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  1. Free Update / Nov 16

    Still no word? I wonder if there was an issue with the update that forced them to withhold it...
  2. Cordelia and Ryoma have a good support minus the utter butchering of Kagero's name ... It's like the translators are playing darts with which Hoshidan name to see who gets to stay pronounced as intended and which gets jumbled up.
  3. Free Update / Nov 16

    I'm just hoping we get a mysterious dancer costume with her character...hell, make it the upgraded form since it's not like those costumes need to get boggled down with more jewelry or some crap...
  4. Fredrick doting on Lucina is quite frankly heartwarming; especially their shared passion for knitting.
  5. Free Update / Nov 16

    being drawn to this by some nonsense title of 'character stripping' from another source, I have to say these are pretty tame. I'd be honestly hilarious of Camilla had this on after getting her armor broken (even though I'm fairly confident they'd do something like her bikini model instead). those new costumes for Rowan and Liana (who I guess are going to be the 'Lana' of the game and get more costumes than anyone else) look pretty nice, and hey more history maps aren't a bad thing at all. I wonder what difficulty it will be?
  6. Damn, I ended up making my Camilla a perfect counter to rest of her family thanks to Mountslayer and wanted to see if the same thing could be done on the Hoshido side with Sakura. Would've been as hilarious as the mission where all three Nohrians were together and died to Camilla with one combo chain...
  7. On the topic of slayer attributes, anyone know if there's one for foot troops? I'm guessing no since I've combed through the majority of all five history maps...
  8. So the map for Celica went pretty well; Camila became the rightful master of the battlefield after I fitted her awakened axe with both Mountslayer AND Armor Slayer; Iago was dead before the prompt even came up and Xander died shortly after, Sakura DESTROYED the Wyvern Lord, and Chrom/Cordelia mopped up the Swordmaster and Validar. Lissa wiped out every Darios Clone thanks to her reversed axe, and Camila finished off the chaos dragon in less than a minute thanks to Awakening and two Warrior attacks. Only thing that screwed me out of an S-rank was Darios reviving; I expected that damn dragon on its own and already had everyone in the center waiting...
  9. just have to stockpile beforehand then.
  10. You are NOT exaggerating in the slightest. I thought CIA was stupidly broken, but over 7000 kos in 1 sitting... I'm going to make her a TERROR on the battlefield.
  11. Thanks for the tip; I just unlocked the little red money grubber. If her damn mission was going to be so long, why the HELL didn't they give us a little extra time to get an S rank?? I killed Validar with 20 seconds to spare only to feel immediate dread once I realized I could still attack...
  12. The second mission of Cia's Tale (the one in Hyrule Field); if you get to the part where Zelda leaves her base and goes to the center, it leaves the base defenseless but unable to be captured. It's a little time-consuming, but worth it to not have any menu's to sift through or time to take (found this exploit when a patch made the Wii U version's load times insufferably long).
  13. I was mostly focused on killing the transporters whenever they popped up; nearly every one had a silver drop once I used the potion/blessings (still have Hyrule Warriors on the brain I suppose).
  14. Koei is apparently very happy with the sales

    Perhaps they'll have a go at Fire Emblem Warriors 2; preferably after making a proper sequel for Hyrule Warriors first (Linebeck and Groose are a necessity). And who knows; maybe they'll embrace the whole clone-set system and pump in loads and loads of characters from different games so that we'd have more to complain about...that should be fun.
  15. Yeah I kind of realized that my go-to for back in Hyrule Warriors wasn't going to work since we can now take the enemy's base without killing them (still doesn't end the mission early though; rules for thee and all that). a shame, but at least it doesn't look like there's anything absurd like 25k locks (10,000 is fairly doable all things considered). I'm pretty stuffed on axe fighters drops, but I could always use more myrm helmets and soldier helmets (luckily that one mission on Dark Pontifix with a mat-drop potion is a gold mine; 20 myrm helmets in one go).