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  1. Do You Enjoy Messing With Telemarketers?

    My dad's go to answer when dealing with those annoying "You won [name of item or trip!]!" calls (not the auto voice mail ones) is "That's OK, you can keep it." and then he hangs up.
  2. I'm inclined to agree with the majority that this sounds rather fishy as well. What about all of those other Youtubers who are playing Fire Emblem Heroes and have thousands of subscribers? I'm curious to see if they receive any sort of similar response if they ask as well. Also depending on the nature of the exchange, isn't Nintendo usually pretty protective about what kind of information goes out? Like if I was told that I would get exclusive offers or something, they would tell me to keep quiet about it until it actually happens.
  3. Thoughts on Omni's video: Deleting Fire Emblem Heroes?

    For me, I stopped and uninstalled Fire Emblem Heroes because I eventually felt little reward for anything that I was doing so it just felt like I was mindlessly doing the same thing over and over. Even with new banners and new chapters being released, it still felt like that same cycle of doing playing the stages, getting the rewards and then rinse and repeat. It's different from other gacha games I've played because unlike Heroes, the other gacha games I've played have more engaging content, story, and characters that keep me surprised and interested. But that's just how I feel based on my own experiences and I'm not saying that Heroes is bad - I'd just rather play other games.
  4. Did you play/like TMS?

    The game was really enjoyable for me because I'm a huge fan of J-pop in general and the gameplay was really fun. But if you're someone who isn't that big on J-pop or idols and are just looking to play it because it has SMT and Fire Emblem influences, this probably isn't going to be your cup of tea.
  5. Coolest teachers you ever had?

    My comm tech teacher in high school was really into video games so he grew up with owning all of the Nintendo consoles and even his son was a huge fan of Mario. During that time when My Nintendo rewards were still a thing, I ended up collecting a lot of Mario related rewards that I ended up not using anymore so I'd gladly gave them to my teacher to give to his son and he would always say how happy and thankful his son was. Eventually, his son made a thank you card for me which I still have to this day. I haven't visited my high school ever since I got into university (fourth year now) but I still hope that both my teacher and his son are still Nintendo nerds. In general, he was a really motivating teacher and always made sure we were going at projects with 'can' instead of 'try'. My art teacher was also a really important figure to me in high school for being a great instructor but also a great supporter. When I was still going to portfolio interviews for the colleges and universities I wanted to go to, the first portfolio interview I went to was super harsh and basically didn't like anything I produced so it seriously crushed my confidence as a designer and artist. But, he always had my back and reassured me that he had to struggle a lot himself because he got to where he was. Maybe he was just saying that out of pity because of how cheesy it sounded, but it helped a lot nevertheless.
  6. What anime/manga are you following right now?

    I'm watching the Clear Card arc for Cardcaptors mainly for nostalgic reasons since Cardcaptors was probably the first anime I got into as a kid! It's a little weird hearing Sakura's voice again after all these years and she's sounds a lot more high pitched than what I remembered hahahaha I'm also watching IDOLiSH7 which I've been so hooked on for the last year and a half because of how much I appreciate and adore the characters and the story from the mobile game. I've watched and engaged in lots of idol related anime/content like Love Live, Tsukiuta, Marginal #4, Utapri, etc but none of those have resonated with me as much as IDOLiSH7 has. Something I haven't seen very often in idol anime in general is how there tends to be little drama involving the entertainment industry itself so the plot of most of the idol anime I've watched have only really dealt with the characters training as idols, you get some individual character back stories, you see them perform a new song, and then rinse and repeat but you don't really see any notable conflict. For me it's hard to get attached to characters when you only see them in tame situations. Like it's not enough for a character to acknowledge their own insecurities and set backs on their own but how outside conflicts/influences trigger them to face those issues in the first place. Not to say those idol anime that I've watched are bad but I personally want something a lot more deeper and intense. Anyway, I can go on for hours about IDOLiSH7 but I won't do that, lmao
  7. Ronnie's Art Portfolio

