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  1. Well, i hope for DW fans that they don't start adding Giant Bosses.
  2. Maybe you don't need it. But i look at Overwatch and I look at ARMS, and think it would've done a lot for the game if the cast had that kind of work done on them. The lack of variety in mvoeset is a problem mostly for the sword characters, and you'd run into that no matter the number of focus games because lords are the top priority. Even then, most have their own areas of excellence. Lyn with Crowd Clearing, Marth's mobility, Ryoma's dueling ability. Chromcina and the Twins are balanced but the former leans more towards duels and the other CC and support (staves). Corrin is the only one that falls flat by not excelling at anything. For most of the main game stats do make a difference where it matter: clones. Caeda and Cordelia will eventually be almost the same due to how Luna and Weapon Might are crazy OPp, but before that? Topsy Turvy makes them very different characters. Staves also change things. You don't leave Leo to defend your base in a Shadow Elimination mission. You leave Elise. The two areas where they go wrong aside from the incoming clone!Navarre (most likely) is with Lucina and the 3rd peggy. Lucina is a dud slot gameplay-wise. The 3rd peggy is excusable when you keep in mind the lack of lances pre-DLC, making it a necessary evil. There's no point to juggling with anyone 95% of the time when C6 exists.
  3. FEW1 sold well enough that KT were happy with it. And you are fooling yourself if you think the fan backlash didn't come from a minority. Awakening and Fates still sold well enough. Without needing to build the systems from the ground up again, like in 1, 2 should be much, much easier to make. It's easy money. There is no logical reason NOT to do a sequel, even if it will be not as soon as people hope.
  4. Both Prime and Super are action-adventure games. Prime just happens to have FPS woven in as a second genre. But the core of metroid is still there with the only major change is that, if you want, you can know where to go.
  5. Because like with in Smash our fanbase is a fragmented mess and they ended up catering to one branch only. The biggest branch, sure. But only one.
  6. Sales =/= popularity. quality. Or profit, as a side note. That's actually a pretty great plan. If they wasted all their heavy hitters, a warriors sequel would depend almost entirely on the new games to shine. Look at Hyrule Warriors. Because that game wasted so many games into DLC content we now need to wait for at least one new Zelda to push the marketing along with Botw. One game alone doesn't do much. And if that game fails, it does NOTHING. Ike and Roy don't bring profit for fire emblem but they can bait the wider audience that's only familiar with these people through Smash. Like, don't act like Smash isn't bigger than FE or that the bulk of the popularity of any give FE rep bar Lucina the Waifu isn't because of Smash. You said it yourself, warriors 2 coming soon is rather plausible. Spring 2019 or something I hope.
  7. To have someone that can carry the sequele on his own should FESwitch turn out to be as popular with us as Other M was for the metroid fanbase.
  8. Share your FEW stories!

    Yes, Archers break the arena. I usually have only one archer at a time though.
  9. ARMS's characters are blank slates with barely any characterization. Even Rowan and Lianna are better than it's cast by themselves, let alone when added to the other people. If you are ever juggling a enemy captain you're doing things wrong.
  10. A no promotion run where yo need to always have everyone at around the same level.
  11. Because we alreayd have heavy hitters thanks to Marht and the Fates/Awakening crowd and even Lyn. FEw2 will have "You can play as Ike!" as part of its appeal. It's like people lack business sense or something.
  12. Ew, we lost to Arms despite FEW being straight up superior in every aspect you can think of.
  13. Because Ike being involved in the story is so much more hype than playing as him. It's a bad idea no matter how you look at it.
  14. No matter what you think the impact is nowhere as great if it's the second time he's around. He's not news. You could always pop up FEw1 in this case and get your fill from one-god-armying with Ike there.
  15. Ike is there as a safety net for FEW2. It's him and his games that will be the biggest to push FEw2 forward if FEswitch happens to be as popular with the fanbase as Metroid Other M and Federation Force were for that series. "You can now play as Ike" is much bigger than "You can now play as Ike's friends!" Lyn, imo, doesn't have that same effect on Elibe because we still have Roy and Hector as pretty big hitters to help carry that focus game. IMO, the answer to the last questions is a no. We'd never get Fates and Awakening represented as strongly as they were here, and i'm dying to see that kind of thing happening with other branches of the series. Shadow Dragon was a bummer and i'd hate to see every part of FE being as lame as what we got from that from, but at least New Mystery makes the possibility of a second round for Marth's side of FE a possibility.