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  1. It's so weird. The AFC South is cutthroat inside the division, and yet when stacked against other divisions, it sucks. The only AFC South team to go to the Superbowl in the last 20 years was Indianapolis.
  2. Our O-line just doesn't have it together. Props to the Ravens D, sure, but this is a huge problem that has plagued the Mariota era. The O-line should be ashamed of itself. And even the defense couldn't stop an "I will not lose to another mediocre team" quarterback. That's the scary kind of QB.
  3. @Lord Raven Good luck, and may the best team win. Both of us have much to prove with this bout.
  4. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5 Magonsaete Route

    Astaroth hung his head. His rashness had almost cost the entire group both their lives and potential allies. He grabs the reigns of his horse, but does not mount him. He says nothing, as his words have done enough damage this night. He knew he could not dwell on his failure for long, as the risk of fighting was, in fact, far from over. He prepared to move on Cassandra's order, as she had proven she wasn't as rash as she seemed, and he wasn't good at negotiation as he certainly thought he was. Damn my shameful foolishness! What had I to gain from that?! Engel above, what a disaster! I cannot make this same mistake again. Otherwise... I can't even fathom the consequences of such.
  5. Azelle- 7/10. His class, his personal skill, and the fact he has minor Holy Blood makes him canonically powerful. Chad- 3/10. He's a Thief. Nothing much to it. Lacking a promotion also sorta lessens his combat usefulness. Frederick- 9/10. I don't think I need to justify such a high score, because he's literally that strong and versatile.
  6. Tales of Malaketh: Ritual of the Blood Red Night - Part 1: On The Run

    "See? This is exactly what I was talking about! Not 5 steps out the door, we have the city watch on our asses! Now pardon me while I get this oversized cauldron out of our way." Glendwr moves to 13, 5 and shoots Town Guard 2 with Revolver.
  7. General US Politics

    In other news, another one bites the dust. Nikki Haley quit as UN Ambassador. Watching right now. someone find an article on it.
  8. ^Reminds me of when BJ Raji got a pick 6 in the NFC Championship game before Super Bowl XLV.
  9. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5 Magonsaete Route

    Astaroth dismounted his horse. "Ulfure, allow me to formally apologize. I am Astaroth, chief of the Asarai. Our goal is to defeat Malaphar, because he is a fiend in human form, a man who desires nothing less than being a living god, who's own malice will outstrip any that nature or other men will give to Magonsaete, or anywhere, for that matter. Siding with him means being the first to die once he begins his conquest. In truth, you are in no better position allying with him than opposing him, as the Aega found out. His man Emmet came to chief Hera with similar promises of power, and she also was practical and took his offer. Now she and her people are tattered, forced to rebuild with only young children, all because she fought for him. For the sake of your clan, I beg of you, if you do not wish to help, at least do us no harm, and do not let the words of Emmet reach your ear, for that will only bring you ruin. I am unarmed and on foot. If you do not think me sincere, strike me down as I stand." Astaroth once again waited for death, almost wishing it to come to him, as unlike with Cassandra, he wanted to be free from his mistakes, especially his recent ones.
  10. Tales of Malaketh: Ritual of the Blood Red Night - Part 1: On The Run

    Glendwr lowered his gun as Mikaela came out of the room "The Church is onto them being here. We have to go, and hope no one sees us leaving. " He looked at Misea. "You're right, bad idea. Luckily, everyone is getting up right now. Hopefully, we can get out without being seen, but our luck thus far has been... lacking, to say the least." He moved back to the stairs and raised his gun again. Come on, people! We have far less than all day!
  11. @Lord Raven Ouch. I don't know whether to be sad for you or happy for the Browns. That was a close one.
  12. Quit bitching. You still won the fucking game. Where was the offense, today? Why can't the O-line do it's job? Edit: Yikes, Browns might tie another game. With the Ravens.
  13. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5 Magonsaete Route

    "I do not wish to make a bad situation sound worse, Cassandra, but I think he in fact is their leader." Astaroth rode out beside her. " Your name is Lobos, is it not? I am Astaroth, son of Abeloth, and chief of the Asarai. I will give this stern warning only this once: forcing a fight will only destroy your clan, as it has destroyed many others. Your father was no fool, the other tribes knew it. But what about you? Will you sacrifice your people for a chance at glory? Or can we clear our heads and explain what exactly each of us knows? " Astaroth had both hands on the reigns of his horse, clearly within sight of the man. He made clear his desire not to fight, leaving the decision to fight firmly on the man.
  14. Tales of Malaketh: Ritual of the Blood Red Night - Part 1: On The Run

    Glendwr was woken up by shouting. He quickly moved to the window and saw a priest outside at the front surrounded by a crowd. "Fuck."He hastily put on his coat and boots, loaded his gun, and left to the hall where two of the 3 vampires were. "We have to move quickly. The Church is already onto us. I fear for Jackson, as well as you both and... where's Astrid?" He cocked the hammer back on his pistol. "If you want me to, I'll wake ever else up with this. It's not gonna be pretty, but this situation is gonna be a lot less pretty if we don't hurry." He moved to the stairwell to get a better look at the outside of the inn. " I don't like this situation one bit. We may have to fight our way out. "
  15. I am the opposite of Ana. I want Tennessee to be consistent when it hasn't been since the end of the Fisher era. 2 shitty QBs and 3 shitty coaches later, we're a good looking team with a competent coach. We spent too long in rebuild, so hopefully we can keep going to playoffs from here on out.