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  1. Forging Bonds: High Tea Jinks

    I'm sorry, but am I shipping Silas (with his gay-boy haircut) and Alfonse together?! Yes. Yes I am. Damnit, Nina, how could you!? XD I love it, because even before Nina appeared the moment Silas and Alfonse interacted I was like, "GAY!" and then she appeared to confirm my suspicions. Also they made Silas look like such a typical gay boy with his gay swoop-y haircut and I am so entertained. Ophelia is annoying though. -_-
  2. Official Pull Topic

    OMGGG. I got Silas finally!! And also got NANNA as my free pull on the performing banner, I was soooo angry. I wanted dagger Olivia (because no greens showed up for my OG love PA!Azura). I want to pull from this banner, because I need merges of Azura/Shigure, but also freaking Inigo is on there and he's the WORST. He always pity-breaks me and I don't know if it's worth it. Might see what other banners are coming out soon and keep saving orbs now that I have Silas and see where I net out.
  3. Official Pull Topic

    Hahahah, omg! I got Ophelia for my free pull and LOOK who joined her? Her lovely father. XD
  4. Oh noooooo. I like both Ophelia and Silas, oh nooo. Nina looks sooo cool too, though I don't need her at all. Guess I'll be diving back into the Blue's. RIP my orbs. I hate when units share the same color, luckily I like BOTH. But knowing my luck I'll get 2 Ophelia or 2 Silas. Haha. Silas is clearly the demote unit, so I won't waste all my orbs if I get Ophelia. But we shall see. Excited though, I'm surprised they made me care about another Fate's banner. The lack of ALTS is really refreshing. =D
  5. I only GET reds, and I'm just trying to pull green. Five summons in, 0 green orbs. Not happy. I personally think the game can 90% accurately predict what you WANT and then decreases the right color orbs on that banner. Haha, I'm just kidding, but how else do you explain no blues and 8 million pity-breakers whenever F!Morgan was on a banner.
  6. Oh thank goodness. Marth means 0 things to me and I really dislike the artwork, so I can finalllllly save some more orbs. A few extra copies of Spring!Alfonse and LA!Hector would definitely be a plus for merging purposes. Will throw a set amount of orbs at them, but otherwise can save. I just wish L!Lucina was coming back sooner. Also kinda glad Hrid didn't show up yet, because I did NOT have enough saved for that. But really glad the only color I want is Green and even then it's just for merging and not me wanting a unit.
  7. Tier 4 Skills

    FINALLY. Someone talked about the border color. It's atrocious. The gold was so classy, with the little flare inside of it, and this just looks like someone paint-bucketed it yellow and bold. It's so gross. Haha. I don't think they'd make Tier 4 skills of EVERYTHING. Like let's just be realistic. But there are definitely a fair amount of skills that could use a 4. So I for one am excited about some Tier 4 skills. Not excited about them being exclusive and limited to 5* only units that are hard to get.
  8. Because if it's inheritable that's EXACTLY what they'll do. Speaking of, Veronica's C-skill is great. Throw that on freaking PA!Azura so when she supports Lucina or Robin they get quite the boost. Actually Close Guard would be great on like 4 different units. And Veronica is growing on me, soooo I might have to revaluate my free pull, because I kinda want her + fodder versions.
  9. Hmm, not really super stoked about any of them (which is actually a relief because I can keep saving orbs!), but definitely appreciate all of them! Veronica is cool, I really like her! And Hector WITH A LANCE is awesome. Love the artwork there. I think I'm going with Hector because even though I don't really need a Lance Armor unit (I love my Eliwood), I really like the artwork and would probably use more. And I can dip into colorless for a little for Veronica, maybe. I wish Ephraim wasn't an axe armor I have too many of them already, but alas. I really expected more of Hidari tbh, I don't think Celica looks good. Hidari usually does such a gorgeous job so I think maybe I got spoiled, because I grimaced at Celica's artwork. But Death Blow 4?! Is that inheritable? It won't sway my free pick, but makes me wonder if new "4" skills are on the horizon.
  10. Bound Hero Battle: Micaiah & Sothe

    That was ... really easy! Idk why some Infernal ones murder me and others are like 2-3 times to figure it out. I didn't feel AS accomplished beating it though, because it was so easy, but hey, orbs are orbs, so you won't hear ME complaining. This one was my newly merged Joshua (+2), and then my classics of PA!Azura, M!Robin and B!Ike. And they all contributed, M!Robin taking out the bulk and surviving on literally 1HP.
  11. Building low tier units

    Yeah, he's a great enemy phase unit! And his attack is atrocious, but I try to mitigate it with Res Smoke 3. One hit and then position him to soak up damage and retaliate. It helps. He has Bonfire/CC/Vantage3/Res Smoke3/Quick Riposte3. I just love letting him soak up damage and usually with res smoke, he can deal some pretty good damage (plus I always support him with a dancer/atk tactic so he's usually reaching 49-52 atk) to supplement. Yeah, he has so many superbane's it's annoying. My only other option is that neutral one they gave us, but I just lose all around on that build.
  12. Building low tier units

    I'm definitely indecisive about it. I'm leaning towards keeping his +Def since he has CC + Blarserpent (+Def), which just makes him a wall against anything that's not Green, but that damage output is a bit lacking.
  13. Building low tier units

    What's your bane/boon on your M!Robin? I'm 20k feathers from getting him +10 and am deciding between his original +Def/-Spd or +Atk/-HP. But M!Robin is the only unit that's REALLY low tier that I've bothered with currently. And Alfonse I'd TOTALLY throw merges at if he had them available, but he was the first (and only) of the Askr trio I promoted and was parted of my OG team of M!Robin/Lucina/Ephraim/Alfonse (yes I didn't have a green unit for like forever). I would ideally like to build up Klein (he was one of my favorite early on in the game). But right now, just M!Robin.
  14. why do you hate awakening?

    I hate Awakening for all the self-righteous FE fans that it brought out being "I hate this game and anyone who likes it is trash". I also hate Awakening for how popular it is to hate among the fans and how divisive it is. But mostly, I hate how its success led them to trying to duplicate it and making the absolute trash fire, atrocity that is Fates.
  15. Official Pull Topic

    OMGGGGGGG. I FINALLY GOT Flier!Olivia!! After like 5 pity breakers and also throwing the REST of my free orbs to never get Bow!Lucina. Wow. I literally had 5 orbs and was like, "Whatever" because I had a 3.25% rate and wow. I got her. I'm like ... shocked. She's +Res/-Def which isn't the best combo, but honestly I'll take it because she was such a hassle to get and her art is gorgeous. And I will never pull from Reds again because I've never had SUCH bad luck (unless F!Morgan is involved and now apparently her mother Lucina).