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    I still don't have much to say about myself. Let's see . . . I'm a fan of anime, manga, video games and other artistic, nerdy stuffs. I joined this website on a whim, not particularly contributing anything to it until the announcement of FE: Fates. From there, I began to lurk until comfortable enough to comment here and there, and now I pretty much check this site several times everyday.

    I'm pretty easygoing person, so feel free to leave a message. But, don't be vexed when I neglect to respond; I have a tendency to procrastinate when it comes to things like that. Sorry in advance.

    So, my interests are all over the place, but as of right now, they are as follows: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (anime/manga); Kingdom (manga); Prison School (manga); Touken Ranbu (game) and probably some other things that have slipped my mind.
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  1. A bit of advice: choosing -DEF as a bane would be slightly better as choosing -LUCK actually slightly lowers both STR and MAG. I know that lack of defense might seem scary at first, but Jakob's and Gunter's personal abilities help mitigate the damage in the prologue chapters and there are some bulky units in Birthright that further help that along. That said, just a suggestion that you totally don't have to pay any attention to. So, because you're going with a +SPD boon, either Kaze, Kaze!Shigure, Hana!Shiro or Shura would be good if you want to expand on Kanna's speed more. I'd probably go with a STR based Kanna with those bachelors. Any class would work for him honestly, but I'd put him in the Great Knight or General class to help his defense and HP before finishing him in the Hoshido Noble to make use of his personal ability with the dragonstone.
  2. Oh, I see.
  3. Oh, the one where you can hook up with the teacher? I thought it was pretty decent, to be honest. At least it's not like P3 where you were required to romance the ladies to complete the SL. I found that kind of bothersome in P3P. While playing as the Fem!tag, you could only romance the party members (except Junpei dammit) and Ryoji but you couldn't romance the other non-party SL. But, as the Male!tag, you could romance everyone. Weird.
  4. Things I would like for FE: Switch: 1.) I want this as well. I've been wanting it for a long time, too. 2.) I want bird transformations to come back. As a matter of fact, I would like shapeshifters similar to laguz to come back in general. I much prefer its depiction of dragons, beasts and birds over that of taguel and manakete - the latter of which I don't particularly mind but still. They can keep the laguz gauge, though - I wasn't a fan of that. 3.) If the Avatar feature comes back, I want a broader spectrum of customization options. Adding into that, a way to choose support partners to mitigate the whole "support with everyone" problem. I also would like the Avatar to take a minor narrator or support role that in order to have relevance while not overshadowing the more important characters. 4.) Having different endings could help replayability. Perhaps, depending on which characters are alive, what maps were cleared or how those maps were cleared could play a part in that. I would add in plot choices to help decide, but I doubt they would do that. 5.) Characters have a limited support pool as I touched upon it in #3. I really think this would take a load off the writers, possibly upping the quality in the supports. 6.) Paired endings return but I wouldn't be mad if S ranks make a return. I don't have a real problem with marriage during a war - considering the soldiers can die at any moment; they may want to make the most out of life - but I do think having children is when it becomes a problem.
  5. If I could trade with you, I would. lol
  6. Damn Catria. I am so sick of pulling her, especially because I'm F2P. They could at least give me Tsubaki, Hana or Hinata - all of them have skills I'd like to use. But, no. Catria. Ugh.
  7. I'm still personally waiting for Pokemon x FE. Also, I want FE x Total War or FE x Nobunaga's Ambition. I want something with resource management and dipolomacy essentially . I'll even take FE x Mount and Blade.
  8. I wanna wad you up into my life~
  9. The only things I can think of that I'm proud of are my hard copies of Path of Radiance, Rival Schools and Shenmue. The latter two have the discs, cases and instruction manuals in pristine condition, while the former only has the disc itself in-tact.
  10. I'd watch a Fire Emblem movie, no doubt. I'm not sure if I would want it in CGI or 2D, though. I'm leaning on CGI as I thought the cutscenes in the newer games were pretty good, but I suppose 2D could work well depending on which production company were handling it. My FE9 bias makes me want one starring Ike, but I wouldn't mind the other games getting on the "big screen." I honestly would like a FE movie about the earlier games - particularly the ones with Marth - as I'm quite ignorant of the story line and such.
  11. lol On a serious note, I don't think Ike has a stated last name - if one at all. "Gawain" is a name associated with his father, Greil, and it was either his real name or
  12. Yes, I try to. Because I have no money to waste; if I buy a game, you bet I'm gonna finish it eventually. I've even made it a goal for myself now as an adult to complete all my old PS2 games that I had trouble with as a younger kid. As of now, I've finished five of them (Xenosaga 1/2/3, Dark Cloud 2 and Rogue Galaxy).
  13. Currently playing Lunatic BR, Lunatic CQ and Hard PoR. Finished Lunatic RV at the beginning of this year. Been playing NMotE on and off again for several months. Started SD; not gonna finish it. Been several years since I last played through RD (can't find a cheap copy; mine is damaged T~T) and FE7. Planning to play through FE8 again after a couple years.
  14. I suppose I would be a newer fan. I started the series with PoR and then went on to play FE7 through FE14. I don't think SF in particular is toxic - the users just seem to be a tad bit more adamant about their views is all. Which there is nothing wrong with, of course. That said, every fandom has a pocket of toxicity; people just tend to let a couple bad apples spoil the bunch. Their loss, I suppose, if it deters them from getting into a potentially good series.