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    I still don't have much to say about myself. Let's see . . . I'm a fan of anime, manga, video games and other artistic, nerdy stuffs. I joined this website on a whim, not particularly contributing anything to it until the announcement of FE: Fates. From there, I began to lurk until comfortable enough to comment here and there, and now I pretty much check this site several times everyday.

    I'm pretty easygoing person, so feel free to leave a message. But, don't be vexed when I neglect to respond; I have a tendency to procrastinate when it comes to things like that. Sorry in advance.

    So, my interests are all over the place, but as of right now, they are as follows: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (anime/manga); Kingdom (manga); Prison School (manga); Touken Ranbu (game) and probably some other things that have slipped my mind.
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  1. Weirdest Unit You've invested in

    Hinata, obviously. I 5*'d him. Sacrificed the first Burger King to him. Planning to offer him Seigbert after he confesses to me at 5*40. Also planning to kill a B!Ike whenever he comes home. But he knows better not to come home apparently because I haven't pulled him yet. Gonna feed him a Nephenee, a Chrom and a Slaying Sword fodder. You know your priorities are weird when you're begging for a Oscar in summoning, but I will do it all for my Wild Samurai. Also invested in Alfonse. Need L&D3 fodder and he will be ready for mayhem.
  2. Seasonal banner: Love Abounds

    I got a neutral Lyn when I was Desperation 3 summoning with the orbs I scrapped together from the quests and maps. Also got +SPD -DEF Brave Lucina from the Movement banner. Still want Hector but I also want Guidance and Flier Formation fodder. Don't know which I want more, though.
  3. What's your preferred seasonal aesthetic?

    I can vote that I like them all, right? I like all of them because I like variety. Yeah, sure, I'm not gonna jump and down for all of them. And, sure, some of them are cliche and even a bit lazy. Okay, sure, some probably don't need to be in the game. But the choice is there, though. And choice is something I can support.
  4. Who do you predict for future Seasonal Banners?

    Can we go ahead and get banners for the remaining lords in the series? Thanks for whenever you get to that, IS. probably never at this point We've had the Bridal banner. Am I ever going to get my Grooms? No? Okay. Seriously though, I predict a Groom banner because we've already had the females only banner. It's the guys' turn now. And, whenever we get one, I'mma need ma boi Virion to be on it front and center because he was your first ally in Heroes; he deserves some kind of reparation for the injustice of being dethroned by Fjorm. Marth comes to mind as another unit that could be on the banner because WHY DOESN'T THIS MAN HAVE AN ALTERNATE YET his wife was on the Bridal banner. The other two slots could be filler, I guess.
  5. FE switch story predictions & hopes

    I kind of want a cosmic horror type story myself. It would be interesting to see how characters fare when love, friendship or a blessed sword still won't save them in the end. But I doubt IS will be that hardcore.
  6. Transforming units?

    I just want birds to make a return. I don't even care about anything else but, ffs, give me birds back.
  7. Jokes and Memes about Heroes

    I know this random and probably has already been pointed out but I just realized that Red Bull gives you wings in the this game.
  8. I'm curious. I can't be the only one with grandiose plans for my favorite units but can't quickly get the necessary resources to build them for being F2P. If it wasn't obvious, this topic is mainly targeted towards F2P players or those that maybe spend a few dollars every other month, but I can't stop others from replying. As for me, I have two: Here is the site I used to make these builds. Really useful and fun to use.
  9. Favorite Song?

    A lot. But the ones I listen to almost daily are: New Order - Elegia Windy City - Let Me Ride Etro Anime - Danger Queen - Flash Lacuna Coil - Swamped vividblaze - Tightrope
  10. Legendary Hero Banner (Ft. Vanguard Ike)

    Been using the orbs from the TT to snipe units on this banner. As of now, I have pulled: Siegbert (+RES -ATK) Summer!Frederick (+SPD -ATK) Sanaki (+SPD -RES) and all of them are likely going to be fodder to my other units. Gonna grind these last few points and try to pull Takumi with my remaining orbs. Legendary Ike can drown in Red Hell at this point; all I want is food for my units that actually love me and appeared with decent natures.
  11. Tempest Trials Mini: Shrouded by the Storm!

    Laughed harder at this than I should have. Been grinding Hard 5 because I don't have any outstanding units that can survive Lunatic 7 on auto-battle. S!Xander has consistently been the last man standing, so I'm proud of him. Granted, he's only fighting lvl. 30 units but I don't care. Continue giving me points, Naked Xander. Give me points so I can waste more orbs trying to coax L!Ike (and possibly another version of you with a different nature) home where he belongs.
  12. Oh. Then, yeah, I completely agree.
  13. If the Legendary Hero had been Altina, I would have been miles happier. However, considering Altina has a relatively minuscule role in an already somewhat obscure (or rather, hard to obtain) entry in the series, her inclusion over Ike of all character is lower than randomly getting hit by a piece of meteor. I'm probably exaggerating but the point still stands.
  14. A Hero Rises. Who should we vote for?

    Hector, because DC fodder is always good, or a flying mage, because it is still stupid that they are all seasonal.
  15. I hope people don't vote for meme characters in the vote. Having Oliver as the new GHB was a new low in the fandom for me, because I legit cannot think of another reason to choose him (well, I suppose I could) to be included.