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  1. Too bad, Modeling is not cheap.
  2. I'd like too, but it already had a shot in Awakening! Let's go with another, maybe? ...oh, cog of destiny would be interesting. Heck, i feel like Warrior's style would actually make Night of Farewells fine.
  3. I think Elincia's Gambit is a bad choice. Not only I personally hate that map... lol... but it only represents Elincia. Unlike Lyn, she probably won't come isolated from Ike, and possibly Micaiah, which makes the two big maps where these two forces meet (3-13 and Endgame) the more likely candidates for a RD map.
  4. Opinions on the beastkin classes?

    Wolfskin is great unless you care about efficiency, which most players would not. High ATK, high SPD, and a really good hP+DEF on top of getting plenty of people to Beastbane on. Kitsune is complete trash. Bad player phase, and bad enemy phase.
  5. Those are fairly good map choices for 8 and RD. Dunno about the jugdral games so no comment. For Path of Radiance alone, I think the map where you have to escape to Nasir's boat, which has Jill and the BK showing up, would be a good choice. I haven't played enough (or at all) of the other unrepped games to comment.
  6. The Elibe/Tellius characters will depend a lot on a few factors. 1- Which people from FeSwitch are needed or wanted for the sequel. 2- If any characters from Elibe/Tellius make it into FEW1's rumored "fan-oriented season 2 " (I think Hector has amazing chances here) 3- How much work is going to be put into decloning our current 8 clones, and most likely endgame 11 clones (the 3 male ally NPCs). 4- How much they need/are willing to clone characters between the new casts. (An easy example here would be Sothe/Jaffar) 5-How many slots might be used to get people from the past focus games (I'm mainly looking at Jakob here) 6-How many of the people in "5" can be cloned (Merric-Soren, Gaius-Sothe/Jaffar, etc) 7-How many class gaps still need to be filled after all of this. ... Personally, I'm assuming Tellius and Elibe will have close to the same endgame weight as Fates and Awakening will have post DLC.
  7. Why did they make Frederick an Axe user?

    They didn't cut these 4 for shits and giggles. They cut them because they were forced to add 3 other characters out of nowhere and likely didn't get extra money and time to be able to finish everything in one go. It just makes too much sense. Celica was clearly rushed into the game to the point where her victory animation has the Falchion in the 3DS version while coincidentally filling the obvious niche Owain would likely have (the Topsy Turvy version of a STR-based sword moveset), Lyn's moveset fits Navarre a thousand times better given that the only thing that justifies Lyn outright giving up on her FE style is the same thing that'd make Bride!Eirika acceptable on top of we having basically nothing worthwhile to make you pick one character over the other in battle (like the only other bad clone pair, Chrom-Lucina), 4 archers = 1 Moveset is simply a massive waste. They also promised us that we'd have some form of ground lance in the game, and given how the only Lancers we have come from the most awkward moveset in the game AND they are all weak to arrows, there's an obvious, gaping hole in the class dynamics. Again, the NPCs were actually involved in the story. Anna, Celica and Lyn were nonexistent. Given the weight the last two carry, it'd make much more sense to save those for DLC rather than put NPCs and make people think they have to pay twice for the content. Anna mementos don't necessarily have to bring her as a character. Given her omnipresence in the series, she is still fit for that role even without play ability... to the point where Merchant!Anna uses a completely different model. Don't you think it's odd that Anna being a starter pick would've meant they truly wanted to put 4 archers all with the same basic moves? That someone truly thought this was necessary or even a good idea? The bolded sentence is literally meaningless when Swords and Dragonstones go to other extremes of this logic. Quite honestly, if this Anna was planned from day 1 it just makes everything worse. Instead of wasting time with two new models for a useless clone, they could've polished up her Merchant model, gave her some sort of promotion, and made that Anna our ground lancer as per her boss form in Awakening's apotheosis.
  8. Koei is apparently very happy with the sales

    HW was a delicate case where it launched on the Wii U and the 3DS could've given them way, way more profit.
  9. Why did they make Frederick an Axe user?

