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  1. General US Politics

    Sorta? In red districts, going straight to the socialist platforms would probably backfire considering that quite a few of them have a chance of flipping with how Trump's turned out. I'd argue that they should run as many as they can in 'safe' blue seats as they can, considering that their voter base has demonstrated both good motivation/energy and a clear desire for more left-wing politicians.
  2. Fate/Grand Order General

    Double Skadi + Scathach is gonna be cooked. Two guaranteed stuns in a row on an NP that's gonna be hitting with 150% Quick up on the first and 100% on the second, against enemies with 60% Def down. And this is before you start counting crit damage.
  3. Fate/Grand Order General

    BTW Skadi's 3rd skill is a targetable NP charge up. At lvl 2 it gives 32%, so it looks like I'm right that it's a 50% battery.
  4. Fate/Grand Order General

    22 tickets and two-ten rolls in and Skadi came home. Still have 188 Quartz leftover for whatever comes next. Today was a good day.
  5. Fate/Grand Order General

    Probably, especially considering that there's another stream tomorrow. In an ideal world, Part 2 gacha would be Skadi and a playable Ophelia, (dw pls, I love her) but oh well.
  6. Fate/Grand Order General

    The Summer characters for JP are nice and all, but... WHERE THE FUCK IS SKADI DW? GIVE ME SKADI OR GIVE ME DEATH! Memorial Quests were pretty easy, with the exception of Agartha and Shimosa. Gave SAlter a try and managed to get her down to half HP on the second life-bar, so I'll be waiting for command seals to regen before I try again.
  7. Fate/Grand Order General

    <Snip> She has party-wide Invuln, healing, debuff clear, and a slight def increase. Considering that challenge quests and late-game content (EOR onwards) generally favour sustain over crazy-high burst damage, I'd definitely say that Jeanne has a place on many teams.
  8. Fate/Grand Order General

    More or less. It's definitely more balanced than Hero Creation, and considering her NP it's for the best. Otherwise, Double Skadi would be giving units 100% Quick up and at least 300% Crit up not counting any self-buffs the attacker would have. Perhaps, but considering that it looks like NP up is the only thing it does, I don't think it'd be the worst thing in the world. It would definitely be a good skill for Quick, considering that many of it's attackers have some trouble NP genning. It'd be especially absurd with Scathach, considering a 50% boost would let you get two-turns of guaranteed stun if you run double Skadi I say 50% because if I remember correctly, Kintoki's Animal Dialogue only gives 1 gauge up. I think it'd be pretty weak actually. Waver has a targetable 30% battery and a 3-turn 50% Crit damage up on a 5-turn cooldown. Agreed. It's a pretty nice bit of everything, except healing. I'm mostly holding back judgement until we know exactly what her 3rd skill does and any comparison to Merlin is futile, but just compared to Tamamo: Pros: -Better damage buffs thanks to two crit damage boosts and def debuff -NP avoidance with party-wide dodge and to a lesser extend, instant death immunity -Some damage mitigation with crit chance down and damage cut -Better passive skills Cons: -No NP gauge drain -Less personal sustainability, considering Tamamo's Shapeshift skill -More niche/less useful utility (Skill cooldown and NP charge refund vs. Instant Death immunity and Damage Cut) -No healing More or less, Skadi trades sustain and overall utility for chunkier damage buffs and the ability to avoid NPs. Fittingly enough, I think the 'optimal' Arts and Quick teams are going to look pretty similar: Arts: Jeanne/Attacker/Tamamo/Tamamo/Secondary Attacker/Mashu Quick: Jeanne/Attacker/Skadi/Skadi/Secondary Attacker/Mashu In both cases, Jeanne fills the role that the other support can't provide. NP avoidance for Arts and healing for Quick.
  9. Fate/Grand Order General

    We have some numbers for Skadi's skills now https://kazemai.github.io/fgo-vz/svtData.html?id=9941390 Skill 1: Targetable Quick performance (50%, 3 Turns) and Critical Damage on Quick cards (100%, 3 Turns) Skill 2: Decrease Def and Star Gen of all enemies (both 30%, 3 turns) Skill 3: NP Gauge increased by 1 (Which could be anything from NP gain up, to NP charge up between 10-50%) NP: Party-wide Crit Damage up (50%, 3 times for 5 rounds, presumably increased with NP level) Party-wide dodge (1 time, 3 Rounds) Party-wide Instant Death Immunity (1 time, 3 Rounds) Party-wide damage reduction (Overcharge, 500-1500 increasing by 250, 3 Turns)
  10. Fate/Grand Order General

    Yeah, it's basically this. Quick has significantly fewer resources to take advantage of than either Arts or Buster, and the stuff they do have is either gated behind SSR rates or/and Limited availability, or significantly worse than the Arts or Buster equivalent for no reason. It's not about to get better either, considering that there's absolutely no way that Skadi isn't limited.
  11. Fate/Grand Order General

