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  1. I was about to ask if he's at all capable of not making an issue all about himself for once, but then I remembered who I was talking about...
  2. Not really? I mean sure, they're not responsible for as much wide-spread issues, but anybody who tells me stuff like the Red-Pill is harmless IRL is getting a smack. I wasn't trying to apologise for what they do, so sorry if it came across that way. It was more saying that while the views aren't any less contemptible, I have a bit more understanding for people born into a toxic culture and blasted by right-wing propaganda every day (#FuckMurdoch) than a person who has access to all the information we have available proving that such views are wrong, and managing to be just as bad and sometimes worse, as well as acknowledging that for all the shittiness that they do have legitimate issues that need to be addressed.
  3. fate

    Seems likely. If I were to hazard a guess; September- Okeanos October- Halloween November- GudaGuda December- London/Christmas
  4. Oh yes, I've certainly seen this. Not without cause though; if this is on the internet, the majority of people they come across with this beliefs will tend to be the alt-right, /pol/, t_D, KIA types who do tend to fit the 'angry because their privilege is gone' type, and then applying the same logic to the rural communities who, despite exhibiting the same overall beliefs, have said beliefs originate in different ways and results in legitimate grievances getting swept under the rug through a failure to differentiate between the two. People raised in evangelical rural communities in the right-wing media bubble who nonetheless have valid issues don't deserve the same scorn as basement-dwelling, neckbeard incels getting pissy about the SJW feminazis censoring/corrupting his vidya gaems. Same genus, different species as it were.
  5. I don't recall ever saying that their views means they don't deserve such things. Unless I've implied something I didn't mean to, everything I've said is; a) explaining my views on the current divide between urban and rural communities b) explaining why they don't have the things they want, despite having a vastly disproportionate voice in US politics relative to their population size c) about how the incubation of toxic ideas damages their causes, regardless of whether or not most of them could be considered to fall under far-right extremism. Yeah, her campaign was pretty shit. However, this is undercut by the fact that she was running against Trump, who realistically shouldn't have even made it to the primaries considering his weekly gaffs and the irradiated skeletons that came tumbling out of the closet. As poor a job as Clinton did, I doubt anything she did comes close to that of Trump University, his antics over the Central Park 5, his childish criticism of war veterans despite being a draft-dodger, his housing discrimination or his taped confession to sexual assault. This holds true when one considers that despite her poorly run campaign, she still won the popular vote. So how does one arrive at the conclusion that Trump was a better candidate than Clinton? a) As the link I posted about voter trends would imply, a majority of his supporters (slim or large) agree with everything he had to say about women, minorities and immigrants, which proves my point about the incubation of toxic ideology within rural communities b) That the right-wing media bubble *cough couch* Faux News *cough cough* (#FuckMurdoch) significantly downplayed Trump's controversies and significantly exaggerated Clinton's controversies in order to aid in pushing Trump's anti-establishment angle because as unpopular as he was with the GOP establishment, they couldn't afford the loss. This would fit in line with both what I've said about rural communities living in a deliberately cultivated media bubble as well as the fact that the demonisation of Hillary is far from something new.
  6. 1. Not all Neo-Nazis and White Supremacists? Sure, absolutely. But it doesn't change the fact that varying degrees of racism and sexism are better predictors of support for Trump than the much touted 'economic anxiety'. 2. Obviously there isn't a complete overlap. That the Alt-Right is a largely internet based movement is evidence enough of that. 3. Related to the above two points, racism ≠ Neo-Nazism/White Supremacy. I don't doubt that the majority of Trump supporters don't believe in the whole Aryan master-race crap, but if you asked me if a majority of them held negative, reductive views on one or a combination of feminism, homosexuality, immigration, Islamic terrorism and BLM, I would absolutely say yes. Continuing with the point I made above, one need only look at past controversies involving the Confederate Flag/monuments. State Rights, Southern Pride, White Pride, I've seen so many different defences of the Confederacy that it's almost comical. Is the existence of such reasoning not the entire point of the Lost Cause? The point here is that rural communities are living in a far bigger bubble than urban communities, albeit ones purposefully created and maintained (#FuckMurdoch). Neo-Nazi or not, Republican and Evangelical propaganda has led to the rise of some very toxic ideas that urban communities alone cannot address. 1. Yes, but Hillary Clinton did have a plan for fixing problems with rural areas and she was spurned in favour of Trump, who only offered empty promises and scapegoating because apparently nuking the political establishment was more important than having a qualified candidate and in spite of the fact that many of the political problems domestically can be traced back to Republican obstructionism. 2. Even if they have been forgotten by the government, who's fault is it? Rural communities are, overall, significantly over-represented at all levels of government, especially at the Federal level (and this is without mentioning the extremely aggressive gerrymandering going on in Republican states). If they can be forgotten by the government despite being disproportionately represented by said government, then they're doing something wrong. 3. I wouldn't say they're too focused on Trump as much as it is a poor effort at multi-tasking. While there are other things that need to be done, I'd say Trump's scandals are receiving a due amount of action considering that he's the POTUS, that he's deliberately courting Neo-Nazis and White Supremacists, and that his campaign is currently under investigation for collusion with a foreign power
  7. Easier said than done mate. Even on this issue alone, there is a metaphorical mountain of information out there debunking both the Lost Cause of the Confederacy and the myth of General Lee being a kind, anti-slavery soul standing up for State Rights, and yet here we are. If change ever occurs, it will be accomplished through a mutual effort where both parties put their best foot forward, not through this idea of out-of-touch, ivory-tower leftists leaving their bubbles and trying to understand the poor, hard done by rural communities. I bought into the latter crap in the wake of Trump's election, and the experience can be charitably described as banning my head against a brick wall.
  8. fate

