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  1. I had this idea whilst revisiting my old Final Fantasy Dissidia 012 game. In the game, there's a (now offline I believe) 'scenario building feature' that basically lets the player create scenarios to put on the Dissidia 012 network for others to download and play. These scenarios consisted of a series of fan created conversations between characters, with battles following usually after. The creator set the rules and limitations for these battles. I was thinking about it, and I would really love a feature similar to this for FE Switch or any subsequent titles. In regards to supports, It would certainly be would be fun for character building even if it would be non-canon, and I've seen Youtube videos of people making their own supports that are significantly more in depth and interesting than what's been pumped out lately. And in regards to battles, it'd be fun to see what interesting maps players could come up with. (though Im not sure how enemy units would work? Maybe a simplified version of user macros to set the actions of them, kinda like FF12?) What do you guys think? For or against? And if for, what other features would you be interested in seeing in a mode like this?
  2. what u DONT want to see in FE Switch

    - I dont want the Avatar to be important to the plot. Just another customizable soldier in the army. - I dont really care if weapon durability returned for normal weapons, but legendary weapons should absolutely not have durability attached. -No more my room stuff. Petting game that the west didnt get aside, I really didnt enjoy all the time I wasted inviting people to my room to get affection up and having them spew the uninspired lines over and over. It made my runs to get a 100% support log completion a slog. If this does return, I have a few ideas to improve it, but that'd be for another topic. - NO anime tropey characters. I dont mind mild tropes and cliches too much, but when they overdo it like Fates it just really leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Particular tropes I dont want: -NO more character designs like Nowi. Putting clearly underage looking girls in lingerie with garters is disgusting, plain and simple. I dont care that she's 'technically 1000 years old', she acts and looks like an 8 year old. None of that - NO characters obsessed with other characters to the point its ridiculous, unrealistic, and perverse. No more Fayes or Camillas - NO incest overtones please. Not even step siblings. I dont even get squicked by fictional incest that much, but it's a seriously over beaten trope that the Japanese reeeeeally need to get over. - NO eternally praised protagonists that can do no wrong and get things handed to them for no good logical reason. No more Corrins and Alms.
  3. FE16 "leaks"

    Have any artists besides Kotaro Yamada retweet Nintendo? Just curious, because I'm still low key hoping it isnt him that's doing the art (not that I hate his style, it's just rather boring looking to me)
  4. Nintendo Direct confirmed for 3/8/18

    My most optimistic hope is a trailer with the title, some cutscenes, and some gameplay. Realistically, we'll probably get a title and a small cutscene that will show our Lordandsaviorjesuschrist as well as the love interest and possibly an Avatar with their default look. In non FE news, Im hoping for Octopath Traveler, SMT V, and maybe even some Bayonetta 3 shenanigans!
  5. The Jambastion Mages and FE Switch

    As neat as that would be, I doubt that a major IP would do a shout-out so significant to another IP that the main antagonists are involved in it XD. I'm relatively sure the mages have different weapons for the sake of their boss battles having variety, and any relation to FE is just coincidental.
  6. FE16 "leaks"

    If what Vandal_Leaks is saying is true, and the theme of the game is soldiers passing away, then along with Elegy being part of the title my hope is something along the lines of this. A 3 generational FE game. And when I say generational, I don't mean children or child units. I mean something along the lines of if Binding Blade and Blazing Sword were one game. Since full scale wars often span over many decades, Id love to see something along the lines of a 100 Years war. You start the game with the first set of units, but as they die/age you get newer units and Lords enlisting or being drafted into the war. The elegy and legacy of the fallen and how they affect and connect to the newer soldiers each generation, as well as the advancement and change(both technologically and culturally/territory-wise) from generation to generation would be really cool to see. Of course, this is just wishful thinking and purely based on the leaks of both the potential theme and name. I doubt Nintendo would go so hard lol. But one day I d like something like that.
  7. FE16 "leaks"

