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  1. This. I know it's meant to be a particular artstyle, but it's really... unpleasant to watch?
  2. Soundtrack Rip

    Thank you so much, I was waiting for this!
  3. Is there a quick way to farm money? I'm always running short...
  4. Free Update / Nov 16

    So they updated the 3DS version and not the Switch one... weird.
  5. Free Update / Nov 16

    Thank you! We'll just have to wait then.
  6. Free Update / Nov 16

    Still nothing appearently. Are we sure it comes out today for America and Europe too?
  7. Material drop guide

    This is actually extremely useful, it should definiteley be pinned.
  8. Don't know if this has been asked before, but is there an easy way to get an S rank for the maps in which you unlock Lyn and Celica? I'd like to unlock their exclusive weapons but there's no way I can beat Velezark in such a short time. Any tips?
  9. Top Unit(s)

    Marth lv. 53, followed by Lucina lv. 47 and Tiki lv. 45.
  10. Fire Emblem Warriors overall scores!

    Agreed on everything. This is my first musou and I was pleasantly surprised. I'm also loving how they combined various FE elements making it more strategic than I thought.
  11. Fire Emblem Warriors overall scores!

    Like others said, I feel these reviews are pretty solid for a musou game. As for Metro UK review, I read it and I think it's very biased and not so objective overall (like the reviewer just wanted to bash the genre). Personally I'm enjoying the game, I'm playing on Hard/Classic and some bosses can be quite challenging.
  12. I went for: 1. Ike: obviously. My favorite male character outside of Awakening and Fates. 2. Hector: would be totally awesome to smash enemies with him. 3. Sigurd: I want some love for Jugdral. I'd also love Lewyn, but that's utopia.
  13. Finished

    Sometimes blessed unites happen I guess XD in my original Gaiden playthrough I had a blessed Boey and he was amazing.
  14. Cipher DLC thoughts

    I think Vincent meant that the Cipher DLC was supposed to be in Fates but was later cancelled for who knows what reasons. If you think about it, the Fates DLC schedule was weird and felt uncomplete overall (unreleased skills, etc.). Not to mention that the last scramble maps with additional convos remained unreleased in the west, so I believe they decide not to invest too much on the game anymore at some point (maybe to focus on multiple future releases that were announced back in January in FE Direct but, again, who knows).
  15. Blitzkrieg brainstorm

    Just as you people know, Act 5 counts. I received the medal after beating the game.