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  1. BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle!?

    Man...is there even anyone that's still rooting for this, let alone supporting the decision?
  2. I plan to use triangle reversal and axebreaker for Frederick so he technically has a lance and maintains his weapon advantage over everything, as intended...
  3. You're not wrong, but with how many times they ended up shooting themselves in the foot regarding the marketing for this game, I think it's fair to say that SD had almost no thought put into it compared to Awakening and Fates. We could argue the reasons why until we're all blue in the face; it doesn't really change what happened. I pretty much agree with everything in else and just want to add that personal weapons should've been a free patch (or at least not hide the likes of Tiki's 'personal' weapon on her amiboo)
  4. Forgive my butting in, but that's really not all that relevant; Marth was the introduction to Fire Emblem for nearly everyone outside the west thanks to Melee. Even if he wasn't in the first proper game released overseas, a lot of people still associate the series with him.
  5. I think the bulk of it was simply that Shadow Dragon had almost nothing in comparison; a self-same Pegasus knight, the only dragonstone user, and Marth. I'll admit I'm not so familiar with SD and it's follow-up, but I think they could've at least included an armor user and say, Camus. I do ultimately understand they wanted to make JUST a Fates-themed warriors game, and if they'd done so that would've been fine...ish, so long as they included characters beyond the royal family and their retainers. Hell, even having Garon, Sumeragi, Mikoto, and Arete as playable options (or at least as enemies) would've been an interesting notion for Fates Warriors. Despite how fun the game is (nearing about ninty hours thus far; not bad between the likes of BoTW, Odyssey, and Xenoblade 2), there's a startling lack of play-styles outside of the sword types. We now have three distinct spear sets, but still none of them that are 'armor' type a la knights and generals. I'm fairly confident that Awakening will add a new sword type for Oliva as well as a magic type for Tharja, but by that point its too little too late. If they wanted to go with clones sets, they could've gone for broke and added a lot more characters to at least balance things out. I dunno; part of me does want to see a FE:W 2 if only to see what they'd add (fingers crossed for more magic types, hidden weapons, dragon-users, and featured games).
  6. An honest mistake, and google translate did give me the gist (I was perplexed at the use of selfish, but turns out it was more accurate then I gave it credit for). Personally, I've got no issue with people not liking the roster decisions (although those that keep quipping 'call me when x or y are added' have long since run their course...), but belittling those that DO enjoy the game...yeah that's a few steps too far IMO.
  7. You're not wrong on either accounts I'll take your word for it. Nihongo ga sochi wakarimasu, demo mada jouzu ja arimasem.
  8. I guess you missed the months in between E3 and release where everyone was bitching at every announcement being made...
  9. An ambitious list; but your lack of expansion on Fates, Awakening, and Shadow Dragon makes it far too unlikely. Never-mind the sheer scope of it; even if they further pursued the whole 'clones' dynamic, having 17 per entry is simply too infeasible to consider...
  10. That was a nice touch

    It kind of makes sense if you consider that they're meant to be the 'avatars' of the game; having the plot center around their kingdom's plight and all that. I do think it's kind of interesting that the twins don't even know who any of these characters are; it's like the reverse of Heroes where Alfonse and Shareena have knowledge of virtually every hero...
  11. Free Update / Nov 16

    Still no word? I wonder if there was an issue with the update that forced them to withhold it...
  12. Cordelia and Ryoma have a good support minus the utter butchering of Kagero's name ... It's like the translators are playing darts with which Hoshidan name to see who gets to stay pronounced as intended and which gets jumbled up.
  13. Free Update / Nov 16

    I'm just hoping we get a mysterious dancer costume with her character...hell, make it the upgraded form since it's not like those costumes need to get boggled down with more jewelry or some crap...
  14. Fredrick doting on Lucina is quite frankly heartwarming; especially their shared passion for knitting.
  15. Free Update / Nov 16

    being drawn to this by some nonsense title of 'character stripping' from another source, I have to say these are pretty tame. I'd be honestly hilarious of Camilla had this on after getting her armor broken (even though I'm fairly confident they'd do something like her bikini model instead). those new costumes for Rowan and Liana (who I guess are going to be the 'Lana' of the game and get more costumes than anyone else) look pretty nice, and hey more history maps aren't a bad thing at all. I wonder what difficulty it will be?