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  1. dafuk are you doing on those dweeb channels weren't like you this casual fuck that uses emily I mean "faye" WHATEVER

  2. Is FEH getting stale lately?

    It felt slow Then I pulled an Azura yesterday Yeah the gatcha mechanic is pretty addicting
  3. i kinda forgot my username was libtard snowflake so that takes away from the irony like 30% oops
  4. hE wus throwing the toweowels becasue the peuroto rickans neededed the towelels i dont underst4nd why liberal snowflake so mad CAN ANYONE EXPLAINS
  5. sophia

  6. Izarck's Quest

    Huh, this appeared out of no where. Considering most new concepts never make it out of concepts, this is a surprise. Congrats on the work. There is a depository of free sprites you can use as long you give credit. You can recolor some of those mugs to match the scheme of yours, or even splice some around.
  7. Las Vegas Shooting

    I wonder which is the more tone deaf response, cynicism directed towards "thoughts and prayers," or the "thoughts and prayers" posts.
  8. Elibean Nights

    and i actually love this new portrait. it was weird seeing a revamp of eliwood and lyn clashing with old hector.
  9. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    use camilla's last special map for sp the hard grants sp too
  10. Worse Lugh Ever

    showing off his lugh tbh i've never seen a lugh that bad before lmao. you sir have some amazing luck
  11. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    maintenance started as i beat infernal clarrise thanks obama
  12. sophia

    yeah she doesnt stop being a garbage unit on his bday
  13. sophia

    sophia is a garbage unit
  14. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Saving up to 20 orbs is the best way for F2P players, I would suggest getting out of your habits. BB+ Lyn is pretty amazing, even with -Spd. Her other bow is alright, but at the moment I had a tough time killing axe units as my HE team rn consists of Camus, Ursula, Titania and her. Titania has Brave Axe+ but she can't take too many hits. With both her and Lyn, I can take out a lot of axe users now. I haven't faced a Hector yet, but I can't wait to Quad one