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  1. Why is the Ike x Lethe ship so rare?

    Well I’ll trust you and it make that search..
  2. Why is the Ike x Lethe ship so rare?

    Who are those
  3. Why is the Ike x Lethe ship so rare?

    Oh really? See my dad told me I should never look up name x name
  4. Why is the Ike x Lethe ship so rare?

    I don’t care for Ike and Ranulf. Yeah they have some good banter but Ranulf is so loyal to Skrimr him just going either to sea or into hiding with Ike makes no sense. To ne what makes sense (I stole this read it long ago): Ike hates fame. Lethe is kinda a nobody after the war, but her ending they say that want to see each other more and become partners after the fighting is done. Lethe does say she doesn’t care but her ending of PoR implies she didn’t mean it. Soren needs Ike to function. Ike gives up the fsme he never wanted by changing his name Soren is branded ikes kid is branded (a great ending to a story about the war between the two races the main character uniting them in more ways than one) then Soren would meet ikes kids and probably tell them some legends. Hence Priam knowing Ike’s story and obsessing over him! Also...Lethe would lose her powers but she cares about Ike and even her dialogue (what little there is) makes it seem like she values who she is and what she likes more than the actual transforming itself. If she were truly in love I think she’d give it up easily.
  5. Just asking it’s my preferred one and I read somewhere someone else bring it up and I was so surprised I mean her ending in PoR changed with Ike Support, their supports also make for a really cute and natural relationship and he isn’t nervous around her like other girls RD was bot completed but data shows he was meant to have More supports with her... but i only ever see Soren (who I thought was just supposed to be his best friend? I’m lesbian and don’t pick up the best on guys cues, admittedly but I didn’t see anything) and Elicina...who has a canonical option, and less flirting with Ike than Lethe does...and Ike is vocally opposed to being nobility/royalty and her ending enforces that she still is... Lethe makes most sense to me! And the ending is vague enough that it implies Ike is just in hiding, since Priam exists he’s probably just avoiding becoming famous. Lethe could still exist but Ike would not be able to “exist” because as the leader his name would have to change so if Lethe married a random Beorc nobody would notice... if the queen did that draws more attention thats just some thoughts i had today btw I want FE16 news
  6. Honestly I hate when weapons are named “blanks weapon”
  7. Do people still use “squee” because that’s so darn cute I think I just did that seriously I love both those characters I’m glad Olivia is comin I never expected it! I can’t wait to see who else gets supports!
  8. Then go back to when Nintendo told them to add Lyn after they already had a plan, and that meant designing an entire history map for her and Celica while Navarre was in the story mode
  9. Awakening DLC Famitsu Scans

    I mean watching their site, we can see that they’ve been tweeting today and haven’t said anything about a dlc supposedly releasing today. Info got from a magazine releasing tomorrow (day after the dlc) it to me really really shows that we won’t get it for a full week. It probably will Monday. (Weekday after Friday, Friday being when the magazine officially releases)
  10. Awakening DLC Famitsu Scans

    Well it ain’t just that they also are like 3 hours past the time every other dlc release and as I seen many other places, the warriors map in fire Emblem Heroes is comin next week and the other two were the same week.
  11. Awakening DLC Famitsu Scans

    It releases the 23rd! That’s after the 22nd! Why have it in the magazine?
  12. Awakening DLC Famitsu Scans

    I think it’s comint next week because the magazine technically is leaked
  13. Cuddle cuz my heart feels empty!
  14. Season 2 DLC Wishlist (If It Happens)

    So many choices... awakening: Future Children. Inigo, Severa, Morgan fates: revelations pack Silas (lance horse!) kaze (sword, used daggers in specials) Lilith (uses dragonstones) SD pack Draug Barst Athena