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  1. Special Heroes: Performing Arts

    100 orbs later and ZERO 5* Heroes Welp, I'm gonna uninstall this app and never play it again. Call me petty but the odds should have been BETTER in Heroes than in the idol gacha game that I'm currently playing. Congrats on everyone who got at least one or more of the Performing Arts Heroes! My salt runs deep but I'll live.
  2. Special Heroes: Performing Arts

    Generally it's about a week, give or take. Sometimes they'll run longer because there's an event going on with that gacha. For IDOLiSH7, which is the main gacha game that I'm playing right now (it's a Japanese mobile rhythm game), their Halloween gacha, last year, started on October 21st and then it went through until the beginning of November.
  3. Special Heroes: Performing Arts

    Ohoho, I will look forward to that if they decide to dabble in revival gachas! Especially since I've been out of the loop of what's been going on in this game for the past few months.
  4. Special Heroes: Performing Arts

    Honestly, I'm so used to playing gacha games that I'm afraid that I'm actually going to be spending money in Heroes because I haven't spent money in Heroes yet. And I've already paid with real money in another gacha game so spending money in both is gonna break my bank RIP Limited gachas are always so torturous but I really want that Dancer Inigo............... I'm curious tho, has Heroes done anything like revival gachas before? Revival gachas are basically gachas that bring back limited sets, or in this case banners, so people have another chance to nab one of the Heroes from a limited banner. Usually revival gachas only happen during a big milestone celebration like how many people have download the game, or even the game's anniversary.
  5. Special Heroes: Performing Arts

    Yeah but hundreds of people is not 'practically no one' so it sounds very exaggerated when you say it like that. That's going to prompt people to point it out because it sounds like your lumping people into your mindset. I'm sure that's not your intention and I'm sure the way you typed that out is just an emotional reaction, but you have to pick your words a little better. Anyways, I actually might download this game again because I haven't played since March so a lot must of changed so I can't wait to be confused af of what's going on. I'm a sucker for this kind of Performing Arts theme so I'm definitely looking forward to it.
  6. Special Heroes: Performing Arts

    You say as there are over 11 pages of people being interested in these units but alright ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Not to mention that there are over hundreds people on tumblr who are raving over this banner, drawing fanart and the like, so just because you're not pleased with something, doesn't mean other people aren't. Now I don't know how long banners run in this game since I haven't played Heroes in awhile, but from what I've played of other gacha games, they usually run holiday/seasonal gachas even a week before or even a week after said holidays - and they usually have a run-time of about a week. So for that reason, I personally would not expect a Halloween banner this early lmao
  7. Sacred Stones Redraws

    It looks pretty good but the number one thing that I would critique is her spine. Spinal chords don't really curve perfectly like that - there's usually more of a bent from the base of the back as it curves over because of the hip/behind. Her legs are also bent a little too much where it looks more like she's about to squat then standing up strongly. I hope you don't mind me going over your art:
  8. carefreejules joodles (update: improvement meme)

    Some improvement stuff for what I did in high school to how I've improved it now :>
  9. It really helps to network so you can meet and talk to different people. I'm fortunate enough to have gotten my first part-time job because my sister was working in the same place so she got me in. The job is also very social - to sum it up, I work at an Escape Game as an MC so I meet and talk to so many different kinds of people on a daily basis. It's a great way to improve your social skills and customer service. I also major in Graphic Design (going into 4th year but splitting it into two years), and since my current part-time job kind of aligns with what I'm studying in (Game Design, Graphic Design, etc), I've been able to get in touch with freelance job offers in my field, which is honestly such a blessing. So, networking has really helped me get to where I am.
  10. Rate the anime opening above

    9/10 - A very colourful and light-hearted opening that doesn't at all convey what the show is truly like at all hahaha Daze from Mekakucity Actors
  11. carefreejules joodles (update: improvement meme)

    Since I'm still really into IDOLiSH7, I've been working on an ask blog for the lil' guy in my avatar! King Pudding is one of the mascots for the game and pretty much everyone in the fandom adores him. Here are some of my favourite requests that I've done!
  12. What's more important, story or characters?

    For me, characters actually help me get engaged with their world and setting so even if the story isn't necessarily good, there have been cases where I was able to overlook that because the characters were well written imo.
  13. happy canada day my dudes

    Happy 150th birthday, Canada!!!
  14. carefreejules joodles (update: improvement meme)

    Because King Pudding is life Also, it's my birthday today and I can't help but show-off an amazing and adorable drawing that a dear friend made for me!!!!
  15. Natalie's Art (New: Azura Performing Arts)

    Looking at it again, there should be a more definite shadow that's being cast against her forehead from under her bangs. Without any sort of depth, the bangs look flatter than what the curve and shading on them would suggest. Here's an example from one of my own drawings!