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  1. Official Pull Topic

    6% OML Swift Sparrow will be best on her or L&D for the big damage since she doesn't need her defenses as much and they can be taken care of with Flier buffs~
  2. Official Pull Topic

    Yay, congrats on Mist! This Banner is treating you both pretty harshly for those Senkuras >_> Sorry for both of those high pity rates~ I gave up myself after getting an Innes pitybreaker (not that I mind him) since I'm more than content to wait for a Legendary banner but it sucks when it's a Banner with your favorite characters that you just can't seem to get. T^T
  3. I feel like they put me on Titania's team as karma for killing her for her tome~
  4. Bound Hero Battle (Ablaze): Cherche & Virion

    Sorry I went overboard with clears this time, OTL, glad you enjoyed them! For the All-Stars, Cherche and Virion are gone right away, great work, Maribelle sure packs a punch, she did a good bit of work on this map. Sakunyan did great work tanking that Lance Cav and taking out the mage. Reyson was also really helpful for this map with his healing. Sunkumi of course had no problems with the fliers, great clear for the All Stars! I hadn't noticed that Reyson didn't transform this time but looks like he didn't really need to, haha~
  5. Find & Vote sheet and analysis

    I will take all the Hostile and Summer Elises~
  6. Bound Hero Battle (Ablaze): Cherche & Virion

    Yeah, I really love the color coverage with Mia and Soren~ Surviving being cornered was the biggest challenge. Virion's Spd AND that Rally Atk/Spd was the most annoying thing to deal with most of the time. I find it funny that my -Spd Ike has the highest Spd of all the Ikes For your clears, the first theme was cool (now I kind of want to see a Felicia and Flora with both Jakobs). First couple of kills were without any struggle. Felicia just barely survives Virion thanks to that DD3~ Guidance was a really good save, too. Flora handled that Mage well and Cherche slaughtered everyone else with ease. Nice job! Minerva Emblem is a cute theme! Always love seeing the cute little demon Maria, her Fear was really good here, nice seeing her tank the Bow Cav with Gerome and Miracle. The Axe Flying trio devastated the rest of the map. Awakening kids back again with Gerome again, I like seeing him since he's a unit I lack and he does a lot of work in this clear, too. Funny Virion ended up being the big boss here, but nothing they can't all chip down to get the win, great work all around!
  7. Useless units =/= useless fodder. All those Sullys and Seths are Swordbreaker and Fortress Def that I may need for Feather grinding~ Making them 1-2* just means I have to waste more feathers getting them to the rarity where their fodder matters~ Not opposed to the idea of a 2nd Summoning Pool, but not at a lower rarity~
  8. Wasn't expecting H!Myrrh or L!Lyn to win~ Getting them would be nice merges, though I hope I get Azura~
  9. Official Pull Topic

    Debated with myself about trying for Ike again, figured one session wouldn't hurt since GC will be bringing some Orbs soon~ 2 Reds, one was best girlie Athena and the other~ He has come home! And officially done with this Banner, glad I could get them out of the way quickly so I can get back to saving~ +HP, -Spd, but I don't care~ IKE EMBLEM GET
  10. Couldn't be any easier for you, haha~ Can't remember who I used, I think it was something super meme-y, Lachesis and Genny (who I got recently), IIRC~ Since launch. I've pulled on every one of her Banners, including the one-day one we just had. No Myrrhs. But I'm giving up on her now~
  11. Official Pull Topic

    YEESS!! So glad you got V!Hector! Congratulations! And a Neutral Bath Sakura was a nice snag, too~ Very well deserved pulls~
  12. Bound Hero Battle (Ablaze): Cherche & Virion

    Two more clears because I was bored~ They handled it fairly easily~ Took a page from Nanima's book and attacked from the left~ Why Ducklise survived Virion, I have no idea, but she is clearly simply too stronk. Senkura needed a little boost to her HP and Res to survive the Red Mage and we used the boost from her Fireflood Balm to deal with him after~ I really need to give her Pain+ so she can start getting some more action~ And Fates Royals~ This one was a bit more trouble~ I needed to keep Leo fast enough to not get doubled by Virion so he needed Darting Stance, his wife, and for Elise to stay a space away from him for her Drive. Unfortunately Sakura didn't get to play as much because I kept her Rogue Dagger over the Kitty Paddle but she was still needed to help Leo not die and to kill Virion, and some positioning later. FINALLY I got a clear where Elise and Takumi both say "Drown Already" haha~ OK, ONE MORE AND I'M DONE, JUST A QUICKIE Nice clear, unfortunate you only got one merge from the Banner, though. But one is better than none >.> Dooooo it!
  13. Tempest Trials+: Greil's Request (Feb 9th)

    Got my 50K and done~
  14. Just counted my manuals and I have enough of Athena, Lachesis, and Kaze to +10 them~ Waiting on one last Ares to get him done first, though (or either Lon'qu or Nowi who are both sitting at +8). This please^~ I don't even have any flying Dragon lolis but I've been waiting on a blue flier forever~
  15. I must be the only one not seeing it with Sylvian~