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  1. The lack of dual audio is now confirmed

    Good. Now nerds will get mad.
  2. lmfao at baby nerds getting mad about not getting their cartoon tie-in
  3. hello my bro!!

  4. tbf it can still be shit without being the worst in the series (I more or less agree with Ike's conclusions in his LP - aimed big, sporadically succeeded, mostly failed, appallingly written and designed in places, decent enough end result.)
  5. Does Anybody Here Play Magic Online?

    Consider this: nobody cares. The thread is about MtG. Your review will be ignored.
  6. Why is ice cream so aesthethic

    Very carefully.
  7. Takeoffs and IIRC to a notably lesser extent (haven't flown since 2012) landings are fucking terrifying to me, fam, it's okay.
  8. StarCraft: Brood War Remastered

    Sure, I'd be up for it.
  9. StarCraft: Brood War Remastered

    The menu was extremely laggy and it crashed when I tried to view the Intro for nostalgia lmao That said, the servers were hella overloaded, and there's already been a patch. Loaded it up again after the patch and it's running smoothly. Heads-up that when you head into the campaign, it looks like a loading screen? It isn't. Click through it. Thaaaat said it's a bit bizarre that the HUD takes up so much of the screen, and that there's not more... room, to see shit. I keep trying to scroll out. Still, at least it's wider than before... wait what you still can't select more than 12 guys, or multiple buildings? I felt sure they fixed that in the trailers but maybe I was imagining things??? bizarre actual former top 300ish player haru 'haru' doku points out that selecting >12 guys is kind of gamebreaking as it stands tbf but I still swear to God I saw a screenshot of it.
  10. Tom and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and Jerry.
  11. Yeah, KoL's localisation is... well, it's an actual localisation. A mediocre one, sure, but it's not like they just spat out literal translations of words.
  12. I forgot but dw the Karcist Fan Club will be included in the next update's chart.
  13. Update 16 The Summer of Karcist
  14. Update 15 "I have no idea," and I must scream