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  1. Feh Channel on the 10th 3pm PT

    This is disappointingly short. You'd think what with monthly revenue being down so much, IS would be pulling all the stops out
  2. So January is; Red: Ike, Erika Blue: Tiki Green: Lyn Colourless: New LH February is; Red: Hrid Blue: Ephraim Green: Gunnthra Colourless: Grima March is looking like; Red: Ryoma Blue: Lucina Green: Colourless:
  3. Official Pull Topic

    I don't normally brag, but this was the best luck I've had on FEH since launch. 100 orbs on the legendary banner for five full pulls - Three Hrid, 2 Flyouma, 1 Grima, 1 Bowcina. Best part? Not a SINGLE bad nature. Hrid is +atk -spd, Flyoma is +spd -HP, Bowcina is +Spd - Def, Grima is +Atk - HP
  4. So are we expecting Book 3 to open after the maintenance? Seems kinda odd no Feh Channel announced yet.
  5. Hrid: Icy Blade - November Legendary Hero

    I'm feeling Red and Blue here. Dunno about Hrid, but having more LH gives more team compositions in Arena Assault and are just nice to have, Laevatein is prime fodder material, B!Hector is great to merge or fodder for Bold Fighter, LH Lucina is ridiculous with Future Vision. Summer Cordelia doesn't look like she's got anything i'd want. I guess i'd just give Finn a Shell Lance. Green and colourless aren't very good units this time around...Gunnthra is nice but WT!Olwen is arguably a better green cav and maybe even the free Cecilia is better depending on team compositions. Kana looks like IS trying to sell old merchandise, considering thanks to A!Corrin being another infantry green dragon with higher stats in everything sans 1 defense point she's basically a poor man's A!Corrin now, Summer Innes is a nice unit but not worth the pull, I got Nina when she first came out and has sat in my barracks gathering dust so she's a hard pass, Summer Noire doesn't look great and i'm sure everyone who wanted Grima has already got a Grima.
  6. The State of Heroes

    I think the biggest issue is the slow rollout of refinery upgrades and new modes that are actually fun to play. Old units becoming outdated is sadly going to be a thing if we keep introducing new skills at the rate we are doing so. There will always be a statistical "best option" in tactical games and newer skills all have a chance to become that new "best option". Upgrading 3 or 4 out of the thirty/fourty who are already behind and stuck in a very small niche where every month we find a new way to powercreep a old units and add them to the pile of "units which need upgrading". I'm not suggesting they should never have come up with a unit with a better spread than Athena, but it could very well have been possible to create one with an identical spread that had a different niche. There are ways to add new units without making old ones entirely obsolete. As for new modes...I only really play 'hardcore' when the tempest trials are on. Any other new 'mode' is honestly a "lets clear it, be done with it and move on so I don't need to touch it again" deal. It's a shame, since there are honestly so many possibilities for them to take. I do want to use all these units - I have 150 5*'s in total (played since launch, splashed a bit of money here and there) and WANT to use most of them. Arena Assault can often be brute forced with set teams, and failing that, loosing round 4/5 only means I miss out on two or three refining stones, which isn't honestly enough of a sacrifice to suffer through that again. They churn out more than enough feathers to not worry about loosing a few. Squad Assault and Blessed Gardens require planning and counter-teaming or just plain top tier units (which tend to be the new ones) so guys like my Jaffar, Arvis, Sonya etc don't get any use unless i'm specifically trying to use them. And I absolutely HATE the rival domains/defense maps. I love defence maps in the main game, but they've entirely failed to capture the essence of them here and created a statistical mess where even using a group of +10's, it's hard to win on the hardest difficulty without using AI abuse. I've said it before and i'll say it again - a permanent tempest where we can constantly create and utilise new teams to challenge the "threat of the week" or whatever would be a great addition.
  7. I'm not sure anybody knows what IS will be doing after they've cycled all 12 slots. If they stop re-running the existing legendaries, people will complain. If they stop the LH banners and thus stop re-running seasonals, people will complain. If they keep adding new ones in to the point we can wait eight+ months to see one again, people will complain.
  8. ughhhhh more Abyssal maps. I can ignore the ones on the LHB rotation, but now they're creeping more and more into the game. I really need to try to build a challenge team. I've got enough Drive Attack fodder to get three dancers with that...just gotta pick an OP unit to use with it now. I always feel so bad foddering off 5*'s, so I just don't really have a challenge team. I'm surprised IS included more of them, I got the impression there was quite a backlash on them. Or was that just the vocal minority again?
  9. Voting Gauntlet: Fathers and Daughters!

