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  1. Ask me ANYTHING

    So in the other thread when Eclipse said "I can control myself in front of cute people" and you said "Not all of us can" and everyone called you out and you never replied, what exactly did you mean by that?
  2. Foolish mortals, you cannot defeat me!

    lmao but the kind that laughs at you not with you
  3. the fe4 thread does not have a monopoly on 'a bunch of tight-knit forum users have their own culture and in-jokes'
  4. yeah p much, i don't intend to come across as derisive so i apologise if that's how it sounded
  5. Jordan Peterson, my hero

    try being a better person
  6. Jordan Peterson, my hero

    the fact that jordan peterson is a massive loser lmfao
  7. Jordan Peterson, my hero

    "I'm an alpha male" claims man with stupid hat who spends most of his life getting rejected for being a massive creep, given swirlies and shoved in lockers. What a fucking loser. Any of us posting in this thread could take his lunch money with a stiff glare.
  8. The Last To Post Wins!

    surprise ama, sluts
  9. When You Step On The Scale And It Doesn't Say Err

    good work op
  10. this makes me oddly nostalgic
  11. Count Until Mods Post! Current Count: 69

    fucking hell i'm tired. what's up lads 0.
  12. Do you trust refurbished products?

    My refurbished phone and 3DS work as new, and between them saved me hundreds.
  13. Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim

    WHAT OH MY GOD OH MY FUCKING GOD majesty is The Shit and i have Feelings about it and majesty 2 was the first time i was ever upset at how mediocre a game was but jesus christ everyone play majesty it's on sale at like $2-5 every now and then

    they're good collarbones fam

    who gives a shit about acne with collarbones like that tbqh