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  1. Tempest Trial+ : Life is But Fleeting (Dec 18th)

    I really like Cecilia, she's a fun unit. I decided to give her Close Counter since I've had the fodder laying around for a while, I'd like to give her VF but I don't have that available just now. I think she'll be a great unit to build over time. I'll echo what others have said that I like the seals, but I'm holding on to my coins to see what the next TT brings. Though I did upgrade the Att/spd seal.
  2. Tempest Trial+ : Life is But Fleeting (Dec 18th)

    I remember using Tharja for last years TT, with a healing special she is an excellent unit for autobattle.
  3. Tempest Trial+ : Life is But Fleeting (Dec 18th)

    Fierce Stance is a cool seal, I hope this means we get Warding Stance Seal soon. Cecilia looks pretty cool, I have a Christmas Robin I could also use so I think I'll start with him and switch in Cecilia once she's trained up.
  4. Official Pull Topic

    With today's free pull I got the last Kagero I needed to get her to +10. She's been sitting at +9 for a while now so that's good.
  5. Official Pull Topic

    I got a free Ophelia (-HP/+Def) with one of the summon tickets on the HF banner. I don't have any plans for her just now but it's still nice to get.
  6. Tempest Trial+ : Life is But Fleeting (Dec 18th)

    I'd like to see a Mirror Stance or Bracing Stance seal. Spd/Res+2 would be nice as well.
  7. Aether Raids General Thread

    I'm not really sure what to do with my teams, I could run my teams as they are now or try and fit the new unit in and put the blessing on maybe Aversa. Though I'm not motivated to level up or use the new unit.
  8. Aether Raids General Thread

    At the end of this week I'll be able to get a fifth unit slot for offence, though it will cost me not being able to get a defence bonus building for next week. By the time I would be able to get the defence bonus building, it would be Friday, so I'm going to just leave it to save up for a fifth defence unit slot.
  9. What is Your Current Focus?

    My current focus is to gather grails so I can +10 BK, I'd also like a few merges on Walhart and Aversa. That's really my main goal, a sort of side goal is gathering orbs incase we get a Begnion Zelgius, but I'm not too focused on orbs just now so that's just happening by itself.
  10. Aether Raids General Thread

    I believe I have also managed to secure tier 16, I had a defence result a few hours ago so with 20 hour grace period there shouldn't be any Aether drops for me. Speaking of Camilla, there was a really good flying team I encountered this week using three Camillas and a F!Grima bunched up in the north-west corner of a map I can't quite remember, I actually meant to screenshot it since I figured it might be useful for yourself, but I forgot to do once I'd entered the map. Approaching it was difficult because I'm sure at least one of the mage Camillas had a warping skill, and they all had Goad Fliers.
  11. Learning with Sharena spoils new feature

    I guess this opens the door for a possible legendary Zelgius, that's definitely something I'd save up orbs for. Hopefully in his Begnion armour.
  12. Yeah, it was handy to weaken bulky opponents, though I've seen some people use Renewal. I was using a healer on my team which gave me the option of being able to whittle down tough enemies with Anna. Overall I was quite happy with Anna's performance.
  13. I used attack refined Noatun, Growing Flame (this could have been better, I put this on her a while back before the bonus kill system), Fury, Poison Strike, and Att/Def Bond seal.
  14. I decided to build my Anna for arena runs, and she managed to score 3721. She did a lot better than I thought with the right build, I think the only unit she didn't manage to KO was a Zelgius on the third match. I think that might be a high enough score to get me in T21.
  15. Post your biggest projects in the game!

    This is a GC Black Knight build I'm going to be testing over the next GC event: Ideally he would have Spd/Res 2 seal instead, but I'll use this one in the mean time. With the latest Stance A skill I'm hoping Book III comes with a skill refine to improve his A skill, additional res and enemy phase Guard would be nice.