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  1. Thoughts on Omni's video: Deleting Fire Emblem Heroes?

    Regardless of you're a F2P, something inbetween (like Belinda and I used to be Dolphins), or a whale... if you enjoy the game, there is no shame in loving Fire Emblem Heroes or not seeing the negativity there. I have 220k feathers right now to upgrade who I want when I want at my own pace. The grind is a HELL of a lot more lenient compared to other gacha games I play/played. There is also no shame in deleting the app. This game is all about self control and resource management. If he feels that its presence is toxic to him, then all the power to him for deleting it.
  2. When you upload in portrait format (aka phone orientation) or you upload straight from a phone, it gives that option.
  3. Accepting Volunteers - Team Shingetsu

    At this point, I'm just wondering if any assets are even in the game.
  4. Camus comes to mind. I remember a comments on the air of this? Most of the complaints are akin to "Bleh, it's Fates and Awakening" rather than characters they want. I mean people that actually named characters they want are the outlier. Most of the comments I see aren't focused on what they want, it's rather them saying they're disappointed in what the design was. That they prefer something else to what they got. Now if you want actual wishlists instead of just comments, the Japanese had a hashtag on twitter. #fe無双参戦希望キャラ
  5. The complaints did indeed include the roster. But not to the extent of how much the west did. I share that notion. It was indeed a shame that their roster was mostly composed of Fates/Awakening characters. I will admit that much.
  6. Oh shoot. The edit didn't go through. It had the translation. "They had their complaints, but none of them were super extreme selfish ones". The latter which I've seen of pretty much saying people who enjoy the game or are excited about it are terrible fans.
  7. Mostly English speakers, tbh. 日本人には文句があったけど我儘の態度じゃなかった。
  8. Grand Hero Battles 2018: Who Do You Want?

    Who the hell? *looks up* OOOOOH SHENMEI Okay, sure. I can get behind this.
  9. I asked on Twitter. Seeing it made me cringe. Then again I cringe at a lot of things being the weeb I am. Especially nicknames I've seen going around. Yukatazura Geishamilla
  10. How the hell did they pull it off in English? Did they actually say "oneesan" in roomaji like the daikichi?
  11. Is D&D evil?

    *waves* Hi! Granted, I'm in the US now and I haven't been back in the Philippines since I was 9... but man, what the hell happened since I left if they think that? As for the "is DND Evil" type deal... there was a scare in the US way back when. Here's a good video that details why:
  12. Okay so my wife just pulled Cerisé/Gunnthra for free. So that's one relief off my wallet. it's pulling Aqua/Azura in a few days.
  13. Ah well, Cerisé isn't free, it seems.
  14. I mean, Azure/Inigo's dancer rings are a green tome so...
  15. As an Aqua/Azura fan with a wife (almost) that considers Aqua/Azura her wife... I am happy. As a responsible player handling finances I am angry at all of these limited banners all at once. 狂気 か, IS!?