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  1. spoilers alphonse is going swordmaster because the class is good and I don't like its model
  2. I can promise I will try to use a mermaid where I can. And yeah, Lullaby hit like... half the time, at best. And then they usually immediately cancelled it by hitting the guy anyway, presumably excited by the 100% hit chance. Also oops I posted this update a day early. Oh Well! Still, I should be back on schedule easily enough.
  3. no, being a tiny baby snowflake and crying about it to them and expecting a response like "oh, okay! we'll never do our jobs again!!" is a bad thing and makes you sound ridiculous lol
  4. it's their freedom of speech to block annoying, entitled brats over twitter. hope that helps!
  5. FE2 didn't have a story, or dialogue.
  6. okay sorry for the poor update schedule lately, a mixture of university coming back into season and, let's be real, echoes (i always used to make fun of people's LPs dying because new games came out. haha i guess i can't do that anymore) fucked it up some. I finished Echoes about ten minutes ago and am getting used to dealing with a uni schedule again so anticipate the updates to start flowing again sooner rather than later. I still can't believe you nerds picked Path A smh
  7. Since it may never come up in the LP itself, this is the default witchface.
  8. Update 11 Interlude: Deneb, the ordinary human
  9. Update 10 To Florida
  10. Update 9 "You outsiders think you can solve everything with your money and your logic!"
  11. Update 8 "You infuriate me!!!"
  12. They might learn it eventually but they're a complete liability now. The thing under the spoiler will be showcased, but it's not much to get excited over, either.
  13. Update 7 "I don't think it's good for you to be so caught up in yourself."