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  1. New Event Calendar (Dec-Jan)

    I hate this. I've gotten over FOUR 5* L'Arachel and COUNTLESS 4* it murders me. She's always my stupid blue pitybreaker, her curls and smile are now the bane of my summoning existence! But I wanna save orbs for the Beast units (don't care about the two revealed thus far, TBH, but hoping the other one or two are beasts I care about!), but also know they can totally screw me with Christmas and New Years. I hate armors, so if they do another all Armor Christmas, it's an easy skip, but then again I said that about Halloween and I HAD to get Halloween Niles, so we shall see. And New Years I loved NY!Takumi and NY!Azura, so if they do another cute theme like that, I'm probably sunk. But they could also totally do a FE game I haven't played and then I could use the rest of December to save orbs! I'm currently at like 130-ish, and wanna save at least 100 for beast units. And I don't *think* I'll pull on any of the other banners, except maybe to get Kliff if he's NOT with Lukas.
  2. Bound Hero Battle: Ike & Soren

    Not really hard, but Infernal did take me several tries. I beat the first two with my team of Ike, B!Ike, L!Ike and Soren. Haha. And was TRYING to beat Infernal with them, but just couldn't, so I took away part of the handicap and used L!Ike and Soren, and Flying!Olivia and Veronica as support and then it went MUCH better. That stupid blue flying mage did more damage to Soren than I was expecting. But pulled out with some clever dancing and healing, so it wasn't that hard. But bummed I couldn't do it with my team of Ike's + Soren. Haha.
  3. Official Pull Topic

    Interesting. I got Owain as my free pull, and then Exalted Chrom halfway through (because no colorless orbs appeared). So I'm done for a little. Only spent like 40 orbs, refuse to fall below a 100 saved for Holiday/eventual Laguz banner. But it would be nice to give Eir a merge (I swear it's not because I like the little blue background in their portraits and I hate when characters don't have it).
  4. Feh Channel on the 10th 3pm PT

    OMG but same. My first thought was "Omg, who is this hunk?!" And then I realized I'm shameful. XD But either way. <33
  5. Same. Robin's new weapon is pretty crap. Blarserpent+ is a much better fit for him. It would be better if the Rally Spectrum applied to Robin as well (a +4 in all his stats would do wonders), but without it, it doesn't really do anything except make him a support unit. And I much prefer him as an active member.
  6. Definitely no to ANY Legendary getting a Mythic alt. But 100% down for the ones who haven't to get some Mythic alts. Micaiah, Robin, etc. Though, I'd like it MORE if they just introduced OC's as Mythic heroes, I think it could do so much more for the story, but we all know they love their Alts. But I'd also really like Naga or other characters to get Mystic versions, but that's also my subscribing to what I personally think 'mystic' means, and as we learned from Legendary Heroes, it's just a modifier put in front to make them sound cool. Soooo, as long as they're not giving Legendary heroes, mythic versions, I'm fine for whatever they do!
  7. Totally agree, the designs are killer, I think! Really glad Kozaki did the work again, it's so detailed and the main image is stellar! Also I love the new icon, it's 100% my favorite, because I generally dislike loli characters (sorry Veronica!) and Fjorm I thought was ugly (sorry girl, I know you're dying!). Excited for the datemine though.
  8. Feh Channel on the 10th 3pm PT

    Yay! I'm cautiously optimistic (cause writing issues) but I loved this! Unlike some people, I wasn't expecting anything crazy because we just got Aether Raids/issues are more recent/development time, so I think it definitely delivered in terms of a quality book 3 update + a teaser for beast units!! The new characters look awesome, LOVE Hel's design. At first I was like, "What?" in the 3-D, but seeing the actual 2D art, I was like, "OMG, AWESOME!" Love the other two generals of the realm as well, the designs are a bit over the top and creepy but in a way I find intriguing. I also really like Eir's design, but hoping her personality is at least somewhat decent and no Fjorm! Though I also agree a Male protagonist OC would be nice to add, another princess is great, but Hrid was my favorite. Excited Beast Units are coming, but didn't expect them until January/February anyways, so I'm more whatever about them, but curious to see how they work in the next update, which might gives us something more interesting. And at the very least, new unit types means new strategies and new ways to beat content, so I'm excited to play around with them when they come. Mystic heroes is just another name to differentiate between the OG 4 elements and the new 4 elements (glad it's more than just Dark/Light!) so idk why everyone's weird about the name. They haven't been the BEST with naming things and at least we won't have any more debates about who "deserves" to be mystic cause it's just a silly modifier. Summon tickets are nice! I'll always take new ways to get free pulls, and like that they expire cause it forces me to pull on banners a bit more for more fodder. =D This made me die laughing. Thank you. XD
  9. What did fates’ story do right?

