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  1. Smash tie-in with either Alfonse or Fjorm getting zapped.
  2. New Heroes Appear: Adrift (November 9 ~)

    "New Heroes". *only one new hero* Is IS even trying? I get it, the lore behind this banner is pretty interesting (might be Heirs of Fates versions of these characters), but man, we did not need more alts. Really hope the amount of dislikes on both versions of the video and the comments on the official Twitter accounts from both English and Japanese fans show IS that they need to stop this.
  3. General Character Usefulness Discussion

    Well, Vengeance isn't really limited to her since any character can obtain that skill through support grinding. As you said, she is just a weaker Robin in terms of strength. She has higher Def and Speed, but that really shouldn't matter thanks to Galeforce and Prayer Crests / maintaining Awakening with Galeforce.
  4. General Character Usefulness Discussion

    To each their own. I would say it's a waste of a weapon slot for them. People use HD capture cards such as Elgato and Hauppauge brands.
  5. General Character Usefulness Discussion

    I think the major issue everyone has with her C1 is this: As you can see with that video at the timestamp, the mage manages to backflip OUT of the fully charged C1. IIRC, a select few (or all) infantry units backflip in the air in the general (I do not believe this will ever be "fixed" because them backflipping in the air isn't really a glitch), and if they do this with Linde, you literally wasted a C1. This is why many people prefer Robin/Tharja fully charged C1 because enemies can't block or dodge out of it.
  6. General Character Usefulness Discussion

    I don't believe anyone is qualified to make an offiicial tier list for this game, even those who put it 500+ hours into the game to fully 100% it (@ShadowMario3, there are probably a few others). Not only is it PvE, there are so many people with so many different playstyles who play this game, there will never be a group that will agree on a tier list, and thus, there will never be a definitive tier list.
  7. General Character Usefulness Discussion

    No, because you haven't used any of your Prayers Crests yet. TL;DW image: Overall, I do agree with him most of his placements, but Caeda below SSS is just plain wrong imo, since Pegasus Knights are really useful with their movement, great waveclear, and dueling capabilities.
  8. General Character Usefulness Discussion

    Guess it's up to the player. I find it useless to have Critical Focus on Archers and Mages due to how easy it is for them to get yellow stun gauges. Yeah, pretty sure the latest update fixed the crashes for most people. I have been spamming Robin's dual special like there's no tomorrow, and I am noticing more frame drops than usual, which I assume is the fix.
  9. General Character Usefulness Discussion

    I don't see why not. Once you reach 1 HP through normal methods, that is only one crest used, which means you should have two remaining (assuming you have all three). It is unknown if they are used while you are in Awakening mode, but I doubt it. Probably, but you'd still rather focus on yellow stun gauges with them. If you really have to focus on dual strikes, a warrior special should be enough to break the gauge.
  10. General Character Usefulness Discussion

    Who said that she was considered trash? She just doesn't have as good a moveset as Robin/Tharja, which is needed for a waveclearing/dueling, and in Warriors, most of the fun comes from movesets (which is why people love Lyn/Navarre and Ryoma/Owain). which are needed for S ranking the map in a fast time. Also, I listed one of the biggest reasons, her fully charged C1 is terrible if it leaves her wide open to attacks from behind and is slow. Robin/Tharja's fully charged C1 is unstoppable, and they are not open to attacks from the enemy while they perform it. Also, Magic stat is pretty pointless when you are using a 720 might weapon, because at that point, str/mag really doesn't matter, especially when it's a 20 point difference. If you like Linde, ok, great. But that's not going to change the fact that the majority of people sees Robin's/Tharja's moveset being much better, which makes them more versatile.
  11. General Character Usefulness Discussion

    Depends on the difficulty of the level. By the time you need it (against character units), you should be at 1 HP, don't really need it against normal captains with 720 might weapons.
  12. General Character Usefulness Discussion

    For most, if not, all characters, I have moved on to a Luna/Astra/Lethality/Galeforce/Vengeance/filler (Luck +20 is paired up, Long Wolf if not). Tables and ShadowMario3 seem to have done some testing and agreed that Vengeance at 1 HP is a 300-400% boost, which basically makes it "always Lethality" for normal and strong attacks. With Prayer Crest III, you should be able to take three hits at 1 HP before dying. However, in Awakening Mode, you can never go below 1 HP, so this synergizes very well with Galeforce as long as you have a lot of captains in the area to maintain your Awakening. In this case, will be good to have both Prayer Crest III and Serenity Crest III (Fills the Awakening gauge much faster) on your unit.
  13. General Character Usefulness Discussion

    This costs you a healing item (unless you slap on Live to Serve, which costs you a skill slot). You're better off having another unit as your staff user. Even with Astra, her moveset just isn't as versatile as Robin's/Tharja's. They have a complete 180 pivot during their combos, and their fully charged C1 gives them superarmor (or whatever it's called). Linde's fully charged C1 is slower, and she is vulnerable from an attack from behind, and with her terrible Defense, that is not a good thing. In the end, Linde is better for Arenas due to her high Luck stat, Robin/Tharja (Robin is slightly better overall) for everything else.
  14. Yep. Since you use 150 bronze mats for it, you get around half (70-80) bronze mats back in return on Chapter 20. Convoy Blessing has made Chapter 20 the go to spot for (most) characters' silver and gold materials.
  15. General Character Usefulness Discussion

    I remember when people said the same thing for Lucina in comparison to Chrom. I think it's safe to say Robin and Tharja have the same attack speeds. Put Statflip on Robin (which people should be doing anyway for higher Mag and Def), and that durability increase doesn't matter for Tharja. Of course, that means one less attribute slot for Robin to use.