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  1. Resurgence Mafia (OC) Interest Check/Signups

    in please
  2. Heya guys, I have something to tell everyone: As most of you guys know, I have been playing eimm for a while and I probably have more theories about eimm than most other players along with a wider view of things AA. So, this game, I plan on pulling something I never pulled before. I will be pulling a Prims/Mitsuki! (sorry Clarinets/j00) and giving advice to anyone who wants it! For this game, I am not planning on outing who I shoot to most people. My alias is Norma and my deal is, IF you claim your alias to me, I promise to never shoot you even if all people remaining are people who claimed their alias to me. My other deal will be giving advice, this is unrelated to the previous deal. I am pretty well known for giving advice and this is actually the main deal. To receive advice, simply bring me a situation and I will try to guide you through it (it can be any situation, including made up ones). The more information you give me to work with, the more I can analyze the information and will be able to provide better information. All analysis of players will be from what I know about them based on games they played before and not this game and all information provided to me will be completely confidential and will not be shared with other players. Anyone who wants any advice from the most abstract of cases to exact cases are welcome! I plan on playing this game with no backstabs/cheating/lying and much less effort than I normally do. If you want to know whether I am trustworthy with information or not, feel free to ask other players (from serenesforest) to find out more, or read one of the previous games like Allstars (Walrein's role PM) or any eimm I was in, really (in the last year and a half)
  3. EiMM - Fair and Balanced - Game over!

    Elie actually figured out it was a teacher instantly! Thanks for the beer offer guys, but I don't drink (at all)! I am glad the game turned out as it did, I got to pay back a few people for helping me out! Also, from now on, I quit eimm as a leader, if you want/need a sheep, ask me to sign up. If I am free, I will help you out. Also, CONGRATULATIONS! to the winners! Half (Javelin, FK, Random) are first time winners! Zeonth's first on sf and 3rd overall, Elieson's 4th win (I could be wrong on this and it might be 5th?) And Refa's 6th win (I hope I and my right about this!)
  4. EiMM - Fair and Balanced - Game over!

    Can we get an early phase end if all actions are in?
  5. EiMM - Fair and Balanced - Game over!

    Okay, who failed to make the shot?
  6. EiMM - Fair and Balanced - Game over!

    I am sorry Eclipse, I was really busy today to supply logs. I can't supply them until I get back home tomorrow and tomorrow will be a long day, so, I need to sleep now. Sorry...
  7. Mafia Headquarters V4

    Dough eat! April fools follow up right after?
  8. I don't think I was placing any bets? (Who is this addressed to?)
  9. Yeah... sounds like something I did... sorry... In my defense, I only made the announcements and never followed up with votes there though! (Or asked people to stick to you except 3 people, but they changed votes soon after). Yay! Clipsey games!!!
  10. whoops... (it was the rest of smogon)
  11. you were mass shooting me since n1 :(
  12. Kirsche, I think my last game was pretty well balanced...
  13. First of all, congratulations to the winners! if my math is right, Kim just won her 5th eimm!!! (highest, tied with Refa) Gaius finally won an eimm doing what he believed was right!!! Sylveon won her 2nd, first on sf and first as non-itp!! Also, thanks to most of my allies who supported me and I am really sorry I failed to support most of you... Also thank you buddies for getting revenge for me, I am happy that you did it for me... (yeah, mixed feelings) I am glad that I died when I did this game, because I am sure the game would have turned for the worse if I were around and I am actually thankful that I was betrayed and removed early, I didn't have to lie to all the people I probably would have ended up lying too. I generally always make an example out of people who betray me the games after, but for a change, I won't be doing that for the next game. Please host! We need more hosts! Co-host with Paperblade or me if you don't want to host alone! EDIT: Thank you Kirsche for hosting this awesome game! it was fun. Though, I would suggest not to hand out self driving bus drivers to anyone and especially not Cam.