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  1. The new Cipher units arrive with some new weapons (all names and descriptions translated through Google Translate): Apprentice Tenshi's Spear: The spear that Emma has since long ago Capricious Spear: Lance's (Randal) favorite spear Warrior's Sword: Yuzu uses a solid and healthy sword. Shade did not come with a weapon or item. Here is an album of the Forge levels for the new items:
  2. Playing on the Japanese version. Can confirm that I didn't need to download the patch to download the Cipher DLC.
  3. Enemies summoned by Cantors or Witches etc. do not drop random items. Probably not, going by that, but can't confirm. Hopefully @VincentASM can confirm.
  4. Looks like the folks at Datel have figured out how to add items to Alm or Celica's Convoy. Tried out their Powersaves codes, and I was able to add (no need to replace) Astra, Luna, and Sol to Alm's convoy. As soon as I booted the game, received the Mystery Relics award.
  5. For the Extra Data, all of it will go away, and you have to go into System Settings to do so. If you want to delete DLC, you can do it through the game itself, then redownload all the DLC right after.
  6. Maybe there was a bug when you downloaded the DLC and the game was writing the Support Conversations to the Extra Data. Might be best to delete the Extra Data and reload the Deliverance DLCs, then check and see if the voices are there.
  7. Pretty sure the Support Conversations are voiced (Lukas and Python convos start at 14:10):
  8. The cape covers her back though. Can't argue the other points.
  9. Eh, not too different from her Princess outfit. Can be argued that it covers more than her Princess outfit. Also, Triangle Attack has an extra animation with the Harrier Overclass (unless the added fire is due to me using Gradivus):
  10. Yep. Those line up with what is said in the game. New Overclass skills (parenthesis has Serenesforest's Japanese translation): (Phalanx) Phalanx - Def/2 chance of blocking. Adj. allies multiply odds. (Barrier) Ward - Raises an adjacent ally's Res for one turn. HP Cost: 12, Range: 1 (Restore) Restore - Removes ailments from allies in range. HP Cost: 12, Range: 1 - Atk/4 (Exorcising Venom) Tri-affliction - Has a Skill/2 chance of inflicting ailments with hits. (Bowrange +3) Bowrange +3 - Increases bow range by 3. (Lemegeton) Lemegeton - Summons illusory magic soldiers. (Eight max) HP Cost: 12
  11. May 25th DLC

    Can confirm that the DLC is live. Downloading the DLC update now.
  12. May 25th DLC

    North American eShop usually updates at 9am PDT/12pm EDT for DLC, patches, etc.
  13. The do not upgrade into new weapons. Here is an album of the DLC weapons that can be upgraded:
  14. Don't think it was shown in the video, but Celica's finishing blow is pretty awesome (postgame boss spoilers): Same with Alm's at 13:27 and Dread Fighter's Overclass's Astral Blow at 17:40.