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  1. While most discuss the sales, advertisement and so forth but I think we are forgetting one important question. The 3DS itself and other games that still will be released. Honestly After Pokemon Sun & Moon I have yet to see a single ad about the 3DS or any other game for it. It's more like that Nintendo themselves have put the 3DS family on lower priority since they're betting big on Switch atm.
  2. I'll probably pre-order it when it gets closer to launch as I usually do. Otherwise it will be a day 1 purchase.
  3. The regret is real now... I have sent home lots of units and now I need inherit skills to my units... But I needed those feathers >.<
  4. Welp I need one more armour dude to do that quest... I can however do the other but fucking hell there is a lot of characters I need to train up...
  5. I always assumed due for implementation reasons and may be even balance reasons that you can only inherit skill that belongs the same colour group. I mean it makes most sense at least. Although I haven't really looking into that much when it comes to skill inheritance so I can be totally wrong.
  6. I don't have Azura (and probably my nr 1 Hero I want atm...) and I would need a second Ninian whom I really need so yeah not going to work sadly. My wallet simply won't allow it. Still thanks for the advice guys. For now I'll just level them up and hopefully I'll be able to pull Young Tiki and Nowi sooner rather than later. Will also check out the skill inheritance to see what skills would work good with them. I'll make sure to have a fun dragon team, even though it's not the most viable one.
  7. Guys how viable do you think a full dragon team will work? Firstly I'm planning to level them all up to max and the team will be Ninian, F!Corrin, Fae and A!Tiki. Sadly I'm missing Young Tiki and Nowi for now... *sob* orz Kinda wish I managed to pull another Adult Tiki with better IVs since she lacks that punch. Otherwise if I had them all I would have gone with Ninian, Nowi, Y!Tiki and Fae, thoughts?
  8. Thanks for reminding me of NoE to check it there. Found my answer their release date is on the 17/05. The same release day as Echoes. I guess no retailers have put the amiibos up for sale yet.
  9. Ah I should have said I'm from Europe since we don't have Best Buy, I've been looking at my local webstore and amazon uk and they're not up yet.
  10. Does anyone actually know when these goes up for sale and/or if there are any pre-orders for them?
  11. Props to GameXplain brining this to light:
  12. Actually now that I think about it I wonder how many variation of comments your party can make, like each character has one unique comment per pair? Can there be more than 2 persons talk to each other before a skirmish? Will there be a similar log book that'll record these exchanges or is it all random? AAH so many questions! I need more answers!
  13. How can the option to have more pairings make the canon pairing less canon? I mean canon is canon, unless I misunderstood what you're trying to tell me.
  14. Haha I really like that there will be comments just before entering the skirmish. This will be certainly one way to flesh out the characters even more. The more I see of this game the more I want it.
  15. What I hate most of the lava map similar maps where there is limited room to maneuver making my units have weird and disadvantageous placement especially if they're melee heroes or that my units with range are just one or two tiles away and can't come in time to counter. Sigh map preparation screen when?