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  1. I wish I could get this game working. I think Camilla and Chrom are the characters I'd like most in the spring event honestly.
  2. did you play it though? was it good?
  3. hhh

    my boy is back.....
  4. i'm a girl who kiss other girls but have boyfriend wat me b?????
  5. the grossest food is people putting ranch dressing on pizza
  6. Is this implying people are going to pirate the game for letting you redo moves? Or that "legally" means like... by letting things happen as they are?
  7. hhh

    i think artoria is my most used character in fate/extella now
  8. qualified

    Azura!Soleil!Adventurer (A+ Nina)
  9. a follow up video for the curious i hope its true
  10. I'm not done with you yet!

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    2. Koko


      Corrin is not a bad character

    3. Protagonist Softboy

      Protagonist Softboy

      Alright listen here you little piece of shit. I dont' know who you are and who this Corrin is, but if you keep sending me this message yo'll find out you dun fucked up. I have a muzzle on and I don't think you want to see my other side, kid. I don't have time for fucking games. You'll regret this next full moon. I know how to hack, I can end and ruin your life before you know it. Habbo Hotel, Second Life, I know how to end it all. You fucked with the wrong pack, buddy.

    4. Koko


      new phone who dis

  11. hhh

    i am soft tho
  12. hhh

    my profile if its still there
  13. hhh

    i cannot believe how today turned out lmao
  14. I'm not done with you yet! I'm not going to stop until you stop being a hypocrite jerk towards corrin!

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    2. StarWarrior


      Corrin is not a bad character

    3. StarWarrior


      Corrin is not a bad character

    4. Koko


      Corrin is not a bad character

  15. hhh

    im starting to get some really bad bumps in depression i think