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  1. I do want my classic favorites back. Sage/Dark Mages/Assassins/Swordmasters and Hero's. And I could be down for some dragon riders (who don't wield axes or lances), and I think I'd be happy. But I also would love some new, interesting/unique classes as well. And more mixed magical/physical classes are always a plus for me. Also agree, I want Light/Dark/Anima magic back. But also love the elements having their own increase in strength like in Awakening/Heroes. Some new interesting magic I'm always down for. I would also love a "soldier" class. We don't have enough lance-wielding classes and in a game with all these generics, I hope we get some "Infantry Soldier" classes as well.
  2. These...were...amazing. And so true. XD I definitely agree with brigands and the commoner. And there has to be one "this is a battlefield" support. Lol. I'm hoping for a different take on the dancer/singer (closer to Nils being happy-go-lucky). And of course the child mage character who's a prodigy (hopefully closer to Delthea and further away from Ricken/Clone!Ricken).
  3. I actually ... kinda like Innes. So I might try for him (vaguely). Noire I love as a character, and I think her face/artwork is drawn nicely, but I just am not a fan of the girls drawn like that without at least ONE guys in a tight, bulging speedo). If they had her and one guy like that, I'd maybe go for both, because EQUALITY. Hahah. But they didn't and do I need an archer? not really. So maybe just Innes, I like his artwork a lot, and I could always use more axe users, I'm always lacking on green's to choose from, and some more mixed teams for my Res/Spd/Atk tactic-loving self would be great!
  4. Could be the monitor (don't get me started on the dress omggg). And a lot of people are a little colorblind, it's just a fact. It's pretty common and I wasn't asking in a rude way, I was just curious, half the people I know are a little colorblind. Ask my boyfriend the difference between his blue and purple pants. XD But duly noted.
  5. Ahh, even in the CMYK model I view it more with pink overtones I suppose so it's brighter to me either way!! Yeah it definitely does. It uses all the colors that make up magenta for sure. The red cape/lavender eyes/etc. But that's why I like the color scheme because it has a bit more dimensional depth in the colors because they merge rather than clash.!
  6. Ummm...not really. To be fair, I literally work in graphic design, so I work with colors all day long. So no. It's not even close to a magenta (which has a fair amount of purple and pink hues even in the darker shades). This is a soft red (not like stop-sign red), and maybe you could get away with the shadows being a wine-red, and even then it strays more maroon with grayish tones just based on the color diagram of when I pull the color.
  7. So.... you do realize Claude's color is yellow, right? And the darker tones are gold? Not orange? You also said Edelgard uses magenta when her colors are red (and lavender for her eyes/hair ties). Are you a little colorblind, maybe?? I wonder if that's why the colors seem so off to you! Otherwise, I personally love the art/character designs at the moment. We have 0 personality so I can't speak to that. Edelgard is super pretty. At first her BRIGHT lavender eyes were a bit jarring (also because I couldn't see the pupil) but upon official release, I really like it. It's very ... high class, aristocrat (which ironically is her class), and so I think it fits. I wish her two hair pieces weren't cut so sharply and evenly, but otherwise her outfit looks cute and sensible and stylized without being overdrawn. Dimitri, I ... well ... I don't HATE his hair. But I don't like the mop look. It's just a few pieces that are just out of place that kinda bother me (and the weird length issue), but I also kinda like that it's different because it makes him unique and hey, we've all had bad haircuts. Lol. His outfit is a bit more generic but I'm okay with that (for now). And Claude...oh Claude. *dreamily sighs* I really could just go on and on (but yellow/black are my favorite colors together so yeah). So I love him. He has some shade diversity (like Grey or Boey) which I love, beautiful eyes. Wavy hair and a braid. Like ... sign me up. He looks like a mage to me (but it's probably only because I LOVE magic, so anyone I like, I make into a mage).. But I'm excited to see the other characters. From the quick character portraits of enemies(?) I was really vibing with the looks. The Avatar looks cool too, but I want an official portrait before I make my decision.
  8. Is "Teacher" the avatar?

    I didn't even finish Zestiria tbh. I also stopped about 45 hours in. The story was incoherent and I hated Sorey with a passion. Though, I DO appreciate it (vaguely) on a secondplay through with a friend after finishing Berseria because I think it makes the game faintly more bearable. And I do love Rose (and Edna), so they definitely help. But DotNW I only got maybe an hour into the story and I could NOT stand Emil or Marta at all, like I just couldn't. Well, I HOPE they picked up something, tbh, because I would love an FE game at a higher caliber. And an avatar character done right!
  9. Is "Teacher" the avatar?

    I actually loved Berseria and Xillia (1), whereas the ones I despise with my entire being are Graces and Zesitira (I don't even consider DotNW a game). But I do consider the Tales of series to be similar to Fire Emblem in the sense of what I expect from a game. These games are NEVER going to be like Persona or Dragon Age or any of the major players, so as a standard I think Tales of is a good comparison for the games. But I was more saying I really don't want them to do a silent protagonist at all, and I fear that if they DO it, it will come out being the mess that Ludger was from Xillia 2.
  10. Is "Teacher" the avatar?

