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  1. As a rule of thumb, revival staves, etc. only work on playable units. You won't be able to revive recruitable enemies if you failed to recruit them. Dyute's dead now. To make sure Zeke doesn't meet the same fate...
  2. FE1: Nothing particularly sticks out. For the remake, Chapter 3's boss is something to fear on high difficulties. Hyman's a jerk. FE2: The Desert Fort and Wolf's horde of archers being a pain. FE3: Chapter 11: Sand. Sand. Did I mention sand? FE4: The Disturbance of Agustria, Chapter 2. Rushing for the Bargain Ring before the village got trashed, dealing with the ballistas at Mackily, Lachesis's stupid paladins you need to protect for the Knight Ring, the big long backtracking session after Anphony... Dishonourable mention to the climb to Yied in Chapter 7. FE5: Chapter 5 is a nightmare to get through. Make one mistake and all your progress goes down the drain, or else you're forced to march on without a dead unit. FE6: Everyone likes the desert in this game, right? FE7: Night of Farewells and its sinking platforms isn't exactly fun. FE8: When I started playing FE, I got stuck on the desert here. Scorched Sands, you were a right pain. Desert routs combined with first time player incompetence doesn't result in anything good. FE9: Nothing in particular. Normal was a mindless steamroll and I didn't play anything harder.
  3. To change the Sieglinde into a dark tome... you just open Nightmare's item editor module and change the weapon type from sword to dark. To change the animation, open the item animation module and change the Sieglinde from having no animation to Luna's animation. If it has no entry in the table, you can just overwrite the entry for any other item with no animation.
  4. There's a lot of interesting things buried in here. All this data on the older FE's internals is a nice read (even if Google mangles it.) FE3 having some hidden debug menus was probably the most interesting find of the lot. Certainly a spiffier battle test compared to its FE1 equivalent.
  5. I have compiled a spreadsheet comparing character growths from FE2 to FE15. I've attached it to the post. Some item stats are also included. To note stats not included on the spreadsheet, many, many spells got range increases. While the original game only had Thunder as 1-3, the remake also gave the range extension to Arrow, Slime, and Death. Medusa went from 1-2 to 1-5. All spells with total range got nerfed to varying extents; Physic was reduced to range=magic, while Warp and Dear were cut to magic.2. All shields that had weight did not have weight originally. Accessories also got broadly nerfed: Angel Ring lost its effect of doubling level up gains and now only gives +20 luck instead of automatically capping it, sending it from vital to useless. Speed Ring went from +5 move/autocapped speed to +1 move/+10 speed, which is still reasonably powerful. Magic Ring now simply boosts magic range by two instead of setting it to 1-5. The Sol, Luna, and Astra Lances had their weapon types changed, they are now Luna Bow, Sol Lance, and Astra Sword. FE2 growths chart.xls
  6. 1: Open your hex editor and create a new file. Paste the hex dump into the new file and save it as "DropItemFlagShortcutFE7.dmp". Assuming you're building off one of the standard buildfile tutorials, save it in the engine hacks folder. The filename itself doesn't matter, but descriptive filenames beat not-descriptive filenames.. In your engine hacks folder create a text file. Call it "DropItemFlagShortcutFE7.txt" and write the following. PUSH ORG 0x17826 #incbin "DropItemFlagShortcutFE7.dmp" POP Then open your master hack installer and add a line to the effect of: #include "DropItemFlagShortcutFE7.txt" Like so. You might also want to add a comment describing what you've installed in case things go wrong later on and you need to comment things out. Something like //Drop Item Flag Shortcut should do. 2: You would need to edit the events to expand shop data; it's beyond the scope of Nightmare. Event Assembler comes with scripts that disassemble the vanilla events. There's plenty of event tutorials poking around the internet; SHLI is the code you're looking for to edit the shops. The numbers following that are the internal item IDs. Check the FE7 Definitions.txt file to see what IDs equal what item.
  7. A quick word of advice: Just rolling up to fan projects and asking for animations isn't going to end well. Making animations is a long, tedious, and time consuming process, and the animators don't like wasting their time for projects that just fade out and disappear. If you really want to make a hack, you need to show us proof. Concept threads with hack ideas are a dime a dozen, and ninety-nine times out of a hundred they don't go anywhere. Once you've made three or four chapters using the vanilla portraits and animations as placeholders and released a beta patch, people might be more receptive to requests for help.
  8. I'm gonna pull the link to DL this version because it looks like we missed a lot of text formatting errors when we did our edits, sorry for the inconvenience, expect 1.7.1 shortly. No download is up because the latest version was buggy. Hold on for a bit until the team fixes all the bugs.
  9. FE1: http://www.romhacking.net/translations/1593/ It's old and the quality isn't the best, but it gets the job done. http://www.romhacking.net/translations/2800/ This particular patch changes the names to official names if you like that. FE2: http://www.romhacking.net/translations/1445/ It's got everything translated pretty well. You won't run into garble here. FE3: http://www.romhacking.net/translations/961/ Not the prettiest affair, but hey, what can you do. http://www.romhacking.net/translations/2805/ Prettier, but WIP. It's still perfectly playable since it's based on the above patch. FE4: https://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?/topic/63676-fe4-translation-patch-open-beta-v7/ The best, fanciest FE4 translation around. Beware, its compatibility is dodgy. http://www.romhacking.net/translations/865/ If Project Naga doesn't wanna work, you'll have to fall back on the old Reparation line. Beware of Serlis, RHDN doesn't have the best version of that. FE5: http://www.romhacking.net/translations/1046/ Sadly, this patch is awful. It is also the only one that tries to translate the story, at the menu's expense. There's a couple of menu patch attempts around if you don't care about story, though. I'd go for the following: https://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?/topic/70679-fe5thracia-776-menu-translation-wip5-17/ The other patch I've seen on Serenes messes with game mechanics and changes some things that shouldn't have been changed. FE6: http://www.romhacking.net/translations/2511/ It's pretty nice. Everything is quite appealing here. FE12: http://www.romhacking.net/translations/1764/ It translates everything, and the script is a fair bit fancier than its original form. Not bad, considering the some of the same guys made 3 and 12.
