overshadowed by Ryoma and Xander)
  4. Honestly I’m hurt that we Finally get a woman in the spotlight and she’s overshadowed by the main character as an avatar. We never got a lord! We had Lyn who got taken over by Eliwood and then hector I’m NG+, Erika who had ephraim, and Michiah who had to fight the return of Ike taking lead. I saw Edelgard and thought finally we get a lord for the girls~ nope. It’s an avatar main character and there’s 2 other lords, both men. Not like guys have Marth, Ike, Chrom, Alm (who comes out on top over Celica), Eliwood, and maybe the new main guy if he can’t change genders. Thsts whats changed my opinion. I’m so upset.
  5. Three versions?

    It would add replayabilty if done right. Awakening has more replayabilty than Fates or me because better story and more interesting characters, plus in Fates every character retreats nobody dies wtf echoes has NO replayabilty. I couldn’t do it. It bored me, maps were too flat and the dungeons were so long and boring it just wasn’t any good going through again. Mixed with fewer classes and fewer units it just didn’t have it for me This game seems like itll have the same problem.
  6. Maybe not silent but mostly silent because he said nothing but Edelgard spoke a lot yet he is the main character? And in town she talks but he just gets a prompt that the player picks. they really need to stop with avatars...
  7. Poll : The Squad

    What worries me is if number of people in the squad deplete maybe you don’t die you run out of squads and that character can’t battle until you go to a safe zone and restore their squad to full power but the unit themselves never die and we get like 6 characters with large squads not an FE styled 30/40
  8. Who do you want to see as Echo characters?

    I wasn’t picturing them changing the color scheme to give all of it more flaming feels! And arcfire is actually ragnorak
  9. Who do you want to see as Echo characters?

    Can’t say I expect it...but I could potentially see Impa (shiek) Celica (Robin) but this would be instead of Chrom (I don’t think the Chrom evidence is strong. He’s from an old game and Ike lost half his costumes so of course Chrom ain’t one no more) And someone for F zero. Maybe a villain.
  10. Poll : The next LORD that may you hope.

    Biggest thing is I want a woman! A woman who aint sharin her spotlight and cant go and become a man like Corrin. Even if Robin were a woman, Chrom is the real leader and protagonist.
  11. Ooh so not three paths! Just highlighting how significant and unique each protagonist is to the story and maybe we get 30+ less important people who can sadly die like pre-awakening games where people die for reals ;(
  12. E3 Trailer Analysis

    Formations could be like combat arts (instead of magic spells you get those)
  13. Three versions?

    I like this! like radiant dawn’s ending had 3 paths personally, I think that alternate paths can be great or it can detract from a good solid story
  14. I predict this character will be from a 4th more deadly house that rises up agaisnt the other 3.
  15. Three versions?

    i ain’t sure, they may just different choices like they said I just hope they are full fledged games if they do that. To me, id rather then focus on one path! Thats on purpose!