    What Satanic rituals did you perform to get so lucky <-<
  9. 1. Fucking /pol/ memes. 2. Do you not see how responding to a terrorist attack by Neo-Nazis by expressing an intent to murder people from ideologies you disagree with is a bit tone-deaf and inappropriate? And doing so with a fucking /pol/ meme no less? Your 'condemnation' was followed by defending their right to hoist the Nazi flag in public (completely missing the point), the aforementioned /pol/ meme, and then followed up with a paragraph of straw-man, victim-blaming bullshit about how it's the left's fault that white supremacists murdered someone. Funny how you seem to get more worked up blaming the left for the rise in White Supremacy and dragging Anti-Fa/Communism into this than you do about a Neo-Nazi murdering someone. The only 'inherently murderous' ideologies in this issue are White Supremacy and Nazism. This 'both sides are equally bad' shtick is stupid, especially considering the topic at hand.
  10. fate

    Moon Goddess event is up. Let's go lads! I did my obligatory yolo ticket-roll and got nothing, as expected.
  11. "Excuse me, they didn't put themselves down as neo-Nazis, and you had some very bad people in that group. But you also had people that were very fine people on both sides. You had people in that group – excuse me, excuse me. I saw the same pictures as you did. " Fucking hell.
  12. Leaving aside the fact that half your post is nothing more than left/right flame-baiting, as Res stated the science is very much not behind him on this. Evolutionary Psychology is at best, a proto-science that doesn't have any real relevance yet because of how under-developed it is and at worse right up there with Astrology and Alchemy in terms of pseudo-scientific bullshit. The things he said is the kind of stuff I'd expect out of a Red-Piller or an Incel. To add on to this;
  13. It's the armchair/South Park centrist way; caring about things (especially politics) is for losers, the answer is always in the middle regardless of what the issue is, ETC.
  14. So you felt the need to post this in a thread where the subject matter is a white nationalist/supremacist demonstration where a literal Neo-Nazi murdered someone in an act of domestic terrorism. Okay then.
  15. So it's unclear who started the violence, but it seems like Antifa did? On what basis do you say that? Because by all indications it was the Neo-Nazis who initiated the violence. Why should the police have quelled the counter-protest? If they're not going to stop Neo-Nazis and KKK members marching down the streets brandishing Tiki torches, dressed with Swastikas and Confederate flags and verbally harassing people, I see no reason to go after the much less aggressive counter-protesters. So a literal Neo-Nazi murders a person and injures many more in a terrorist incident at a far-right demonstration, and you're upset that people aren't blaming both sides? It's already been stated above that leaving the statues up does more to validate the Alt-Right then taking them down. Secondly, it may have started as being about the statues, but it very quickly became about white supremacy and fascism. They were chanting Nazi slogans after all. Wrong; even in the US, some things are not protected by Free Speech. Regardless, the major point isn't that they should have no platform, but that they shouldn't be tolerated. Expecting someone to treat advocacy for racial superiority, the establishment of an enthno-nationalist state and ethnic cleansing as just another opinion and worthy of debate is foolish. Freedom of Speech ≠ Freedom from Criticism and Contempt