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  1. Hans was eager to leave to begin research on his new CO, who he would inevitably become XO to, but then he realized that would've been rude. He also knew that most of the few pilots who scored higher than himself were in fact female, so he knew that he might be dealing with someone even better than him, or at least at his level. "Understood, sir." He looked at Lieutenant Richards, who was thinking to himself. " I know it would be hard for you and the other former cadets to part ways, but this Colonel Lucia, as well as myself, need good officers below us. I would be honored if you join me in this new corps."
  2. Looking over to where the call came from, Aaron looked to see a latino man over the Mexico city arrival sign. Looking at the instructions, he saw Jesus was coming from Mexico City. I keep forgetting that not every country has had their capital destroyed. "What are you waiting for? Passover? Come on over."
  3. "Yes, I am. Now we have to wait for the train from Guadalajara. I hope Sr, Garcia-Gutierrez arrives soon." Aaron felt as though he butchered that pronunciation even more than the last one.
  4. Hans wasn't entirely sure about being part of a new corps, but he was aware that Lloyd Richards was no slouch, and would make a valuable adjutant, even if he himself needed to answer to someone higher up. "I will consider it, but I must know who's going to be in charge. I take orders from you, Colonel Valestein, if only because you're at the bare minimum competent in your role. I will not obey a Neidermayer."
  5. The train from Nazareth pulled in not long after Aaron had put his chicken sandwich away. He saw a sign that said "Ryuto" on it, and he ventured to it, seeing a young Japanese man. "Konichiwa" spoke Aaron, hoping his Hebrew accent didn't butcher the pronunciation of the traditional greeting.
  6. Bang. Just after the call over the intercom, Hans fired the last shot in his vintage Gewehr 36, cleared it, then removed his assault vest and put on his hat and jacket. Before he left, he heard the range master clear his throat. "Oh, did I forget about the glasses again?" He removes the protective glasses around his eyes, stuffs the G36 in its case, and walked briskly to the briefing room. "What is it you wanted to see me for, Colonel?"
  7. Aaron was annoyed when the stewardess told him the hot dogs on the train weren't kosher. However, he couldn't find any real reason to complain, seeing as though the Grieks decided to take after Hollywood aliens and plunder cattle from farmers. He looked at the young Japanese girl standing by his seat. "A chicken sandwich, then. Without cheese, it would go against my religion otherwise." In the few minutes between his order and the delivery thereof, he looked at the mysterious letter he received. Leviathan has only really been tested once, and I'm still not sure about the air to orbit missile. Hopefully, I won't need to use it for a long time. The stewardess returned with the breaded chicken sandwich, with the requested lack of cheese. "Thank you, stewardess." He heard an announcement over the intercom. "We are now crossing the Prime Meridian." He blessed the sandwich, broke it in half, ate one half, and sealed the other inside a bag. "It won't be long now." The background appears to turn black as a blue and grey dragon head seemingly appears and roars.
  8. I have a feeling Luigi is going to have an M&L style freakout when confronting the Rabbids for the first time.
  9. I can write lore and details, although it could take time for me to get back to you with my ideas due to a family vacation. PM me your story outline from beginning to end, and I will try to flesh it out enough so that it isn't just another SRW or MSG clone. I, for one, have come to the realization that all the RPs I've started are way too samey, even the ones I thought to have a more unique premise. @Nanami Touko Even though this advice was meant for Corrobin, I am smart enough to realize how important your advice is to spurring the interest of SF. What worked for me before certainly isn't working now, as I put my most recent one on hiatus just to apply the criticisms I've taken.
  10. We were invaded only once, over 200 years ago, by the British in a war that, on the whole, was totally inconsequential to them. Sure, we could be nuked into oblivion, but exactly what would that accomplish? Absolutely jack shit, that's what.
  11. Well, when you have to deal with a power-hungry tyrant every 2 or 3 lifetimes, you become ambivalent to just about everything else in the world. The United States is basically untouchable (Canada and Mexico would be stupid to stir up shit), so terrorists relish in the fact that most of the US is too busy looking at Russia through a telescope to notice the assassin behind them, knife in hand.
  12. Guy gets pissed over his missing turban, loses his shit, then finds it again once someone shows him a crystal ball. Also, Dragons, Self-Inserts and Gary Stus, oh my!
  13. Excuse double post, but the Preds are going to the Stanley Cup. @Anacybele, best of luck to the Pens tomorrow, as I want to see this year's Stanley Cup become a blur of yellow, blue, and black.
  14. Killing children in places they shouldn't have to feel vulnerable is low and sickening. Children died for what? I am really asking this question, as any rhetorical remark cheapens the disgust and shock this brings. To make things worse, this may encourage the Conservatives to expedite Brexit purely out of jingoism.
  15. Trump's barrel has no bottom. I'm surprised someone is still looking for it. Trump is tricking people into digging into an abyss of shady shit.