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  1. Red>Colorless>Green>Blue Red has the most units I don't have and want so I want to pull for that one first, Colorless is in a similar boat but since I already have Brave Lyn it's not as much of a priority, and Green has Spring Camilla who could be useful for my Flier Emblem team I'm trying to build and I could use another Hector. With Blue, they don't have anyone I really want (or will get from the guaranteed summon) so they're the lowest priority for me.
  2. New Heroes: Children of Fate

    I'm surprised they're doing the Fates children before Awakenings' since it's generally agreed that the latter was much better handled, but maybe since Inigo, Lucina, Owain, and Severa are already in the game in a way they probably wanted to focus on the other set as a result. If Shiro is on it I'll probably pull for him, but otherwise I'm not really enthusiastic about this one.
  3. Well, I'm joining Takumi now. Nothing against Shanna, but I have little attachment to her as her personality was a little bland to me whereas Takumi is one of the Fates characters I like. So I'll be setting up my Hector for the next round and prepare for the Desperation Fodder onslaught.
  4. FE4, Jugdral as a whole is easily the most unknown continent in the franchise and I feel it deserves it chance in the sun and showcase its story to the new audience. After that, FE5 for similar reasons and a bit of personal bias. Also, it was brought up before, but I wouldn't mind a FE3 remake later down the road. Its DS remake got screwed over by timing and I feel its (and Shadow Dragon's for that matter) story was held back by the games' strange need to stick to the archaic ways of telling it. An Echoes-esque touch up would do Archanea a lot of favors since things like the lore and the backstories of multiple villains like Hardin could be brought forth and fleshed out more, and I think that would make the continent more appealing to new fans who never started with those games.
  5. DLC characters announced

    Honestly, it's pretty scummy that they're withholding the NPC four like that considering they're almost complete based on the datamine. I may get the SD one since it has two of my three favorite characters from that game, but the rest I may skip at this rate.
  6. Tempest Trials: Genealogy of Light!

    It's kind of funny Eldigan is also in the banner as well, it's not enough that Ayra is given out in a banner separate of the other three, IS also decided it'd be a good idea to pair her up with Eldigan the pity rate killer. There's going to be so much hatred for the poor man when he pops up instead of her.
  7. Thanks, I can't do the Summoner Support since I used it on another unit, but I'll throw Life and Death and the Speed +3 Seal onto her as I should still have enough coins and feathers left over. It won't completely make up for the bane, but she'll be at a much more respectable speed tier.
  8. Managed to draw Tailtiu on my third summon, but unfortunately she seems to be -SPD, making her the third Blue mage I've gotten that got screwed in that stat. I still want to make the most of her since I like her character, so I was wondering what skill I should put on her to patch up her speed to at least some extent. Life and Death or Fury?
  9. Holy war banner

    He does have Nihil in Genealogy, it's called Awareness in some fan-translations.
  10. Voting Gauntlet: The Blood of Dragons!

    I don't believe it, Ninian managed to hold onto her win.
  11. Holy war banner

    No, Deirdre is going to possibly power creep Julia, don't do this to me. Well at least I got Tailtiu out of this, I always liked her character.
  12. Best and Worst of the 3DS FE Era

    Best Story: SoV, it has its problems, but in terms of consistency and characters it gets more right then Awakening and especially Fates do. Worst Story: Revelation, with Conquest being a very close second. The pointless Anthony arc, the pointless deaths, the bad pacing, the lack of lore for Valla, and a terrible final villain to top it all off just makes it a bad package all around. Best gameplay: Conquest, the units and mechanics were better balanced and it has a good set of maps despite a few hiccups here and there, for all of its problems in the story I think Conquest nailed the gameplay the most out of the 3DS games. Worst gameplay: Revelation, between the poor unit balance, the terrible gimmicks and poor design that made a sizeable chunk of the maps a slog it's a game that is a struggle to play through.
  13. Voting Gauntlet: The Blood of Dragons!

    Honestly, I think focusing on performance would be best. Splatoon has a similar implementation with their Splatfest and while it isn't perfect it does mean that the larger team doesn't win by size alone, you also have to play well to get your team the victory. That should be what is rewarded the most in a game mode that's expected to have players constantly playing it, and it would address issues like players just dropping in for the feathers or not participating until the last minute/a strong multiplier is in play.
  14. Voting Gauntlet: The Blood of Dragons!

    Going by Reddit it seems that the threshold is 1%, Nowi was losing by around .9% a few hours ago and she didn't get the Multiplier.
  15. Voting Gauntlet: The Blood of Dragons!

    Honestly, I don't think we'll get a good idea for who will win any of the matches until at least tomorrow morning. The problem with the new Multiplier system is that it's completely volatile and it can easily go in either direction depending on what shifts happen over a certain period of time. Take Fae vs. Ninian for example, just an hour ago it was saying Ninian was projected to win, now it's saying Fae is and I bet it's because either party got a gain or loss in votes that wasn't taken into consideration of the original projection. That's probably going to be a trend for most of the matches we have right now since the scores keep fluctuating, and I doubt the trackers are going to be telling until the scoring calms down and it has a better idea of how people are voting for each character.