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  1. FE4 Translation Patch (Open Beta v7)

    I found a bug in chapter 2. After you seize Mackily castle, Oifey and Sigurd have a conversation. Sigurd says, "Good Mackily is ours. That leaves the capital, Agusty..." Then, Oifey has a few lines of dialogue; then it goes back to Sigurd. Sigurd says his next line, but the first one doesn't go away, merging the two. It will say, "That leaves the capital, Agusty...Mm, You're right. Who knows what that Chagall has up his sleeve." Here is a couple of screenshots of it: http://imgur.com/a/kFf9
  2. FE4 Translation Patch (Open Beta v7)

    This may be insignificant. But, when I was on the main menu I watched the demo reel and noticed there was a noticeable amount of gray bits on the bottom of the screen. I took 3 screenshots, one zoomed out, one zoomed in, and one from an unaltered Japanese ROM to show it wasn't there in the original. http://imgur.com/a/31oCn
  3. Gharnef's Improved FE4 Translation Patch

    Yeah, he's currently proofreading right now. Oh, and I almost forgot about one other thing. DDS who is the ROM-hacker implementing BookofHolsety's translations, posted on Twitter, "Not much for me to do on FE4 now." https://twitter.com/DDSTrans/status/727648959011950593 And in the replies, DDS and Holsety talk about an anniversary they hope to release it by. But, DDS also said, "Making sure everything works is the top priority." FE 4 was released on May 14, 1996. In a week it'll be its 20th anniversary. If they release it then, it would be great.
  4. Gharnef's Improved FE4 Translation Patch

    Well, I'm excited, to say the least for the new translation. It seems like it'll be on par with official translations, and be as good as the FE 6 and 12 fan translations, too.
  5. Gharnef's Improved FE4 Translation Patch

    Cool, really glad to help. I hope it does get finished this year, too. The only thing is that you can't download it right now because he wants to get it further in development until he releases a playable version.
  6. Gharnef's Improved FE4 Translation Patch

    No, this patch is no longer being worked on. Gharnef--the guy who created this patch--had his computer die on him. He lost all the files that he had to make new updates. From what I played it seems to a really good translation. If you're interested in a newer translation, Bookofholsety is working on his own translation. The blog for it is on DreamWidth http://bookofholsety.dreamwidth.org/
  7. Cool, glad you got it. Sadly for me, there's region locking so ordering it from overseas isn't an option for me.
  8. Polygon and Gamexplain have been sent advanced copies of the special edition. I'm really hoping for a restock soon. The conspiracy theorist in me hopes they are sending these to get hype for a restock. The realist in me knows, they set them aside months in advance.
  9. I bought that reproduction of Sword of Seals. unfortunately, it does not use this patch, but rather the old 'Sword of Seals' one. There is also a bug I experienced. Whenever I save the game it freezes for a second, then goes back to normal, but the sound effects are very quiet. Leaving the music the same volume, but way louder in comparison. This glitch is common among every reproduction of FE 6 I looked at. It would be mentioned at least once or twice in the reviews from different seller's listings. I did notice that when I looked at the seller's page for the one I bought, he had a listing for a repro with the 'Binding Blade' patch instead. It's the only repro so far I've seen that uses this patch. This is it: https://www.etsy.com/listing/250038690/fire-emblem-the-binding-blade-fan-made?ref=listing-shop-header-2 I still wouldn't recommend getting either of them. Like what Bookofholsety said, it's shady and you don't know how poorly it's made and what kind of problems it would have. Not to mention, as of right now, while I'm posting this, there hasn't been any reviews yet for the repro I linked using this patch.