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  1. Don't Dmitri and Claude have von in their surnames?
  2. Bets/predictions/prophesying thread

    Heroes doesn't run on RNG that's why they add damage. They will return to the 5 more crit that killing edge (35 vs 30 or 25 vs 20).
  3. Bets/predictions/prophesying thread

    Continuing with my weapon based prediction: Return of the Wo Dao (or a similarly named lightweight high critical weapon) which may exclusive to Sword Based classes. Otherwise, will be given higher Weapon Rank than its Killer equivalent. Similar weapons, Wo Gun (Axe) and Harmonic Lance, may be included.
  4. Crests affecting growths wouldn't matter without inheritance.
  5. Bets/predictions/prophesying thread

    A return of HEAVY weapons ie Blades, Greatlances and Poleaxes. Brave Weapons will be ranked around B-A One magic weapon for each weapon type (possibly including Runesword) Reaver/Reverse weapons need to work around professor levels.
  6. Not as much info as the likes of Dark Mage and Brigand like in the Famitsu. Units with weird strength combination May hint towards either an advanced, a secret, or a downloadable class.
  7. Not officially. More like teased.
  8. Swordmasters are virtually guaranteed. Halberdiers are improbable at this point, you can just have an infantry unit use a lance. For Bishops, priests aren't revealed yet. So far, every Faith focused class revealed also focused on Reason. Druids, if dark mage promotes into them it'll probably be male exclusive Vanguard. With mercenaries probably intermediate, They gonna have to choose between Hero and Vanguard for the NAME of the master class. Ballistician, this would be tricky. Probably season pass.
  9. Next in line would be a student from Blue Lions. Which character do you think is going to be revealed?
  10. The first two questions are actually misleading as both choices can be true.