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  1. But I'm on 2.6 though. And I was able to do this at least a couple of weeks ago. So, even if my hax managed to magically update itself without me knowing, I was still able to do it before 2.7 was released.
  2. I've downloaded and used the DLC maps in Fates with HANS multiple times. I've got the special edition so I have no way of checking if the DLC routes work (I'd guess not but I have no way of knowing). But the DLC maps definitely work perfectly fine.
  3. Well, even with the patch, Kana can't equip any of the swimsuits either. It's not coded so that she can't specifically equip the bath towel, it's coded so that she can't equip anything to that area. I remembered how I got that glitch where my love bracelet became a seashell suit. So, I tried equipping the love bracelet to Kana while the patch was off. And then opened it back up with the patch. And the bottom screen said she had the seashell suit equipped but to the arm accessory area. But when I went to the change option, nothing's listed under the arm accessories as being equipped. And the tab for swimsuits and the bath towel is still inaccessible.
  4. I found out the problem. All the towels I previously bought have turned into bold swimsuits. And all the love bracelets I bought turned into the seashell suit.
  5. So, my wife is stuck wearing the seashell suit. She didn't have anything equipped before, so I don't know why she automatically has the seashell suit stuck on her now.
  6. So, apparently all of Kana's S supports and some other S supports were changed to be platonic. I haven't read any of these supports. But if possible, could you make a patch that keeps their C-A the same (maybe add some romantic buildup if necessary) and changes a few lines of their S support around to have them get married and also have their status on menus listed as married? That and swimsuits are all I really want.
  7. Audio Skinships in English

    I actually like Hinoka's voice.
  8. Gamexplain is doing a Hoshido Livestream!

    Nanako calls you "big bro" in Persona instead of onii-chan.
  9. Skinship is out, says kotaku (new info on page 71)

    I mean if it's in there but not accessible, couldn't there be some way of making it accessible in some form through HANS or something?
  10. Skinship is out, says kotaku (new info on page 71)

    I mean if somebody wanted to buy the game just for the skinship, I wouldn't really care. It's their money. They'd still have to get through a bunch of stuff to able to use the skinship but I mean whatever. But I'm seeing people say they might buy the game because it's removed. And that just sounds ridiculous. If you have no actual interest in any part of the game and are only buying it because a feature you were upset about was removed, that's ridiculously stupid. And if you actually have interest in Fire Emblem and you were only planning not to buy it because skinship was in the game, that's pretty stupid too because you could've completely ignored it while still enjoying the rest of the game.
  11. Skinship is out, says kotaku (new info on page 71)

    I mean it's already known that Roy isn't in the game. But there's the possibility Nintendo in Japan is planning a patch to add in support and this person just doesn't know about it.
  12. Topic of Marriage, Supports, and Children.

    I was looking over my supports from Awakening and I just realized I had Inigo and Severa married. Ayyy.
  13. Release hype thread

    Man. A best case scenario for censorship could be release Conquest uncensored and rated M and Birthright as watered down T version. And then Conquest could have uncensored Hoshido and third route DLC. And Birthright could have censored Nohr and third route DLC. Nintendo would never put that much time, money, and effort into the translation tho. So, it'll never happen. :( My main problem with censorship is I feel like I have an incomplete game. Like I honestly play all 3DS games with the 3D on all the time because I feel like playing with 3D off will give me an "incomplete experience".
  14. From what I can tell it's literally anybody regardless of level or gender.