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  1. I guess you really are a maso if insulting yourself resonates with you.
  2. Why would you say "You're level is too low! Will you stay? Or will you run away? Choose or die, shota." when you're the shota.
  3. If that was my recording holy crap that doesn't sound like me anymore. Wow.
  4. I don't even know how to respond. But hey more power to you.
  5. Classic Mode of Ike (Spoilers)

    While it might seem like low hanging fruit for you... If you observe each of the specific bosses like Marx... Each has a bunch of attacks akin to many of the other bosses: They have multiple attacks and AI specific and tailor made. Hearing Sakurai talk... Not through a translator... Gives about an air of not cutting corners regarding his work. He takes nearly anything that could be misconstrued as lazy and cutting corners very carefully... Especially with the stigma for years with clones. It's simply not that simple. And expecting Ike to have special treatment seems a bit reaching. Yeah I know right I would argue that that was a moment of self hype that people did similarly with Robin's Final Smash being expected to change to Grima or change in general when Chrom got announced... even though it's a game that has 8 copies of any character beating up themselves.
  6. Belinda's was Salamance. I just found it pretty funny our switches knew.
  7. Team Order affects AI Movement Sometimes?

    Apparently this post outlines this information I just ran into. The "Tiebreak" section.
  8. I have... never... had this happen to me before. I was stumped why I was able to get a near clear before. And all I did was change my team order to have the unit positions be more convenient for restarting. And... well this happened.
  9. Increasing Rom File Size in FE8

    I'm pretty sure can just add your data at the end and expand the ROM. I believe the GBA can handle pointers up to the 0A's but no more.
  10. Battle and Spell Animations Thread

    Sorry for the necropost. But I've had a few PMs over the course of months asking for permission for stuff. I don't even remember half the crap I've made. So go for it and use it. One condition: If you ever use the "Trueblade" animation from a long time ago (It's not in this thread. You can probably find it in the Last Promise hack and extract it from there)... please *DO NOT* credit me when using it.
  11. Legendary hero battle: Marth

    I don't have Veronica. So while Phoenixmaster did it with minimal SI and no blessings... Rein got boosted ATK simply because of the debuffs she was spreading around.
  12. Yeesh... If you don't have a +ATK Rein or +ATK Ike... you can probably compensate with unit supports or summoner support. I'm still not a fan of this difficulty level leaning towards requiring merges.
  13. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Dragon teams like yours and mine are why I have this guy sometimes:
  14. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Think of it this way: It was back in the early days of people hacking before SI when units have things equipped that they shouldn't have. As in the skill is equipped but doesn't appear in the unit's learned skills. The second you replaced the skill it's gone. Good gosh i never knew Breath of Life 2 from a 3 star Felicia would be so CRITICAL to Rein and co. beating up Abyssal Robin without merges.
  15. Freaking hell. The statline for doing this level of difficulty is getting ridiculous. The whole all content "should be beatable without merges" test is right on the fence.