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  1. Skill Request Thread For Europe/Australia

    Thanks mate, much appreciated.
  2. Skill Request Thread For Europe/Australia

    Thanks but your second castle (16136-81533-58513-54444) I couldn't get your Flora because the throne was blocked and your units attacked mine. I was a bit underleveled.
  3. Skill Request Thread For Europe/Australia

    I'm looking for skills for Flora, such as Shirukenfaire, Luna, Pavise, Amaterasu, Renewal. In other words I'm open for most of the skills as long they are useful. I'm also probably keeping her as a maid so I won't be reclassing her.
  4. I just pulled Takumi and I'm wondering what good B and C slots passives are good for him? I know Vantage is really good for Takumi but as for now I don't have any unit that have vantage that I can pass down. What other heroes have Vantage except for Lon'qu and Reinhardt? As for C skill should I keep his threaten spd or should I swap it to like Hone atk or perhaps get a savage blow on him? Or some other C passive skill. edit: I forgot to say that his IVs are +HP/-Atk not the greatest IVs but oh well.
  5. Skill Inheritance Discussion.

    mfw you need Cain for WoM 3 and I've never pulled Cain ever since day 1 orz
  6. Skill Inheritance Discussion.

    My Azura is +spd/-res, but I like your idea of Wings of mercy though.
  7. Skill Inheritance Discussion.

    Yeah I'll keep the sapphire lance on her. Also I'll think about switching to Hone Atk as well but I'll have to double check if I got a 4* unit so I can inherit the lvl 3 skill. Still trying to figure out what good B-slot passive is good on Azura though. If I've that hero...
  8. Skill Inheritance Discussion.

    I just got Azura and I'm wondering should I keep Sapphire Lance+ or should I try and get her Brave Lance or Killer Lance instead? Although to get the +Weapons I need the 5* heroes and I don't have them. Another thing what B slot and offensive (like Luna) skills goes well with Azura? I intend to keep the Speed and Fortify Res. I also got 5* Ogma today but I don't really intend to keep him so I'll either feed his skills to someone else or send him home for the feathers. I'm mainly thinking if I should give Brave Sword+ to someone since Daylight/Noontime I should get him as 4* or whenever I get Laslow.
  9. Official Pull Topic

    The Hero Fest Banner was the best banner so far. Been saving my orbs (118 banked) since I really wanted my Azura and finally she came and the best part of this banner I don't have any of the heroes on it either. On my very first summon session I got a 5* Ogma, I was like okay I don't really care about this guy so I'll either send him home or feed his skills to some other of my units. And thus on my 4th summon I managed to find my love Azura (+spd/-res) and with her I managed to grab Ryoma (+Atk/-Def) as well, which is very nice indeed. Now the question is should I try and save up and try my chances to get Takumi and Hector or just save up my orbs to special heroes that will be released down the line...
  10. Upcoming Nintendo direct on 12 of April is confirmed to have mostly about ARMS and Splatoons 2 but that doesn't mean we will not hear any other announcement along with them. Do you think we will get a teaser of sorts like how Fates got announced back in the day. Or do you think we will get later down the line after Echoes have been released like around E3 or later?
  11. Skill Request Thread For Europe/Australia

    Huh can you elaborate on this? Are you telling me there are some logbook/savefile abuse that I've been completely unaware of? I have all the DLCs, but I thought the only way to get more skills on one character in the same castle you have either to wait 24 hours or after a certain amount of other castle visits the oldest visit gets reset. edit: and with that I'm now only missing useful skills for Keaton, Jakob, and Benny, I believe.
  12. Skill Request Thread For Europe/Australia

    Thanks I grabbed Sol for Keaton. Thankfully I got Xander covered now since Royals are being used regularly when there isn't children characters. Sadly can't be said for the rest of the cast xD I'll grab one of yours Laslow's rally skill next time I can visit you again.
  13. Skill Request Thread For Europe/Australia

    Castles I'm visiting usually have children character but I'm looking for some useful skills for Peri, Xander, Shura, Keaton, Jakob, Benny, Charlotte and Rally skills (Speed/Skill mainly) for Laslow,
  14. Being the series first male pegasus does have its perks :)
  15. Sadly the silent majority on the losing team will most likely just go to the team that have the biggest chance of winning. Those feathers are important you know.