    Hmmm. I definitely think "teacher" is the avatar, but I really, really dislike silent protag's (Ludger from Tales of Xillia 2 was done horribly). I love being able to customize a character, but I also love them having their own personality. I think it's why I liked Robin so much. He was friendly and silly and liked books, and he was "mine" because he was a magic swordsman and stuff. Whereas Corrin was just .... awful. I felt like they tried to give a generic, naive, vague personality and it was poorly done because Corrin didn't really feel like a unique character on their own (like Robin), but just a weird, you're supposed to self-insert, but you can't really because they have SUCH a backstory. So I'm hoping for a more Robin-esque situation. Where the 3 lords are the main focus, but *you* also are pretty important in some capacity. And even if the end revolves around *you* or a special power, I'm okay with that as long the 3 lords get equal focus. I'm also okay with the "teacher" just being that. A teacher. But I do hope they have some sort of defined personality, and if they ARE silent, I hope the options are wide-range enough (like DA!Inquistion) so it feels as if I can actually create a personality. So I'm cautious because Robin was done well (imo) and Corrin was done horribly, so they're 50/50 for me.
  11. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    I'm reallllly hoping we get them in Heroes before the release. I want them sooner rather than later. But just from an advertising standpoint, later makes a lot more sense. Probably co-inciding with the actual release (perhaps a week or so before) for people to get a taste of the characters. But would love for a early 2019 release in Heroes a couple months before.
  12. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    There was also a magic option for her in addition to combat arts. I'm assuming combat arts are like SoV, but I'm curious as to if the magic is traditional magic or something else!
  13. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    Okay, but like ... despite the negativity, I am HYPED. Fates sure was super cool looking, but it FAILED so hard. Like it was so awful, so honestly, a more subdued trailer that is a bit generic is GOOD. I can't stand the stupid tropes in Fates (and Awakening to a much lesser degree), and so if the characters are more fleshed out, with personality like SoV, I am super excited about that. I don't want any one-note characters like Camilla (and no it literally has nothing to do with her being fan service), etc. So a bit more generic and not super trope-ish is a good thing for me. I do agree it looks a little washed out, but I personally really like that sorta style and if it's coming out Spring 2019 you can bet there's gonna be more development and stuff so I'll reserve until we get a lot more info. But so far, I loved it. It was a little lackluster considering how long we've waited, but I think knowing that it was delayed makes it okay and have a lot more hope that they're really putting a lot into the project. Also ... also ... LOVE the formations. So excited to see it feel like an active battlefield. Because as much as I love being one player sweep an entire "army" it just never felt realistic. So the idea that there is an actual army is really cool. My first impression was a little cluttered, but upon seeing formations/etc, I think it could be done very well and it's going to be on a TV and not a little 3DS, so I actually think it might work out to look REALLY good. And also, war is a little cluttered. It's not neat lines and perfection so I like the realism that goes with it. And onto the character designs, YES. My stylistic, art director heart is happy. Like I'm so aesthetically minded because it's what I do all day at work, and I'm so picky, so I'm really, really happy I like the design. Also I love Claude, because we need more slightly dark characters. And I just love his hair and stuff. <33
  14. Official Pull Topic

    I'm so upset. Once again F!Morgan eludes me. Do you know how many orbs it took to get ONE on her debut banner? How many pity-breakers I got? I've never really had a trouble getting who I want in ANY banner unless I'm being greedy. But generally I just want 1 and I get it. Eventually, but I do. I fully got Shiro AND Lute. But do I get my daughter? No. I just want to give her +1 status. That's all. So I'm sniping blues, my pity rate is going up. We have 17 hours, I'm good. I can totally get another 20-ish orbs and snipe blue. I pull. No blue's. Just colorless and green. There's a few 3-4* Green's I like. NOPE. I fully get pity broken by HECTOR. And yes, DC fodder is AMAZING, but holy crap, why can't I ever just get F!Morgan without blowing every single free orb in my possession. The game knows. It knows I love her and it withholds her (and M!Robin so I can get +10). Also I pulled so many blue's and got 4 L'Archarel. Like I fully have pulled 15 of her total. 2 of which were 5*. But no Shigure (I want him, but didn't pull for him on his banner because I knew he was going to drop), and no M!Robin. Just useless blue's and no F!Morgan. Okay. Rant over. XD
  15. Tempest Trials: Feud of the Fangs!

    I love the Tactic seals, so I'm excited to have Res Tactic to throw on somebody (idk who yet, I don't have consistent mixed teams). The healer skill could come in handy later, but I just neverrrr use healers, but maybe that will change someday. And yesss a dancer skill. Now I don't have to exclusively use PA!Azura and maybe can get one of the other dancers to pull their weight. XD Probably Ninian so she'll have Gale Dance & Earth Dance for a Spd/Def combo (which I soooo need).