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  1. Listen I also voted for Rolfs Mom
  2. Oliver is the prettiest man in the Fire Emblem series imo. Titania is the loveliest woman tho ngl.... red....
  3. How many 5 star units do you have?

    Of of right now, I have one (technically two, I merged them) Sonyas, a Hector, Leon, I pulled Corrin (and burnt him), and Saber.
  4. Official Pull Topic

    I don't think it's whining. I'd be disappointed/upset too. I'm sorry about your luck.
  5. Official Pull Topic

    this sir showed up last night (so did mcorrin but i burnt him as soon as i got him - cherche now has dragon fang)
  6. Hello, Hi, Hey: I'm $$$ richh

    you know whats going on
  7. Fate/Grand Order USA

    you can just borrow my nero /s as far as difficulty goes though i dont even think okeanos or london were that hard camelot is another thing entirely but once its past camelot its hard, but i dont think it gets as egregiously, mind numbingly, ragingly difficult
  8. Fate/Grand Order USA

    ngl the combat for most of the story/missions are pretty easy with a few exceptions - usually they're in events or later story modes
  9. 1946648180 Name: Hannah Lead: Saber or Cherche, I swap
  10. Does wanting to use Saber and MRobin count? Because I am going to train those two up. Also I'm gonna train up Alfonse. Because.
  11. We all know the truth here. You'd carry him to top 10 based on solely your love for your waifu. Don't hide what's inside...
  12. Official Pull Topic

    He's finally home. Got Cherche too.
  13. Doubt the tops would change much. The fans absolutely adore their babes after all - only thing I could think is maybe Roy is replaced, but I even doubt that. He's still a big fan favorite.
  14. Fate/Grand Order USA

    Well well folks we gots ourselves some bonuses. Thanks Fate/Extella on the switch. This includes - Craft Essenses: The characters playable in the game + the cover art. Increases Critical Strength and +3 stars per turn. Mystic Code: Memories of the Lunar Sea. Based off of the outfit from Fate/Extra. Gives an Arts card buff, increases Crit Star generation, and prevents target from buffing self for a turn. Single target based. Others: 12,000,000 QP, 4 golden apples, 1 summon ticket, 12 saint quartz Edit: Adding a few things - maint gave us 15 quartz. You can choose whatever CE you want but they all have the safe effects. Only things that change are cosmetics. You obtain the new Mystic Code through a battle. You can equip it by entering Menu>Formation>Party Setup>Master Equip.