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  1. The Second Well

    Would you kill Makaze if you joined another eimm and Makaze was in it? where is your signature from? what is your favorite eimm role? what was your favorite thing about eimm FAE? what was your favorite thing about eimm Refa? what was your favorite thing about the last eimm you hosted (I forgot what it was called, but it had Clover in it)? would you lynch someone you are townreading to get her/him out of the game? do you like leading the town in OC? thoughts on OC VS NOC VS LOC? thoughts on Multifaction? when will you host another Multifaction.....? will you host another eimm?
  2. The Second Well

    can we be invited to the wedding?
  3. The Second Well

    When will you host rtfr3? What is your favorite role to play as (in regular mafia) and why? If you played mafia again, would ypu prefer to play OC, NOC or LOC? Thoughts on OC vs LOC? Thoughts of Items in mafia? Thoughts on eimm vs mafia? Name the top 4 people you want to ally with in eimm and why Favorite role to play as in eimm and why? Thoughts of items as a more widely used concept in eimm? Would you prefer weaker or stronger roles in eimm and why? BPV count 1 vs 2 vs hp? Thoughts of multifaction and do you plan on hosting one? What would make a good multifaction set up? Thoughts on moles in multifaction? Thoughts on no alignment flips in multifaction?
  4. The Second Well

    Name 10 players you would kill for the fun of it in eimm!
  5. The Second Well

    Should we nominate you a 2nd time for the well?
  6. The Second Well

    List of anime you would recommend List of manga you would recommend List of games you would recommend List of things to do you would recommend List of things not to do you would recommend ADDING IN MORE QUESTIONS how does it feel to be my twin brother? How annoying is it, being the only person who understands my pov, while everyone else wants to lynch me? How annoying is it to be townleader? Thoughts on Elie claims? Tea or coffee? Why? Milk Chocolate/White Chocolate/Dark Chocolate? What is your Favorite chocolate? List the people you would try not to ally with in eimm Thoughts on Cam Strats in eimm? Thoughts on mega factions in eimm?
  7. "Balls of Steel" was a great alias too (insert sacrastic voice)
  8. The Second Well

    What are your future plans? Where do you want to live qnd why? What do you not want to do and why? Have you met anyone from sf irl?
  9. /in I vote to ban "ganon cannon" as well, please!
  10. The Second Well

    How much did you hate me for ruining the Ciraxis dream? How did you feel about the fake F3 chat (in FAE)? Would you ever ally with me again? Will Euklyd ever play again? Could the 4 of us pull an eternal Ciraxis run?
  11. The Second Well

    What are your plans for the future? Why did you pick Economics? Thoughts on New England? How did you get introduced to mafia? How annoying was it playing mafia with me when I did not have internet access?