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  1. I made a post on reddit about this so I'll just copy and paste what I said there! I'd just thought I'd let you all know that pre-orders for the artbook are available online on various shops! But I also want to offer my input on where to get the best value for the artbook in terms of shipping since I've bought from a lot of these shops before. Amazon JP CDJapan AmiAmi Fastest Shipping and Value I highly recommend people pre-order the artbook from Amazon JP. If you're looking to get the artbook as quickly as possible, you're better off ordering it from Amazon JP than on AmiAmi or CDJapan. The fastest shipping for AmiAmi and CDJapan (Fedex, DHL, EMS, etc) usually ranges between $20-30. There was one instance where I chose the fastest shipping option on CDJapan and I had to fork over another $17 on top of the $27 I had already paid in shipping. There's only one shipping option if you're buying outside of Japan, but the shipping cost to get it within 3-6 days (Global Priority), is about $10. I buy music, artbooks, CDs, etc from Amazon JP all the time and 95% of the time, it gets to me within 3 days max (shipping to Canada). Also, Amazon JP acts like every other Amazon in which you can cancel items without being penalized. If you want to cancel something on AmiAmi, you'd have to contact support and state a reason as to why you want to cancel an order. You can get blacklisted from the site if you request too many cancellations and I've heard cases from friends where they've been blacklisted after cancelling only one order. I hope this helps for anyone planning on ordering the artbook!
  2. carefreejules joodles (update: Dancer Inigo)

    Finally got around to drawing Dancer Inigo :^)
  3. What could Heroes take from other gachas?

    This will probably overlap with Heroic Grails a little but an idol game I've been playing allows you to collect these points after every roll called SP. Once you've collected enough SP, you can use it towards picking up SSRs that are in the catalogue (which changes every few weeks or so). This is especially useful because sometime there are periods where I don't have time to play but there are new cards that I really like but don't have time to grind for. If I have enough SP saved up, I could essentially get a free SSR without missing out on the new gacha or spending on stones. Keep in mind that it takes A LOT of SP to be able to pick up a free card (1800-2000) so it's not like you can get SSRs willy nilly but it still gives you that satisfaction of finally saving up for a card that you've been dreaming for.
  4. I've ordered from Amazon Japan a bunch of times and usually the bonuses are prints and stuff, but I've never heard of them giving away a Panorama kind of poster. For context, I buy CDs on Amazon JP of some idol franchises that I'm into and the prints that are included as bonuses are basically a small poster version of the album cover. But there's usually no extra cost to those kinds of bonuses. If I had to take a good guess since I've seen this before, perhaps the Panorama bonus is another cover art skin that you can switch out with on the main special edition. That's the only thing that I can think of that would justify the price up. Unless the Panorama Coloured Paper is just a notably wide poster version of the art on the main box.
  5. Stories About Your Jobs

    The vegetable smoothies are balanced out with fruit so the taste of them isn't that strong haha. There have been other instances of customers asking for just fruit in their smoothies and, regardless of whether the fruits are fresh or frozen, there needs to be some sort of liquid to blend it all together. Juices help bring out the taste of the fruit but sometimes customers ask for water instead (which isn't surprising since we get plenty of customers who really want to make sure there are no added sugars in their drink - not even from juices from concentrate) and then they come back surprised on how it tastes bland, even though we warned them that that would happen.
  6. Stories About Your Jobs

  7. My edit really took off on reddit (2.7k upvotes!) and I got a lot of great critique in the process so here's a second version of my first edit:
  8. carefreejules joodles (update: Dancer Inigo)

    I'm truly surprised but really grateful that this edit seems to be taking off on my twitter and reddit!
  9. This isn't the best edit I've ever done but it was worth a shot to at least try something out LMAO Hopefully the colours are at least less strain on the eyes
  10. I'm tempted to go full-blown Graphic Design analytical but I'll just contribute one of my big grips with the boxart design. While I appreciate the dynamic composition, it makes the cover feel HEAVY like Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude are weighing down the overall structure of the cover. Also to note, the fact that they're positioned seemingly forward of the two Byleths based on the perspective, Claude's position feels weird because if all the characters are intended to be in the same space and time, his pose doesn't feel natural. Like, cinematically, it feels like the making of this shot involved the three house leaders running up, striking a pose, but somehow Claude was able to perfectly pull off a back flip or something with his weapon ready. Am I overthinking it? Probably, but art and design school makes you too analytical (but a better bullshitter). Usually Fire Emblem boxart covers are clever in their design about the underlying themes of the game and although the same could be said about Fire Emblem Three Houses, it doesn't feel as... Together as I'd like it to feel. But if anything, this makes me interested in playing the game ever more to see if there's more context to the design choices that I wouldn't otherwise pick up without playing the game.
  11. carefreejules joodles (update: Dancer Inigo)

    I hope he knows that I absolutely love him
  12. Reliable and affordable digital art program?

    And to add on other cool programs/sites related to drawing, I'd recommend using sites like Pose Maniacs for pose references or buying a program called Design Doll to make your very own. Making your own poses and using them as your own reference is a lot more fun than it sounds because you can accurately recreate a pose that you have envisioned in your head instead of googling really specific poses which don't turn up the results you want. Pose Maniacs is free and although you can't edit the poses in anyway, there's many versions of the same pose but at different angles and perspectives so you can pick out which one you want to use. Another good resource is the 'How to Draw' section on Pixiv since artists of all skill sets submit and post their own references. You probably won't encounter many of tutorials written in English, but to me it's really helpful considering I have what people would call an 'anime' style so seeing these kinds of references gives me a lot of inspiration.
  13. I'm honestly surprised no one has tried to make a jingle or tune from these sound effects alone. I just hope I don't get Duma mainly because I've been getting fodder 5* and I just want someone new oof
  14. Reliable and affordable digital art program?

    Paint Tool Sai is about 5400 yen according to the site so that's like ~$55 or more depending on what your currency is while Clip Studio Paint depends on when you buy it since, like someone said above, it always goes on sale. I bought Clip Studio Paint Pro for $18 when it was on sale and then I upgrade it from Pro to EX for $100 (getting Clip Studio Paint EX from the start is about $200). The Pro version isn't on sale right now so it's $50.
  15. Reliable and affordable digital art program?

    Paint Tool Sai is a popular one among a lot of artists! I've been using it for over 8 years and I've never gone back. It has a straightforward interface and it feels nice to draw in. Another favourite that I've seen people use is Clip Studio Paint - this one is a bit more complicated mainly because it comes with a crap ton of features including making your own poses, effect brushes that'd you see Manga artists' use etc. I have it, but I don't use it specifically to draw in but to use it for all the cool effects brushes for after I finish drawing in Sai. Both of these programs are not free unfortunately. I remember there being a popular free program and I believe it's called Medipang Paint!