    I think they'd have given Fates two maps, one for Nohr and other for Hoshido, and split the final maps's missions among the remaining four. Or something. I doubt history mode took as much time as the characters, but i dunno. DLC probably wasn't a big concern at the time. Maybe Azura would come in with a smaller pack.
  10. I would be okay with Tome ranks if it was automatic and mages had specialties, so you didn't need to individually level every tome like in Awakening but still had a preferably type per unit like in Tellius. Say, Soren would start with D Wind E others, and when he gets to C Wind, the others automatically go to D rank if they hadn't been there before. You aren't able to manually work your other ranks, however. But honestly, simply making multiple kinds of magic to work as different weapons within the tome class is better. They don't need to stand as equals.
  11. Koei is apparently very happy with the sales

    There is not much more i can say besides, again, that you simply don't understand game design and game development at all. I'll stop here with you, not only your posts are a pain to read because of weird wording and punctuation your lack of logic makes discussion pointless. Thanks for helping me procrastinate, tho.
  12. Koei is apparently very happy with the sales

    You can use DLC to patch up Fates. You won't be able to use DLC to add the sequels and patch up everything else. Meaning you will end up with half-assed content throughout your entire roster by being too greedy with the number of games. That's the difference between DLC here and in your roster. DLC in our world just completes what the 3 focus games needed to be fully represented where it doesn't hurt another game. Yes, why is Celica or Alm important. It's not like they are the lords of the most recent game or anything. I'm starting to think you're just a troll between these things and the rushed writing. I'd say maybe you're just a kid but wanting classic FE and being a kid at this point, unlikely. A clone can only be a clone if there is an original. The characters you chose instead of the clones for the most part don't. Mist and Elise is nothing about uniqueness. You simply took Elise out, added Mist, and said "Valkyrie get" as if Elise didn't represent that anyways in all but name. That's all I pointed out. You didn't "add" a class with that trade. You want a game that had more money and time pumped into it. That's fine. But trying to offer your idea as 'they could've done that' when they couldn't even complete the NPCs? Delusional. Black Knight is not just a villain. He was a playable character. And unlike the Robin clone trio, he is a popular character. The Dark Mages were intentionally chosen to be the unpopular guys so that the fanbase wouldn't want them in like they did with Hyrule Warriors, allowing them to focus on other people. I said nothing about excluding laguz for fates. Fates doesn't compete for uniqueness with Laguz. I said that Fates's unique characters trump people from the same classes, and that holds true just for the ones that got in, aside from clones. Again, it's not little difference. You cut clones and added 100% original characters. You cut alt.costumes and added 100% original characters or clones. That's not how it works. It's easier to make a "better" game if you give yourself more resources, any monkey can pull that off.
  13. Why did they make Frederick an Axe user?

    Firstly, KT already said Lyn and Celica were suggestions by IS, and one can only imagine what a "suggestion" is considering their relationship in this project. Anna follows the same circumstances as those two: lategame clone with no story impact. And most damning of all, Niles's supports were datamined... he was THAT far in development before being cut... but look at that, we ended up with 3 Takumis ANYWAYS! I wonder why.
  14. Koei is apparently very happy with the sales

    TBH I find both to be unlikely. Tiki's gimmick is just too damning for another dragon's chances, and in fact also hurts any non-royal Laguz's chances, imo. PoR and RD could get a 2:1 split, if you consider the Black Knight as a RD rep. *Ike, Soren, Elincia, Tibarn, Caineghis, (Boyd?) *Micaiah, Sothe, Black Knight. The problem is that they are all unique, but how much this is feasible depends on the other games involved and how they'd handle this game's clones in the sequel.
  15. Koei is apparently very happy with the sales

    Considering the gimmick they used with Tiki, I honestly find it VERY unlikely we'll get another dragon. That being said a Tellius dragon would indeed be the best bet, but I think Kurthnaga has the better shot. Nasir isn't a guaranteed reveal in PoR and comes WAY too late in both games. You'd need to be a pretty strong representative of the game to pull off a slot from that, like Tiki did. But who knows. Or they could say Lmao and do Ashnard.