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  1. Final Interview from Nintendo Dream (spoilers)

    On the Gaius: he used a sword in canon but makes significantly more sense as a dagger user like most thieves in the series are either in gameplay or in artwork/sprites. On Lon'qu: Too similar to Navarre and Ryoma, both of which already have clones in the game. On HW comparisons: It's like people forget Zelda is a much bigger franchise deserving of a higher BUDGET. And that it was a Wii U game from a time nintendo didn't care about how much time their games took to launch. FEW absolutely was going to have to launch in September in japan. On people still complaining about non-focus games: This is for the better. Awakening, Fates and Archanea would be in this first game no matter how many things they wanted to include, and we saw fans being displeased with "how little" Archanea got. What you guys are asking is this, but for all branches of the series and no hope for a sequel until a decade from now. On people complaining about fanservice: Olivia is a dancer in an action game. You can't avoid this conversation. KT didn't design Olivia. To the person that thinks KT was the only party to blame for withholding Ike and Roy: LOL. IS and Nintendo were surely part of that. Everyone there would like a second game to print money out of.
  2. Regarding enemy variety, the problem in my opinion is that normal enemies fight the same as named enemies, for the most part. Like, named enemies will have an extra special but that's it. I do think monster units would be a great way of expanding upon the enemy variety. This is something FE itself alreayd did in the transition from FE7 to Sacred Stones.
  3. Fates: Charlotte for Nohr, an alt moveset for Sakura representing Hoshidan Scrolls (since the other options for the moveset are bottom tier in popularity) SD: Camus, AKA the only missing link in SD's cast and the game's balance. Awakening: Gaius. Uses a sword, but has dagger moves like Sheik. ...This is assuming they aren't meant to be clones, yes? Well.
  4. *whoosh* These are false because they are my suggestions...
  5. Caeda got in because she's popular. She and tiki and MArth are SD's top 3. Anyways, i think FEW2 needs to rework the WT; 1- WTA gives yellow gauge only for enemy's whiffed attacks. Trying to use your string or combos at best only gives the white gauge 2- Neutral cannot expose gauge by attacking the enemy. You need to wait the enemy miss. 3- WTD makes it so that the weak point gauge NEVEr appears. Dual Strikes need to be retooled as well. Maybe making them cost 2 to 4 times more gauge to become available. I'd rather have the DS become whatever combo that character uses to open WPGs (so yes, C1 for Tomes and Mages, dunno what i'd do with tiki) so it forces you to play around your partner's weaknesses... like sluggishness or lack of range.
  6. Clones mean more characcters, which means more people are pleased by seing their favorite characters in the game and interacting with the rest of the cast. This is not rocket science. It's also worth noting that HW used the other kind of clone: model clones. Link's model and voice lines and interactions with the cast (all SIGNIFICANTLY smaller than anyone's from FEW) are always the same no matter his moveset. Lastly, Zelda is a bigger franchise. Of course they'd give KT and OF a bigger budget.
  7. Gee, would it have killed you to add a question mark? I got excited for nothing.
  8. Well, that is... a thing

    That's only if you are bad enough that you get hit. And in a moveset where you are not only you outspeed Archers (allowing you to dive them before the AI decides you are a threat) but have your weak point gauge exposer in a move that outranges archers and is ridiculous on his own, you have no excuse for getting hit by a bow. The Pegasi are simply that good.
  9. Well, that is... a thing

    Pegasus are only weak to bows if the AI is controlling. Light Javelins are, like, one of the best moves in the entire game and outranges archers. Peggies are one of the best people to actually fight archers. If you have Oboro and Azura, then you can have two peggies paired with them and the last under your control. Simple stuff. Iote's Shield is also a thing now, and Bowbreaker helps.
  10. Shadow Dragon DLC images surface

    It's possible in canon if Olivia is her mom, as well as some Robins.
  11. Who do you predict for future Seasonal Banners?

    I think we are definitively getting a Hoshian Summer with Hinoka and Ryoma down the line. The question is who they'd put in there to fill the other slots. I have very low hopes for a 3rd Sakura...
  12. Shadow Dragon DLC images surface

    The first part of the Fates arc really should've been a whole map per route. Two misunderstandings in a row doesn't fly. I'm actually okay with how the Sakura/Elise misunderstanding happened, but too have it twice? Nope. The two chapters we'd be missing would be better used to make Corrin more involved and make Chapter 13 feel less out of nowhere. And another for expanding on the SD "arc".
  13. Shadow Dragon DLC images surface

    Oboro and Niles are more popular than some royals in japan. Oboro was actually only beaten by Camilla. But really, not needed at all. We didn't need Niles (or Anna), two Archers were enough, and Oboro's niche of being infantry lance is better done by Azura.
  14. Shadow Dragon DLC images surface

    That Stat Swap skill would have been really interesting if this game didn't have 720MT weapons and a huge focus on LCK skills for damage output. STR and MAG are only, like 5% of your damage.
  15. FE:Warriors 13th most played Switch game in NA

    Because their situations are completely different. Hyrule Warriors launched on a dead console and the devs used almost all of the major zelda games for that content. Only Wind Waker was left, which is just enough material for an extra bit of story. Then came the idea to have it on 3DS, but the inferior performance levels turned off a lot of people. FESwitch launched on a successful console, didn't even come close to fully utilizing its series's cast, and launched very early in the Switch's life. There isn't a need to re-do work in a second console like with the Wii U version. Lastly, it can be used to help market FESwitch, or cash in on its (inevitable) success. You also need to understand thta costs go down significantly when you have a good base game to work a sequel around. If FEW2 does the exact same sales of FEW1, it's bringing a lot more profit. Your other comparisons are quite unfair but that was said by someone else already.