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  1. Fiora would die in a Mechon Attack? Ephraim would lead one of 12 tribes, Joshua would collapse a wall somewhere Sigurd would name his son Sigmund, not Seliph Micaiah would be male and not morally ambiguous Titania would wield Light and probably be even more broken than before. And transform into any Laguz type at will. And also have Shade and Mantle. Mustafa would fend off Ylisse, Plegia would still lose the war, and then he would reform Plegia. Arthur would be King of Nohr, and Guinevere would be his wife. Greil would be part of Arthur's round table.
  2. Abeloth put away his weapons and approached the captain. "The village in the Northwest is safe. You may need to post a patrol there, just to reassure the villagers." Abeloth turned to the cleric girl. "I never was able to ask before the countryside erupted, but do you have a name, miss?" He also looked at the Pegasus Knight, presumably the one that was addressed as Mi'iltha. He didn't see where she came from, but he knew she was on their side. The other, however, was nowhere in sight, probably on the other side of the other pegasus knight named Lithis.
  3. I was commenting on that long post shoblongoo made. You could accuse Donald Trump of being many things, but if he has the legal clout to screw people out of their well owned money, then he doesn't really deserve to be called an idiot. He's despicable, but not stupid. He says and does stupid shit, but him having the foresight to be that avaricious means that he doesn't exist in a perpetual state of stupidity, which doesn't exactly fit into the media narrative, left or right.
  4. Abeloth looked directly into the eyes of the Bandit leader. "I know not who you are, but you are a blight upon the innocent, worse than any natural plague. I hope you prayed to your gods to forgive your sins, because I will not. Face me, if thou dare, spawn of strumpet!
  5. Contemptible? Absolutely. Petty? Yes. Stupid? Anyone who can fuck over that many people deserves a Nobel Prize. Worse still, it's perfectly legal to do that if you are the 1% like he is. If he gave two rats asses about being a decent human being, he would have paid his people instead of being in the White House right now. Money might not buy happiness, but it can allow you to inflict pain on those without it, which means in could make you happy, if you're a sadist.
  6. Never was Archanea under Marth mentioned. He and his descendants held down an entire continent for 1000 years, before Grima breached his prison in Thabes and managed to get 1/3 of the entire continent under his sway, and another split into two halves and became proud warrior dudes. I could also probably put the Kingdom of Valentia on there as well, at least until Grima's Escape. Of the ones listed I rank them as follows: Grannvale is the most encompasing, Bern has the most longevity, and Begnion had the most staying power. The others have pretty big weaknesses: Rigel could've easily erupted into civil war, Archanea and Dolhr were only able to rise because of Gharnef, Etruria would've collapsed into civil war if Elfin didn't have Roy behind him, Grado is a generation away from falling into the ocean, Valm is run by a one man army with no heir, and nobody talks about Fates' plot, thereby eliminating any clout Nohr could've had as an evil empire on its own merits.
  7. Gregor will reclass to Barbarian, Promote to Berserker, then reclass to Hero.
  8. A rational course of action might not be an atrocity, but it can be a travesty, and certainly a tragedy. The Trail of Tears, fallacious as it was, certainly had (considering the dissonance in morals between then and now) some rationale behind it (I certainly don't agree with the logic, and Jackson was an asshole on the whole). Just as we look back at our old shame, they would look forward and think us all radicals just for practicing basic human decency. What is today's rationale is tomorrow's atrocity, which means that both are correct, from a certain perspective. We will never see the consequences of our actions long term, and later generations will not necessarily be able to understand our mindset. Also, logic tends to dictate a lot of very difficult ethical questions as well, ones that have a different answer in every society that they have been posed to.
  9. Having been fully revitalized, Abeloth made a mad dash for the boss, hatchet in hand. He moves to L4 and throws his hatchet.
  10. Abeloth, after being healed, moved to H3 to get closer to the hostage village.
  11. Okay, I didn't know everyone was waiting on me.
  12. Well, I know they replaced "Easy" Mode (basically gave all units Paragon, like Thracia's Paragon Mode), and replaced it with Hard Mode. Granted, if Easy had been left, the game might've been derided as being easier than it already is.
  13. Allow me to clarify: A lot of innovation stems from the disregarding of consequences. There are a great deal of religious people (of all faiths) that would rather not compromise their code of ethics just to gain an advantage over a potential enemy, meaning they might not progress technologically until encouraged to. I don't know what you intended from such a short post, except to tell me that I'm wrong. If you don't mind, I would like to know why you disagree, or, if you are so inclined, would invite you to educate this poor, unwashed plebeian.
  14. Hades would comment on it If you gave a thot your thoughts...
  15. Religion is an excuse, science is a tool. Just as any tool can be misused for evil or unethical things, whereas religion is an abstract concept, which are often used as justifications, excuses, or, at worst, scapegoats. Also, if your other statement is true, why is the Mad Scientist trope a thing? Those kinds of people are motivated by discovery, but as the world found out, a lot of modern aerodynamic science was found out in inhumane and unethical experiments, primarily in both Nazi Germany and the USSR. Science advances when morality and ethics fail, that's why people think that religious people hate science. However, the only science the Nazis used to justify it was eugenics, which is not a popular field of study because of that.