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  1. easily killed by a good mage end discussion since we are talking heros why are the tempest trials 5* shit?
  2. Nazi-isms and this sort of racial superiority don't have a place in America. We literally had a war over this shit.
  3. Read the leaks about tomorrow's episode. Things get weird
  4. hello sf blog

    wow ur married now old man
  5. I've never given a shit about an artist's death before him. It just feels so out of place, they had a new album a few days ago and him and Mike were actively promoting it. Is this what getting older feels like? Your favorite artists just dying?
  6. ~500 points everytime I beat the hardest map is shit. I'm around 18k rn. I really want that Tobin Hnnnnng
  7. good idea but nintendo doesnt know how to run a business so
  8. Should I spend the 20 orbs I got? I already have Ninian and Raven from the defeating Llyod banner. Nothing really interests me in the other banner. Is there any information on the future banners other than the June Bride Banner?
  9. Holy shit Why are you being so aggressive?
  10. i saved 20 orbs and pulled. noteworthy pulls are leo and laslow 4* since they have quick riposte and axebreaker 3 respectively. I have Ryoma, Azura, Takumi, Ninian, Eliwood, Anna, Raven and Olwen as 5* I use. Which one of these would benefit the most from quick riposte?
  11. Will buy it soon, but it really does strike me as a "no bullshit" game.
  12. im playing the redux which is a little more balanced so i dont steamroll through shit but revisiting this game a good 9 or so years when i first played it, i appreciate a little more. the game feels more whole, and the battles are on such a large scale.
  13. yeah mate theres been like a shitload of orbs you could have got too
  14. i had trouble finding it but ha. oh you you're still here