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  1. I know I should go for Elincia as she's one of my favorite characters in Heroes and PoR/RD, but I want Xander just for that silly dance.
  2. Looking through the sites history, I think you're right. The original CYL had a separate short livestream for it and they didn't hide the fact that it would be talking about those units, so if they're following the previous trend this particular FEH channel wouldn't be it. That does beg the question what the next banner is if it's lasting a week longer then usual though.
  3. I guess that means the CYL2 units are coming then, alright then. Personally I'm just hoping we get some word on beast units, I really want to see Ranulf in this game.
  4. Eh, I['ll take a wait and see approach on this. I will admit Fates was very hit or miss, but nothing was to a point where I felt like I couldn't give Treehouse another chance to do better, so I'll wait until we get more information before making my judgement on the matter. It's funny that you mention Warriors as while I can't speak for the story since I haven't read up on the Japanese version (though based on Koei's other works, it's probably the typical excuse plot there like it is in English), I felt the supports in that game were better done overall then Fates' from what I've seen. They seem more consistent with their original counterparts overall, and I didn't think any of the changes if they were made affected how I felt about the support regardless of which one I read. Heroes I will admit is pretty unmemorable outside of the specific unit dialogue we get from each character, but as you said Heroes isn't story driven so it's hard to know whether we should blame Treehouse or IS for that.
  5. Who are you using Flashing Blade on?

    Lyn as it allows her to make good use of her high speed, Ishtar and Leif are other options I've been considering for similar reasons.
  6. Voting Gauntlet: Fated Battles!

    Supporting Lyon this time around, it'd be nice if he beat Ephraim for once.
  7. Geez IS, how many versions of Armads are you going to make? Not sure if I'll pull on this banner. For three of the colors, I have most of the units on them or don't care about them, so the only one I'd be pulling for would be Red for Leif. The problem with that is I have really bad luck with the poor kid as I got blocked twice by Reinhardt and once by Panic Ploy Fodder last time, so I don't want to try my luck.
  8. Medusa would be interesting, Palutena doesn't seem to be using all of her previous custom moves, so Medusa could take some of those and use them herself. Dark Samus is another character I'd like to see, but I'm more hesitant on her since she can be more unique and being an Echo wouldn't showcase that.
  9. Most Welcome Pitybreakers

    1) When trying to pull on the Thracia banner, I didn't have any Red orbs, so I pulled on a Green. I ended up getting Sonya out of it, which was a character I wanted for a long time and she had great IVs to boot. 2) I did a free Summon on a Skill banner and ended up getting a random Lucina. Her IVs weren't as good as Sonya's, but still workable and she's been an important asset for some of my harder PvE challenges. 3) I got a Lyn trying to pull for B!Lyn for Skills.
  10. Generally any of the Laguz, but The Royals, Ranulf, Skirmir, Dheginsea, Nasir, Ena and Kurthnaga are the ones who really need to get into the game soon. In terms of the other playable characters, the only main character left is Kris, but in terms of secondaries there are still a notable batch left such as Nyna, Nils, Lucia, Flavia and Basilio. Villain-wise also have a good few major ones left like Medeus, Rudolf, Gharnef, Travant, Murdock, Nergal, Ashnard, Sephiran, and Walhart.
  11. New Heroes: Scattered Fangs

    I'm kind of curious about that as well. Looking at the CYL2 poll, the only one we're getting that was in the Top 100 was Canas at 89, the rest were pretty low. I guess you could argue they were going for a theme around Nino, but that still wouldn't explain Karla who has no connection to her or the Black Fang. Personally, this banner seems like a skip to me since I'm sure Legault will drop and the others don't interest me too much, but I'm glad to finally get Canas and Linus.
  12. Grand Hero Battle of Destiny: Linus, the Mad Dog

    Please no, I still cringe every time I look at that poor man's artwork.
  13. Voting Gauntlet: Heroes and Legends!

    That was rather close, I didn't expect Guunthra to get that multiplier. Guess I'm on her team for another round unless Ike pulls a strong counterattack. Should've figured Genealogy would be the exception rather then a new trend, I'm expecting it to be F!Nino, Louise, and one of Pent or Nils.
  14. Legendary Hero: Ryoma, Supreme Samurai

    Definitely pulling Red for this one, Ryoma would be great for Flier Emblem and Sigurd and Y!Tiki (with Mist Breath!) are great units in their own right. I wouldn't mind pulling any of the three even if Ryoma is my most preferred.
  15. ...I'm just going to pretend that I did not see Sanaki put on a banner made for brides, because I do not want to think about why they thought that was a good idea. I'll probably pull for Ninian because flying dancers are always going to be good on utility alone, I just hope her speed is good.