    A fun way to experiment with lighting is to work with shading and lighting of different colours! When I started to dabble into more dynamic lighting, the first thing I wanted to experiment with was a sunset scene. Upon doing so I was able to discover how to fully utilize different layer styles to achieve effective lighting effects. Like this is what a drawing that I did a few months ago looks without a multiple layer: And here's what the end product looks like with a dark blue multiple layer to match the underwater scene: It's an easy and fun technique to experiment with so go crazy with layer styles in Photoshop or whatever you use to draw!
  8. Ronnie's Art Portfolio

    Oho, an aspiring graphic designer, eh? As someone who's in her fourth year of graphic design right now, I can definitely say that you have some pretty good stuff for portfolio work and I mean that honestly! I personally really like radio logo that you did because it looks very sleek and also the most professional! For drawing, I would definitely recommend getting a mannequin doll or using 3D models to make your own poses because, doing that definitely helped me be more ambitious with what I wanted to draw but also staying anatomically accurate. I would also recommend looking into lighting and simple backgrounds because, as well done as your illustrations are, the contrast between the characters and the background feels kind of separated and lighting can do a lot to improve that!
  9. carefreejules joodles (update: 2017 improvement)

    I'm pretty proud of my progress of 2017! Looking forward to what 2018 has in store!
  10. Literally the primary reason why video games get such a bad rep is because people are too afraid to admit or blame an individual for their actions so video games are brought up as a scapegoat. People will find every other reason to blame because they don't want to face the fact that there might be something wrong with the person themselves. It's a cowardly way or dodging responsibility. I remember reading an instance of someone who played Final Fantasy 14 so much that they've neglected their wife and kids, he hardly spent time with them anymore, and he would spend WAY more money on the game than on his family to the point where he's in debt now. The fact that he admitted to everything that was wrong and what he wanted to do to change is him coming to terms with the fact that he wants to recover from his addiction to the game. Saying that he could have 'Gaming disorder' is stretching it a bit tooooooooo much I think because in the end, how the heck are they going to PROPERLY diagnose someone with this 'disorder'? This kind of issue is not black and white at all. They would have to pin point the reason why people are playing video games so excessively in the first place because besides just wanting to have fun, there's more to a person's life that contributes to their habits. Once you pin point that, I feel like at that point, the problem isn't about video game anymore. In my opinion, video games are just an outlet of how people choose to cope with their own struggles and anxieties.
  11. That's usually the general mind set that gacha games build around so tho it sometimes feels like paying for orbs increases your chance, it really is just the game playing with your desire to want to do more pulls to get what you want but in order to do that, you have to make that exchange. That's why people end up spending so much on money on gacha games because they're excited by the prospect of having more immediate funds to roll in order to get a potential jackpot. It's an endless cycle of either getting a good roll and wanting more, or getting a bad roll and telling yourself that your luck will be better next time so you'll give it another shot.
  12. Okami Rerelease

    Okami is one of my favourite video games too and I actually really liked Okamiden. Performance wise, it didn't look as good and as polished as Okami, but that's to be expected from a game that was developed for the DS. The mechanic of having different partners that have different abilities was a really interesting feature because it brought so many different kinds of puzzles to the table that worked with the celestial brush mechanic rather than just working with the celestial brush on its own. I just found it so cute in general. I'd honestly want them to remaster Okamiden as well because from what I remembered, I really enjoyed it and the ending made me cry just as much as the ending for Okami did.
  13. Info needed - Fire emblem If Special edition

    If you're talking about the special addition that included all the routes on one game cartridge, an artbook, and a 3DS XL pouch - then yes it was limited. You can get the other routes discounted when you download or buy at least one route and choose the route you don't have when the story branches out (choose your fate). You'll be redirected to Nintendo eshop with the discounted path.
  14. carefreejules joodles (update: 2017 improvement)

    My idol OC :^)
  15. Special Heroes: Performing Arts

    100 orbs later and ZERO 5* Heroes Welp, I'm gonna uninstall this app and never play it again. Call me petty but the odds should have been BETTER in Heroes than in the idol gacha game that I'm currently playing. Congrats on everyone who got at least one or more of the Performing Arts Heroes! My salt runs deep but I'll live.