    Im very, very confident that we'll get a Direct this month. Like the Gamerant article said, we have very little info on what Nintendo's plans for the Switch are in 2018 and people are getting antsy, and I think Nintendo knows Switch owners will be upset if we dont get information soon, especially considering the large amounts of units sold. People are gonna start returning or selling their Switch's soon if no big titles are showcased, and a Direct is the perfect place to do just that. Another reason I feel like a Direct will happen this month is because of the Jan. Mini Direct. If Nintendo knows the public is waiting for some big Switch titles for 2018, then they'd definitely want to use a Mini to get any remasters or ports out of the way. That way they can give new games such as Pokemon Switch, FE Switch, Bayonetta 3, SMTV, Yoshi Switch, and Project Octopath Traveler (not saying these would all be in the Direct, but just some potential titles that could) time slots to be shown off in a full Direct.
  8. Side character ideas

    I have quite a few ideas that I would love to see: Lord I'd like the lord to be female, and be the lone main protagonist all the way through. So far, all the female lords have had to share the protagonist status with another: Lyn alongside Hector and Eliwood, Celica alongside Alm, Eirika alongside Ephraim, Lucina alongside Chrom, Micaiah alongside Ike. (Corrin doesnt really count, since they're an MU). I just want a singular lord a la Marth, Roy, Seliph, and Leif, but female. I also really want her to be a lance or axe user. Avatar While I do want an Avatar, I really reeeeeally dont want them to be too important. I'd like them to be along the lines of Mark in terms of relevance to the plot and Kris in terms of customization. Even along the lines of Robin would be fine. Just not Corrin. Never Corrin. It'd be also really cool if we could choose our backstories like we could with Kris, and have that change some dialogue in supports with Avatar like it did with certain characters in NewMotFE. Also I want the option to choose our starting class. All in all, I want them to be that customizable self-inserty character that you can have fun with, but just happens to be another random soldier in the army, following their Lord's command like everyone else. Jagen Grizzled, grumpy old woman who comes from a long family of knights. Is so done with everyone's shit. Hell, she didnt even wanna BE a knight, she wanted to be a world famous chef. But noooo, her family HAD to force her to "follow tradition". And now, while she is the kingdom's most veteran and skilled night, she's perpetually snappy and grumpy because she realizes that she's now near the end of her life and she wasted it following the tradition of her family, rather than doing what she truly loved. Constantly smoking a cigar. Her ending is called "Better Late Than Never" and she finally lays down her arms to become a chef in her last years. Red and Green Unit I really enjoyed Miss Leaker's idea for having the red and green units being twin mages instead of knights. It'd be cool if one mage was a Dark Mage, with a red and black palette, and the other a mage that uses Light Magic with a green and white palette. Back story could be along the lines if the two constantly feeling compared to the other in different, and really wanting to get out of the others' shadow. Because of this, they often bicker when they're together, but are a dream team in battle. Main Pegasus Knight character Male Pegasus Knight. One of the few males in the world that is able to tame pegasi. Is constantly berated and made fun of by some male peers since being a pegasus knight isnt "manly" or a "girly job". Because of this, he is initially very insecure and withdrawn from others. But as the story continues he realizes just how far he's come, how strong and skilled he's become and, eventually, he finds himself nothing but proud to be a a pegasus knight, and forms a tight bond with his fellow pegasisters (heh). His ending has him becoming one of the most successful knights in his homeland, finding riches and glory, and no man ever made fun of him(or the profession) ever again. Little boys and girls the land over look up to him. Miscellaneous - Foreigner Mercenary that is easily duped into doing incredibly dangerous jobs for super cheap money because of a language barrier. - Merchant traveling along a Fire Emblem version of the Silk Road. S/he hates Anna and is their eternal rival in business. Think the Bill Gates to Anna's Steve Jobs. - Male Dancer. Very kind and outgoing, but surprisingly very strict on himself and others. - Engineer who was creating war machines for the enemy. Turns to the allied side so that s/he can make more war machines to pit against the one s/he created for the enemy. Like a giant game of chess, but one s/he's playing from both sides. - Sketchy Traveling Circus Owner (Not a modern one. Think an the Hunchback of Notre Dame-esque carnival). Originally has little regard for animal or human life, which is evident with how they treat their employees but eventually gets better at being nicer to those around them. Kinda Those are just a few ideas off the top of my head. I could honestly do this all day lol.