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  1. New Heroes: Those who Have fallen

    Grima Robin. oh my god my edgy boy is coming home
  2. @Chen holy cow, someone else who knows thunderbolt fantasy exists Goku Black (Dragon Ball), Juri Arisugawa (Utena), Kirei Kotomine (Fate/Stay Night) Rin Setsua/Lǐn Xuě Yā (Thunderbolt Fantasy), Yoshikage Kira (JoJo Part 4), Ryo Asuka (Devilman) Beerus (Dragon Ball), Satsuki Kiryuin (Kill la Kill), Dead Master (Black Rock Shooter)
  3. which phos is best phos

    1. Chen


      the genki one, but all phos are good

      even spooky moon laphos

    2. Ebony


      good answer. trustable answer

  4. Son Gohan (Dragon Ball), Akira Fudo (Devilman, Crybaby is the one pictured but I love every Akira Fudo equally), Shirou Emiya (Fate/Stay Night) Ryuko Matoi (Kill la Kill), Aichi Sendo (Cardfight!! Vanguard), Dipper Pines (Gravity Falls) Yang Xiao Long and Weiss Schnee (RWBY) (do not separate them), Korra (Avatar: The Legend of Korra)
  5. I agree with both honestly. I don't find them being the same too much of a problem.
  6. I'm gonna second whoever brought up the idea of doing a favorite animated heroes + villains idea. I just recently got super into Dragon Ball and Devilman and I want to scream about my love. Anyway here are the 3x3s: Last week's This one
  7. Fate/Grand Order USA

    @Czarpy oh man im so fast at replying. wow as for taiga, no theres... not really an explanation. taigas not a mage. for all i know her ex rank luck made her the target
  8. Fate/Grand Order USA

    Taiga and eventually Hozoin. Taigas more consistent, Hozoin is THE master of solos.
  9. Fate/Grand Order USA

    Sorry I haven't commented/followed up I was suffering from deep, sad depression aww yeah. And post Devilman Syndrome. I'm sad. I'm so sad. Listen I love Bryn to death. She's so pretty. Anyway I pulled a Brynhildr so I'm basically satisfied as far as wives go. So Brynhildr gets compared a lot to Scathach. That's not 100% correct, but understandable at the same time. After all they- 1) Almost have identical stats (same HP, Brynhildr has a "whopping" 57 more attack at max + the 100 damage boost from Divinity E) 2) Almost have the same decks. The only difference is Scathach is slightly quick and Bryn is slightly buster due to the NPs. 3) Mamiko Noto Lancers 4) They have a similar skill in Mana Burst and Primeval Rune. 5) If you want to boil them down to a very simplified version of themselves: They are Lancers that focus on critical hits. That's about where it ends, at least for me. I'm not going to try and be saying one is better then the other, honestly I'd just go for whoever you like more. I'm just going to explain what they do and what roles Bryn could fulfill in your team (if you got her or want to borrow someone's.) That being said I'll bring up - Bryn has a pretty decent NP gain rate. An AQQC will net her around... maybe 41% NP bar? It's not bad, it's not bad... As for her skills - Mana Burst (Flame) - Not as good as Karna's and Arjuna's. It's a split Buster and NP buff. Buster starts at 15% buff with an 8% buff to the NP damage. It's kind of unfortunate it wasn't just a flat Buster buff, but we take what we can get (it's not Instinct.) It's kind of about what it sounds - one turn skill to pop and use to amp up damage. Primeval Rune - Reduces one enemy's NP damage (by 15% at min) for one turn and reduces their Critical chance for 3 turns (by 30%). So uh. This skill could be better. It's not without it's uses though. Honestly I use this semi often but its normally against the same types of enemies - the kinda "mid bosses" you get when grinding, like dragons and the demons. It feels like the AI rigs it so they always crit way more then they should. I like making the chances smaller so I'll often throw one down. Hero's Bridesmaid - Honestly? Her best and most fun skill. A targetable skill that gives crit weight and healing (1000 hp heal at min 3000 at max). A heal that also makes the target more likely to get critical hits. Bryn herself is a decent star generator and this skill only helps her function better with characters that rely on critical hits. This is absolutely THE skill of her's to level up first. The star absorption lasts for 3 turns. And then there's her NP. These characters are important. Her NP is Brynhildr Romantia, single target Buster NP. 12k damage is the minimum. However, Brynhildr's Beloved is a trait. The characters in that picture above give her an added damage multiplier. This makes her NP hit around... 30k damage. With maxed out Mana Burst it hits around 43k. It's pretty good when you use it on the right target. The best point of it though is that it gives the entire party critical star generation. With this and her Hero's Bridesmaid skill you can kind of see what she has a niche for.
  10. Fate/Grand Order USA

    I'm partially tempted to do a write up on Bryn solely due to how much I love her but nobody'd pay attention. @Czarpy About Tam: Unfortuantely no About Cu: Kind of. He's mostly used in events with a lot of boars.
  11. I'm likely going to vote Conrad the entire time with 3 exceptions. 1) Tethys 2) Finn 3) Deirdre I was tempted to throw a vote in for Elena (Ike's mother) because she's in it and that's hilarious.
  12. Top: Noctis, Ignis (FFXV), Rydia (FFIV) Mid: Faris (FFV), Terra (FFVI), Laguna (FFVIII) Bottom: Yuna (FFX), Golbez (FFIV), Ardyn (FFXV)
  13. All artist credits: Dairi Holy trinity (upper row): Miko, Junko, Mokou Second row: Tenshi, Ibaraki, Byakuren Third row: Shinki, Hectacia, Reimu
  14. NieR Automata - Possessed by a Disease, Devil May Cry - Shall Never Surrender, Metal Gear Revengeance - I'm My Own Master Now Edit: I only put in 3 samples because Serenes Forest is a well working site with no problems at all that nobody needs to fix.
  15. thats just how it is Noctis (FFXV), Dante (Devil May Cry), Jill (Va-11 Hall-a) Richter (Castlevania), A2, 2B 9S (all 3 of them from Nier Automata), Nero (Devil May Cry), Reimu (Touhou)