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  1. Who will return?

    Do you think Anna will remain as a combat medic this installment? Also, what do you think Jake's class will be? Both classes he had are equipped with bows.
  2. I think the shape is more of a saw.
  3. I wonder which skills or arts will be class-locked or "acquired on one class but usable in another". Astra comes to mind for Swordmasters. PS. If this isn't the appropriate topic to post this please give me the link to the correct one.
  4. I can see the game will allow for many combination of weapons for mounted units. I imagine each mount will give a general stat distribution: Pegasus/Kinshi - Fragile Speedster/Mage Killer Wyvern - Mighty Glacier Griffon - Jack of All Stats
  5. I feel that Dread Fighter might become a "sword + fighting" class. We already have several names for combat medics War Cleric - Axe, Faith Trickster - Sword, Faith Adventurer/Priestess - Bow, Faith Great Master - Lance, Faith
  6. I understand, as these classes has been separate for many games. However, understand this: mercenaries promote to heroes and rangers/bow knights; myrmidons promote to swordmasters and another sword-weilding class. If the speculations are true, assuming 3H retains both classes, it's possible for a myrmidon to promote to a bow knight. If they merge it, we can only distinguish "myrmidons" as fragile speedster, high sword weapon rank, and virtually nothing else (ie only E (not E+) in axe)
  7. In Archanaea, there are Archers and Hunters. They are both BOW FIGHTERS, yet the promote to different classes, SNIPER and HORSEMAN, respectively. When branched promotions are introduced, these separate classes are merged. Axe Fighters and Brigands still have different classes they can promote to so they remain separate classes. Considering the new class system these will likely be merged: Fighters and Brigands; Mercenaries and Myrmidons. It will depend on the unit's strength on which promoted class they will gravitate to. Edelgard for example may naturally fall into the Brigand -> Hero path.
  8. General theorizing thread

    Does this mean Sothis is also evil?
  9. Speculation: The Smaller Nations

    Everyone (possibly) is speculating on a fourth nation. One does not simply walk on Morfic.
  10. Speculation: The Smaller Nations

    Maybe not the MAIN story. However, don't you have suspicions on Morfic?
  11. Looking at the map you can see what appears to be smaller nations: Albinea, Sreng, Almyra and Morfic. Based on Geography, Current Politics etc., what can you speculate with these nations and what could be their role in the story?
  12. General theorizing thread

    Continuing with arts. While it is given that you learn each art from certain weapon, do you think that the art will be locked to the same weapon? It would feel weird to me that certain arts would be locked on a non-legendary weapon ie Iron weapons. Also, what about class specific arts?
  13. That is REASON magic. Healing in Fire Emblem is patterned after the Apostles in the Four Gospels and the Book of Acts. They received the ability to heal NOT BECAUSE THEY EARNED IT somehow but GIVEN TO THEM by the Holy Spirit. That explains the Religious connotations of Magic. Also, in all faiths you cannot conjure magic without some worship if a deity, even if that deity is oneself.
  14. Well, it's called FAITH magic.
  15. What Class Specific Arts are we likely going to have?