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  2. 28,599 You double-posted.
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  5. Yes, I'm using Nino, although I'm using Life and Death Nino and not Fury it because my Nino has (about) 12 HP instead of 1?
  6. Did you follow the exact strategy of the image that you posted? I can't seem to get the red mage to move to the right, he always goes down to the left for me... Edit: Here's what happens when I try doing this with Xander.
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  8. What's your Xander set? I attempted to clear it using this strategy as well, but the red mage always moves down the left side instead of to the right (in Reinhardt's range), possibly because of Xander's low Resistance. (It's around image 18-19 that the red mage moves to the left, in that post, the red mage moves to the right)
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  12. I have two Bridal Lyn's... Bridal Lyn #1 is +Res -Def and Bridal Lyn #2 is +Spd -Atk. I plan to use her as a support healer with her default skill set, and possibly the A-slot skill that raises HP (HP +5). Which boon/bane should I keep?
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  15. I just pulled my second Bridal Lyn trying to get Bridal Cordelia. Bridal Lyn #1 is +Res -Def and Bridal Lyn #2 is +Spd -Atk. Which one should I keep? I'm thinking #2, however that means I'll have to train her all the way up to level 40 to continue using her in Tempest Trials...