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  1. Slightly off topic - but as far as FE Heroes goes, is it safe to upgrade to Android 8.0?
  2. I distinctly remembered struggling big time with this first time around... Now I just use QP Galeforce Roy and Bow Lyn and suddenly the map becomes really easy. Maybe those Brave Heroes are a little too good...
  3. See, not trying to defend the weird choices here or the strange attitude towards reveals, but what if - genuinly, what if - the reason some of these choices exist is weapon balance? We already know one of the OC twins gets a lance upon promotion, so what if we start looking at who can equip what after promotion? I know it doesn't stick up for some really odd omissions (Azura, most of SD), but Hyrule Warriors had a small roster, yet used different weapons to add more playstyles...maybe FE Warriors is looking the same way? It still doesn't make up for the lack of axes, but it starts to balance swords/lances/bows a little better.
  4. As a proud member of the first and only waifu (Can't believe Lyn actually lost...) i'll follow tradition and defect to the winner. So i'm a proud supporter of Team Boobies for now - enjoying my fourth go with multiplier to get really easy flags. I saved almost all the flags from Lyn so i'll be able to rack up tons of feathers. (gonna need them if both Nephenee and Black Knight want 40,000 each...)
  5. Does anyone else think that Lucina and Xander's voice actors sound off? Dunno if it's someone different or if they're trying too hard...(English dub)
  6. I...was actually a little disappointment in the difficulty for this GHB. Reading this makes me wonder if Michalis couldn't be bothered putting up a fight on my two rounds. I had 38 Klein 4*, 24 Oliva 4*, 40 Lyn 5* and 31 Priscilla 5*.
  7. Happy birthday!

  8. I have no idea how it would happen, but i've seen some people with Anna in their USA game. Would that get them shadowbanned? ...and actually, how do they have Anna? Is it a simple powersave trick?
  9. I can say for sure I cancelled my order on because it was available in the UK. And if I did it, I bet there are others who did the same.
  10. Look at that, even a few hours later it's still available. I-i-it's actually like they have stock?
  11. Managed to get a copy of I'll obviously cancel it in the event I manage to get a copy off a UK retailer's site, but if the situation is really as bad as it seems, that's probably real unlikely. Anyone have any idea why this is so poorly managed? Other collectors editions (Bravely Second, Hyrule Legends) appear to be pretty easy to obtain. Does Nintendo of Europe hate Fire Emblem or something?
  12. It'll be English for me. I have a rough understanding of Japanese and could get along with it, but the huge cast of cute anime girls is what's putting me off. It's what really annoys me about almost any Japanese work - when a grown woman voice acting a character sounds like they're four years old and have inhaled helium. It's not hard at all to voice a Japanese woman speaking normally and make that sound cute, but I guess they just want to constantly make everyone squeaky to further aid this "waifu emblem" thing they're doing.
  13. I reckon they won't cut the lewd stuff, and just throw in some strange replacement for the hyperbolic time chamber. "Hey you two nine year olds, i'm your child from an alternate reality! It's so good to meet you!" The number of underaged romances in this one is weird and creepy. It's fine for a teenager to sleep with a teenager, but that's pushing it.
  14. I honestly think the only character I dislike (from having read a large portion of translated supports, watching gameplay footage, etc..) is Aqua. I mean, Camilla isn't 'that' bad, she's just a little deranged. She even redeems her slightly bad qualities in some supports. But Aqua really just annoys me. Plus the fact that she's completely idiotic throughout the whole plot doesn't help her case at all. Then there's the fact that she's only really good for dancing, and I would rather bring a unit who can kill stuff than bring a unit who can only dance. Dancing and being able to fight are fine, but it looks like Aqua's not got any real combat potential.
  15. What are all of the proc's in this game? I'm guessing it's Luna, Sol, Vengeance, Astra and that new one, Breaking Sky. Are there any others? But more importantly, are they as important to this game as they were in Awakening?