    I'm thinking it goes with the ending of Book 2. That big banner is potentially the OC's, they just gotta add in three of them to do an Alfonse/Sharena/Anna/Fjorm/Gunnthra voting gauntlet. (plus they can remind us that you can get a free Fjorm. Not done that in a while.)
  10. Official Pull Topic

    I'm getting realllllly tired of these banners giving me off focus units. Final round on the CYL2 banner with a 5.5% pity rate gave me... A -atk +HP Leif (second copy) Perfectly neutral Ares (he's my +10 project, so hey...saved 20k feathers) and one of the rarest units in the game... a +Def -Spd Saber. So 300 orbs into CYL2, and my only CYL was freebe Hector. Greeeat. Used up the remaining 100 orbs on the Doorway to Destiny banner sniping exclusively greens. So far just a really high pity rate. Damnit, I want an amazing green mage who isn't a child. My FEHDex is doing great though. If only there was a prize for summoning them all.
  11. Oh, good point. I guess it would be a bit too much for B!Ephraim to get -3 cooldown every time he's attacked, lol.
  12. I mean, Windfire Balm is nice, but there just isn't the competition for healers specials unless you're trying to build one for arena, in which case Veronica coming with a Prf makes her better by default. Special Fighter is a perfect skill to go alongside a breath, but i'm with you and i'd still rather just go with the assured follow up. Death Blow 4 is an odd one. Firstly, you'd keep Celica for that amazing artwork even if you didnt use her. But secondly, I don't think it makes her compete with Ayra and Karla. I'm not even sure they'd want Death Blow 4, there's just so much competition in A Skills. Atk/Spd Push, Brazen Atk/Spd, Atk/Def Bond, Life and Death or Distant Counter. I'm not honestly convinced Death Blow 4 is optimal even on Celica, if you boost her speed up she's got enough to base to quad almost everyone. Give her Swift Sparrow or Atk/Spd Bond if you wanna compliment the Royal Sword. I think as the dust settles and the hype dies down people might realise this isn't as innovative or as exciting as we hoped it would be : (
  13. ...what? That's a real oddity, lol. We haven't had a new regular archer since Innes, so mad hype there, but unless this means that the new heroes on the 7th September are Genealogy, he's really come out of nowhere.
  14. Official Pull Topic

    I don't think the game likes me. Pity Rates climbed really high both times, 205 orbs in and I got a +Atk -Spd Swordhart (new) and a Luke (new) to give Panic Ploy to somebody. Because you only get Luke to fill the FehDex. Freebie was B!Hector, and the only one i'm sort of sad about not getting is Veronica, since it would just be hilarious to make Veronica fight Veronica. I'll just wait for them to reappear on legendary banners, as they seem to do that quite a lot. I'm sort of expecting this legendary banner will be a good one to skip to save orbs on, thankfully.
  15. I actually fully agree! I was really excited, I woke up at 4:30am to catch it, and in the end after not getting a focus unit 200 orbs in and only having my free B!Hector, i'm like "eh...i'm not fussed enough to keep going". They just aren't as meta changing and unique as CYL1 was. Heck, even more recent units have been more meta defining than these guys. Armoured units needed something really unique to be different enough, since Grima and Christmas Lissa/Hardin basically changed how armours work, and Hector's been powercreeping himself gradually for a while now anyway. So their unique things being more follow ups/specials/better counters? It's not as unique or as exciting as, say, Steady Breath, or the first Galeforce-abusing Horse, and NONE of them come close to being as meta-changing as Brave Lyn was and still is. I can still run Firesweep Brave Lyn and she still stands as potentially the best unit in the entire game. Brave Ike changed defensive teams forever with the inclusion of the breathes, Brave Lyn and Brave Roy changed horse emblem to a degree we still see today and Brave Lucina...I mean, she was the best blue duelist and buffer for a while. These guys...? Eh. Celica has been done before by Swordhart, Elincia and even Alm, she's just a slightly different take on the doubling/quadding. Hector is very similar to Hardin, Ephraim is just another amazing green armour to go with Grima, Hector, LB!Hector and L!Hector. The only unique one here is really Veronica, but her staff is basically Peshkatz support with healing Sothe with a staff on a horse. I'll just keep my +7 Watersweep Sothe for support, and if your healer is beating something up rather than healing, you'd probably have been better with another unit, like Medic Sigurd/Medic Maskcina/Micaiah. I took Hector as my free unit, since that means I can scrap Hardin to feed Bold Fighter to the Black Knight and run Steady Breath/Bold Fighter BK/Grima with B!Hector and a dancer until I get an armoured mage.