    I hate to agree in something so negative, but I actually 100% do. I think people search to find things that were okay with Fates, when honestly, objectively, it was just a poor piece of work. I think the closest thing they did right was their IDEAS. I really liked the idea of Fates. Choosing between your family that raised you and your blood? Great concept. Retainers for royalty? A 3rd path that shows you the consequences of the other paths? Characters dying? Complex sibling relationships and dynamics? Love ALL of those things. In theory Fates could have been actually amazing, so I think if there's anything the story did right, it was at least having a pretty complex, interesting concept. But otherwise ... there wasn't really anything in the story that I remember being done right. They managed to somehow mess up almost everything they introduced that I was initially very psyched about. Perhaps the only thing they did right was some character writing (Sakura/Elise come to mind), but that's not really part of the story.
  10. Feh Channel on the 10th 3pm PT

    I literally said that doesn't mean they shouldn't have been better from the start, because clearly they should have been. But we've established they weren't. We've established they messed up. So if that's the case and they're acknowledging that, we literally just have to wait or be thrown really shitty "holding us over" updates that will probably only serve to make everyone angrier. If in a few months (not several) they still haven't done anything, then yes they really just suck. But they've sucked for a while, and at least LOOK like they're acknowledging their mistakes, so we just have to wait and see. Not saying it makes it right, but idk what constant, useless complaining does either. And personally, I think Arena and Arena 2.0 are fine. I've enjoyed both! And ironically, didn't particularly care for Relay Defense. So to each their own, which only further speaks to the fact they literally can't please everyone.
  11. I have 3 units maxed out to 5k. Robin (duh). Lucina and PA!Azura. Followed by B!Ike at 4,720 and Joshua at 4,065. Otherwise, my next closest are in the low 3,000 and high 2000's. Haha. Clearly I don't alternate my units enough. I personally don't really care about the max, since I'm clearly never reaching towards it. But I think a 7000 cap seems reasonable. If they jump it to like 20k, it seems rather ridiculous.
  12. Hmm. Listed in order. Blazing Sword: Nils. Erk. Sain. Lyn. Eliwood. Heath. Sacred Stones: Ewan. Franz. Lyon. Eirika. Ephraim. Por & RD: Soren. Micaiah. Edward. Rolf. Sothe. Mia. Awakening: Robin. Morgan. Lucina. Owain. Severa. Inigo. Chrom. Brady. (I really loved so many of the characters from Awakening it's easier to name the ones I DISLIKED). Fates: Nobody. (Like actually I disliked the entire cast). Echoes: Gray. Tobin. Kliff. Python. Boey. Leon. Jesse. If you can't tell, I love my mages. XD
  13. Feh Channel on the 10th 3pm PT

    Exactly! 100% agree with this. Like everything planned here was based on data they had MONTHS ago. Everyone is like, "I'm bored NOW, so they should fix it NOW" as if development doesn't take time! If they rush it, we'll just get crappy game modes and nobody will be satisfied. They'll address current issues, but it will take a while. Why else do you guys think we got that note about banners we'd be getting in January and MARCH? Because they had it planned, but really far into the future and didn't realize they'd have so many people clamoring for it. Not that I don't think they should have been better about it from the get go, but clearly they hear the complaints and see the issues and are hopefully trying to be better. But we can't look at every new update that's coming in the next month to fix the things that are happening now.
  14. Feh Channel on the 10th 3pm PT

    I guess none of those things (aside from Weapon Refinery and Staff units) was really GAME changing and huge and needs more than a minute at most to explain. Barracks and stamina and adjustment of special skills were just quality of life things (all nice), but not really big. And I don't think it's an outrageous hope, I just don't feel like it's a very logical one to be expecting these huge updates, when they just gave us a pretty big one. The biggest thing I'd expect is beast units (which if it's the free/new unit would make PERFECT sense), but also wouldn't be surprised if they didn't. Haha. I just think everyone is putting too many eggs into ONE basket and thinking this update is gonna do EVERYTHING when at most I think it's only gonna do one or two things. I'd expect some things to be addressed here (TBD what they are) and the rest to be addressed at the anniversary. But everyone being negative and freaking out about it being 10 minutes seems silly, since I don't know how anyone could logically expect a 15-20 minute reveal, because of what we've recently gotten.
  15. Feh Channel on the 10th 3pm PT

    I'm actually surprised everyone is so negative and surprised by it only being 10 minutes. We LITERALLY just got Aether Raids, an entire new system. I never expected this to be anymore than a cinematic trailer, a date, a banner and maybe a free unit or something simple. What was everyone honestly, truly expecting? An overhaul of the system? If they do that, it's gonna be around the anniversary, but realistically Book III is just gonna be more story chapters and some new heroes, and maybe a basic surprise. If we're LUCKY we'll get beast units, but I also doubt that right now. I can hope, but to be realistic, I'm thinking it won't be until the anniversary, where they introduce beast units/do mass demotions/etc. Though they could def. fit demotions into 10 minutes, I never expected this FEH channel to be anything more than a trailer. Frankly I'm surprised it's so long. Haha.