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  1. Official Pull Topic

    Okayyyy, so this was an insane journey. I got 5 star Michaiah, Taitlu, AND L'Archrael, ALL before Female Morgan. Needless to say I was furious. And then ... suddenly ... I got TWO Female Morgans (Both +Spd and -HP/-Def) anddd I got a 5 star CHROM! Who I wanted, but totally didn't expect to get because red is a trash pull. I'm super happy, but also like ... whyyyy was this so difficult? Lol. I forced myself to do every chain challenge/squad assault/everything I usually ignore. I was scraping the bottom of the barrel for orbs, it was murdering me. And I kept getting stupid pulls with 0 blues. My heart. So, I now have Female Morgan. Male Morgan. And Chrom. First banner ever I've gotten all the focus units!
  2. Tempest Trials: Invisible Ties!

    Love this, TT. Lunatic 7 is soooo easy. M!Morgan, Gerome (4*40), M!Robin (dad) and NY!Azura. They're murdering everyone, it's great. Inflated stats are my favorite. Sometimes loose the last round (literally with only Grima left), so just pull out Lucina to one-shot him (cause he's usually half health). Which is still A for Speed and B for Survival. Now if I could just get F!Morgan with all these orbssss I'm getting.
  3. So true! You have to kill them on counter attack to win. I use PA!Azura (or B!Ike-both with DC) and M!Robin (with +Def/Distant Def 3 Seal) for Reinhardt and Brave!Lyn respectively. One dance for M!Robin in range and he can both tank(literally the most damage I've seen her do is like 4) and counter kill Lyn. And the other two can easily tank Reinhardt (B!Ike is better about the counterkill, but he needs a Rally Resistance or Reinhardt with buffs/quickened pulse seal/moonbow can hurt). They're both actually my favorite people to encounter in Arena because I always kill them. Cecilia on the other hand....
  4. Official Pull Topic

    Ughhh, so many orbs. Got my pity rate up to 3.75%, which is usually when a 5 star comes rolling. But of COURSE, rolled one with NO BLUES, so picked the only red and guess who I get? Male Morgan!! +Spd/-Res. So that's GOOD. Then used my remaining orbs for another roll and NO BLUES, and this time got a 5-star Roy. -_- Like why. WHY?! I just want Female Morgan and yes I can't complain about Male Morgan cause I love him, I'm still upset because I just wanted my daughter to come home. Luckily we have 11 days and I can force my pity rate up again and hopefully get Female Morgannnn.
  5. FE16 "leaks"

    So not true. I'd love to see a large package. Haha. Give me some damaged art with a nice outline, I'm all for it. XD But for this "leak" it at least sounds pretty cool. I mean. I'm all for a girl wielding a sword and a nice guy mage. It doesn't sound real, but I wouldn't be necessarily upset if it was. Though I just want some leaked art at this point.
  6. The Branded King (New Heroes Banner)

    It's literally just from their official artwork which is depicted as black. I also just realized that the person who designed Klein/Clive/Summer!Takumi/etc. designed Morgan's, which explains my undying love for their artwork. It's so unique and cool. I'm really excited for this. Though F!Morgan's tome looks amazing with Distant Counter built in. Add that with a hopeful refinement, and bam. I might have to try for 2 of her to give her tome to my Robin so they can be real father/daughter pair. >_> Also my Robin has like 5000 SP it's ridiculous. I have like 2 totally different builds for him already, so might as well make a 3rd.
  7. The Branded King (New Heroes Banner)

    AH. AH. AHHHHHHH. AHH. MORGAN! I can' I don't have any orbs, omgggggggggg why did they do this after the stupid Legendary Banner! Ugh. And I INSANELY WANT ALL THREE. This is clearly the best Chrom (artwork wise), and I need him, to make my family complete (Lucina, Robin, F!Morgan, Chrom). BUT. MALE MORGAN LOOKS GREAT TOO. And my head canon is that they're twins, and I need the set. But gonna mostly snipe for blue because F!Morgan is literally my life. And then will ugly cry as I try to get Chrom or M!Morgan in the awful, insane pit that is red orbs.
  8. Grand Hero Battle Arvis

    Cause I use him to chip away Armors sometimes. He does 0 damage, but it's guaranteed 10 after. And Iceberg does a lot. So that's 20 + two icebergs which is enough to kill them usually.
  9. If Fire Emblem Fates was rewritten as one game....

