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  1. *Popcorn* You need some chill. I see nothing in their statements that warrant insults and name calling.
  2. Ray and Lleu (Raigh) from FE6.
  3. Simply because all of their absolutely kinky crap is all levels of weird beyond the initial "tame definition" :P
  4. Well with how ambiguious katakana is and how we as a community have been arguing about names for characters until recently (when heroes came out with localizations for nearly the entire cast barring generics) it's not surprising.
  5. Outfit is ridiculously cute too.
  6. Hello, wallet. I see it's time for you to experience pain again.
  7. Freaking Seth had to be voiced by Rikiya Koyama. That pretty much solidifies badass regardless of his heroes viability. Brave Vesperia or Big Bang Mystic Arte anyone?
  8. "We stand on the shoulders of giants". People couldn't have done it without you, bud.
  9. Burn him. His unholy presence regardless of his monetary contributions to the game or their help in the community cannot redeem him. Anyways... The hero fest boosted percent is nice... But it still isn't a guarantee and there is no remedy for bad luck. At least I got more 4 stars swordies.
  10. 胸という"Bust"ですか
  11. Interviews

    ニニアンのことの質問でしょう。 それにニニアンのことから構わないでしょう。
  12. Interviews

    1. 他のガチャゲーをしますか? 2. Some old members comfused me for the old Shadow of Chaos at FESS when they first saw me. Did you? 3. What is your most memorable ROM hacking project? 4. Any projects you particularly have a laugh from nostalgia or embarrassment from remembering? 5. ニニアンのことについて、どんな長所が好き? そして,声優は似合うと思う?
  13. Animations for magic are generic. Aka every unit has a magic animation since the bolt axe, sonic sword, and flame lance exists. Unless you can do advanced ROM hacking to modify animations, you are out of luck. Annoyed or not. Actual physical animations are specific to the weapon the unit uses. No matter how similar it looks, Greil's Aether animation for a sword and an axe are referenced differently by the game. Even if it uses the same file. Having a unit use a weapon they don't have an animation for will likely result in a T stance like in Radiant Dawn.
  14. The way I thought of it is that if the entire squad has all the corresponding seals they get a +1 bonus to something. Or it's just another way of giving us duplicate seals with the same function.
  15. Life and Death with Braves really only are the best with *SUPER* glass cannon units. Julia *CAN* be like that with her massive ATK and Dragon Fang... but in most cases she's a Greenie that can tank Blues and *ESPECIALLY* Rein. Giving her Life and Death is detrimental to that common role. While Def Spd gives her the ability to double and desperation in very niche cases. Which some people like.