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  1. Donnels and Stahls are some of my most common unwelcome units. Corrin also brings out the worst in me and shows up way too often, but at least female Corrin can be murdered for some decent skills.
  2. There's a tool in Usenti that does that for you. Go to Palette - Requantise, and set the number to 16. The sprite will be reduced to 16 colours if there are more.
  3. If you do the maths, that would result in a grand total of 560 chapters. Radiant Dawn, the longest game in the franchise, doesn't even have a tenth of that. How exactly do you plan on going about this? However easy you think it may be, mark my words: this is a long, difficult road. It's not a quick five minute job in Feditor, or a simple stat tweak in Nightmare.
  4. NO. FE4 does not have an avatar, and one should not be shoehorned in. It would just steal all the spotlight and hog all the glory. Probably wouldn't even die at Barhara, knowing avatars. (Cyas, etc. I don't really care about either way, but I am strongly against an avatar.)
  5. Feditor never tells you this, but you need to click and drag the frames into position so they appear in the right place. Even now, the eye frames would still teleport when a blink came around.
  6. It depends on the filesize of the rom. A headered rom has 4,194,816 bytes, while an unheadered rom has somewhere around 4,194,300, give or take a bit.
  7. I do have a thing of my own, but I've mainly been doing some work in Void's Blitzarre Adventure lately, not to mention a romhacker's worst enemy: procrastination. As a result, I probably won't have anything done, but I might be able to throw something in when I finish.
  8. It's working as intended. (a rare occurrence with Feditor) What you are meant to do is drag the misaligned blink and mouth frames until they are in the correct position. Otherwise, they'd bug out in game. EDIT: yeah listen to cam
  9. I have physical copies of FE9, 10, 11, 13, Conquest, and 15, although I do not own the special editions of the newer games.
  10. I have no love for most of the Jugdral and Akaneia localisation names, but stupid CED takes the cake. The original Japanese game had Sety, wielder of Holsety and descendant of crusader Sety. Then the localisation changes that to Ced, wielder of Forseti? What was going through their heads? Dishonourable mention to most of the random spelling tweaks throughout when normal names become fancy pretentious ones.
  11. The Bowgun is really just a killer bow with low might anyway. Another thing no-one has mentioned: you can't sell your items, so you can't get any quick cash out of a Goddess Icon. This doesn't really matter though, since the game showers you with money.
  12. 4th tier is just a waste of real life money. It's simply cashgrab DLC, so go away. The game was designed around having three tiers, not four.
  13. Thoughts in bold. Otherwise, I'd rather things stay faithful to the original, so I'd be against stuff like new characters being retconned into the world or significant gameplay changes. Smoothing out the terrain-heavy sections and reducing the slog of Chapter 2 would be appreciated, however.
  14. Sigurd, Arden, Alvis, Sety, Lex, Fin, Fury, Johalva, Leaf, Celice, Julia, Aideen, Lana The woes of being a Jugdral fan. Oh well, what can you do... At least I have every FE4 unit present in the game. Thanks Hero Fest! No thanks for a certain pair of siblings highlighted in green being -attack.
  15. The game crashes since there is no valid animations for not-dancers to dance. There is absolutely no point in making such animations in the vanilla game, so they don't exist. If you want a unit to dance, make them a dancer. The character editor entry for class won't change the class, so you'll have to go dive around the Chapter Unit editor for a bit.