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  1. I know it's comparing the two, but Fate/Go gets away with unique dialogue if you have X and Y. Like, if you have A and Alt A, Alt A will have a line of voiced dialogue about A. That's basically a support conversation...right? Since're on the same rulebook, wouldn't that make it okay?
  2. Official Pull Topic

    Yeah. 46/41 offenses with Firesweep and double savage blow is absolutely insane. Thinking of feeding her a Chrom for Chill Def. Better make the best of what we've got and all that when Gacha is a harsh mistress.
  3. Official Pull Topic

    Literally all I wanted was my fell dragon. Lyn wasn't even merged before this banner! >_>
  4. Your opinion on Seasonals

    My issue with seasonal characters comes when we have huge rosters still waiting to be added. They're wonderful in moderation, but with a seasonal almost every month and a legendary banner every month, the influx of characters not in Heroes yet has really slowed down. I think i'd like them more if they were, y'know, actually rare? Speaking as a dolphin in this game, I don't regret missing out on the seasonals I don't have anywhere near as much as I regret missing out on characters in the perma pool who haven't been on a banner in a year or so. It's a safe bet i'll see the Christmas cast back before I see Linde/Saber back. and that's really sad.
  5. So i'm trying to clean out my barracks. Want to use up the following 'fodder' (5 stars I dont want to merge and would rather someone else appreciated their rare skills. Maxed HM and stuff) Arden (Drive Def 2? Brave Sword+) Grey (Zanbato or Wind Boost. Already have the valour foddered to Oliva) Bride Charlotte (First Bite or Wind Boost) Bride Caeda (I think all you have to offer is the bouquet) Summer Gaius (Fury Bow, ploys) New Years Takumi (Atk/Res Bond) Zelgius x2 (Fierce Stance for all) Oscar (uh...swordbreaker?) Catria (Slaying Lance, maybe?) Lute (Ploys) Summer Elise (I already have the valour on Inigo, so just your tome.) Exalt Chrom x2 (Who wants chill defence?) Rebecca (uhh) Nekomata Sakura x2 (Probably save the kitty paddles for a potential new dagger, right? Sothe sota makes the others look shit already) So any exciting builds or stuff to do with any of them is great! I have a huge roster of characters, at 209/233 so should be able to use up the units. Ones i'd really like some guidance on is getting rid of the Chroms, Takumi's Atk/Res bond, the Fierce Stances and if anyone wants the novelty weapons. Barracks is at 433/440 and i'd rather start using some fodder then hording it all. If you've got a build that wants 4* fodder to suggest, I more than likely have some. Just running dry on creative builds right now..
  6. Who will come back and who will get cut?

    I think the anti-Bayonetta talk is a little early. For the 'sequel' to the first game that had a popularity ballot to determine who gets added as a fighter, they cut the winner? Huum. I think the only ones at risk of being cut are the Fire Emblem crew. I sort of wonder if they're gonna keep cycling through the new characters, meaning Ike and Roy would get replaced. Marth is a series icon, Roy is a Marth clone who faced the chopping block once already, Ike might be kept due to his fighting style, but I could see him getting dumped for someone else using a heavy sword, if they keep cycling. Robin is the face of what saved the franchise, Lucina is the poster girl, Corrin is unique but was only added for advertisement. I think for the franchise as a whole the best thing would be to add Lyn (she's basically the West's Marth), dump Corrin in favour of Celica, declone Lucina or turn her into a Marth skin and add the main lord of FE16, giving us; Marth/Lucina Roy? Lyn Ike Robin Celica FE16 Protag. Then all aspects of Fire Emblem are covered, old, slightly old and modern, and only cutting Corrin and maybe Roy.
  7. Special Advice? Minerva - 40+1, +SPD -HP. Wrath Hauteclere, L&D3, Hit and Run, Goad Fliers. Gonna give her the Quickened Pulse seal to delete someone R1. Moonbow or Glimmer? She'll be paired with Hone Flier support, for what that matters.
  8. Thank you both! I think this is still more appropriate here than in there - is it actually going to be worth all this investment? Every arena season I go 19-20-19-20-19-20, and I end up bottom of the 10,001 ~ 20,000 AA one (mostly due to the fact that I always end up having a unit die) Like, I don't really have an arena core. I have all four legendary heroes, so building cores from there sounds good so I can always get the blessing BST boosts, and some are just naturally good partners, but this does mean I constantly shuffle my team every two weeks or so.
  9. So outta curiosity, if you have the fodder, would it be worth saccing 3 low bad IV'd Reinhards for their AoE specials, and a bunch of spare Tailtu for that Rally Res/Spd to all units? I tend not to need the movement skills, and AoE specials can do as much damage as regular ones. It would only take Double Lions Alm two dragons to get his special out, which would basically get a free kill on anything. And Tier 20 is just filled with those annoying dragons. Just trying to make sure I understand the formula properly.
  10. Holiday banner predictions

    Another new seasonal banner, another chance for people to give the newer games some hate again. I expect it to be an Ylissean Christmas. FE Awakening was the franchises holy star that guided IS to saving the franchise just as the original guided the shepherds. Or you could say it was their Christmas miracle that changed their fortunes. Or basically any long list of Christmas analogies.
  11. I do agree this game is pretty dull right now. I'm even only half taking part in the's not like I particularly care who's hair is the best. I can't even really be bothered getting all the flags, this arena season is toxic with all the armours on top of the horses. Really hoping this doesn't drag on for another week. The extra few orbs from the bhb will be nice for the upcoming banner, I guess..?
  12. So, new trailer tomorrow? Or gonna skip it since the Gauntlet is still running?
  13. For reference, does anyone have the text datamine?
  14. October 30 - Halloween Banner

    I do think it's pretty interesting that they basically came out and said "Yeah, we need more sales events. " I think it'd rather have some new modes to use these characters in... Guessing it's more Fates pandering, since they actually had a Halloween event. I'd love to see some of the forgotten Awakening cast, or more Tellius, but that's not gonna happen.
  15. Voting Gauntlet: The Blood of Dragons!

    Bah, I didn't pick Corn because I wanted to win, I just wanted easy loosing feathers. Ninian must be popular enough to grant me loads of multipliers but win in the event so I can side with her in the end, right..?