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  1. General "mass killings" thread

    He's living in Europe, where the last time the governments put their own interests above the people's, it caused 2 costly wars from which the continent has yet to truly recover from, and also led to the Cold War. North America, on the other hand, borders on hegemonic, meaning that it would be unthinkable for any country to change anything, as there is little incentive to, unlike Europe.
  2. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5 Magonsaete Route

    Astaroth looked at Barry and Paul. "Maybe you two should stay here. Besides, you most likely won't be alone, if the look on Uulinyagaansetseg's face is anything to go by. Even if you come, I ask that you stay close to one another, lest one of you end up in danger and beyond help." Astaroth turned, grabbing the pommel of his sword. "I do not wish to remain here any more than I have to. Let us go forward. And... Raum, was it? Only a fool would reject the darkness, as confronting it makes their light ever brighter. Do not dismay if I do not turn, but rejoice that you know my conviction is true, and that the quarrels of gods need not be the quarrels of man, much as the Church would disagree. Those fools clad as the clouds are not my compatriots. Whether Alain thinks the same of you is not my place to judge." Astaroth turned to the same direction as everyone else.
  3. Pick my units

    Then Fighter>Thief>Trickster Vaike
  4. Pick my units

    Knight>Priest>War Monk Kellam
  5. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5 Magonsaete Route

    Astaroth looked at his immediate entourage. "Come. The four of us must tether the horses, and Michalis, to these posts. Hopefully, there is a place we can remain close to the entrance. Otherwise, both myself and Hiero would be, what's the phrase, 'caught with our pants down?' so to say?" Astaroth unhitched his horse from the wagon and tied it to one of the posts. The horse shook his head, snorting. "If you sense any danger, be loud. These walls will echo, I can tell. And if I sense anything, I will come running to you. Trust me on this." The horse stared silently ahead. Astaroth stayed nearby, waiting for Barry, Paul and Hiero to finish tying the mounts to the other beams.
  6. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5 Magonsaete Route

    "If it's all the same to you, Princess Cassandra, I will take up the rear. Besides, I would see if we were followed. You never know... right?" In reality, the reasons for Astaroth wanting to stay in the back were mostly selfish. He had no real desire to meet other followers of the old devil, but he was willing to learn whether they were more like Alain, or if they were like what he thought they might be: dirty hermits mumbling about with an army of damned souls serving their every whim. He looked at his saddlebag. As much as I want to get that out right now, the rain would destroy it, and this "illusion" would react quite adversely to it. For now, I just have to pray that my faith in him is not shaken. Astaroth observed the harness his horse was attached to. He kept in mind the place it was weakest, so that a well placed sword swing could release it, should it need to be freed from it.
  7. But then the chicken is less fresh than it normally would be. Not that it's all that fresh to begin with.
  8. I heard the bobbies are cracking down on chicken smuggling. Hide your Cornish hens, Brits.
  9. FE12 Chapter 11- First off, it's a desert map. Second, Wyverns can go fuck themselves. Third, you need to have trained Caeda if you want to have full recruitment. Not that that's hard, but Caeda won't survive the Wyvern span if untrained. Also, I think there is a Star shard in this map. I don't like the Star Shards because you cannot get the Binding Shield without them. FE9 Bishop map- much more annoying than FE12 Chapter 10, because they can at least attack. FE7 16x- unlike 17x, the Black Fang group doesn't move until you trigger Fargus to signal the attack. If you don't pull the pirates, you'll be way overwhelmed by strong enemies. Just some other maps besides the usual suspects.
  10. Thoughts on Romances in Video Games?

    While it probably isn't believable necessarily, Bioware tries to make realistic relationships in their games, particularly Mass Effect. If any romance is to be believed, it would have to be the one between a fem!Shepard and Garrus. They might be two different species altogether, but both of them have gone through too much shit to care what anyone else thinks. Also, Garrus knows things no one else does, like the reason Shepard has PTSD nightmares, or if Shepard backstabs the Krogan.
  11. How important is abstinence?

    If they can't, then I think they should screen for STDs before going forward. As for not wanting kids, there are lots of ways to prevent it, including more permanent ways. Birth control works nearly all the time, but when it doesn't, it could be dangerous. My opinion is that I as a Christian think that I should be abstinent because being sexually active before marriage is an affront to my faith, and that anyone who believes as I do should follow that same logic.
  12. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5 Magonsaete Route

    "Barry, you are far oversimplifying the debate. Engel is intangible, but blesses people with tangible things, like food, shelter, family, and even friends. These things are seen as good in the eyes of many. Belial is, according to some, tangible, but deals in the intangible, like knowledge, wealth, and the ability to conjure the souls of the damned. Those are seen as evil in the eyes of the powerful, and the masses cannot protest this, lest they risk death. As for the other part of the triangle, it is those who are tangible and only believe in such. These are the godless, who range from being indifferent to either Engel or Belial, to being liable to only focus on the here and now, to killing anyone who believes in anything. Those last ones make up the Southern Tribes most of the time, and the first mostly everyone here, including you both, and Hiero." The rain sounded like stones hitting glass on Astaroth's helmet, but he never minded it before, and he certainly didn't now. His gambeson, though soaking outside, was thick enough that he himself wasn't wet. The same could not be said of his associates, especially not Barry and Paul.
  13. Beat-Em Upathon: Planning in Progress

    Start with Maximum Carnage. Get LJN out of the way first.
  14. FE: Realms of the Cosmic Mirror: Rebirth - Arc 1 (IC)

    The vaguely Sacaen looking man ran as Raven approached the smoldering pile of metal that looked like some sort of horse. Realizing the man was like the other people, namely Chuks, he realized that he needed one of them to talk to him. "I found the source of the fire, Jake. It's the remains of a metal horse. Maybe someone that stayed with you should talk to him, as he saw my blade and ran." Raven then returned to where the corpse was, and to his surprise, it was untarnished in every way. "Glad to see your intact. I swear, I will find the time to bury you, my friend."
  15. General "mass killings" thread

    @Shoblongoo I'm wondering how Mexico is in the third world? The title of the graph leads me to believe you were trying to be misleading on some accounts.