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    I still don't have much to say about myself. Let's see . . . I'm a fan of anime, manga, video games and other artistic, nerdy stuffs. I joined this website on a whim, not particularly contributing anything to it until the announcement of FE: Fates. From there, I began to lurk until comfortable enough to comment here and there, and now I pretty much check this site several times everyday.

    I'm pretty easygoing person, so feel free to leave a message. But, don't be vexed when I neglect to respond; I have a tendency to procrastinate when it comes to things like that. Sorry in advance.

    So, my interests are all over the place, but as of right now, they are as follows: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (anime/manga); Kingdom (manga); Prison School (manga); Touken Ranbu (game) and probably some other things that have slipped my mind.
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  1. The Fire Emblem Heroes supports topic

    Hinata x Ephraim: "You wanted a fight," Ephraim boasts. Hinata responds that, yes, he wants a fight. They're both always looking for a good fight. Ephraim warns him he doesn't know how to hold back. It starts out one-sided with Ephraim having the WTA but Hinata overcomes him with Steady Breath + CD3 + QR3 + Ignis proc unyielding determination and persistence. Impressed by his valor and skill, they make an oath in the halls of Askr to remain sworn brothers for as long they are together and they walk off to challenge more allies hand in hand s-rank achieved. PA!Azura x B!Knight: PA!Azura wonders why he wears such a helmet, even among allies. Zelgius B!Knight returns the question. Why would she, Azura, hide her identity? PA!Azura is incredulous. Her name is not Azura; Zelgius B!Knight must be mistaken. And the other heroes corroborate her claim. Incredibly impressed by the songstress' ability to warp the perception of any person that looks upon her veil-covered countenance, Zelgius B!Knight vows to protect her from harm. Any character voiced by Greg Chun: They decide to talk about cheesecake.
  2. The Worst of the Best

    Of my 5* units: HP: P!Olivia (31)(+Atk -HP) It's obvious Olivia is made for the stage - and not fighting. Atk: Lachesis (39)(+Res -Def) Well, she is a healer. Spd: Reinhardt (18)(+Atk -HP) Why does a book make you so slow? Def: Linde (9)(+HP -Res) L&D3 is a killer. Res: Saizou (9)(+Spd -Res) L&D3 plus a superbane in Res does not do my hot-tempered any good.
  3. FE16 "leaks"

    Ugh. Double post. Please ignore this.
  4. FE16 "leaks"

    Whining is how we get justice.
  5. Well, at least Marth got an alt. That will only be +1. I mean, we asked and received so... Gonna pull for Sanaki and Tharja. I complained about Tharja but she floats.
  6. Special heroes of the 21st May

    I'm really starting to believe IntSys hates Marth at this point. Add Ryoma to that list as well, now that I think about it. Anyways, as for guesses, the one on the left is Ninian for sure. And, while I don't like to think the one on the right is Tharja, the similarity is uncanny. My pessimistic guesses: any combination of Tharja, Lucina, Catria or Camilla. My optimistic guesses: any combination that doesn't include any of my pessimistic guesses.
  7. New Legendary Hero: Lyn, Lady of the Wind

    Not particularly happy about Lyn. Yeah, alts blah-blah-blah; character that I want still not in the game blah-blah-blah. Whatever. I'm more salty because I had no control and blew through the orbs I scraped up trying to get Atk. Smoke fodder and only got a handful of healers I sent home in exchange. So, I taking my frustration out on Lyn :) Serious note, probably only going colorless on this banner. Really want H!Jakob to team up with my B!Ike. Might pull on greens for Gryn if given no choice because the chance of Speed Tactic is too good to pass up.
  8. Next Grand hero Battle: Xander

    Somehow managed to complete the Flier quests. Don't know if I could replicate it, to be honest. All I can say is that I used: +ATK -HP Summer Corrin w/ Glimmer + L&D3 + Desperation 3 + F. Fliers + Blarblade+ + SPD+3 (SS) +SPD -ATK Spring!Camilla w/ Reposition + Glimmer + Darting Blow 3 + Desperation 3 + F. Fliers + Gronnblade+ + SPD+2 (SS) +ATK -RES Beruka w/ Slaying Axe+(DEF) + Reposition + Ignis + F. Defense 3 + Guard + Goad Fliers + QR3 (SS) +RES -HP Airzura w/ Hagoita+(SPD) + Sing + Moonbow + Flier Formation 3 + H. Fliers + RES+2 (SS) All I remember is that Beruka basically blocked a chokepoint and the healer attacked, which kept the G. Mages from obliterating her. And Airzura tanked a hit from one of the mages. And S!Camilla killed the foot G. Mage, which was the last enemy. It all just happened so quickly.
  9. I used to hoard my seasonals and 5* units but it's gotten to the point where I just do whatever. I keep the units that I like, build the ones I like most, sacrifice regardless of rarity (just recently feed a Ayra to a Summer!Frederick) to ones I like and spend my hard earned F2P orbs frivolously. Well, not that frivolously but still. And Ayra was -SPD so she was pretty much unsalvageable to me. Made me feel like a new person when I finally just played the game for myself instead of trying to keep up competitively.
  10. @Cute Chao Of course. I'm planning in advance for if they ever introduce Mozu to the game. That way, when I marry them together, Saizo will be able to support his wife with a Lethal Carrot to destroy all who would harm her.
  11. Managed to pull two Bunny Al. One is +ATK -DEF and the other is +SPD -HP. Just want to pull a Spring Catria to pair with him and a Kagero to feed to my Saizo.
  12. Games you are waiting for.

    Personally: FE: Switch Pokemon: Switch SMT V Soul Calibur VI Total War: Three Kingdoms Warriors Orochi 4 Shenmue 3
  13. If the Corrinsexuals had alternate supports?

    I would actually like to add in Kaze and Mozu with Shura. But for a particular set of supports available during the Conquest route. All three characters have ties with Hoshido but end up fighting against them for different reasons. They would be different perspectives on a single spectrum almost, if that makes sense. Shura left Hoshido after his country was destroyed and eventually finds himself employed to what was once an enemy. Kaze abandoned his country for the enemy because he believed a Nohrian could somehow stop the fighting. Mozu fights for the nation that created the very monsters that destroyed her home. Really would have been some interesting character building and conflict for these characters, in my opinion. guess i'll just have to resort to fanfiction
  14. Video game music

    Forgot how good some of the music in RD was. Especially this piece. Says so much about Pelleas without saying anything.
  15. What are you hoping for Story-wise?

    A decent story. Seriously. It doesn't have to be anything outstanding or experimental. Hell, it can be a plot we've seen done before but I do ask that it's executed well. I will say that I do want a game that spans a smaller scale to allow greater focus and detail on the finer, well, details like world building and characterization. And for the main threat to be of the human race. I mean, I'll accept supernatural entities, but only if the writers are willing to dive into cosmic horror, which I know they won't in a million years. But, anyways, it would be nice if the next continent actually had a name. And it would be great if each country had different, noticeable ways of running. Also if the enemy army wore a color other than red. Like, I'll take bright yellow for uniforms over red=scary/evil at this point.