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  1. FE 4 Inheritance question

    If a child cannot use a weapon their parents pass down, it disappears. Most of these items can be reobtained in the second generation at some point or another. The exception to this rule are the holy weapons; you will always lose the Tyrfing and the other weapons will always get passed down, even if the child is never capable of using it. If Lex happened to get the kill on one of those Chapter 3 bosses that happen to drop swords and let him hang onto it for the rest of the generation, he will be capable of passing it down. Mind you, Lex killing a sword boss is a lot easier said than done... Regarding item management, that can be performed from any castle. You'll know when you get to Chapter 5 where the final battle is. All I'll say is that you talk to a person to end the chapter, so make sure all your item management is done by that point.
  2. FE7: Increasing the Unlock Staff's range?

    Unlock (and all staves) has a hardcoded range value. Regardless of what you set it to, the range will always be the same. However, there is a hack that fixes this. http://feuniverse.us/t/teqs-minor-assembly-shenanigans/1655/7?u=darrman I'm pretty sure it's an EA file, so you'll need to install it using Event Assembler.
  3. Last Promise-related permission.

    I can safely say that doing that would be a bad idea. A really bad idea. Before even getting into permissions, TLP is quite an old hack. It was developed with old tools, and those tools were far from stable. Basing a hack on a hack would cause all sorts of mysterious problems as assembly modifications would clash with another, pointers would get messed up, and things would just randomly break. Even if you tried to use some tools, most of the important tables would already have been moved, leaving either a useless duplicate table or random unrelated data in its place. Speaking of permission, Blazer no longer actively hacks, and has not done so for a long time. But I don't think he'd be too pleased with the idea someone else is using his hack as a base for some other hack. Just don't do it. Use a clean rom, and you won't have to deal with quite so much Feditor-induced instability. If you wanna give an axe guy the hatchet, just replace some other icon you won't be using. It's a lot less painful.
  4. [FE7/8] More than 5 Supports Fix

    The thread may now be a mess of broken Photobucket images, but the instructions don't really need them.
  5. Changing Weapon Access Using Nightmare

    Open Nightmare. Load your rom. Open Character Editor. Give her a sword rank. Done. Be warned she won't magically get it if she's already recruited. However, things aren't as simple as that if you want it looking good. By default, no dancer animation exists for them using swords, so you'd have to import one. Otherwise, there will be no animation. Take a read of the Ultimate Tutorial whenever you've got any problems. There's better forms of hacking, but those have a steeper learning curve, so just read the UT for now.
  6. Out of curiosity, what was everyone's favourite project during FEE3? I'd say Void's Blitzarre Adventure, but I was a member of its development team, so that would leave me quite biased...
  7. Stupid Strategy

    Sure, Altenna hit Ishtar with that 35%. However, there's always that 65% chance of her missing and dying horribly. I wouldn't consider such a strategy reliable at all. Sometimes the RNG feels nice. Sometimes it wants to activate Great Shield every other attack. And nothing stops an enemy from hitting your own dodgetank with a 35% and killing them.
  8. Extinguished Blade's graphics and general presentation were impressive. RIP Lyn, killed by refusing to join the Choose Your Legends banner. (Bright side: the world was spared the horrors of Byn.) And then you've got a generic reskin with no serious effort put into it. Hey, FEE3's all-inclusive of things, so it can't hurt to submit. I wasn't impressed at all, but at least we got some laughs out of things. Can't go wrong with a little humour with Dorcas being Bartre's son.
  9. Quick question: is there some top secret schedule of uploads like last year, or are you just gonna upload videos when they're done? Regardless, the hype train has finally reached its destination, even if the line was a bit bumpy this year.
  10. A Fire Emblem 7(Maybe 8) Hack Project

    You're right, creating hacks is not an easy process. However, we see new concepts frequently. And these concepts rarely go anywhere. It's all well and good to have a story. Most of us have this grand story in our heads. However, few people manage to release a patch, and there are a grand total of three completed fully custom romhacks among the English speaking community. There are many resources you can read on this website to get a feel for how everything works. There's several methods to make a hack as well. Nightmare and Feditor have the lowest learning curve, but the ceiling is also low and they don't work very well. They've also been around for ages, so there's lots of documentation; most tutorials still teach this outdated method. FEBuilder is somewhat of an all-in-one program. However, the translation can be funny at times and there is not much documentation for it. I personally subscribe to the Event Assembler buildfile method. It has by far the highest learning curve and there are once again few tutorials, but you don't have to keep track of where everything is going. This is more of benefit for the more thorough hacks. Which method you choose is up to you. Be aware that mindlessly asking for help won't get you anywhere. If we know you're making an effort, we will help you. But most of all, good luck and have fun.
  11. Fire Emblem: The Blazing Overhaul

    Technically, every romhack under the sun changes stuff. However, characters being randomly reclassed and universal cap inflation isn't very interesting. If I wanted a more chaotic experience, I'd load up a randomiser and play that. No-one is going to take you seriously if you're too lazy to even post a changelog in the first post.
  12. [COMPLETE][FE8] Void's Blitzarre Adventure - v1.1.1 RELEASED

    The Konami Code is inputted as it traditionally is, Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start. Make sure you are using your emulator's equivalents of A and B, typically Z=A and X=B, with Enter being Start. (Replace those mappings with whatever you personally use.)
  13. Fire Emblem Binary: translation patch

    Patch updated to fix game crash when using the Return Ring.
  14. Oujay Emblem 69

    I'm going to be perfectly straight with you. No. The Fire Emblem hacking community gets drowned with concepts that never go anywhere already. And people do not take kindly to people asking to make their hacks for them. Romhackers can't magically make a hack in two minutes. Hacking takes time and effort, and people are not willing to help people who aren't going to put in the effort. Since you have no experience, give the tutorials a read; they'll put you on the right track.
  15. Infinite EXP farms

    Do not boss abuse in that chapter. There is a gaiden chapter, and if one takes more than 15 turns here they will miss it. Boss abuse isn't really needed in FE7 anyway, and if one really wants to level up forever they can just go to the 16x arena.