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  1. How is Camilla "family friendly"? What about her describing the fate of Scarlet in Conquest? Fire Emblem is inherently about war, and only the GBA games got anything lower than E10+, and even though Echoes was a lot more family friendly than Fates, Sonya was a thing, and it was also implied that the bandit leader wanted to rape Silque. I doubt the ESRB would take it to M for guns. CERO and PEGI might, but not the ESRB.
  2. It's called "civil disobedience" for a reason.50 years ago, moderates and conservatives were saying what they're saying now. The only difference is the kind of people who are celebrities now versus 50 years ago. They are famous and are being, for the most part, "civilly" disobedient. Will it net them the same change? I don't think so, but they won't stop until they get it, even if they have to do what their grandparents did.
  3. Pokemon has cannons, Zelda has cannons, Mario has a lot of cannons, and IS also has Famicom Wars. Also, Metroid has used missiles since the beginning, and no one has given Nintendo shit for that.
  4. Don' worry 'bout it, Don. I gotcha.
  5. Honestly, that's up to Thicrean Phoenix if he wants to go or not. He's technically bound to Elijah by his own orders, but I won't force you to keep him. Besides, we're going up against a promoted unit, meaning we need all the help we could get during this chapter.
  6. u wot m8 To each their own, I guess. How does Codex compare? I've been playing MTG since late 2012, and I still think it's fun.
  7. What is it with Houndour and Electrike have become, as of Gen VI, version exclusive Pokemon? I get that their both dogs, but why? Also, I hope Zorua isn't too late into the game, because I like using Zoroark.
  8. Cannons are an interesting thought. If they have separate weapon classes for cavaliers, I could see a branched promotion where sword cavaliers could get guns as a nod to 18th century cavalry. That's very interesting for the stat penalties. As for something like Luna, I don't know how you would calculate this, but maybe the might of the weapon is set, the defense of the target is set to 0, and the Skill stat of the attacker increases the damage, because let's be honest, getting hit by a bullet is going to probably cripple you, even if it misses something important.
  9. I think if they were added, they would have to be to armor what arrows are to fliers. Guns were THE great equalizer in warfare. Also, any class that uses firearms would have to have terrible skill, as marksmanship with old guns like how I see them is poor as well as a crapshoot.
  10. Dondon would be the first to play that one. He loves his 0% runs. Mekkkah too.
  11. No matter how cringey it would be to see that, Nintendo would never allow it. They tend to not want to deliberately piss people off in such a fashion.
  12. What is Joe Lieberman then? I know he's independent, but I thought he was a Libertarian.
  13. Except that the only Libertarian in the Senate is often grouped with and sides with the Democrats. You don't live here and talk to locals, Phillius. You only understand the outside as given by the internet, your local and national news outlets, and my national news outlets. You don't talk to people face to face every day who are honest, well-meaning conservatives, at least not American conservatives. The only real representation you really see is on here, and they don't bother to see your point of view because you aren't actually speaking face to face. You actually have to live it and see it to know it.