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  1. Holiday banner predictions

    Another new seasonal banner, another chance for people to give the newer games some hate again. I expect it to be an Ylissean Christmas. FE Awakening was the franchises holy star that guided IS to saving the franchise just as the original guided the shepherds. Or you could say it was their Christmas miracle that changed their fortunes. Or basically any long list of Christmas analogies.
  2. I do agree this game is pretty dull right now. I'm even only half taking part in the's not like I particularly care who's hair is the best. I can't even really be bothered getting all the flags, this arena season is toxic with all the armours on top of the horses. Really hoping this doesn't drag on for another week. The extra few orbs from the bhb will be nice for the upcoming banner, I guess..?
  3. So, new trailer tomorrow? Or gonna skip it since the Gauntlet is still running?
  4. For reference, does anyone have the text datamine?
  5. October 30 - Halloween Banner

    I do think it's pretty interesting that they basically came out and said "Yeah, we need more sales events. " I think it'd rather have some new modes to use these characters in... Guessing it's more Fates pandering, since they actually had a Halloween event. I'd love to see some of the forgotten Awakening cast, or more Tellius, but that's not gonna happen.
  6. Voting Gauntlet: The Blood of Dragons!

    Bah, I didn't pick Corn because I wanted to win, I just wanted easy loosing feathers. Ninian must be popular enough to grant me loads of multipliers but win in the event so I can side with her in the end, right..?
  7. Bound Hero Battle: The Ladies of Macedon

    Was actually really disappointed in this BK just ate most the map, with distant def seal and Erika buffing him/Nino to clean up afterwards. Though using Emblem buffs is cool; imagine what they could do if they made a pony emblem GHB with decent buffs, or armour emblem with good buffs.
  8. I think it's so funny that people actually think it's due to the roster. The vocal minority make up such a ridiculously small amount of sales. Like, being optimistic, let's assume that there's 5,000 people who won't buy the game because the roster doesn't have Ike, Roy or Hector in it. It still doesn't actually make the difference between this and HW's sales. And speaking frankly, 5k is an ambitious number. Can I remind everyone who's game was so popular it almost spelt the end of the franchise..? I just cannot take the claim that the lord of that game is the reason the sales here are low. The sales are low because they're low. Even though they're average for a warriors game. I highly doubt this game is viewed as a flop by Nintendo already ^^
  9. this video how to unlock Anna?
  10. What's the deal with Anna? Why's she on the boxart and shown with the other cast - if she's unplayable, has she got an important story role or shopkeep or something?
  11. FE Warriors DLC

    Formatting error, haha. Someone bolded it on twitter to try to highlight the use of vague language.
  12. FE Warriors DLC

    Is this a translation issue? Last time they said that there were too many swords, then they said they would mostly focus on the main three games. The ambiguous language makes me wonder exactly what they're up to. Saying "and items", too..? DLC Pack #1 (Dec 2017, $8.99): The content in this pack is inspired by Fire Emblem Fates. DLC Pack #2 (Feb 2018, $8.99): Many of the characters and items in this DLC pack hail from Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon. DLC Pack #3 (March 2018, $8.99): Fans of Fire Emblem Awakening will love this DLC, as much of the content is themed after the classic game.
  13. So Elincia, Nephenee and Focus Pity Breaker are leaving us in a few days...what did that leak say was next? Halloween Banner to run the month?
  14. FE Warriors at TGS

    Like, i've tried to defend the really bad roster choices at almost every turn, but if our base roster is really 25 with two Robins and two Corrins, three identical pegasi, two Marths, two Leos and two Takumis, there's not really much to be said. uhh. I guess the fact that some of the best movesets in Hyrule Warriors come from DLC could be a positive...? If this game will do DLC there's an awful lot of potential. Just like the potential that a roster of SD/Awakening/Fates originally had.
  15. FE Warriors at TGS

    I think Lyn and Celica are clearly last minute additions added when the developers noticed how salty the fanbase was getting over the game choices. But even if they've got the same movesets, they could have different properties (maybe Lyn can juggle better than Navarre, or is faster but has a weaker attack, or whatever...enough to make them feel different enough) Their inclusion seems to be like marmite,'re either really pleased or really annoyed. So if the leak is true (and Navarre and Ceada are playable) the 'base' roster honestly isn't that bad. There's room for loads more expansion in Awakening (I don't like her, but Tharja was popular, then there's all the kids), Fates ( We put the little sisters in over Azura? Wut. She's arguably as important as Corrin, and we put in the two sisters.) and we don't know how much Shadow Dragon is in the roster (Navarre could be hope for secret characters...) and there's famous ones like Camus and Minerva to be added in there. We're getting the expected crap out the way, so i'm hoping for some genuine surprise reveals out of TGS. I mean, it does strike me as odd we don't have a lance user that's not on a Pegasus, a thief class (we've seen chests and the like, so how do you open them?), and that we added dragonstones as a slot in the convoy exclusively for Tiki...