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    I still don't have much to say about myself. Let's see . . . I'm a fan of anime, manga, video games and other artistic, nerdy stuffs. I joined this website on a whim, not particularly contributing anything to it until the announcement of FE: Fates. From there, I began to lurk until comfortable enough to comment here and there, and now I pretty much check this site several times everyday.

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  1. I like Faye as well, so . . . yeah. Granted, as I stated on the shipping thread, I predominately like her because of her unrequited feelings for Alm. Plus, she has a really cute design. Other than that, she isn't as offensive as people make her out to be, though I do agree that she should have had more to her character than being the conductor of the Alm Dick Ride Express.
  2. This is under the assumption that the character(s) in question were actually transported to the FE universe through whatever means. Tidus (Final Fantasy X) "A youth that finds himself misplaced between worlds (again). High-spirited and inquisitive to a fault, he is actually prone to moments of sulking more often than most may believe. The most likely to cry when left alone (even though he swears that he didn't)." Starting Class: Blitz Ace (Personal) - "An extremely talented player of an otherworldly water sport. Wields swords with deft hands and moves on even swifter feet." Class Stats: MOV 6 | Wpn Sword | HP 15 | STR 15 | MAG 10 | SKL 20 | SPD 25 | LCK 10 | DEF 5 | RES 5 Personal Growths: HP 20 | STR 25 | MAG 10 | SKL 35 | SPD 45 | LCK 10 | DEF 15 | RES 15 Affinity: Fire Personal Weapon: Brotherhood – A memento from an old friend, previously belonging to someone that held an uncanny resemblance to him. Weapon Stats: Type Sword | Rank D | MT 15 | HIT 95 | CRIT 0 | AVO 20 | Range 1 | Worth 0 (Can be wielded only by Tidus. Avoid +15 and Speed +4 when equipped.) Personal Skill: Quick Hit - This unit has (SKL/2)% chance of cancelling counter or follow up attacks.
  3. I must insert "Liberi Fatali." FF8 still has the best opening cinematic of all the FF games, in my opinion. Also, the FF series tends to have orchestra and piano albums. Here is my favorite piano arrangement of the series, a song from from FF10. If your GF doesn't mind more oriental-based arrangements, here are a couple of my favorites. The former two are from a series called Nobunaga's Ambition: Chronicles of Heaven, while the latter two are from an orchestra album of a series called Shenmue. As someone mentioned, DQ8 has some good pieces. Interestingly enough, this series has both an orchestral album and a symphonic one; I personally tend to prefer the symphonic one. These two are the ones I would recommend. Of course, from FE, I have to recommend "A Dark Fall" from Fates and "Wheeling Corby" from Radiant Dawn.
  4. While I do think it's a good fit and a dream come true, I honestly doubt it.
  5. spoilers

    I ship Faye/Alm and Leon/Valbar because they are unrequited. Too bad they don't have enough angst for my rather masochistic heart; I perhaps too much enjoy fictional relationships in which one (or both) person's feelings are unrequited. As for Saber/Celica, I also ship them as it falls into a realm of unrequited romance in my head. You know, 'cause the whole age gap thing most of society frowns upon. Other than that, I don't particularly mind Mae/Boey or Grey/Clair. I sort of want to ship Palla with someone. Doesn't she, like, have feelings for Abel or something?
  6. The best way to deal with it is to keep expectations relatively low. Or, if you're feeling particularly pessimistic, don't have any hope for the game at all. That way, in the chance that your wishes don't come true, it won't sting as badly. That said, I'm naturally optimistic and somewhat lenient when it comes to game series I'm fond of. Even when my hopes are trampled on, I manage to find something enjoyable about the game. In terms of FE: Switch, I want to believe that IS has learned from Fates but only time will be able to tell.
  7. I haven't played SoV, so I can't really comment on it in a manner a person who has played it can. However, from what little footage I've seen of it (as I'm watching a play through of it), SoV does some things good and some thing bad. Overall, I would say that it's an average remake. So, onto your next question. I'll start my answer with: a bad remake is one that takes the original game and simply gives it a fresh coat of paint. That's what most remakes tend to do from my experience, and it's the wrong approach, in my opinion. I think that, in order to have a good remake of an older game, developers should examine each mechanic of the original and work to refine them with their modern audience in mind, while also striving to keep the essence of the original game in tact. Let's be honest: the things that may have worked in the 80's and 90's will most likely not work nowadays; not changing the things that "don't work" shows a lack of effort or attention from the creators (in my opinion). But, at the same time, I don't mean to "dumb down" a game's game play mechanics or story to cater the majority or to change the things that do work just to change them. It's kind of complicated to explain, to be honest. Here's a video to better explain how I feel. Mainly when the guy is talking about the DOOM remake at the very beginning of the video.
  8. I'd also like to put my bid in for Lord!Ike costume. Still to this day, it's my favorite outfit for Ike. Another set of costumes that I'd really like to see are school uniforms. Yes, I know they are the epitome of fan service (along with swimsuits and maid/butler costumes), but the DW7 school uniform set (actually referred to as the "Original Costume Pack") contained some of my favorite outfits. Here are a few of my personal favorites for example. None of them were blatantly sexual - unless it fit the personality of the character - and, even then, there were none that were that explicit. Some of them weren't just the standard uniform, either; they had school club uniforms or other miscellaneous activities as well. If we had a DLC costume pack such as that, I wouldn't mind spending some a few bucks to get them - or better yet, return to ye olde times when costumes were unlocked while completing some task in-game or purchased with in-game currency.
  9. I'd honestly prefer FE4 to be remade; they can focus on FE6/7 afterwards - or not at all as they have aged relatively well. However, I do hope they don't copy-paste the maps from the original game into the remake like they apparently did in SoV. I could be wrong, but, from what I've seen (from a playthrough I'm watching), the maps look like a slog to go through in SoV - so much so that I'm seriously contemplating not bothering to buy the game. I've seen the maps in the original FE4, and I can't say that I'm too keen on dealing with them.
  10. I don't really care. A dude refresher would be nice, but I wouldn't mind a chick as long as she is a decent character. That said, I'd be up for a support unit that can only counterattack similar to RD.
  11. I feel like people are whispering about not liking the characters that I like, and I don't like it. >:( But, anyways, I'm actually surprised Robin is in the lead at the moment. Is there are chance that a character that I genuinely like may win the gauntlet? 'Cause, not gonna lie, when Tsubaki lost in the flier one, I banwagon'd Camilla because, if my favorite character wasn't gonna win, I was at least gonna get some feathers out of the deal.
  12. I don't want to doubt my Prince Leo, but, on the chance that we do lose, I'm going for Team Robin. I genuinely like Robin and also own one. Besides, I think Leo would prefer his followers, well, follow after an establish tactician over an obsessive Dark Mage. Or I think he would, at least. even if he didn't i still would so
  13. Wow, Robin's doing pretty good. I'm blowing through all my flags for ma boi Leo, damn.
  14. As long as you learn from the error of your ways, our beloved Prince Leo will most certainly forgive you. My ID is in my signature. Unfortunately, I don't have Leo - but I do have his big brother to back him up with.