    True enough. It's also worth mentioning that the Stun only happens on HP break, so that might not actually be a skill of hers. She also has full NP charge on break, but so did Valkyrie and Sigurd in their boss fights so I feel like I can safely rule that one out. I did mention the crit up only affecting Quick cards, but I don't mind it to much. Especially considering that she has 50% Crit up on NP. I was mostly sticking to people who can give Quick up to other people. Tristan is more of a general support who happens to have a Quick NP. Fair enough. Only because Quick has been lacking in support options for three years at this point, whilst Merlin has been out for a year and Tamamo even longer. I would argue that this is the big problem; the barrier to entry. The complaints about playstyle I don't think really matter due to the fact that this game has no PVP function, not to mention that the PVE in this game rarely ever needs an 'optimal' playstyle. I care only minimally about the inherent weakness of Quick cards because that sort of thing only matters in like 0.01% of the situations you could actually run into in this game. When I say 'I want a proper Quick support', it's not because I'm obsessed with Quick becoming as viable as Buster or Arts (not that I'd be opposed to or support some QoL changes), it's because my two favourite servants, amongst many others I like, are Quick-based and I want to be able to use them without feeling like I'm handicapping myself to do it, and this is coming from an unashamed tier-whore. I mean, that's sort of true. I won't deny that a lot of Quick supports in the current meta are defined by being self-reliant, but I'd also argue that a lot of Quick Servants suffer from having outdated kits. To continue with Okita as an example, your description of Sigurd describes her perfectly as well; capable of murdering almost anything but: -Lopsided and overly-bursty damage output -Minimal sustain hampered by being tied to DPS skills -Minimal to non-existent team utility -Falls off hard against enemies with added gimmicks and additional health bars I'd argue that the 'dated kit' label applies to most Quick-based servants except Jack, Kintoki, and maybe Scathach and Atalanta Alter, but it doesn't change the fact that while Arts and Buster get a wide variety in their attackers, almost every prominent Quick-based attacker deals solely in huge, 1-turn NPCritCrit chains with little to non-existent team utility. Again, I'd put that down less to Quick cards being weak compared to the other two, because as I've said I don't think that really matters, and more because Quick teams haven't been given adequate support by DW. Lets use Arts as an example: -Tamamo as the primary support (NP Drain, Heal on Skill and NP, 50% Arts up for 3 turns, a hefty, party-wide NP charge refund on NP, skill cooldown-reduction, Shapeshift for sustainability) -Jeanne as the Queen of Stall as a secondary support (Crit stars per turn, Stun, Invinsibility, Defense increase, and HP regen on a somewhat spammable NP, ungodly sustain thanks to highest HP in the game combined with Ruler resistance) -Nero Bride (Targetable NP gen up, attack up, star gen up, HP recover, def up, and burn + def and critical damage reduction on NP) and Sherlock (NP seal, gain stars, def reduction + party wide ignore invincibility and def on NP) who are capable of fulfilling a supporting role whilst being viable attacks in their own rights. -For huge burst attackers, you've got Artemis (Absolutely shreds male enemies + attack reduction and chance to reduce NP charge on NP), Vlad (NP drain, sustainability in Def increase and guts, gain stars on NP, near-universal attacker due to being a berserker), and Da Vinci (NP Damage up, Guts, Def increase, Debuff immunity, HP recovery, Charge up per turn, Ignore Invuln, Gain Stars) -For attackers with more utility, you have Kiara (Arts resistance down, Debuff resistance down, NP gauge down, reduce def, effectiveness against Rulers, improved def against humanoid enemies, invuln pierce and ignore def buffs on NP), Archura (party-wide def boost, HP recovery, party-wide atk up, increase star gen for male allies, change for NP gauge down on NP), Houkasai (debuff resistance down, def reduction to enemies hit by arts cards, 2 stars every turn from passive) That's a lot of options for team-building, and what about Buster? -The best support in the game (Merlin) -A good secondary support with godly team sustain who can also put out good damage (Nightingale) -The best burst-attackers in the game (Gilgamesh, JAlter, Quetzalcoatl, Musashi) -The best wave-clearer in the game (Raikou) -Attackers that also have amazing utility and team support (Amakusa, Ozymandias, Ivan, Ereshkigal, Semiramis, Brynhildr) -Attackers that have the best survivability in the game (Cu Alter, King Hassan) Comparably what does Quick have? -Osakabehime, who whilst I think has potential as a secondary support, is nowhere near good enough to carry an entire team by herself like Tamamo or Merlin -No primary support as of time of writing -A lot units specialising in one-turn burst with minimal or non-existent team utility/sustainability (Okita, MHX and MHX Alter) -Some attackers that do have utility, but still specialise in one-turn busting and/or are held back by other problems with their kit (Scathach, Jack, Meltlilith) -A mediocre AOE attacker (Dantes) and an AOE attacker who has some good team utility (Achilles) And this is looking at 5*s only, if I were to expand it to 4*s the disparity would become even worse. My overall point being that yes, Quick cards do have inherent disadvantages when compared to the other ones, but the gameplay of FGO as a whole means that those disadvantages in the vast majority of situations don't matter at all; the reason Quick is regarded so poorly by the fanbase has more to do with the fact that DW hung it out to dry and gave it almost no tools to work with, especially compared to Buster, the card type I would go so far as to argue DW is bias towards and deliberately pumps up because they know people are more likely to whale for Buster units because of the Dick Wizard.
  12. Fate/Grand Order General

    I mean, if her Quick Up is targetable she is going to be. The only other Quick Supports really are Osakabe, Atalanta, Wu Zetian, and maybe Alexander if you wanna be generous, all of whom she'll blow out of the water. She's obviously no Merlin, but I'd definitely put her on about the same level as Tamamo. I'm also not sure what you mean by quick having a difficult playstyle to make a support for, but eh.
  13. Fate/Grand Order General

    I didn't see anyone post Caster Scathach's skills/NP, so I'll just do it in case someone here hasn't seen it. This is based on the boss fight for the record. 1: Quick Up + Crit Damage up on Quick Cards (Possibly targetable, hard to tell since I believe she only uses it on herself in the boss fight) 2: AOE Stun 3: AOE Def + Stargen down NP: Crit Damage up 1-Hit Dodge Instant-Death Immunity Damage Cut (Overcharge)
  14. Fate/Grand Order General

    Just fuck me up fam.
  15. Fate/Grand Order General

    JP FGO loves me a whole lot more than NA does. Cheers to this banner for completing my support list.