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  1. 9/10 - A very colourful and light-hearted opening that doesn't at all convey what the show is truly like at all hahaha Daze from Mekakucity Actors
  2. Since I'm still really into IDOLiSH7, I've been working on an ask blog for the lil' guy in my avatar! King Pudding is one of the mascots for the game and pretty much everyone in the fandom adores him. Here are some of my favourite requests that I've done!
  3. For me, characters actually help me get engaged with their world and setting so even if the story isn't necessarily good, there have been cases where I was able to overlook that because the characters were well written imo.
  4. Happy 150th birthday, Canada!!!
  5. Because King Pudding is life Also, it's my birthday today and I can't help but show-off an amazing and adorable drawing that a dear friend made for me!!!!
  6. Looking at it again, there should be a more definite shadow that's being cast against her forehead from under her bangs. Without any sort of depth, the bangs look flatter than what the curve and shading on them would suggest. Here's an example from one of my own drawings!
  7. The colouring is pretty good! I would say the main target for improvement are proportions because her waist is very narrow in proportion to the rest of her body.
  8. They also confirmed that there are more characters planned to be part of the game. Hahaha, the translator was even like "it's not just going to be sword users".
  9. Yoshi my son....................................... My soul has ascended My grades have gone up My anxiety is gone
  10. Simply put, Yoshi will always have a special place in my heart. Thanks for getting me into video games, buddy \ o /
  11. "Talk shit, get hit!" "No thank you!" "Get wrecked!" "Rest in fucking pieces!" what do you mean swearing isn't allowed
  12. Thanks so much! It takes a lot of practice to get straight and fluid lines ;;;;
  13. I should really draw more smh
  14. Probably the first Direct in awhile that I was very "meh" about. But I feel like it had a lot to do with the raised expectations because people on tumblr were freaking out like "OH DANG GAME FREAK IS TWEETING OUT THE DIRECT IN SO MANY DIFFERENT LANGUAGES IT MUST BE A BIG ANNOUNCEMENT" so you're going to have people with unrealistic expectations for an 8 minutes Direct hahahaha I already have Pokken Tournament and I don't really care for Virtual Console so this Direct was pretty underwhelming to me. But, this is just one Direct out of past and future Directs so, you win some you lose some.
  15. I'm also an art and design student (going into my 4th year) so I'm glad to hear that my advice was helpful! I can't really critique the shading and colours because it seems to me that your shading technique is part of your style so keeping that in mind, it looks great to me! I would say for the hair specifically, the hair going over (her) left shoulder looks more realistic and accurate oppose to the right. You generally don't see that many hair strands or bunches of hair strands separated like that at the end so the fact that the left most hair has a few stray strands at the end, makes it look a little more natural. The (her) right most hair also looks like it's curving/flowing at an angle and that would only make sense if there was a slight breeze, but you would need to do the same for the bangs and the other side of her hair to give the illusion that there's a breeze going through her hair. If her hair is static, remember that gravity is going to be pulling things vertically.