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  1. Imagine if this was in North America

    Honestly, it wouldn't really matter to me. The language barrier doesn't really matter with the well done translations on the serenes wiki, just put a translation in the card's sleeve. I convinced four friends so far to play it and it's all the competition I need. Cipher coming to Europe would be good for my wallet though, transport cost and customs fees are crippling.
  2. Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask, but does anybody know how fast amiami generally is on restocking? Set 13 boxes are already sold out. =X
  3. Cipher Trading/Selling Thread

    +1 FaranRenais
  4. I'm having high hopes for 23-26 being Lute, I mean, they need to have Lute, right? I'm not at all getting desperate for that Lute reveal... I need Lute D=
  5. I need these Faye cards, taking out a bond without giving the opponent a new card in hand sounds very good to me. And with Alm as lord she always has 1-2 range. (or am I missing the sarcasm here?)
  6. Would be fun if they did a villain focus for this set. Though basically for RD that means everyone could be in it. Really looking forward to a Pelleas card though, I'm really missing the dark mage emblem in my decks.
  7. Cipher Trading/Selling Thread

    I always forget this, having too much fun with the cards after they arrive I guess. Kirie +1
  8. Casual mode is so easy, the AI could finish it. For my third playthrough of the game I was wondering how easy the game would be, and I decided to test if the game was playable by only using the "improvise" tactic. After getting stuck on part 3 on classic normal (No way Alm's group can get past the many mages in that part), I decided to try it on casual. It's quite easily doable. Some chapters needed quite a few restarts, almost always because Alm or Celica decided to charge an enemy on a supply tile, but no grinding required. my rules were: - Every turn, may only select the improvise button - Select all the highest leveled units (+20 for promoted, -20 for villager) for dungeons - No grinding in dungeons or map - No DLC - No going back on the map, except for that one step to get Palla and Catria - Switch between Alm and Celica on the map each step - Villagers get their Cipher card classes (and Atlas to mercenary) - Use Mila statues immediately but only on encountering them I only broke that last rule once, backtracked a bit on Celica's last dungeon to promote Atlas to Dreadfighter. I figured I wouldn't stand a chance to win endgame otherwise. But it seemed I worried for nothing. Atlas died almost immediately that chapter, while Saber was dodgetanking the final boss, and the rest of the team surrounded mr "unbeatable". Also, fun fact, I imagined Nuibaba's chapter would be impossible, but Gray and Mathilda made minced meat out of it, no restarts required.
  9. Same, I've sent a message to amiami through their contact form asking them about it...
  10. Cipher Series 9: June 19 - Ranulf HN

    Ah, thanks! I had no idea that page existed. Thanks for sharing it. ^^ Wait, official? Does that mean there is a chance the cards shared on the livestream have any possibility of not ending up in the expected set?
  11. Cipher Series 9: June 19 - Ranulf HN

    Since many of the recently revealed cards have not yet been translated (I've been continuously refreshing the green cards wiki page since Saturday), I've decided to try translating them with nothing more than google translate and my knowledge of card games. Take these with a grain of salt as they're just my best guess: Maybe this helps someone, hope it bothers nobody. ^^'