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  1. Just put my vote in for Ranulf (PoR), I'll cycle through Lief, Jill, and Lyon for the next three days.
  2. Assuming that the top 4 are taken off the poll, my votes will go to Ranulf, Jill, Lief, Kaden/Keaton, Nasir, Cormag, and Lyon.
  3. It should be noted that he also risked it because he foresaw an earthquake that would result in the deaths of many people in his country. No matter the magical world there's not many solutions to an earthquake devastating your country, and that compounded with the death of his father would explain him taking the more desperate action and exploring the dark arts.
  4. If they do another SS banner, I hope it's L'Arachel, Myrhh, and Cormag. Cormag is completely bias on my part, but L'Arachel and Myrhh I think would be fun to see since the former could use either of Rausten's Sacred Twins for a unique weapon type and the latter could give us our first flying Manakete (not to mention our first Manakete in months). In terms of unique units, I feel they have a lot to give so at the very least I hope those two will be present.
  5. Yes, finally Lyon will be in the game, I've been waiting for this since Valter!
  6. It's funny to come back to this forum and see how many memes Oliver has started up, it's almost like we went back a decade in the fandom. Anyway, it's good to finally have Micaiah in the game, now I just need them to put in Lief. It's possible, but I think if they were to choose a Dragon Laguz as a GHB it'd be Deghinsea over her since he has a more unique battle scenario and skills to make use of. As for the second point, it's less that Heroes hates male Manaketes and more that the series has very few options outside of Laguz and villains. Offhand, you just have Bantu and Nils as options for the role, and Bantu isn't very popular while Ninian stands out a bit more then Nils popularity and story-wise and thus got picked over him. If anything, a GHB would be their best chance since the majority of male Manaketes are villains and would fit in the role as a result.
  7. The thing about Smash is that it allows for the player to make use of different options to play, and that one person's way of having fun can be tailored accordingly depending on how you feel about certain set-ups. If you like most of the stages but can't stand the boss hazards like Ridley, you can toggle those stages off of your random select. You like some items over others? Take the items you don't like off. Want to play on a flat stage but want variety in the design and environment? Omega Stages exists for your heart's content. Basically, Smash is for how you and your friends want to play, and regardless of whether it's competitive, casual, or somewhere inbetween it doesn't matter, just have fun the way you want to have fun. It's not backwards either way you do it, it's just the way you personally prefer to do it. Anyway, as for the Gauntlet itself, I'm happy to see Azura won. I was backing her from the beginning, so it was nice to have another character that I initially supported last to the end.
  8. Grand Hero Battles 2018: Who Do You Want?

    Hardin, Medeus, Julius, Travant, Linus, Lyon, Ashnard, Jarod, Dheginsea, Sephiran, and Walhart.
  9. I'm fine with dragons as a concept, but I feel that if they're going to keep using them they either need to do a better job with the roles they're using them for or utilize them in different ways. In terms of the villains, I don't want another Anankos situation. There it felt like the villain was thrown in as a common cliche to poorly wrap up the plot and get everyone together, but it came at the cost of more interesting themes that were present and that hurt Fates' narrative as a whole. If they're going to be there as a plot important element, I'd like them to have a proper place in the story. Make them have a presence in lore and history, give them a stronger role that isn't sitting their asses on a chair (even if a reason is given), make them more then just 'I'm the harbinger of death, I'm going to wreck some shit', and just in general make them more interesting villains. Some of the previous dragons have gotten parts of this right (ex. Medeus and Duma have pretty good lore behind them) but I don't think any have had the complete package quite yet. If they hit all of those marks, I'd be fine with another dragon, but otherwise I'd rather them take a different route then stick to a clutch that has gotten increasingly stale and became a detriment to FE's stories. As for them as characters as a whole, at the risk of repeating what everyone has said, I feel the Dragon Laguz were among the best handled dragons in the series. All of them were varied in design, characterization, and motivation, which made them less monotonous as a group since all of them stood out from each other. Additionally, even though some opposed each other like most of the other games, it wasn't out of some generic 'good vs. evil', but rather a clash of differing ideals and beliefs that had them go after different goals, which made their roles in the plot more flexible. as a result, they managed to feel more unique as characters rather then filling a similar niche to what has come before, and I feel that direction is a better one to take if they're going to keep dragons as a staple of the series.
  10. Priority for me this time seems to be Colorless>Green>Red>Blue Colorless I have no one from the list and all of them are units I wouldn't mind getting. I'd like Bridal Lyn for her Candlelight, I'd like Elise for another mounted Healer to use alongside my Priscilla, and Innes I just like as a character, so pulling there is complete benefit for me, particularly if I get fodder like Klein from it. Green, I could use Guunthra and I don't have Spring Chrom, but I have Amelia so it's not as high priority. However, since Amelia was -Atk if I were to get her I wouldn't complain at all. Red I don't have any of the three, but I'm ambivalent on all of them aside from Sigurd, so it's not nearly as high a priority since I'd just want one unit out of them. Blue I could use another Spring Lucina for the same reason I could use another Amelia, but unlike with Green the only unit I don't have is Bridal Charlotte, and while I like Charlotte I'm not getting as much out of it since there's only one unit that I want and that one happens to be the only one I don't have between them.
  11. PoR, thanks to the supports and base conversations, most of the characters I felt were well-rounded. They were able to get good interactions, decently explored backstories, likeable personalities, and well handled development. The cast is home to many characters I'd consider a favorite in the franchise and to this day I still enjoy them no matter how many playthroughs I do of the game. SoV is weaker in some respects relative to PoR, but the voice acting gives the characters a lot of life since it allows for certain traits to be reflected in the way a character speaks that text wouldn't have been able to the same extent. It makes them easy to latch onto as a player and despite the flaws I found with the story, I still found the characters enjoyable enough to play through it and keep them alive.
  12. I was thinking about starting up a Dragon Emblem team, but I was wondering which of my Adult Tikis I should upgrade. I have one that is +Atk, -Spd, and one that is +Atk, -Res, which one would be better to use?
  13. Bound Hero Battle: Distant Blade (Tana & Amelia)

    Did it with my Flier Emblem team as well. Had to rely on Valter and Palla to draw out some of the knights since I didn't have mage fliers, but once they weakened them Cherche and Elincia were able to clean them up with Goads.
  14. FEH: Winter's Envoy Banner

    Er, how is Tharja an Armored unit with that outfit? You could possibly excuse the others due to wearing baggy Christmas outfits/having heavy weapons, but Tharja looks like she was six months too late for the summer banner. Anyway, I'll do a free summon for Green since I wouldn't mind getting Lissa or Chrom, but unless the Legendary Banner that's being speculated about is a bust I'll probably give this one a skip.
  15. Weapon Refinery: Favorite Enhances

    Light Breath, that +5 to all stats to units within 2 range is a great buff. Also, Hauteclare getting +10 damage on special trigger and Eldigan becoming the man of Fury.