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    I still don't have much to say about myself. Let's see . . . I'm a fan of anime, manga, video games and other artistic, nerdy stuffs. I joined this website on a whim, not particularly contributing anything to it until the announcement of FE: Fates. From there, I began to lurk until comfortable enough to comment here and there, and now I pretty much check this site several times everyday.

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  1. I knew when they mentioned it in the other thread about Lissa "grappling" with her axe, it was gonna be like Xu Huang's moveset. It looks derpy in DW when he "catches" big enemies, and it looks just as derpy when Lisaa does it to Frederick. I still really like it, though. Robin's moveset was pretty awesome as well; I really like that he can float when he picks up speed, though the little roll he does before it makes it look a bit weird. Still cool. Too bad the majority of the video was Lucina and Corrin. Oh well. I wish they'd at least tease some other characters in the game.
  2. Well, I'd be pretty much regurgitating the things I said in the FE: Switch section, but whatever: I'd like a game with two protagonists that are fighting over a kingdom, and the player gets to choose between the two of them. Each protagonist offers different units, maps, supports, narrative perspectives, items and maybe classes not available in the opposite route, allowing for replayability. The protagonists are opposites in every way - the Boy Lord is a weakling (either because of weak constitution or just being crap at fighting) that serves as either a healer or ranged unit, and he is talented in schmoozing royals and is good in strategizing; the Girl Lord would be a martial prodigy that is good at military tactics but terrible in the royal court. There is no golden route available because not every story has to have a happy ending to be satisfying. I wouldn't particularly mind an Avatar, and the above scenario allows room for one. The Avatar could be a customizable unit that is there mostly for as a narrator, telling an unnamed audience of his adventures in this conflict. They would play a role very similar to Mark, though the reason for why they are in the chosen army slightly differs depending on the chosen route. Limited supports. I know it isn't a guarantee for good writing, but I believe it would help. At the very least, I would like some consideration in what characters would realistically interact with each other. Marriage, I don't mind, but it should be save for epilouges. Speaking of characters, I'd like more unlikable characters. Like, Makalov. I made a post in another thread why I liked him for being unlikable. Essentially, I would like a variety of personalities. Realistically, not everyone is a perfect individual - give us characters with addictions and other issues like maybe being a single parent. I'm not asking for a cast full of drama, but just some nuance. I want mainly want bird shape shifters back, to be honest. I kind of want Herons to make a return but some may not like that. A dude manakete would be a nice addition as well. He doesn't have to be young, either. I actually wouldn't mind seeing a considerably older manakete. Also, a dude refresher unit. Men can be dancers, singers, bards, etc. Like, c'mon. Alternate versions of Mozu, Hinata and Shura being playable characters. Joking. but not really Here is a theme I would like to see attempted. It does not necessarily have to be done in the same scenario as above. I copy-pasted it from another thread: "A theme related to the saying "those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it" combined with elements from the idiom "the apple does not fall far from the tree" topped with a bit of "the road to hell is paved with good intentions." Basically, a story wherein the main protagonist attempts to break the cycle of presumed injustices caused by their predecessor(s) by doing "what is right" but inadvertently ends up enacting the exact same "wrongdoings" to the people as their predecessor(s), causing hostility, strife and misunderstandings. Rebellion against the main protagonist may or may not happen. The main protagonist learns that placating everyone is literally impossible and trying to do so begets more violence. This scenario demands that the predecessor(s) be properly characterized even if they are not actually physically present throughout the story. " I might add more ideas when they come to me.
  3. I agree with FFVIII having the best opening. Like, ever. Liberi Fatali turns me into putty by itself. Rival Schools has the best anime openings ever, in my opinion. I also always liked the US opening for Digital Devil Saga, though I suppose one could argue that it doesn't fit as well as the Japanese version. "Rend! Slaughter! Devour your enemies! There is no other way to survive! You cannot escape your hunger, warriors of Purgatory!" I swear that line gets me every time. Skyrim has a shitty opening gameplay sequence. I was so happy when I could install mods to skip that crap. Also agree with Kingdom Hearts II. The entire franchise is pretty convoluted to begin with, and that whole introduction portion of 2 did little to help in the matter.
  4. Path of Radiance. My Radiant Dawn copy stopped working years ago due to neglect. I suppose the other games I have that could be valuable Rival Schools and Shenmue. Both have the original cases, the manuals and all the discs, which still function - Shenmue even still has the Passport disc. I used to own Dot Hack Infection, but one of my uncles lost it a long time ago. The other games in the set are pretty expensive - minus the second game, Mutation, which I happen to have.
