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  1. NFL 2017-2018 Season - Dat helmet TD catch by AB

    Nah fam, it just makes a triangle (we beat Jacksonville, you beat us, and Jacksonville beat you guys). If we beat the Colts and the Texans, we will have at least a 500.
  2. FE: Realms of the Cosmic Mirror: Rebirth - Arc 1 (IC)

    "I have you now!" Raven moves to I13 to finish off the Blade Knight.
  3. Looking for a Co-Host for Fire Emblem Heroes

    My computer broke again, meaning I'm glued to mobile, and you know how ass that is.
  4. FE: Realms of the Cosmic Mirror: Rebirth - Arc 1 (IC)

    Raven sprints to K14 to hopefully draw the Poochyena and the Blade Knight away from Kyodaina.
  5. Fire Emblem: Realms of the Cosmic Mirror - Rebirth (OOC)

    Didn't I already move this turn?
  6. Super Smash Bros. Questionnaire

    1. Kirby, Earthbound, Mario, Animal Crossing, Star Fox, Fire Emblem, Pokemon, Legend of Zelda 2. Brawl: Marth WiiU: Corrin 3. Brawl because SSE 4. WiiU 5. 3DS/WiiU 6. Wolf 7. Zero from Megaman X/Zero 8. Altair from Assassins Creed. 9. Jack the Ripper/Raiden from Metal Gear 10. Any Rare characters from the N64 era 11. I don't know 12. Probably the former once, maybe the latter now. 13. Mass Effect 14. Depends on the clone. 15. Brawl did through SSE 16. Not really. 17. Sure, as long as they are balanced for competitive. 18. Either or, but probably the former 19. Jigglypuff has its devotees, Dan is just bad. 20. That's his choice, not ours. 21. I think it's fun. 22. Yes, but no. 23. I think Omega is fine as it is. 24. Sure. Just don't leak it. 25. It could be a lot worse. 26. It brought back well loved characters, so why not? 27. Depends on how badly it skews the source material. 28. Gray area, I'm not touching that question. 29. No. 30. Unsure, probably yes, unless previously available popular skins were locked behind them, then I would be a little miffed.
  7. General US Politics

    None of his victims were armed. It was a neighbor who shot him, not someone in the church.
  8. General US Politics

    The Sutherland Springs Massacre proves that background checks are worthless when bureaucracy is bureaucracy. Devin Kelley was everything background checks were designed to prevent, but if agencies fail to communicate, then what good are they? Are they necessary? Yes. But do they work? Only when the technocracy gets off its ass and helps each other. This could've been avoided if the FBI was notified of Kelley's bad conduct discharge. He was also a raving anti theist, but a supermajority of them are at least sane and law abiding, so I'm inclined to believe this wasn't ideologically motivated.
  9. >Venice That's what you get when your title is Doge. You fuck over everywhere because you decided to remove Serb instead of kebab. Blah used to despise Wilson, to the point he caused the US to go into another Civil War just to kill him in an undignified way while writing his (now defunct) alt-hist fic.
  10. Fire Emblem Headcanon Voices

    I could see Dante Basco voicing Eliwood, and probably Veronica Taylor voicing Roy (did I really just say that?). Also, I would love to see someone like Viggo Mortensen or Ralph Fiennes as Zephiel and Ian McKellen as Athos (Zuko and Gandalf team up against Nergal, and Ash Ketchum fights either Voldemort or Aragorn. Wow)
  11. >Wilson Tread carefully, you don't want to accidentally wank blah's hate boner for Wilson.
  12. But what of Japan? Was Japan too steeped in its own mythos to avoid warmongering? Or was it because Japan felt too limited because of things like the Washington Naval Treaty and the anti-Japanese sentiment growing in Kuomintang China?
  13. Yes and no. Fascism was systemic from World War 1, with the 3 major axis countries having something go wrong for them. Germany was victimized by Versailles, causing currency to basically Zimbabwe, which led to Germany borrowing from the US, which caused an even greater crash for Germany during the Great Depression, which got the Nazis in power. Versailles was the cause. Treaties should never be punitive, as that just causes more resentment.
  14. BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle!?

    I would add Church and Tucker, but that might cause problems with 343 because they are based on Spartans, but maybe they might get a pass because Red vs. Blue is popular in its own right, and Bungie never gave Roosterteeth shit about it because Fair Use.
  15. Rate the Above Poster's Pun, Joke, or Meme

    10! Brilliant! So, the geometry teacher staged a debate with the class, playing the straight angle, but we all felt something wasn't quite right. He started becoming obtuse from our acute observations.