    This would be really nice. I like the idea of the guilt about having Corrin betray Nohr over a lie. Because that's what it was. They both were manipulating Corrin in the end, and in Birthright things got so washed over. I also think the story would have been more powerful if you HAD been half-siblings or full-siblings with the Hoshido side as a whole. I think that would have created a deeper impact than just the throw-away, "Actually you're not related to anyone, but Azura is your cousin." Otherwise, I think Revelation is the smartest choice in terms of a cohesive, good story. But I'd choose Conquest, because I think it has the most story potential of the three, simply because they could have TOTALLY made you fight from the inside. Like be actually, openly defiant, or take a rag-tag team of soldiers and hide in Nohr underground sewing discord. And then not have the Hoshido nobles know what you're doing, or the Nohr people know and then come out at the end as ruler after unearthing all the truth. Which I guess is more like Revelation, but I like the idea of not being able to convince everyone and working against the Hoshido siblings (and only getting select Nohr ones) to join you, and being seen as the villain despite actually helping everyone. Really I just love Fates in the sense the storyline could be so cool from ANY direction, and I hate it because they so thoroughly messed it up.
  10. Grand Hero Battle Arvis

    Lunatic gave me some weird trouble this time (I was trying too hard to use my main team of Robin/Lucina/B!Ike/PA!Azura), and then I realized I just needed to be cheap so I just used Klein/PA!Azura/Ninian/Olivia, and steamrolled the map. Klein is really overpowered with Poison Strike Seal, and dancers. >_> But I don't think he could clear Infernal without a few merges, tbh. His attack could use a bit of a boost.
  11. Nothing this time. Well...I mean I got Summer Corrin, but honestly didn't have any orbs to really spend. Also got really unlucky with sniping blue. I got 4 different pulls with NO blue. Just red and colorless which was annoying and waste of 20 full orbs. I started the banner with 0 orbs after dropping all my orbs to get Hector and Grima!Robin and what not, and so maybe spent like 50-ish orbs total on the legendary banner. Didn't have enough time to farm orbs. Back to savingggg and keeping a stash for April, so I can finally get Ephraim.
  12. Voting Gauntlet: Shadow in the Mirror!

    Clearly Robin. If Grima!Robin had better artwork (still not over it), I'd 100% go for Grima. But I want him to lose simply because of the artwork. Haha. I'm not bitter, I swear.
  13. Really? Awakening to me is 3 different points of time in the same narrative. Like ... a trilogy almost. Fates is 3 separate stories, because they don't really build off each other. I do think Awakening's trilogy was haphazardly thrown together, but it's still part of the same narrative and they (mostly) build off each other. Versus Fates which was 3 different stories that relate to each other, but don't necessarily build. I'm particular about definitions because I write, and so I guess to me Fate is objectively the worst, simply because the writing was objectively the worst (when it came to Conquest and then the mess that was Revelations in it's own way). I think if they just made Hoshido (or just Revelations), the games would have been a lot better off. Between Nohr and Hoshido, Nohr (while my absolute favorite), is the worse written story by FAR. And then when you throw Revelations into it, it makes even Birthright not nearly as good. I mean, I loved the idea of Conquest, and definitely love Nohr siblings by FAR compared to the Hoshido ones (except Sakura, I love her), but it's really hard to ignore that they erased his memory (essentially brainwashing him). Though I guess out of the siblings, Elise and Leo and Camilla were a lot less guilty of brainwashing (Because how much did they know), compared to Xander (who is my least favorite Nohr sibling by a LOT). Yeah, Conquest had so much potential. I wish they hadn't tried to justify it!!
  14. A Hero Rises - WINNER ANNOUNCED

    Now I feel stupid for wasting all those orbs trying to get V!Ike just to get him for free. Those damn 6 Siegberts and Sanaki HAUNT ME. I go out of my way to smash any Siegbert I see because I hate him so much. Hahaha...... I laugh, but my eyes are dead because it was a good 100+ orbs trying to get V!Ike. And the fact Winter!Tharja came in second is just sad. -_-