  5. I want Mozu dressed in a cute pumpkin-themed costume. I don't really care about the others.
  6. I'll start small and predictably with Hinata. He's a character I'm fond of, though not my absolute favorite. Hinata often feels a lot like an afterthought—or, even more bluntly, a third wheel—as a member of Team Takumi. He comes off as rather generic and boring when compared to his partner and lord, who are gifted with a slightly more fleshed out backstory and plot relevance respectively. Though it pains me that he is frequently eclipsed by them, I can't say it's surprising, given that the only thing we really know about him is that he's from a samurai family that has served the Hoshidan royal family for generations and that Oboro has been Takumi's retainer longer than him. So, my "fix" is quite simple: reveal more of his character and flesh out his backstory through his supports. This applies to a lot of character, to be honest. I don't want to get off topic, but I feel like a lot of supports are "filler" and wasted more opportunities than anything. It perplexes me that characters like Shura and Flora have more characterization than Hinata despite having only one support, while Hinata has, like, over ten.
  7. Well, I was going to buy the game as soon as I possibly could, so . . . yeah. I've been a fan of FE for a decade and the Warriors series for even longer; the two of them together brings me as much happiness as when Pokemon Conquest was announced. That said, I can understand the criticisms of it and can agree with some of them. Especially with PR. They literally could have avoided half of the complaints had they stayed quiet about not wanting too many sword users in the game. My main problem with any negative comment in general is when it starts as constructive criticism or general disappointment - both of which anyone is free to express - but then devolves into beating a dead horse.
  8. Because I'm a filthy F2P casual player, I full pull on every summoning. At first, I tried only pulling for characters that I wanted. But having to scrape up orbs is a difficult thing to do in the first place, and I quickly learned that those hard-earned 20 wouldn't go very far if I were picky. I changed my priorities with SI becoming a thing, and I'm much happier nowadays. I mostly aim for SI fodder more than anything to boost the lower star characters that I do like, and sometimes I get a 5* unit. The fact that I was more excited pulling Gunter and Jagen over Summer!Frederick and Summer!Robin should be an indication of how broken different I am.
  9. Xander. Reinhardt. Cecilia. Clarine, Eirika, Michalis and Frederick are close to being maxed out. Funnily enough, I don't use dancers that often, even when training units. I might start, though.
  10. I also hoard stat boosters. It wasn't until Fates that I actually began using them, and even then it's only when I have almost maxed out a stat on a character and am too lazy/frustrated to rely on RNG to give them that stat during level up. I use Aran over Nepehnee every time in RD. Arena abusing was one of my favored past time is FE7. I spent hours leveling up characters and even more hours raging hard when my units subsequently lost and died.
  11. Reinhardt. Xander. Done. I use a bootleg Horse Emblem team consisting of Reinhardt, Xander (Rein's boost bot buddy), Clarine for heals and Mae for boost. My rate for getting through the hardest map is about 60/40 with these teams.
  12. Just brought 5* Minerva and Sonya home on my first pull of the day. My luck will likely not continue on any subsequent pulls. Luck Goddess Anna, please have mercy and give me Leon and Saber before revoking your blessing.
  13. Time to follow the update bandwagon. Pulled Spring!Camilla (+Spd, -Atk) Eirika (+Def, -Res) Tharja (Neutral) Mae (+Def, -HP) Olwen (+Def, -Res) Summer Tiki (+Def, -HP) Hector (Neutral) Titania (+Def, -Res) Fae (+Atk, -Def) Julia (+Res, -Spd) Hawkeye {Skill Inheritance} Effie {Skill Inheritance} Fir {Sent home} Lyn {Sent home} M!Corrin {Sent home} Reinhardt {Merged} Summer!Tiki (+Def, -HP) Minerva (Neutral) Sonya (+Spd, -Def) M!Corrin (+Spd, -Res) Promoted Xander (Neutral) Michalis (Neutral) Catria (+HP, - Atk) {Skill Inheritance}
  14. It was pretty easy set of maps. I used Horse Emblem Team of Xander, Reinhardt, Cecilia and Clarine. Reinhardt consumed everything after the boost. Cecilia cleaned up and pulled Reinhardt from danger. Clarine healed when necessary. Xander sat looking gorgeous as usual. That Tsubaki surprised me as I'm building my own Tsubaki as a pet project.
  15. I hate seeing mages. Always. On any map. Particularly Linde, who is too fast for her own good. Also Boey, who is too physically bulky for his own good. I'm also starting to hate Celica on the Tempest Trial maps. I can deal with one, maybe two, but most of my favorite units have trash RES, so they get bodied pretty quick. I piss my breeches when the map is all mages. I mean, I can work around them, but I hate having to do so.