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  1. thats just how it is Noctis (FFXV), Dante (Devil May Cry), Jill (Va-11 Hall-a) Richter (Castlevania), A2, 2B 9S (all 3 of them from Nier Automata), Nero (Devil May Cry), Reimu (Touhou)
  2. Confession: this was the hardest one for me by far. Digimon is a childhood series of mine and I have so many favorites. I have 15+ favorites. I had to narrow it down to 9. I suffered. Edit: GOD I FORGOT? Should drop names. In order, going from row to row: Sleipmon, Kudamon, Gaiomon Jesmon, BelleStarmon, Beelzemon Junomon, Ryudamon, Holydramon
  3. Fate/Grand Order USA

    Honestly to this? I don't stress over not clearing shop. It reruns and by then we'll have better teams. What I do worry about is how much downtime we'll get. Aniplex said the plan is catching up with Japan. This is good and bad. On one hand, catching up to Japan means we don't have to wait long for favorites like Iskandar, Kiritsugu, Caster Gil, ect to show up. However it's going to mean less downtime to just grind up and level servants.
  4. this still hurts its like having to choose between my 500+ children
  5. Lapis fans are always trusted. Nice recognizable list there. Tbh the only one that was even a struggle to guess was the magi one. Haven't seen the og series yet. Need to.
  6. Jedi, you killed me. The only reason I didn't put Yang Xiao Long on this list is due to the fact I limited myself to one per franchise/TV show. Otherwise Yang would be on there. My son who I love very much aka Aichi Sendou (Cardfight!! Vanguard), Kirei Kotomine the priest who curses all (Fate/Stay Night), Mikazuki Munechika (Touken Ranbu) Lapis Lazuli (Steven Universe), Trevor Belmont makes another appearance (Castlevania), Qrow Branwen the drunkle (RWBY) Dipper Pines (Gravity Falls), Fa Mulan (Mulan), Raven aka one of many reasons I dress the way I do (Teen Titans)
  7. Oh I'm not, I was just curious. Wanted to put a Fate/Grand Order OVA character in there but if its not recommended I have enough ideas for what to put.
  8. Hey Jedi, do characters from OVAs adapted from, say, video games count? Or just adaptations? Say like Alucard from the Castlevania cartoon.......
  9. Fate/Grand Order USA

    You joke but I'm going to max out copies of the different colored keys. And eventually the Kirei essences. Out of bias. Thanks, it feels sweeter after today treated my poorly emotionally. She'll be up to use eventually, I'm kinda dry on Saber pieces from Saber Alter and Nero.
  10. h-hewwo? i was gonna have a line of just dmc but i decided to omit vergil... sorry verg, love ya still <3 <3 Noctis (FFXV), Conrad (Echoes), Yorha A2 (Nier Automata) Nero and Dante (Devil May Cry) and Lady Maria (Bloodborne) Toyosatomimi no Miko (Touhou), Trevor Belmont (Castlevania), Jill Stingray (Va-11 Hall-A)
  11. Depends. I love my dog and plush toys.
  12. Fate/Grand Order USA

    To be fair you're not wrong, they're a pretty good team. Both have the mentioned Arts cards and David is pretty much a cleric. They're both some of the best 3* Archers there are.
  13. I finally finished the game. There's not a single character I hate in this game. Gnhngn... uhhh... Favorites - Berkut is a big one. God I love this smug man. Opposite spectrum is Conrad who I adore and is my favorite playable. Saber, Alm, and Celica round out the others. Saber's just all around fantastic and a great second in command for Celica, and I just really like both Alm and Celica.
  14. i am not picky i like just about every flavor, i guess strawberry though