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  1. Bound Hero Battle: Ike & Soren

    Sending you ALLLLL the Lene vibes~
  2. Bound Hero Battle: Ike & Soren

    I don’t usually do extra clears this late, but it was a bit of a spur of the moment thing, so sorry for this random clear OTL As some people may have seen in the Pull Thread, I recently Summoned a Lene and upon realizing how destructive she is with Def Refine Ignis, I thought to myself…I need to do a Dancer Emblem Clear. The Dancers need to show how capable they are on their own~ AND DANCER EMBLEM IT IS!~ @daisy jane Silvia only needs the Drive Spd Seal to assure that Lene can double Ike~ Lene came in with the big guns. Halloween Dorcas so kindly offered her his Sturdy Stance so that she could one round Ike (Ignis takes too long to charge, so we went with Bonfire. I considered Steady Stance but the Atk ended up being pretty crucial so I’m glad that was what we went with). Originally put Guard on her because I didn’t want Soren to charge up his Growing Wind because he will kill anyone sans Silvia with it charged up, but we ended up finding a way around him ever getting a 2nd attack off. For Lolizura, Drive Res helped Lene out a bit against Soren and Savage Blow was of course needed to keep that Troubadour busy. She bore the burden of the Chill Atk but it didn’t end up being that bad with the Hone Atks keeping the debuffs from being extra crippling~ Inigo, the man, the myth, the legend, does absolutely nothing, but he’s precious so we appreciate him being the actual Dancer for the team~ (I put Triangle Adept on him because not doing so causes the Blue Flier to attack him instead of Lolizura. With the Distant Def Seal and Azura’s Spur Res, he can actually live it and we can still beat the map, but this got it done a bit faster so I’m good with this clear) Honestly, the Blue Flier was the reason this was so hard. She had the Blarblade and is getting all kinds of buffs throughout the map IN ADDITION to having all these skills that let her/her teammates fly all over the place so if we’re not careful, she one shots everyone on the team. I tried several strategies of baiting her out and dealing with her first but Azura and Inigo can’t do much against her until most of her buffers are gone and we’re in a position to gang up on her~ Other than that and making sure to one round Ike, most of the others weren’t that hard to deal with~ I'm beyond amused Myrrh didn't need anything in her Skillset besides Distant Def~ She's amazingly bulky just on her own~ LOL at the Lance Knight not being able to take two icy Red Mage attacks back-to-back despite his color advantage~ Red Greg Chun's Aether came pretty close to killing Blue Greg Chun but he got almost his whole health back with a single Sol. The Troudabor knew it was a lost cause trying to kill Myrrh and suicided into Sanaki. It's nice seeing Sanaki, I don't get to use mine much with her -Atk bane (we have the same boon, LEL)~ Your Strategic Emblem ended up using a lot of clever Strats to get the win, I like that~ Making sure Innes didn't get Chill Atk'd by strengthening Silas was a good move since he has to deal out the most damage~ Making sure he had the Res Wave buff really helped his survivability~ I don't have Katarina so I didn't realize how powerful she is. I didn't expect her to dish out so much damage. Also her Tome Animation is really cool~ I'm impressed Saias survived not just a normal attack, but an Aether no less, he was the key to taking down Ike, nice job! I like both of these, it's hard to pick a favorite between them XP
  3. A hard no from me. It's unfitting, highly ear-grating, and just obnoxious with all the screaming~ I would maybe give it a pass if it was just music and no death metal screaming, but the screamo is a no for this franchise~ There's an infinite number of ways they could have had something edgy that wasn't so annoying~
  4. Four-Fanged Grand Hero Battle: Lloyd

    Good use of Gravity and Future Vision together to keep your units positioned in a way they could easily attack and retreat from the opponents' range~ Lucina and Maribelle taking care of the heavy lifting made it easy for Lon'qu to clean up at the end~ Good job!~
  5. Special Heroes (Gifts of Winter)

    It'd be much easier to be excited for them if they had been in a couple months from now~ All IS is doing putting alts so close to each other is making people tired of units quicker~ I'm also surprised since this Banner only has 3 units that they didn't shove a random Fateswakening character on the 4th slot~
  6. Four-Fanged Grand Hero Battle: Lloyd

    This was easy for Matthew and Morgan, even Abyssal Matthew got through without all that much of a struggle~ FE7 theme was nice since I've yet to get OG Lyn, I forgot how good Sol Katti is~ Regular Eliwood's also really good, didn't even need to change out his C slot~ Another nice one!
  7. Special Heroes (Gifts of Winter)

    I'm also in the confused boat on how Eirika made it on this banner when she just appeared as a Legendary a couple months ago and Ephraim not too long got his Brave~ There's 4 of both now, I think we're good for a break from them both now~ It's good that it's not Fates or Awakening but why units that just got Alts?~ I don't dislike Eirika or Ephraim but it's like Kagero but worse~ Is it really that hard to space the alts out more?~ I hope the NY Banner gives us at least some units we haven't had in a while or even some new ones~
  8. Special Heroes (Gifts of Winter)

    Well people guessed them pretty easily~ Guess I'll go for all of them~ Sucks they're all armors again~
  9. Special Heroes (Gifts of Winter)

    Gotta be like Silveraura says, the Halloween Kagero surprised me so soon after she made the Spring Banner~ I was hoping for Oboro at least. Knowing IS, they'll probably have these reverse Fateswakening Seasonal Lineups~
  10. Special Heroes (Gifts of Winter)

    I know her alt is more recent, I included her because she's still got two in comparison to the 4-5 from Xander/Camilla~ I would still much rather see her get one than Xander or Camilla~
  11. Grand Hero Battle: Berkut!

    Matthew works pretty similar to the Legendary Ike strategy, he gets on a Defensive Tile and tanks everything~ I didn't expect Ayra to be the one taking Berkut on, guess he's too slow to be all that much of a threat~ Morgan cleared it pretty similarly pretty easily~ I will never get over 2 turn Bonfire Berkut~ Faye also did more that I would have expected, I can't for the life of me figure out what to do with mine and she can't kill anything to save her life so seeing someone who knows what he's doing with her was great~ I also don't have Sonya, she surprised me taking out that Red Mage near the end~ I also liked that maneuver to get Celica down to the bottom of the map~ Tharja was probably the best, I don't see her too much and I didn't expect her to near solo the map~ Bride Sanaki was good support for her with her Link Skill~ Cool seeing all these lesser used units together~
  12. Special Heroes (Gifts of Winter)

    Exactly, Elise, Leo, Hinoka, and Sakura haven't had alts over a year yet we have 5 Camillas, 4 Xanders and even Takumi has 4 alts~ IS needs to stop giving us the same damn Fates Royals every time, it's not like they don't have enough they could be using, or Fates characters in general~
  13. The Sorcery Blade Showcase

    Damn, Anna does seem to be a pretty good of Sorcery Blade (never really thought about it since I don't use Anna) and Blue Flame with it is extremely powerful~