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  1. I thought about using the Redux patch while playing the original version. I just haven't gotten around to it.
  2. Here's to 20 years in Tennessee, Titans. 3rd time's the charm, Mariota. I believe you'll make it to the Superbowl this year.
  3. I expect this to be fixed in the next Echoes game, IS. Yewfelle was pretty good in Awakening: keep it that way.
  5. I have zero drawing skills, at least when it comes to doing it on a computer. I Might have to submit my drawing via the scanner on my printer, which is a pain in the ass. Also, still here.
  6. I sincerely hope the Preds win tonight. I want to put any doubts that the Blackhawks could springboard into round 2 out of my mind. We almost have them.
  7. Even if something is heretical, it doesn't have to be wrong. I like it okay, but the sin is best complimented by Canadian Bacon as the penance topping.
  8. Only if you don't know how to use the cover system in Mass Effect is it a problem there, but for the rest? Yeah, that can be a problem.
  9. How about enemies with Stun having more initiative and seemingly impeccable accuracy? Guess who get's stunlocked for the next 20 or so turns? That's right, it's you.
  10. Chapter 3: A Bridge Too Far Thoughts
  11. RPG Maker Fes looks like it might just be the shit. People thought SMM was innovative, think of the gems (and steaming piles of crap) that could come out of it. There could even be whole game series that comes out of it. It even has a free add-on e-shop companion game that's free where you can play the titles.
  12. The Predators are playing Chicago tonight at United Center. I hope we qualify this year. We definitely tried our best when we did make it, but we lost to San Jose once and Chicago the other time. We don't even have to win the Stanley Cup, I just want Nashville to be more recognized for things other than poor taste in Music (although we are hosting a Barclay's game some time in July).
  13. Is heavily monitored by health officials due to the use of bacteria in the curdling process, and eating non-processed cheese is viewed the same as bathing in mud: recommended by health officials, but viewed as strange (though not totally frowned upon) by regular people. In another universe, Saddam Hussein, instead of ruling Iraq, did...
  14. Let's not just have one Swordmaster. No choosing Callil nets you no balls, not using Stefan will get your Man Card revoked.