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  1. From canon in game as a lord of Fire Emblem, where the lords get paired endings as of FE4: Yes, it is out of character to assume that he will, at some point get married and become a husband. The only thing that ever challenges this is the existence of Paris, which is Ike's beta name and was only in Awakening as a reference. The main question is, why is this so important to you that he gets married? People answered your question about what kind of father they think he is. And as for that last part, mods aren't your servants. You sound less like you requested it locked, and more like you expect them to immediately follow your command. They're not here to lock your threads at your whim every time the discussion gets out of your control.
  2. But your points are only brought up at your convenience for your interpretation. By putting Ike and husband in the title, you're already putting a premise that is already out of character from what we are given in game. Stating that Greil disciplining his children with today's standards being in character while stating that corporal punishment is out of character when they grew up in Gallia is a little out there.
  3. Except do we fail to remember this is set in a time where it is akin to medieval times. Ike got hit hard enough by his father during training to knock him unconscious. Also while it's not pretty, laguz value strength. It's naive to think that some laguz somewhere hasn't hit their child not abusively, but for discipline. Hitting =/= abuse if there is no malicious intent or mentality.
  4. Just a quick correction, it was Nasir. Not Mist. But to add on to your point... In Japanese speech, Ike is rough. Like ridiculously rough. ナーシル あ、アイク・・・ あんまり無茶は・・・▼ アイク 俺たちは、ガキの遊びに 付き合ってられるほど暇じゃない。▼ 放してほしかったら、 素直に口を割るんだな。▼ He is more straightforward laguz behavior more than beorc. So I'd say he's chastise his kid the same way the stereotype is for Asian fathers. Not to the extreme abuse degree, mind you. Just that it wouldn't be out of character for him to give it to the kid straight up if they screwed up bad.
  5. Kill me. I have a full time job, take care of my fiance, and played the Tempest Trials for two accounts and whatever else they had for quests. I'm sorry, but that kind of thinking is absolutely disregarding people outside of the super hardcore audience that have a lot more time on their hands to play games.
  6. *Munches popcorn* I'd read this. Side note: The moment you make a thread, you don't control the discussion. I'm just enjoying the interesting points people point out here for hypothetical scenarios and I see arguable policing on the OP's part.
  7. I'm a person that sees units with their canon classes as the portrait they are depicted in. Those are most likely reasons why their unique traits are tied to those models. Like how Reflet in Awakening is forever tied to the strategist model instead of Grandmaster and Kamui is tied to the Dark Prince/Princess instead of their promotions White Blood and Dark Blood classes. Only prepromotes like Frederick get unique things for promoted classes. This is likely the case with Echoes too.
  8. Hahaha. Aine and Kleine Reese and Clarisse.
  9. Yeah. It was especially rough with all my other responsibilities. Anyways, I'm guessing we don't know when Klein/Clarisse will be available. (What the hell did they change Katarina's real name to if they changed Klein's)
  10. Since when did this turn into god moding Rp? How is everyone doing with the pacing of the quests? I mean tempest trials literally took all my energy and attention. Catching up to training tower orbs might be a hassle.
  11. As of recently, Lucky Crit has caught my attention. It's more informational content than anything though. So if you're looking for LPs, they might not be your thing. Ghast Station is amazing and he's pretty much experiencing rapid growth of his channel. He just recently started LPing but he made quality content before that. My channel hasn't really been all that active. If you don't like short, silly random crap, then avoid me.
  12. If only he put his effort with spite into learning Japanese, instead. Like imagine what he could have been able to contribute.
  13. I have an LG phone through no choice of my own. Family plan. But I like it.
  14. Nope.
  15. I stayed up till 2 am with her after I got it because this event literally took my time away from her that day after work. I wasn't going to give that up. I'd rather give up sleep.