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  1. New seasonal Banner: Land’s Bounty

    I'm convinced there's some timetable to Summoning. I'm at least appreciative it wasn't someone like Luke or Saber~
  2. New seasonal Banner: Land’s Bounty

    Pitybroke finally by Gray (didn't have him yet, so actually pretty happy about it) and (for some reason) Soleil. She was in the circle right after Gray so, least she technically wasn't a pitybreak~ But no Mia or Myrrh yet~ If this is gonna be another Summer Micaiah situation, seriously, at least GIVE ME ALM
  3. I hope it won't be too far away since I don't want to miss on Myrrh and Mia >.>
  4. Official Pull Topic

    Since Halloween re-run hasn't started yet, I decided to pull a bit from the new banner and finally got pity broke by Gray. Well, I didn't have him yet so I'm not mad, though his IVs are pretty bad (-Def, +Res). Then right after I got a 5* Soleil. Well, I guess it prevents me from having to upgrade one of the ones I have~
  5. Tempest Trials: Familiar Faces!

    Someone can CMIIW, but I don't think it matters~ I think they just need to be sent out into battle. IDK though, but I had my Fury units die plenty of times so LEL, oh well if it didn't count~
  6. Maribelle - Big Mistake (carries over from Awakening) Libra - Repent Sinner (also carries over from Awakening) Sumia - My Turn (I heard her say this in Awakening PLENTY since she was always on the back end of a Pair Up but her quotes are overall meh)
  7. Most likely~ I imagine they must not have wanted to have 2 re-runs at once~ Semi-disappointing as I want the PA Heroes (I'm missing 3) but I refrained from pulling because I'm waiting for the re-run to blow my Orbs on Nowi and I was hoping PA might have a day or two left for me to try at them again but it looks like they'll be waiting for it to expire before rerolling Trick or Defeat~
  8. Kliff, Python, Luthier, Conrad, Jesse, and Deen mainly. Luthier has a chance since Delthea made it but Python's probably not popular enough~ If they throw in Rinea, it better be flaming witch or what's even the point? Also Conqueror Alm and Regain Celica Legendary Heroes, thanks.
  9. Heroic Feats

    At least this is something that can be easily achieved~
  10. Grand Hero Battle: Michalis

    Been trying PheonixMaster's Abyssal strategy (though, I don't have Subaki, so I use either Nowi or Shigure) but Swordbreaker on B!Lyn makes the Sword Cav follow Michalis rather than come up the top of the map and I always end up trapped. I got really close earlier but can't for the life of me remember what I did since I've changed up the strats too many times. His first strat never goes past the first round since IDK why but the Lance Flier will always attack the lance user I try to use, Drag Back, and Michalis kills them~ EDIT: Ok, after doing this for literal hours, I finally was able to maneuver around in enough circles to kill Michalis. Nowi's Escape Route literally saves me because at some point, my team will get separated and I need her to be able to teleport to the other side to bring Michalis back into Lyn's range. Same for Silvia, being able to fly around with WOM was pretty much necessary~
  11. Finished Kana's battles, now I'll grind him up and tackle a few of the quests~
  12. New Calendar!

    And since we have Sonya, I'd be surprised if we don't get Deen~ I didn't know if Python was popular enough but I'd totally pull for him~
  13. New Calendar!

    We're still missing Kliff, a main Villager, I would say we still have chances for another Echoes Banner~ Not sure when, though~
  14. Fire Emblem Heroes now and in the future

    For Skill Sets, never use them. I don't have nearly enough Skills on any one character to warrant it~ I agree Forging Bonds is boring. If at the least they'd let me choose which character I want to max out on, it would be better since I only play this for the Accessories. On that note, I would put most of your B under A, IMO~ Tap Battle's one of my favorites, only behind Tempest Trials~ I use Training Tower over Special Training as Special Training is pretty useless for me. Grand Conquests are my favorite behind Tempest since I really like modes where I can use Brigades (minus the awful Relay Defense). And Accessories are cute, I wish there were more of them~ I don't have much of an opinion on Seals and Weapon Refine~ They're nice and appreciated but would be better if there were easier ways to earn Coins and regular Refining Stones. The game just throws Dew at me but I have no one to use it on~ I personally enjoy AA more than standard Arena mainly because I like using tons of different units, so 7 battles in a row where I get to make use of all kinds of strats is fun even if I'll never get past Tier 18 in the main Arena~ For my absolute favorite, and it seems you didn't mention it (which isn't surprising), is obviously Summoning. It can be annoying when you're getting super high pity rates with no reward, but finally getting that hero who you're looking for is pretty much my favorite thing about the game~ Not to be the devil's advocate, but the "them" is most likely the male characters (not that that would be any less extra, IMO). Though, Garlyle can CMIIW~
  15. I needed a guide to do it, but I beat Lloyd's Abyssal first time I've done it. Glad I could get one of these for one of the accessories I actually care about, though I've got no idea who to give it to~ Or the Bat Ears for that matter~ Well for the time being~