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  2. A random intrusion: what do you guys think are the best skills for Nino on a defensive arena team? I was originally planning on Life and Death + Desperation, but I feel like it would go to waste on a defensive team, because, like you guys said, the AI doesn't really know how to use those skills.
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  6. Wait, does that mean I can have 3 units die, use a Light's Blessing, clear the map (with all of them still alive) and then it would count as completion for the quest?
  7. There's Cain, but he only has 27 speed and a pitiful 37 attack compared to Chrom's 56. I only have a 3* Olivia (+Spd -Atk) that's level 26. I didn't really train her much because I was really hoping to pull an Azura/Ninian.
  8. Correct. Unfortunately my Hector is +Res -Atk, but I have Vantage 3 on him. Tharja is +Def -HP, Catria is +Res -Spd, and Camilla is +Atk -Def. ... Yeah, my luck with boon/bane is terrible. Also, I need at least one sword user on my team to complete the quest.
  9. Does anyone have tips on how to do the sword user quest for Lunatic 9-3? It's the only one I haven't beaten yet. My best units are: Hector, Effie, Tharja, Chrom, Cain, Abel, Catria, and Camilla. No matter what I try, someone always dies. The map is difficult to work around.
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