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  1. I may throw a few orbs in for Hinoka since she'd be great on my Flier Emblem team, but honestly this looks like another skip. I don't like Kana and Shigure is not a character I care to spend a lot of orbs for. Ironically, I would pull for Kaze, but he's possibly free so...
  2. I love Olwen, but did really need to give her and Reinhardt another alt? Did they really have that little faith in Thracia that they had to bring back those two? Well, at least we get Saias and Finn... ...Why? Why is this a thing?
  3. I'm guessing they're reconning it so that Gradivus fell into the ocean with Camus? It would be odd since the weapon isn't mentioned in the Memory Prism, but that's the only way that would make sense since otherwise that means there's two Gradivus flying around Archanea. Speaking of Camus, it seems it's implied he got the mask he used for his Sirius persona from Conrad. Edit: Beaten on the Conrad bit.
  4. Wow, that description brought Nuibaba's character up a few pegs. It would've been nice for them to have snuck at least a few tidbits of that into the game, even though I do understand why it may not have been possible. I look forward to seeing what useful bits of information was snuck into Duma and Grima's descriptions.
  5. Well that's good news, it looks like there's only two units I want from this, I can do the free summon and then save my orbs for Thracia without any concern.
  6. Best and worse Final Boss in the series?

    Worst: Anankos, he doesn't fit Fates' themes, and ends up doing more harm then good to the story even with the DLC desperately trying to patch him up. Gameplay-wise, while I will give credit for the multiphase boss idea that the stage had going, it doesn't end up being effective since the enemies he throws at you are easily avoided/defeated while his parts aren't hard to take down. Runner-up would be Veld for being unmemorable in every way, I can barely remember a thing he does in the story and his boss battle is laughable. Best: Ashera, she had a fun map, good build-up, and pretty good lore.
  7. Colorless Manakete Predictions

    My prediction would be Lilith or a Legendary Hero (either Tiki or Corrin), particularly the latter if it's supposed to come sooner rather then later. Dragon Laguz are also options since even though they're supposed to share the Thunder weakness, you could theoretically forgo that since there are three subgroups that can be split across colors. In terms of the final bosses, Medeus, Idunn, and Anankos could work, but at the same time they can be shuffled off into separate colors as well.
  8. The Branded King (New Heroes Banner)

    Chrom: Meh, nice to have Falchion on a horse, but I really don't care for alts. F!Morgan: I'm happy to see her in the game and I'm even more happy she comes as a mage flier and with a new tome that's rather useful. I may try to pull for her with a free summon if I can. M!Morgan: Also glad to see him in the game, though I'm a bit less excited since I usually got F!Morgan. I'll probably avoid him though since he shares his color with Chrom and my luck is horrible when it comes to units sharing colors. Gerome: I'm surprised they're bringing him into the game, considering how many kids are more popular then him I figured he'd sit out for at least another two banners. With that said, it's nice to get him and I'll pick him up as soon as his TT rolls around. Colorless Dragon icon: I'm looking forward to seeing who will get this icon. The manaketes in general can easily be sorted out into different colors so it wasn't really necessary, so it's interesting that they decided to add it into the game.
  9. Saias would be a good choice, a lot of people who played the game do remember him for the torture his 10 stars caused, and as a character he seems likeable enough, so I could see them go for him. If they're willing to stretch things a bit, Travant could also work since he easily has the biggest connection of the Jugdral villains to Leif and Finn, but in that case it'd be more background related since Travant only appears a few times.
  10. Wait, can it be? Leif is finally coming home!? Thank Naga, it took them long enough to do it. They announced Ike at least a month before his release on Twitter IIRC, though in that case it was just a name drop and a voice clip.
  11. Order of preference this time: Blue>Green>Red>Colorless. Blue I don't have any of the three and I'd like to have Ephraim, so that's high priority for me. Green I'd only need B!Ike for fodder as I have two Guunthra's and don't care enough about Dorcas, Red V!Ike's already on the way and I don't really care about the other two, and Colorless I don't care about any of the three. With that said, I probably will stick to just the free summon and leave it at that as I want to pull from the other banners first.
  12. Grima for his expanded lore in Echoes and getting a bit more fleshed out characterization in Heroes. Corrin in Warriors since the more consistent direction with the supports allows them to bounce off the other characters better then in Fates. Additionally, Caeda and Marth, while already likeable characters in the Archanean games, also get more time to shine in the Warriors supports. Finally, reading some of the supplemental material on the site also made me like characters such as Michalis, Medeus, and Nolan more then I did then when playing their respective games on their own.
  13. New Heroes: Those who Have fallen

    Garon/Anankos and Ashnard would be my guesses for being next as there aren't that many villains in their respective games that would be prioritized over them, and they would be unique options for units that fans would pay attention to. Medeus and Julius I could also see from a unit perspective, but only after Gharnef and Ishtar/Travant respectively since I think IS would go for those villains first.
  14. New Heroes: Those who Have fallen

    The problem with that assessment is that it ignores the fact that each depiction of those avatars are separate as far as the representative 'characters' are concerned, both internally and externally. We don't have a Summer Lancer M!Robin nor an Armored female one, it's just one version for each particular gender and regardless of whether Robin can be either has no effect on those particular variations. So in all practical sense, the Robin we have here is Male, can only be male, and is the only one (currently at least) depicted as a Dragon/Manakete unit, and thus would still be a trend breaker in the sense that he's the first male unit that can turn into a dragon.
  15. New Heroes: Those who Have fallen

    Also, as an aside, with Grima/Robin's introduction brings us our first male Manakete/Dragon in the game, abolishing the trend of them being female only beforehand. To be fair to Robin's case, with the way the story works in Awakening Grima would be 99% in control of his body, so you could argue it's a different character in that sense. There's little excuse for Celica though.