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  1. I'll just drop in to say FE4 for the best.
  2. How large is your rom? I believe the modules demand a headered rom, which has a filesize of 4,194,816 bytes. If your rom has a filesize of around 4,194,300 bytes, the rom lacks a header. If the rom doesn't have a header, add one. If it has one, remove it. The tool I used for messing with headers when I started emulating SNESFE is an old dusty DOS tool known as SNESTool and I don't know what tools people use these days to manipulate headers. It is possible to manually add and remove headers using a hex editor: they are made up of 0x200 bytes of zeros at the start of the rom. If you do not have a hex editor, I recommend downloading HxD. For translation, functionality is best with Japanese version, but the old translation should still run most things fine. Project Naga might mess more things up, but once you've completed any modifications, you can then apply the patch. Be sure to back your rom up in case something goes wrong!
  3. The reason the rom was expanded was so there would be room for all the new graphics and whatnot. The way menus are handled in the patch also take up lots of space.
  4. The ending glitching up is probably the most infamous bug in FE4 translations. Almost every patch on the market comes to a grinding halt during the ending sequence, and the dialogue is not translated. If you want to read the dialogue in English, then use the Project Naga translation: the ending is in English, and the thread is here. Alternatively, should your rom be prepatched with the old translation, you can try applying the patch in the post below. Be warned: though it may fix the traditional crash spot, it may still hang should Silesia not be inherited by anyone.
  5. Because I'm a sadistic jerk who reposted the very first translation patch from 2000 as an April Fools joke. The dialogue becomes gibberish from chapter 2, and when it is in English, it's bad English. I really should fix the OP now.
  6. Chapter 2 is probably the worst chapter in the game. Do not forget to use the arena in Chapter 1, your units will greatly appreciate it. In addition, many of the best units come on horseback, and Sigurd is the best unit in the game. Don't be afraid to use him. Units such as Cuan, Ethlin, and Lex with a certain item are also excellent. (Out of curiosity, which units died? You might be able to continue without them.)
  7. I haven't played it myself, but @Arch has, and that snapshot has Capture. Why wouldn't you believe him?
  8. Sick of names being changed? Here's a patch that reverts everything back to the traditional FE4 names. Join Sigurd on his old-fashioned stomp! The dialogue might be a bit messed up, but that's nothing important. https://www.dropbox.com/s/qb77w9xps6qtax1/fe4v25.zip?dl=0
  9. fe7

    For FE7, changing the chapter titles is as simple as going into Feditor and changing the name. Find the original chapter name, and then replace it. I think two instances of the names might appear; if so, one is for the ending and the other is for the chapter title. The one you want should say "Prologue: A Girl from the Plains" or something like that. May as well change both instances for the long run. The titles are graphics in FE8, however.
  10. I can say one thing for sure: there are skills in this hack. Mad skills. https://www.dropbox.com/s/e2vnxid0razuax8/FE8 Enhanced Edition.ups?dl=0 a guy I know not on serenes sent me a related patch, I'll add it in
  11. There is nothing but the 50-turn limit stopping anyone from falling in love with Julia. The only problem, as you have mentioned, is the waiting for 100 turns while next to each other. Since love does not grow after turn 50, you'll need to spend lots of time with units glued together if you want Julia with not-Celice. In your case of Aless, say you recruit him on turn 30 of Chapter 7 and spend the remaining turns allowed with them next to each other. This means they'll have 20 adjacent turns, or 100 points. There is no point waiting around after turn 50, as this will not count. Then you spend all of Chapter 8 with the two next to each other, giving 50 adjacent turns and 250 points, for a total of 350. Then on turn 30 of chapter 9, the two should fall in love, as they'll hit 100 turns next to each other, get the 500 points, and then tie the knot. This only leaves 20 turns of leeway before Manfloy does his thing, so be careful in case you have Aless go murder a horde of enemies without Julia. You can get points in the endgame, but that requires one to play quickly in order to reach Julia before turn 50. Best play it safe and get them together before Chapter 9 ends. As for Altenna, she can't fall in love. Game mechanics say she can't gain any love points, and there would be very little time for any potential pairings anyway. Dammit Arion.
  12. The link is up now. I forgot to post the link the first time since I'm an idiot who forgot the link.
  13. Anyone remember the old Fire Emblem bootleg? Well I decided to go and make a translation patch for it. This patch is only a menu patch and does not translate the story. In case of issues, please post in the thread... and don't forget to read the readme. It probably mentions the untranslated item you've spotted. The rom is called Super SLG (Unl) [C].gbc, so it mightn't work if it's called something different for you. Don't rule things out though. And before anyone asks, no. I won't link the rom. Bootleg roms are still roms. Now go and watch Leaf and friends have a rather strange journey. Here's some (Chinese) gameplay for those who don't know what this is. EDIT: https://www.dropbox.com/s/otbmtda9msdf2n4/Bootleg Emblem Translation.zip?dl=0 I am an idiot.
  14. So now that all the scores have been counted up, I suppose it's time for me to write up a final analysis! Who went up? Who went down? GEN 1: New score is the score earned in this thread. Old score was the score in the old RTU threads way back when. Diff is the difference between the two. New place and old place compare placement in the rankings, and change shows up/down change. Note: Fin was split originally, so I averaged out his score for placement purposes. Sigurd remains on top of the list, and he still married the worst unit in the generation. Though the lover's sandwich remains the same, the internals get a shakeup. The top tiers remained fairly stable, with four of the top five remaining there. Fin got a large +5 placement boost, earning himself the bronze medal of Gen 1. Despite Ethlin losing her 9/10 average, she still took second, while Sylvia took the harshest drop in the averages, losing 1.55 points. Ouch. Midir had a massive jump of eight places and 1.44 points in average, earning himself a place in the top ten. Certainly better then some of the other unpromoted mounts, with Alec dropping two, Noish falling seven, and Beowulf plummeting down eight. Tiltyu may have almost doubled her point for point average, but she failed to escape the bottom three, which all improved their scores, but they didn't advance at all. GEN 2 One look at the diffs will show you the theme of the second generation: Scores went down. How far down? Try "all but three units." The three who didn't drop all had gains. The others just gained by having softer falls. Celice retains his throne, and Leen managed to hold on to >9/10 and second place. It's all downhill from here. The original list of half the cast having 8 or higher got cut down to 5 with 8 and higher. Leaf and Aless lose their 9s, while Arthur has the most gentle fall of the lot and retains his 8. The rest of the elites get swept down to the 7s. Sety and Shanan lose over a full point each, as did Delmud. The staff users got off lightly, dropping slightly under half a point. Tinny made some large gains, leaping over the mid-tier competition, but there's still a full point separating her from Delmud. Patty and Faval also got rises in their averages, but otherwise things are fairly stable. ...Except for the harshest drop in the entire list (subs not included); Julia losing seven places and 2.26 points! Points she once earned for nosfertanking were no longer given. Her nuking Julius no longer granted a large bonus. Availability concerns became more prominent. Where did it all go wrong for her? Let's all blame Manfloy, obviously, SUBS: All the subs dropped in score. Dimna suffered the harshest drop in the entire list, losing an insane 2.53 points! An interesting note: the top and bottom units on each tierlist did not move at all. I won't look at the subs in as much detail since I've never used them. A long time ago, someone decided Amid's face looked like a butt. I don't know who. A fair amount of units have nicknames coming from who knows where. Some of them are quite weird.