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  1. DisobeyedCargo does a nuzlocke of Pokémon Gold!

    Slowpoke Well only has 2 encounters on 1F, Slowpoke and Zubat. When you get Surf, there is a King's Rock on B1F of Slowpoke Well. If you have someone to trade with, give that King's Rock to your Slowpoke, and you get Slowking from that.
  2. DisobeyedCargo does a nuzlocke of Pokémon Gold!

    You catching Zubat means you can have a basically guaranteed Slowking if you want one.
  3. General "mass killings" thread

    Don't sue them. Pass a law that says you can in the future instead. Don't make an example of a family that is going through the same thing as the victims. Make it so an honest mistake made by one family isn't repeated by another. I know you are an expert in law, but Lady Justice isn't a subtle woman, and her tactlessness has destroyed honest people for mistakes even less foreseen than this one.
  4. Regarding the Sanaki controversy.

    You can access the strikethrough by being in landscape mode.
  5. DisobeyedCargo does a nuzlocke of Pokémon Gold!

    I would suggest putting your images in spoilers (the eye icon) because the page takes a long time to load otherwise.
  6. The Price of Freedom: A Superhero RPG

    Bumping topic... not that anyone cares. Why can't I ever generate interest?
  7. Fire Emblem: Realms of the Cosmic Mirror - Rebirth (OOC)

    I think you shouldn't delay. We desperately need new players.
  8. General "mass killings" thread

    Because as long as people are wronged, they will wrong others. Vengeance is a powerful and evil thing, and many have lived and died because of it.
  9. General "mass killings" thread

    Wonders like open rebellion and riots? No. The 2A crowd would stir up a civil war far worse than any in recent memory.
  10. Bullying.

    I have AS, which means that I'm not a normal person by any means. Funnily enough, most of the bullying I went through was by people who I thought were my friends, and some of it (though it isn't intentionally malicious, and definitely not abusive) was through my family. They love me dearly, they tell me that all the time, but some of the words they say would be insulting and hurtful if said to people they don't know as well. As for the "friends" who bullied me, one of them is a very successful and accomplished person who's probably way smarter than me, now. The others, however, aren't so much. One was exploitative and was in a relationship with one of my oldest friends in middle school and almost made me reconsider friendship with her at one point before she saw the light and promptly dumped him. The other probably wasn't even a friend at all, and during 7th grade, it came to a head when someone got a teacher because his bullying made me grip a freshly sharpened pencil tightly as I cried, seeming to them that I was going to do something I would've really regretted. I got punished, but the administrator knew that I wasn't really the one with the problem. Needless to say, after freshman year, I never saw him, and I never found him (nor him me) on social media, so I don't if he's even still alive due to some other problems he has that I won't get into. I don't have any advice to give, because a lot of my issues resolved themselves, and in some ways didn't go the best way.
  11. Wasn't the old XFL in kayfabe, anyway? It can be more showy and stuff and still be as safe as the WWE is (normally, anyway).
  12. Which game would you like to see a nuzlocke run of?

    I chose Ultra Sun, because I want to see how many deaths it takes to kill Ultra Necrozma. Or, just to see if you fall to it, or long, long before.
  13. FE: Realms of the Cosmic Mirror: Rebirth - Arc 1 (IC)

    Raven "Is that... a turtle? And it's walking upright? " Raven was perplexed, but everything was only getting weirder for him. "Guess I should head back to the beach. Who knows if anyone is still there." Raven moves to N22. Gimli Gimli peered around the wall at the blue... whatever that was... and decided he needed to deal with it. Gimi moves to W18.
  14. General US Politics

    To the surprise of absolutely no one, the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem has caused widespread protests, with many escalating quickly. I don't have any other words. I shouldn't wonder how people could hate each other that much, but the Palestinians and Israelis do. Thanks, Sykes-Picot, you caused this.
  15. Intermediate mode between Casual and Classic?

    If we did that, i would make it so that should the lord character die, the game could still be played, so long as at least one unit lives. Iron man runs in FE usually have people sack units in place of a lord death, so why not remove that stipulation?