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  1. "cool swirly thing" kekekekeke i didnt really use integrals till physics tbh. calc made us perform integrals with no purpose, but when you take physics, you make an integral to serve you. and you kinda realize that higher level math exists not to make shit harder, but to make problems easier.
  2. i've been pulling shit the last 60 orbs i spent, but i think to myself "at least i didnt pay for this shit"
  3. make one topic instead of spamming up the board
  4. these sorts of threads should be warnable tbh
  5. remember when i called you a sanaki fanboy and you got mad at me because you associated fan with fanatic this was 6 years ago and i have a weird tendency to remember shit like this
  6. i remember pokemon gsc being kinda big when i was in elementary school. we'd talk about it all the time and share fake rumors. i still remember my friend telling me that the rivals name was flower, and that i started a new game just so my rival had the "correct name". never really cared much for the competitive aspect of things under diamond/pearl came out. my friend had a dragonite with higher speed than my dragonite and would one shot mine with outrage and continue to murder all of my other pokemon. so i tried my hand at iv training(i think thats what you call it) so i could have a dragon type faster than his.
  7. woah super necro one of my professors was on the council for med school interviews. he was a dirty old man that would try to break the ice with questions like "ever fuck a fat chick before?" it really depends on the question, i would try to spin it so my answer is just as silly as the question. if i were asked something like "whats the most exotic drug you've done?" i'd probably answer something along the lines of "i dont mean to brag but i did two coffees in one day back to back." if they were serious, i'd be somewhat honest since i assume it would help my image. in the same example i'd probably mention i enjoy the occasion cigarette.
  8. Not quite. You can threaten someone's livelihood legally and without violence by voting for someone who wishes to pass legislation to threaten someone's livelihood. Should Trump's backers all be silenced based on your definition of the limitations of free speech?
  9. I think you can do both. The reason why a lot of humanities courses get hate is because you don't really need 4 years to get a bachelor's in english(least that is how it is in the NY state university system). The people that direct these majors stretch out the coursework required for the degree such that you are taking maybe 11-12 credits per semester. This is a piddling load, however if you were to double English and Digital arts, your load would be reasonable and you will have more time to decide which field you would prefer to pursue. Or ideally you will pursue a career in something that requires both. But I think you ought to pick both majors.
  10. Not in a single day, your body will excrete what it doesn't use. If your poop floats in the water, that is where all the fat is. Your body is accustomed to a certain weight/build, and its kind of like a thermostat. Your body will do its best to return to that normal state of being 135 and 5"5'. This is why losing/gaining weight is so difficult as you're fighting your body's natural tendency to stay constant. Of course, it is easier for some people to gain weight faster depending on how strong the bacteria in your gut is.
  11. Why are you comparing the KKK to BLM? BLM movement was born from the principle that people in places of power(regardless of the skin color of the police), target minorities. There is likely only a small amount of incompetent BLM protestors that would support black on white violence and it would be extremely foolish to judge the whole movement based on its extremes. The KKK however was born on the principle to harm blacks and minorities, so likely more of them would support violence towards blacks. If your viewpoint threatens the livelihood of another person, should your free speech end? This is going off your definition of free speech ending.
  12. wow it worked thanks!!!!
  13. oh i see, took it off. if sp the only thing my main lucina will gain from the second lucina? if there anyway for my main lucina to gain stats?
  14. i pulled a 5* lucina recently but i already have one. i cant merge the other or send her home for more feathers. what do?