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    Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, kitties, bravely defaulting, and psychological shit
    why talk to me about these things though talk to me about utaite pls
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    with jellal

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  1. hhh

    THX I HOPE SO which ones i love utaite
  2. hhh

    omg gutter moose i love you kim
  3. hhh

  4. hhh

    oh man byun baekhyun sucks i'd do it but idr him being in the mv other than the one second with the cat
  5. hhh

    do it
  6. hhh

    what the fuck is this please tell me whoever came up with this idea was fired
  7. hhh

    yes i am great and kinda burning at the same time i went hiking last weekend no no this is great welcome back
  8. hhh

    oops hi i'm great how are you
  9. hhh

    wow ur still reading it @ the first thing it's bc mukuro and his buds had no support from any other mafia i guess
  10. hhh

    it's been three days already and i'm still sad about yulia's retirement ;__; i thought she would at least make it to the next olympics i feel so bad for her
  11. hhh

  12. hhh

    wow rly armadillos are cool
  13. hhh

    someone help me how are armadillos important to science i completely zoned out during class and i have no idea what this question is and google just died
  14. CATS! CATS!!!!