  10. Slayder takes the crown of embarrassing defeats by the power of romhacking. Unrelated, but I'm curious: if one somehow hacked so many cogs into their inventory the amount of savestates turnwheel uses would break 255, what would happen? Would you end up with 0 and be stuck finishing chapters the old fashioned way? (If ramhacking like such isn't possible yet, don't mind me. I saw the video earlier with the unused item effects and thought some form of editing would be possible.)
  11. Everything to Sigurd. Even the stuff that's useless for him. Sigurd+Light Sword+Magic Ring is totally a good idea! Power: Any physical unit with mediocre strength to help them KO things. Magic: Just throw it on Azel or Levin or something. More attack can't hurt. Skill: Units with inaccurate weapons, like Lex, would like it. Alternatively, you can try giving it to Aira/Holyn to increase their skill rates. Speed: I like giving it to Sigurd and going to town. Helps him become even better doubling with javelins and whatnot. Shield: Give it to a tank. Lex likes this thing. Barrier: Gen 1 has few status staves to dodge, so it doesn't particularly matter here. Everyone has horrible res, Claude aside, so give it to a favourite. Leg: Sylvia. Alternatively, Sigurd. Both are kind of crazy with them. Knight: Sylvia. Combine Leg and Knight for beauty. Pursuit: I like giving it to Levin for that sweet overkill. Two hits of Holsety? Bargain: I give it to Aideen for cheap staff spam. Elite: EVERYONE. Swap it around for the arenas. Make sure Sigurd has it at the end of Chapter 5. Just trust me on that one.
  12. Impossible to skip it, Camus must be killed in FE1. Now if you accidently break it, then you're kind of screwed, since no other weapons do significant damage to him other than the Devil Axe, which is a: the Devil Axe, and b: also missable, and c: you probably don't have any capped strength axe users floating around to do the five damage a hit, and d: the thing only has nine uses, even if the Star Orb gives it infinite durability while you have it.
  13. If you skipped the Falchion, the game would be still possible to complete. A max strength unit with the Gradius can do five damage a hit to the final boss and most likely double him, allowing for ten damage a round. You'd still have the Star Orb, so you wouldn't need to worry about the thing breaking on you.
  14. FE1: Can you go wrong with the mistress of the Wing Spear, Sheeda? Being able to nail tons of enemies for effective damage along with a kind of insane speed stat kind of makes her ridiculous. In the days before the Wing Spear, she could steal old man Jeigan's silver lance and go to town with that instead. FE2: Alm is a dependable unit. Regal Sword, a bunch of speed boosts from the lions, a promotion, and you suddenly have an insane monster. He can even use bows if you want. Honourable mention to Saber on Celica's route. FE3: Paola? Paola. Definitely. Great bases. Solid growths. Destroys everything she touches. I ended up getting her all the way to 20/20. Without arena abuse. Because she's just that amazing. Not to mention she capped pretty much everything. Even dismounted she was still great. FE4: I like a lot of people in this game, considering it's my favourite. Most of the holy weapon guys get honourable mentions by default. But my absolute favourite unit is Sigurd. Kills everything with that silver sword? Check. Durable and tough to kill? Check. Gets a useless waifu? Why the hell not, check. Deirdre's nice to look at if nothing else. Is Alvis a dastard? CHECK! Why can't you be in Heroes.,, FE5: I haven't finished the game yet, but I've gotten far enough in to tell that Asvel is kind of great. Amazing PRF spell? Yep. Good crit rate? Got it. Evasion? Pretty good. Deleter of bosses? Gotcha. He also gets staves on promotion, and staves in FE5 are kind of important. FE6: Most people sing the praises of Rutger or Miledy or Percival or guys like that, but I got the three of them killed rather rapidly in my failure of an FE6 run. Instead, Deke carried the game for me. He has solid bases and his growths decided to co-operate for me, and I ended up with a monster. He was able to get some well-placed Durandal whacks on anything that needed them, and everything else fell quickly. FE7: Once, I was an idiot who irrationally hated prepromotes. Then Pent came along. He's a cool guy. Good bases carry him to the end. And I needed him to carry me to the end, since I thought playing Elibe near to ironman standard was a good idea. FE8: No-one really stood out for me. First game it may be, but it doesn't have that much bias for me. FE9: Oscar was my best unit. He got a nice defence blessing early on in that playthrough and personal experience is talking a bit here, but he ended up effortlessly shrugging off hordes of enemies with powerful forges, while occasionally restoring any damage he took with the power of Sol. He also promoted at like, Chapter 14 or so. The second boat chapter, I think. FE10: Not enough progress made to really judge. FE13, 14: Don't care.
  15. Welcome to the desert! There's no buried treasure here, so don't bother looking. Garnef is also lurking, and is invincible thanks to his spell, Maph. It's best to run away from him and he'll go away in a few turns. The chests have a talisman and a power ring, so it's worth going after them.