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  1. [FE8] Self-Randomizing Rom v1.1

    Don't worry if that happens. Reset the game and hold L when resuming the chapter. This will disable the animation for that enemy and the game will run without incident. The game plays funny with ranged axe animations, so if a basic axe is 1-2, you might need to hold L against a lot of enemies.
  2. FEE3 is a yearly event, typically held around September/October. When it's not delayed, anyway. If all goes well, yes, there will be more of them.
  3. How to make staves 1-2 range?

    You'd think you could just edit the range, but for whatever reason, staff range is hardcoded and can't be changed normally, and editing the range values does nothing but mess with green squares and the description. There's a fix for it, but it's not designed for FEBuilder. Once you install the fix with Event Assembler, you should be able to change the range values inside Builder. (I'm assuming you're using FE8; scroll up a few posts to find the FE7 version.)
  4. [COMPLETE][FE8] Void's Blitzarre Adventure - v1.1.1 RELEASED

    Nobody has supports in this game. That's why the support screen is blank.
  5. Potential ROM Hack

    We can all plan romhacks all we want. And anyone can write ideas for stories. But ideas are a dime a dozen. If you want help, you'll have to prove you're going to put some effort into the hacking. Thinking of a storyline does not count as effort. Get screenshots. Create some chapters. Make a quick demo patch if you want. But this post will not attract anybody. As a community, we've seen hundreds of concepts come and go, and nothing I see makes this stand out. To go on about your list of desired team members... Spriters often have other projects to create art for. Few people are competent with hacking music in the first place, and are often working on their own projects. A story isn't essential to a hack at all. Gameplay's the most important. The term "programming" is vague, and is not generally used within the community. Do you want eventers? Or ASM hackers? Or some guy to fool in Nightmare for a few hours? Don't think hacking is a simple job. It's not. Be prepared to sink a lot of time and effort if you want to have a completed work. And remember, we will not make your hack for you.
  6. FE4 Translation Patch (Open Beta v7)

    Project Naga is twice the size of the largest standard SNES games, at 8MB. Some emulators are simply incompatible with such ROMs.
  7. I like giving things cheesy names, because cheesy names are all I can do. Anything that got changed from one game to another gets their name reverted to their old name at the forge. They're killing edges, not brave swords, FE15!
  8. [FE8] Bishop's "slayer" ability?

    Slayer is hardcoded. However, there is a hack that can remove the hardcoding.
  9. I have no idea, so I'm going to guess it's some super special sword used in one of the manga.
  10. Item Drops in Gaiden

    They are present in the original game. They just drop so rarely you would be a fool to bother grinding for them. I think they just appear out of nowhere, but random drops are so rare I don't know for sure.
  11. .ups files aren't the game proper. You need to patch an FE7 rom with the patch. There's a patching tutorial in the resources subforum.
  12. And so, another hack gets a patch. Isn't that nice? it's really kind of hard to say something impartial when you made a chapter in it
  13. Fire Emblem Binary: translation patch

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/1tvna8uksp0tmj4/Binary Translation v07.zip?dl=0 Patch updated. A lot of truncated strings have been lengthened, and some untranslated system messages are no longer so. Some placeholder dialogue is also present in the prologue.
  14. The Ultimate Tutorial [V2]

    The download links to the UT are no longer functional, and FEShrine is down. If anyone wants to read it, go to the internet archive and search for FEShrine; the tutorial is still accessible that way.
  15. FEBuilderGBA

    There's a bug in the skill system where units randomly get debuffed if there are more than 16 enemies in a group. Make sure your groups of enemies are composed of less than 16 units to avoid glitches.